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  2. did excess money get stored into the silos?
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  4. These are the limits for cncnet (taken from spawn.xdp) For singleplayer you'll have to check rules.ini ; ******* Object Heap Maximums ******* ; These are the absolute maximum number of these object types ; allowed in the game (at any one time). [Maximums] Players=8 ; ipx layer limits this to 8 maximum Aircraft=150 Anim=100 Building=650 Bullet=50 Factory=32 ; 32 is minimum for 8 player game Infantry=550 Overlay=1 ; special case -- only needs one Projectile=20 ; projectile types, not actual projectiles Smudge=1 ; special case -- only needs one Team=60 TeamType=60 Template=1 ; special case -- only needs one Terrain=500 ; trees and rocks TrigType=80 ; trigger types Trigger=200 ; triggers themselves Unit=650 Vessel=150 Warhead=10 ; warhead types, not actual warheads Weapon=55 ; weapon types, not actual weapons
  5. check this: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/196962-command-and-conquer-red-alert/faqs/1701
  6. hi everyone. ive installed RA2 again and still got some of the old maps that i use to play saved onto a old hard drive. the maps are in MPR format. i remember before i only had to copy and paste them into the RA2 folder. now ive gone into Origin Games/ command and conquer/ maps and pasted them there. now when i click on skirmish the maps are not on the list. can i still use the old maps?
  7. Once again Ive dusted down my PC and dug this one out for a playtest. (Well to grab some screenshots). It's one I wrote back in 2003, so Ive not altered anything. You can use a Modded Jungle Jim character in this one. Mission map for anyone running Red Alert2 , you will need the Yuris Revenge mission Disc. The Zip holds the all01umd.map file and the ra2.csf string file. Place these two files in the Westwood Red Alert2 folder. Then launch the game and select the Allied Mission. There is also a read me file and mini map included in the zip. Once your finished playing this mission simply remove both these files and the Red Alert Game will be restored. Editor: FinalAlert2 Created:11th April, 2003 Name: Jungle Fortress Size: 100x90 Players: 1 Theatre: New Urban To play this mission:Yuris Revenge mission disc required. Extract the contents of the winzip file into your Red Alert2 Directory.Launch the game,select new campaign for the Allies. The game will then launch. "You want a War?-----You got it!" --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Info: Once again were calling Tanya into the theatre of war. This time it's a rescue mission, and Tanya is going to be executing it! We have received a radio transmission from deep within the jungles of Africa. The transmission informed us of a secret Soviet base operating deep within the Jungle. Further more the source of this communication appears to be a small group of Russian Scientists who have been imprisoned within the walls of the base. Here they have been forced to work-on and develop a new Soviet defence system. The system from what we can understand is stealth based. This fact coupled with the location of the enemy base makes detection virtually impossible. However these three Russian Scientists have now expressed a wish to leave their Soviet masters, and have asked for our help in extracting them. The nature of these Scientists work makes them important assets to the allied war effort against hostile forces. We cannot allow the Soviets to develop this "Stealth technology", and must therefore recover the scientists and destroy the base. This will effectively deprive the Soviets of an important breakthrough and deprive them of its source. Tanya is on route, prepared as ever for battle, she will assist you in infiltrating the base, recovering the three Scientists and escorting them back to the Landing Zone. Once there we will send in a nighthawk to remove the Scientists from the combat zone, while sending in a MCV and reinforcements to aid you in the destruction of the Jungle Fortress! Objective 1: Destroy the forward Radar Array. Objective 2: Locate and Evacuate the defecting Soviet Scientists. Objective 3: Destroy the Jungle Fortress. Objective 4: Keep Tanya alive. Hints:Read on, Do not read these unless you are really stuck. 1>Send Tanya to the Radar array, destroying this causes two Tesla coils to powerdown. This is the entry point into the Soviet base for Tanya, all she has to do is time her moves correctly to avoid those patrolling telsa tanks! 2>Once inside the base its of paramount importance that Tanya keeps a low profile. Destroying any structures can lead to immediate retaliation! 3>Head to the East then North, in the general direction of the Soviet Scientists. 4>Once again plan your moves with care, the Soviets will send conscripts and Flak troops at you but that should be all. 5>Destroy the allied power-plant close to the Soviet Oil derricks, (North East corner), this controls the power to the Yuri Statue. Failure to do so will result in Tanya's demise. 6>Once rescued keep your Scientists together. Lead them back Keep them in a group of three as they approach the Nighthawk landing pad. 7>There are plenty of cash crates hidden in the game, beneath destroyed Tanks, Ruins, Flak cannons ect. 8>There is also a nuke crate hidden somewhere in the game. 9>My advice is to prepare for any air attack, the AI loves building Kirov's, but resorts to tesla tanks and Appoc's when it feels the need. 10>Beware the Chimps in Hard mode! 11>The Special "Jungle Jim" unit is trainable, but takes plenty of action to achieve, however once he's fully Elite, he is a force on his own! But he's not invincible! Ok so there u have it, A RA2md.CFS file has been added. This will overwrite any other RA2mdCSF.file which you may of installed in your RA2 Folder from previous downloaded missions.The file contains text which been altered in order to fit with the maps theme! Explanation: The ALL01umd.map file when placed in your RA2 folder preceeds the standard Yuris Revenge game disc missions. This means that the first mission played when the game is launched will be this mission. To restore your games original first mission simply remove the all01umd.map file from your RA2 folder. The RA2md.csf file contains the text for this mission, it also preceeds your game disc csf file. As above once you have finished playing this mission remove the RA2mdcsf.file. This also causes your game to revert to reading from the mission disc as opposed to reading data from the RA2 folder. Various slight moddifications have been added, all to keep in with this missions theme. The moddifications will not alter your original RA2 game. Finally a big thankyou to the following people who have given so much help in this field with their ideas and solutions...... Lion,(for hosting and supporting my work, a big thankyou for creating my own little section on his much loved and popular site "RADEN" ----- Give it your support! DeeZire,(for those unsupported script actions in this mission and help with the finer modifications.ArgCmdr,(who also writes mission maps,and took the time to explain how DeeZires script-actions,should be written. Wildefire for all the help shes given me in the past. The Map Guild,(thanks to everyone in the forums for suggestions and help, this site has now closed unfortunately). Cannis,(for outstanding help with the variables,very grateful in your time to explain these to me,and with all the moddification to the weapons. Also in his support and encouragement often going well out of his way to help and suggest ideas. And the great webpage he built for me on his site. Dark Desolator,(for invaluable help in the forums and for explaining to my why neon green shows up as black text---doh!), I still value that information even now..lol. Roadxkill,(probably long gone by now). RVMECH for his work in the RA2 community inspiring me with his own missions also for his latest work in creating downloadable script actions which I used to incorporate my name and credits into the mapfile itself, thanks for that its a great bonus. ,for his support in getting my work posted to. [email protected] & Miridor, can't leave them out. ArgComdr, for driving me on when I sometimes lose interest. Captdoom6,(for supplying the answers to the questions that I never asked) Appokares,Silverfox,Subzero46,Wardead,Almyghty,Hinheir,CBWhiz,Benianka,Aircraftkiller2001, and anyone else that I may of overlooked,thanks guys,a big thankyou also to the play testers whos time was spent going over the mission,thanks for your time and patience guys. ArgComdr, playtested this for me and informed me of a number of details which led to an improvement of the game. https://web.archive.org/web/20130329124341/http://www.cncgames.com/maps_ra2missions.shtml other missions available.....1> Signed & Sealed. (Allied RA2) 2> Temporal Exposure. (Allied RA2) 3> Soviet Stranglehold. (Allied RA2) 4> Prisoner of Conscience.(Yuri YR) 5> The Wolves of Winter. (Soviet RA2) 6> Fierce Intent. (Allied RA2) 7> Shock Tactics. (Soviet RA2) 8> Dominance in Mind. (Yuri YR) 9> Weathering the Storm. (Soviet RA2) 10> In Cold Storage. (Allied RA2) 11> Identity Crisis. (Yuri YR) 12> Terminal Lunacy. (Soviet YR) 13> Under Pressure. (Allied RA2) 14> Robot Revolution. (Allied YR) 15> Nuclear Winter. (Soviet YR) 16> Last Post. (Soviet RA2) 17> Day of the Desolators. (Allied RA2) 18> Engineered to Kill. (Allied YR) 19> Jungle Fortress. (Allied YR) 20> Company of Wolves. (Soviet RA2) 21> End of an Era, pt1 & pt2 (Yuri YR) 22> Moon Madness (TX Expansion) 23> Siege (TX Expansion) (Allied YR) 24> Wipe Out! (Allied RA2) 25> Foothold (Soviet RA2) 26> Viral Agent (Yuri YR) 27> Finnishing Moves (Allied RA2) 28> ????????? jungle_fortress.zip
  8. How to play emperor battle for dune online multiplayer?
  9. They are. The rest complain and have fantasy battle's with someone who didn't even played last year. All bark, no bite. Just keep uploading video's of them. Give them the hard proof. That is...if they even play with you.
  10. Sort of resolved by using a b/tooth soundbar, when the soundbar is used, sound plays a-ok.. when sound is played via the hdmi to the tv sound/speakers everything bar Ra2 sound plays but I can live with it while i track down the specific fault and fix if possible..
  11. Last games i all won . THe one session even 4:1 on 1vs1s (wow). Even with gdi sometimes. Haha, nice excuse. Next time i lose, you know i will have the right to blame 20 bugs After all, i won, gg ez, nice shit talk skills, but not good enough... maybe TD pros are superior?
  12. Honestly, whenever I am vs-ing you, I really just look at it as sparring. Usually I have some kid yelling in my ear or I'm in between waiting on a good game... I mean as soon as you run out of your first tib patch, you lose. On second thought, 83% of the time you lose even before that. The fact of the matter is I owned your base and was playing maybe 2 out of 10. Facts are Facts. Sorry friend And what I wrote originally is the only thing that needs to be said. It's true. And I said it again because wpx told you to go look at it? Convo is boring though, I'm probably done responding at this point... It's obvious you are just looking to troll.
  13. Hitman, i am disappointed. Copy-pasting your already rediculed and debunked discord tweet, in the hope, this time it wont get overshone again by mighty comments... come on, man, you will have enough energy, i hope, to atleast make another shitty 5-year-old-comment deflecting from you getting PUMMELED by 2 HUNGRY CUTE stealth tanks. But this "balls deep"-comment... Hitman, you should atleast know by know the golden rule of TD, RA1 and TS: Never call nor imply Mike Pence is gay... it ends up in bad disastrous losses! And na, i never was really close to Mola, more pretended it to have fun; he did the same with me. It was fake . And he insulted me heavy after a win, not just "criticized" me. Sadly, you lie. I wont make privat talk public, i am not as low as you are, but i can say this with absolute certainty: One of the 3 guys you mentioned has a "little bit another opinion" on that matter; he was the guy, you kicked for only asking the stats. And he also said at the end of the game, that he didnt know how Hitman possibly could get killed. 😜 finally you admit that ;P. Well than i have to say, i am the best bug user in the world, if i see the wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins that i get aaaaaaaaaall the time (in TS and TD). Wow! 😜
  14. maybe the neutral buildings dont have enough energy. this causes an immediate crash due to LAEL (low-algorithm-energy-level).
  15. Mikey, just two weeks ago you were telling Mola to go balls deep. Then has soon as he tells you how you failed you become mad? Mike is so used to playing dumbed down C&C that he tried to create a book of rules to hopefully win a game of tib sun When that failed, he resorted to small maps with buffed cyborgs. Seriously though the guys pretty garbage. Have you even learned to expand yet? 99% of the time I rekt his base 4-6 minutes in Oh well...
  16. Pence, you have issues, your entire mental state is a bug. Hitman was busy fighting my tits while my mk killed him, and ur 2 useless stealthtanks helped a tiny bit. They already told other players, you are full of shit and i can confirmed it. Losing vs tiger? Kicked rob? I have no issues with rob, nor do i kick him unless when he lags now and then. That said ive owned tigerr 2-1 each day and last night ask the specs johnzpro watched me, so did rob a few games. So get your facts straight? (even better check my ranked log stats, vs tiger and every1 the last few months when i was ladder active) 3 players in 1 game state what i say, you are calling all three of us liars.? Your on ignore from this point on, and banned. Enjoy. ( final post on the matter)
  17. Lol, its ok, lie, like you did with Tigerrs records. You even kicked out rob for only ASKING how the stats were between you two haha. And release the game, show it to the public, if its untrue, what i am saying. SHow how i mowed him down with 2 stealths! And Rob confirmed it at the end of the game by asking how Hitman could have died. Lol. I showed him my stealths. YOu are just an angry egoistic hateful person, who plays this game for mental compensation issues (your anger). You need to win, so you can proove your own worth; and if that doesnt work, you blame others. Quiet sad, but thats life. I had fun bro! Nice to see you behaving like an a$$ and LIE. Haha. You only show your character.
  18. Funny story you got, but the other 2 players and me and the YouTube recoding shows a different story. Like I said, your a delusional newb, enough said.
  19. I couldnt care less about you. Just a hateful, bitter moron. Isnt is something to be happy about tho that noone likes you? That makes my day! It is said enough about that game. You let them send 30 tits to me twice together, and blame me, while you send 8 tits for my def, while i have all my tanks and 1 obelisk prepared. Your "massive tits" were a joke. And if you cant kill your guy, because he doubles me, its your job to send troops to me. But your iq is sadly too low to get that. Now cry me more rivers after that win, i find it funny tho that you cant say anything against the FACT that i got hitman with 2 stealth tanks, and got the game for us. I guess that makes you a bit "angry", because you just want to think you did all. #Sad
  20. Sorry, i am not an angry moron like you
  21. In this tutorial I show you how to use a trigger to run Superweapon while it's off on the game, I make the event by time but you can make by anything you want like if something destroys run the trigger to use SP. Also, I show you two ways how to run the Superweapon watch the video to the end. Download the map under the video in the description on YouTube.
  22. I guess your too retarded to understand. My "guy" sent loads of tits to you ? Why? Because i had to send all my units to save you from your opponent/counter (hitman tits), costing my expansion i defended with 1mk which died (vs rob tits), when i could k.o my opponent if i kept my def, but this would result in you dieying to 6 tits since you had 1 tick and 1 oblisk. Ask rob / hitman for confirmation. So yes i will get slowed, also you defended 30 tits? You mean after i sent you mass tits and emped them in 1st go, 2nd go you had to def small 10 tits which k.oed you. You are clearly delusional about 2v2 gameplay and map overview. Youtube video and the 2 players who played can confirm this. **Note tiger wins? Delusional a bit? Check last nights 7x 2v2s with random allies, how tiger lost all? Read what hitman wrote on discord about you, true facts. Your a child, making topics when your "mad", blaming made up "bugs" when you lose, and just full of shit. Enjoy the perm ban. Anyway, I am done wasting my time on you.
  23. My response: I play like I want. Deal with it, moron. to 1.) I will sell my cys as much as i want. I will build as much Arnolds as i want and rape as much bases as i want with them. to 2.) Well it worked fine against you or Ken or Rob or NME or Tigerr or JC or Red or Corpsmaker (even in ladder) lol And: Why do you use it then? You used it 2 or 3 weeks ago in one of your vids against Tigerr (on that bridge map). So you contradict yourself, which means, you talk $hit. to 3.) I dont go bunker, because you want it. I defed 2 x 30 tits, without me you would have never won that game. I killed Hitmans cy, wf all his refs and barr with 2 stealths (and your diss killed 1 more wf). Please show me one player whos capable of doing that. As i said, i agree tho that my eco was bad, and the map was shitty to go for an early CC/sub. to 4.) I can def disses very well, as i micro very well. Did you forget how you sent me 3 disses, when i was gdi, and i rape anyone of them without probs from br? :P. And if Gdi players with disses dont like one thing its obelisks. I rekt for example one diss from you after another in that 3vs3 game with 1 or 2 obelisks. They work well. Prob in that game was, i had no $, 20/30 titans were moving to me and i couldnt build a sam. So he could diss me. But i still had one wf left, which they got by sacrificing 30 titans to me. to 5.) I play like i want. I dont want to be a chinese robot or something like that. I want fun, and Arnolds, Obelisks and so on are way more fun than to spam some shitty roket men or lasers or sams and pray a bug accurs stopping the diss from killing a 1 hp cy or something like that. And i dont want to be better, frankly, because in TD, i am elite, and noone plays with me anymore (or they go 3 or 4vs 1 all the time). I want F. U. N. What does that mean? You remember its a TEAM game, and your guy sent dozens of tits to me. I am done talking to you about these things. You are just a fake and a moron, who pretends to be a friend, while talking nasty in the background. For you, anyone else is just a tool, and if he doesnt suit your ego purpose of feeling well (aka win), you spit all your anger on him. It must have been a lot of hidden anger tho, that you attack me after a win lol. I couldnt care less, as well as any other ts player does with your crazy meltdowns. Funny to see tho how Tigerr wins all the time against you, and you pick the one game out where you won and upload it haha. You are just a hateful low iq big mouth, and i will enjoy seeing you lose and getting angry and blaming your allies almost EVERY time you lose. I buy popcorn for nexttime!
  24. I tell you how to improve your gameplay and you take it as blame. 1.) Stop selling CY to make a useless borg rush early on 2.) Stop making uselessborgs rush and losing (Doesnt work vs gd players thats a fact) 3.) Practice your long gameplay, if you can see enemy making titans, make an emp, ticks, arts, not subs especially on a small map, and then rely on your allies to save you. 4.) Learn to defend disrs, you rely on early tech and making an oblisk, which puts you way behind. It aint hard. (Look at your econ each game due to this) 5.) we can keep going take the critic and improve. Because we win doesn't mean you did a great job? There is room for improvement and faster and easier ways to win, without having your allies to work overtime. Anyhow im done saving you in 2v2s, so either you learn the following points or you just die. GL
  25. i downloaded the map, renamed the extension to yrm to play in vanilla yr, and loaded the map. loads fine with no error.
  26. Hey! I hope this is the right place for my question; I started to play around with settings of a given tower defense map, but I could not find the description of these settings in the rules .ini(or I have missed it?!) so if you'd know, please let me know how do they work in the comments. I managed to figure out how to increase building speed, and the unit count of each wave, but I couldn't figure how to set frequency, wave count and so on. These are these setting (map name is: "TD 4.2 PRO FULL VERSION"): I figured that the first number after the unit type sets the number of units each wave, but for example wave 1 has 30 waves, and I have no idea what sets that. Big thanks in advance!
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