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  1. Yesterday
  2. barab4

    Tiberian Sun crashes on macOS 10.13.6

    Thanks dkeeton. I updated the game and been playing for over an hour without issues!
  3. FReQuEnZy

    RaVaGe banning ppl from Cncnet group

    That discord server is my PERSONAL server meant for content creators who target CnCNet based game mods and game clients, by either making videos or content such as maps. It is in no way officialy endorsed or affiliated by the CnCNet organization or staff. You were kicked for spamming the same information you already posted on the forums and for not understanding the word 'no'. I banned you when you went on a flaming/crying spree everywhere, discord DM, forum PM, now this post. I'm not a game moderator in any manner. I only create map updates for CnCNet, I wouldn't want a full staff position either, because I like my liberty and don't want be confied into a position where I can't call you a retarded annoying kid who can't take a hint. That's my unofficial statement to you.
  4. DoDger

    RaVaGe banning ppl from Cncnet group

    sounds more like a personal issue for me tbh it got nothing to do with cncnet as for martin he have a lil authority to do some stuff in qm ladder [ like changing map pool etc..] where he's skills are needed he's not a game moderator in the full meaning that can ban or kick players from lobby and such
  5. First I didn't want to post this but I just read that Ravage is abusing his power when cheating in ladder games so I give my two cents. Ravage invited me to a group to discuss some new ideas for YR updates. At this point I was really thinking about give more input to this community. I posted like six ideas, not all of them were realistic (I said this directly when posting them), but some of them were. Instead of thinking about anything or have a polite conversation he immediately attacked me like "I already had these ideas 10 years ago" and so on. The whole conversation became more and more hostile - really bad vibes and no moderation skill. He banned me of all groups afterwards, which was even more childish in my eyes. My point is : Someone like him shouldn't be a representive of cncnet community. He lacks moderation skills, integrity, is flaming in the chat and is cheating (!) on top. Made me speechless.
  6. Jarmo

    Developer Looking for Teammates

    Our website is here: Buckwild Games Co. Still working on lots of things, going to be a long while...
  7. Last week
  8. See screenshot, right side of the client is cut off.
  9. dkeeton

    Tiberian Sun crashes on macOS 10.13.6

    Can you force an update by going online one time. (You don't have to play a game).
  10. v2elite

    Known issues - tracker

    @Grant Is it possible to drop all players back to lobby if a player doesn´t start to load the game in the "loadscreen" for more then 10 seconds? it is really annoying to wait for 1-2 mins if a player could not load the map... all other players have to wait loong and will quit the game anyway when it is loaded without the issue player... Also a major issue which makes 50% of the games unplayable: laggy players.... could you maybe make some logic/system so the opened games are sorted by the network performance to yourself or something like that? Sometimes it is really anoyying if the connection to one player is bad and a 4vs4 has to be stopped because of that...
  11. FunkyFr3sh

    Tiberian Sun crashes on macOS 10.13.6

    Sadly the logs are not too useful in this case, so there is nothing more I could suggest at this point. Do you also play red alert? Does the same bug occur there too?
  12. FReQuEnZy

    Ladder Suggestions / Feedback

    Nickname like Fir3w0rx is elite enough!
  13. barab4

    Tiberian Sun crashes on macOS 10.13.6

    I did as instructed and the game crashed again in the same way after maybe 15 minutes. crash_log.txt
  14. fir3w0rx

    Ladder Suggestions / Feedback

    I've been waiting over 6 years for this idea to happen --> http://xwis.net/forums/index.php/topic/172869-elite-nicknames-for-hofers
  15. Grant

    Ladder Suggestions / Feedback

    I was actually working on this as I know this was a thing that would bring back some nostalgia in the lobby. We have a rough concept drawn up on how it will work showing badges. Of which logging in and/or using ip address isn't needed.
  16. amilcard88

    yuri's revenge

    when i start yuri's revenge im in the lobby for like 2 mins and all of a sudden all the games on the left start to disappear then it will say connection to cnc has been lost then trying to connect to other lobby and this keeps happening. please help???????????????
  17. FReQuEnZy

    Ladder Suggestions / Feedback

    Could just enable ladder players to log into the main cncnet client with their ladder account to display the awards.
  18. FunkyFr3sh

    Tiberian Sun crashes on macOS 10.13.6

    Hi! We are currently updating everything, could you maybe try to change your renderer to "ddwrapper" via the tiberian sun config and see if that one works better? Would be nice if you report back so we can fix the problem!
  19. CekaJ (Jake)

    Ladder Suggestions / Feedback

    There should be a ranked reward that transfers over to the main cncnet client. That way players who dont play ranked will have more incentive to play ranked and the players that do well in ranked have more incentive as well. Maybe have people who rank top 10 in qm have their name appear in a special color in the "online name list" on the right. I suppose you could just give the awards to that players ip address since people technically dont have accounts on the main client. idk
  20. FReQuEnZy

    QM Client Feedback

    It's feasible depending entirely of the programmer's skills. For example when playing Counter-Strike Global Operations on the Faceit competitive network, their client sets up the competitive games similar to official, 5v5 but then the client software randomly picks two team captains who can reject/veto maps until a single map remains, then on-top of that it lets the captains vote/veto on the location of the server to optimize ping times. So I'm certain that it's feasible, it puts the choice in the competitors hands and allows them to have a fair choice.
  21. XXxPrePxX

    QM Client Feedback

    All suggestions and solutions are great, question is, is solution for #1 feasible?
  22. drelix76

    Hosting a Map Network Issue

    Good day, I'm having a bit of trouble Hosting a for example a Survival map. What I just did is, I create a room I choose a lower ping server I choose a Dctanxman survival map, others join in (unknown players) some have high ping/some have unknown ping and some have lower ping When some of the others join in I encounter a notice saying "Player 'playername' has different files compared to the game host. Either 'playername' or the game host could be cheating." So I lock the room, I just ignore the notice because I have already got pass that everytime I join other host. They all get ready I press Launch game In the loading screen (I "THE HOST" loads but others don't, or in other players perspective, I may have to assume that I don't load in their screen) << THAT IS MY PROBLEM Now I always doubt I won't connect/load in loading screen with others when I'm the host, why is it like that for me? and sometimes when I join others I encounter this notice "Player 'playername' has different files compared to the game host. Either 'playername' or the game host could be cheating." from what I remember, I made a copy of the folder C:\Gamies\Red Alert 2-YR\Maps\ and made a Clean Install of my PC and reinstall RA2/YR together with CnCNet for YR and copy the backup Maps folder I made a copy earlier and pasted it back after updating CnCNet, I think this triggered that notice "Player 'playername' has different.... etc." How do I remove the notice "Player 'playername' has different files compared to the game host. Either 'playername' or the game host could be cheating."? I may have to assume this is what makes me not load with others when I'm the host, I just made a copy of the Maps folder, why is it triggering a notice like that? It did came from other players... is there a way around this?
  23. barab4

    Tiberian Sun crashes on macOS 10.13.6

    Hi guys, thanks for this game! I attempted to play skirmish twice. Frst time the game froze after maybe a minute and second time it froze after 15 minutes. Crash log is attached, I hope it helps.Unhandled exception page fault on write access to.txt
  24. Paar

    C&C95 v1.06c revision 4?

    Hi. Would it be possible to fix the annoying money sound bug? I'm talking about the clicking sound effect when your money amount is changing (increasing or decreasing). In the DOS version the sound clicks repeatedly as long as the money amount is being modified (i.e. when repairing a building). In the Windows version the click is heard once and then it's silent even though the amount is changing. I've read somewhere that this is caused by high framerates but I wasn't able to fix it.
  25. aaa147

    what's the matter?

    When I opened the game hall, this pop-up appeared.So what should I do?
  26. Kikematamitos


    I read a post of Jason/ZiGZaG and i remember that i offer my help to teach him what i know about record gameplays and streaming, so we talk a little bit of that in Skype i want to share that conversations with the community because that was the last words he write to me, i attached the file and you can open in browser. Jason-Smith-111764.7z
  27. FReQuEnZy

    Some changes to the ladder for December 2017

    @Grant Maybe unpin and merge first post with ladder change log as the title and post date are somewhat misleading.
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