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  2. Korc used to take the prize for best new guy on the scene.
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  4. Yeah I got pms disabled, if you were sending it to nyer then I just ask him to give it to me
  5. The quickmatch client was an idea to make things easier, it's a lot more work without it. I already had the ladder running for ra1 and ts, main problems were: 1. Sending additional commands adds more delay, each command adds 3 seconds. (you can already notice the delay now without the ladder, it will get much worse..) A quickmatch client would solve this issue, since it will be a separate application without global chat and no limitations. 2. It's difficult to verify who is actually logged in or not, someone could pretend to be another guy and send fake game results to the server. This probably can be solved but requires even more commands to be send over the server (see 1.) 3. If players can choose against who they play it will end up with a lot problems, they will just refuse to play against good players to avoid losses and everyone will complain. A quickmatch client would solve this issue too, the server will choose based on your rating against who you play (names are hidden so you can't bail, you don't know against who you play). I won't work on a ladder again if it ends up being the same mess again like last time, for me a quickmatch client is a must.
  6. The game never supported 6 player games, nyer enabled it at some point but he didn't increase the size of some arrays and thats why it keeps crashing or OOS randomly cause it corrupts memory (It only has storage for 4 players max)
  7. Funky the cnc1 6 player is broken and it was fixed before, who do I inform to get it fixed?
  8. Who is the best player in the world at Dune 2000? 1/20/7billion - legend!
  9. I think Funky disabled his PMs completely, somehow...
  10. sounds logical enough
  11. I played Zagreb 1v1 and didn't record the game but I wasted him very easy forcing him to quit as I took out his power leaving him with 5 buildings left. After the game he went into the lobby and tried to make out that he beat me easy. I hate liars and I am here to prove that he is a barefaced liar. Like I said I didn't record the game but I screenshot the game results after the game and here they are. Up to you to decide if Zagreb beat me easy but pay attention to the fact that I had 16 buildings left at the finish, he had 5. He rage quit on me after I rushed him with 6 tanks after taking out his infantry with grenadiers (high infantry kill count for me) I took out his power and left him with an mcv 3 wars and a service depot. You can now be honest and admit that I beat you fair and square or you can carry on being a barefaced liar and discredit your clan Here he is in lobby claming he beat me easy lying his little white socks off.
  12. Can anyone fix the 6 player cnc1 games they worked for a while now they are broken again
  13. Defo agree, RA1 is broken, its like playing with a toy car that only has 2.5 wheels. I was thinking since I presume the ban is from not just 1 game that banned players (which is nearly everyone at some point?) could get a taste for other games like cnc1 during their ban. That way once alot of people get a taste for cnc1 we will have more players esp if we are a good crowd when they come Do you know why Jacko hates me? I dont even know what I do I thought im like a nice guy to nearly everyone and I get so much hate.
  14. Messiah, for some reason I can't PM you or Funky. It says the two of you "can't receive messages". Is your inbox full or something?
  15. Agreed. It felt like RA1 was trying to be serious, but RA2 and RA3 just seemed to be them embracing the cheese and keeping the Tiberium series as the serious one. The only game which came close to bringing back the feels of Tiberian Dawn for me was C&C3 - which for me felt like Tiberian Dawn with amazing graphics. I loved that game. It brought back Mammoth Tanks! I never liked the Titan walkers or the Mammoth Mk2 of Tiberian Sun. Felt a bit too sci-fi for me.
  16. Ok, so got 2 in a row again. Attached the client.log as requested. client.log
  17. I like the fact that it's the most grounded in reality compared to everything that followed. Sure, you get some crazy things like Obelisk of Light and Ion Cannon, but overall, TD feels like a pretty realistic conflict. Red Alert introduced a lot of outlandish elements that I'm not really fond of. It's a fun game still, but it went in a different, sillier direction. For instance, TS later on felt like a pretty serious science fiction, while Red Alert 2 turned into a literal cheese fest. I love me some cheese, but there's a limit to what I can take and remain interested. Yuri's Revenge was on thin ice, and RA3 kinda crossed that line.
  18. That's why it's cheesy
  19. Yeah but bottom spot is much better then top in that map
  20. LBL is the old school tourney/clan game cheesy game, still fun though.
  21. Well i have seen you playing lbl 100 of times false argument bro , prolly lbl is your fav map
  22. Some of the things I like in C&C over RA are a bit silly. I like how the infantry are smaller. I also vastly prefer C&C's sound effects compared to RA, across the board everything sounds better to me, music, death sounds, weapon sounds, building explosions. I also prefer the slightly inaccurate missiles in C&C compared to RA's always homing rockets.
  23. I recieved your link in good order, this wheekend(Sunday), or Monday i will start!!!!
  24. I'd like to test too.
  25. I'd like to volunteer. Red alert 3 still makes me cry with those sorry graphics.
  26. For older players, it might just be nostalgia. A ton of people first got into C&C when Red Alert came out.
  27. Well, it's strange that RA1 is as popular as it is. I think most simply don't know that TD IS a better game. And I'm really not just saying that. I've played both, and C&C95 is just a superior game. I do have a decent amount of videos uploaded, but if someone isn't already interested, they're probably not going to watch. I know ferret even did some streaming; but to my knowledge, that didn't draw in any more players. I think you're idea of pulling banned people into the community doesn't really help, as I feel like TD is more of a thinking game, and these people aren't exactly activating the deeper areas of their mind.
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