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  2. Yeah. I suck. I should just quit C&C 4eva
  3. Chem vs Cnc2 - Chem wins Chem vs Ferret - Chem wins - Chem vs Jacko Jacko wins - Chem vs Pence Chem wins - Chem vs Ehy Ehy wins - Chem vs Lovehandles - Draw - Chem vs Sephiroth - CChem wins - Chem vs RobL Chem wins - Chem vs Emma Emma wins? - Chem vs TError Chem wins - Chem vs Rootbie Chem wins Cnc2 vs Ferret CnC2 wins - Cn2 vs Jacko Jacko wins - CnC2 vs Pence - CnC2 wins (i think) - Cnc2 vs Ehy - Ehy wins - CnC2 vs Lovehandles - Lovehandles wins - Cnc2 vs Sephiroth - Draw - Cnc2 vs Robl Robl - CnC2 vs TError Terror wins CnC2 vs Rootbie - CnC2 wins Ferret vs Jacko Jacko wins - Ferret vs Pence Pence wins - Ferret vs Ehy Ehy wins - Ferret vs Lovehandles Lovehandles wins - Ferret vs Sephiroth Ferret wins - Ferret vs RoBl RoBl wins - Ferret vs Emma Emma wins - Ferret vs TError TError wins - Ferret vs Rootbie Ferret wins Jacko vs all other then Lovehandles - Jacko wins These are examples: Some are better, some are worse, yes. Ferret is one of the weaker ones in the list; but he is still very good in his gameplay. But i wouldnt say "vastly different skill levels" in general to this list from chem, if you take the Gods of TD out: Chem can anything and is very fast and smart (called intelligent), his heli attacks are the best ive seen to this day. CnC2 is more "conservative", but he has a good variarity of skills. RobL is almost like Chem, but with weaker nasty skills and a little bit of a weaker middle and end game. TError is very strong in defending and very strong in attacking in Middle/End game - these two things combined make him a high elite player. Sephiroth - very good with GDI, can attack with his tanks early in the game, but thats risky Rootbie - i give you that: He is only lucky :P. Despite my anger about his luck AND HIS LAAAAAG: Some people say, he is a good player, who can rush as well. I - well, i agree with you, White, that i shouldnt be on the list; i am an engineer ideolog, but i if i want, i can play other styles as well ;); and i have "some" skills in my "hobby" - eating. You, White, have no such skill: You are just weaker than others. I think, Justme, MrG3arhead, Groefaz, JuzTripNL and others would be stronger than you.
  4. CnCNet Update Changelogs

    Red Alert Disabled SSE to prevent crashes on old computers Fix for radar cell_color crash (0x0049ef34) The game will now try to switch the resolution in case the chosen one is not supported Fixed a bug that caused spectators to lag games Possible fix for hires clear crash (0x005c4e27) Fixed a bug where the game sometimes didn't exit when only 1 player was left (Quick Match) Fixed a bug where CoOp (Defense) maps didn't connect players properly and everyone was playing alone in a separate game Added simple frameskip to slow down rendering on old computers (This hopefully prevents lag) Fixed a bug that could cause a connection failure (Windows 10 Fall Creators update) Ladder games are now working again Tiberian Dawn Fixed a bug that could cause a connection failure (Windows 10 Fall Creators update)
  5. December Quick Match (Ranked) Map Pool

    Wow, that's so interesting
  6. BORIS crash

    hey whats up guys.
  7. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    Im available Saturday and Sunday as well.
  8. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    i was simply asked, but you can feel welcomed to find scalpem another m8 if you so wish
  9. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    cause prep is nice and he knows i stand no chance
  10. Make sure to lock up during the holiday season!

    That's really crazy, glad to hear you both are fine at least
  11. Ports, Pings and stuff

    Last I checked, the upnp system was enabled by default on the modern virgin media routers. That might be a good place to start.
  12. My Client wont open

    Ah thank you
  13. Yesterday
  14. Ports, Pings and stuff

    Each computer needs its own port forwarding settings, you probably forwarded it to the old computer only. If you want both forwarded then you need to go into Settings->CnCNet->Game Settings and change your port to something else on the new computer, e.g. 8055 (old pc keeps 8054) Then log in to your router and forward 8055 to your new pc and keep the old pc forwarded to 8054 But TBH, you don't really need to forward any ports, it will work fine without that too
  15. Black screen if i return to window

    how about window mode? or stretched to full screen?
  16. BORIS crash

    Also, was it a custom map? There could be a trigger on a custom map that is causing your game to crash.
  17. Tiberian Dawn - Orca Assault (single player)

    Grove's bringing all these dead posts back into the spotlight, showing me missions I never saw before. This is a tough mission to get into, the intro is brutal. I agree with everybody else though, the pace slows down once the players gets their base established and secures the perimeter. Very well made map, unique, challenging and fully functional. A+
  18. Wait, this list has ferret below Cat xD LOL
  19. "Cnc2, Ferret, Jacko, Chem, Pence, Ehy, Lovehandles, Seprothe, robL, Emma, T error, Rootbie" "all either better than white or about equal to him" That's a list of people with vastly different skill levels...
  20. Is Laspeyres the best on cncnet?

    his dad was on the developer team that made the game. he's been playing it his entire life. when he was 9 years old his parents met with experimental surgeon Vladimir Konstantinovsky to discuss adding a 6th finger to his left hand for better use of hotkeys. They however decided against it when RA was losing its popularity in the early 2000's. i dont think any current player can beat him.
  21. BORIS crash

    @XSFT Could you add more details? What type of structures did you try attacking with Boris? Neutral, base defences or normal structures? Does the game crash when force attacking your own structures? (hold ctrl when targeting). Have you tried re-installing the game and the cncnet client?
  22. WOW You know your players pence you have ace memory esp as you are new Cnc2, Ferret, Jacko, Chem, Pence, Ehy, Lovehandles, Seprothe, robL, Emma, T error, Rootbie, are all either better than white or about equal to him, but bare in mind he plays bias maps so he probably thinks beating them with a map advantage means hes better but that only makes him LOOK better than he is, he isnt really that good, but he is a solid player no doubt, just not elite like he thinks he is. Everything with white is in fantasy land, he thinks hes like top 5 or something the reality is hes lucky to be top 10 on a normal non bias map, hes got like this massive warped bias to himself like a filter for only positive evidence that supports his belief that he is superior. When really he struggles to make the top 10 on a normal map, despite having been here the longest None of the other GDI players I mentioned need a special map to play well.
  23. xD. Thanks chem, but my ranking is little bit different: A) The "Valar", mystic "Gods" of TD: 1) MrBuggie (he is a annoying Nod player? Well, then, i like him more than Jacko, who i only see in 1 game - he was great! So MrBuggie is the "Melkor" of TD) 2) Jacko 3) Ehy 4) Lovehandels 5) Emma -- B) The elite 6) Chem (Gandalf xD) 7) TError (Sauron xD) Robl 9) Sephiroth 10) Cat 11) CnC2 12) Ferret 13) Rootbie (Because of his luck - if you hear me: I had you! Dumb engineers!) -- Semielite 14) Huni (doesnt play enough to be an elite player; lacks some skills for it; but with playing more games, he would easily be better than Rootbie or Ferret) 15) Justme (alias Bilbo alias MrBigwilly) 16) JuzTripNL 17) MrG3arhead (alias MrAngryhead) 18) Groefaz (depends on the map; on some maps as strong as the elite, on others weaker than some lower ranks - specialist) 19) White 20) SpeedyDashe 21) MashPotato (has great potential; from Ferret to him its very close ) 22) Whitechapel MrG3arhead and Justme would be hard opponents for Rootbie, Ferret or Huni; Groef and I are specialists (but not only that) and can defeat better players more likely, but we are both ideologs as well: So for example, i would much more likely lose against Cat; Cat would much more likely lose against MrGearhead then to me; but MrGearhead is toast for my engineers (:P). So Groef and I are hard to rank. -- Noobs X1) Ma (between semielite and noob, smart) X2) Ordos (played 2 days and is better than many noobs; has great, great potential; Dune pro) X3) Notfound X4) Blades (sorry ;)) X5) Nodnarb (he isnt black, so he doesnt get a bonus) X6) ....... If i would have to give me a rank, i would consider me as equaly as strong as Mash, MrAngryhead, Groef or JuzTripNL; but i have no clue.
  24. My Client wont open

    Hi could you try installing XNA: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=27598 And then running Resources\clientxna.exe Thanks
  25. BORIS crash

    Hello guys and thank you for your hard work. I have a problem when i play in skirmish or lan with my friends , when i play with BORIS the game crashes. This is happening exactly when i tell boris to attack a building or structure. This is he error i get ,, Yuri's revenge has encountered an internal error and is unable to continue normally. Is there any solution for this? OS: win 10 x64 game rig: laptop
  26. I tried using autocreate as well as Prebuild and various configurations (Using Banshee's guide to check what the attributes are), it seems dead set on not producing teams that are not part of the global AITriggers. While if I do have LooseRecruit and Recruit enabled it does grab any pre placed units and execute the team script, it will not produce any regardless if there are pre placed conscripts or not. The only way I have got this working was to have a createteam action in the Triggers, however this does not seem to be the method the campaign missions use, nor do they rebuild the team once it has been destroyed regardless of the team attributes. I've included the mission file from a clean attempt at implementing AI Triggers. all01umd.map
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