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  2. Giant player cheating in 1v1 Kills Harvs

    Harvester harassing is a legit pro tactic and used in most real-time strategy games...
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  4. HI, I have something that i encounterd while playing on the ladder. I talk about the wall on some maps, that whill dissapear after 10 secs. I can understand why the wall is placed, this to prevent trolling from other players. Butt, this is a 1vs1 match, and your free to place your mcv whereever you whant( maybe not smart to do, butt it is alowed ). And in a quik 1vs1, surprise is everything!! Those walls prevent the free movement off your mcv. Wich is great for the pro's and above( mapknowledge ), butt not so great for the newer players, or those just in between. This wall is ONLY in ladder matches, not in the regular maps. Thats also why i checked the p4 map as itt is right now, to be removed. The normal p4 map, as whe all know itt, is a great map, and should be in the ladder system.
  5. How many of us are there in total? Is it about 40 people? I used to play a ra1 play and got non stop wins to the point where i wanted to lose, so dont let the lack of numbers fool you , we are a tough bunch regardless
  6. I'd, like, cut your lists by about 50-60%, and that's if I'm being generous. There's hardly 20 players total, let alone enough for a top 20 list. Let's make it a hundred and then even my grandmas are in, and they're both dead. MrBuggy is by far the most impressive player that I've faced enough times to really gauge. The surest way to spot him (besides him playing like himself, mostly playing classic maps, etc.) is the tiberium growth setting. He turns that off. Even though he namehides, location is still shown too, AU or NZ, somewhere down under. As for history, at one point, a few other older players from wchat popped up at cncnet. Austin was hard on classic maps, weaver can be dangerous with Nod but he seems terribly out of shape.
  7. Lovehandles piv (mr buggies, bike 555, PHD, etc) Jacko robL (on form) White Ferret Seprothe Ehy (RA1) Andre Ford (RA1) Rootbie (on form) Emma (on form, ie if has speed up to optimal ie in practice) BluySY/Disco69 (has improved alot lately is fast becoming a super pro) Cnc2mc Ephraim These are the hardest guys I have faced as far as my memory serves me, in no particular order, ive probably left a few names out T Error and pence are note worthy

    I'm not sure dude but he's got talent what ever his name is

    University/Student is Desktop. Isnt Desktop a player for himself? Or is he MrBuggies? I dont think, that he is MrBuggies
  10. Please choose which maps should be removed and which ones should be added
  11. Hello! anywone home?

    OMG. please tell me this community is still active! my childhood was based on Dune 2000, i wouldn't be who i am without it (intelligent). i just found out about this and i'm so happy, i will start playing. i hope there are other players. Also, can i play this game in french? Usually i play all my games in english, but when i was a kid i had the game in french so i want to re live it that way "Notre base et attacker!" or something xD

    University /PhD we think is mrbuggies new name he has bin playing since 1998 and can beat just about any body. He should be included as well.
  13. Hot Key questions!

    Next time on I'm gonna try this stuff out. Thanks
  14. Hot Key questions!

    Force-move for single units, move over for groups so they don't clump up and fire at the tank that's doing the crushing. Using the 'alt' key for movement is also generally good because units with that command are less likely to be distracted when they bump into an enemy or get attacked. I will switch hotkeys for map locations around during the game. Initially I may use the full 4 for scouting, later I will only use 2 or 3 besides the 'H' key. One is of course the factory closest to the front, and the other is the front itself. I may use an intermediate third location as a staging area if the map has terrain, which confuses the AI, or tiberium that my men need to go around. I'll sometimes also bookmark my harvs' pastures to keep an eye on them. Also, use alt+team number to center the view on that particular team. This saves a lot of bookmarking and scrolling for smaller battles or when you have groups of quick units that move about the map and you want to keep track of them. The only use for the 'next unit' hotkey I know of is to look for stray units you might have lost track of. Stealths not assigned to a team come to mind. It's also good when you're at the very end of a game of mutual annihilation and you need every last man on the map. I move the sidebar with the mouse scroll-wheel. Some people use keys for that. Scrolling the screen with the arrows is terribly slow in TD though and pretty much useless.
  15. Hot Key questions!

    I force crush myself it makes it easier I think because it targets the other unit, other than that the only ones I really use are scatter and force fire. Maybe sometimes group units together. Maybe I'm not as advanced as the others as I've only bin back since November.
  16. Why has Kane no hair?

  17. Why has Kane no hair?

    Wow, I didn't know this, that's really interesting. I mean, it's no secret that there's plenty of biblical references in the game, but I'm kinda surprised that they took their character of Kane's appearance from a real person.
  18. Tiberian Dawn Artillery Re-Balance (Mini-Mod Added)

    I keep thinking only the bad guys use that buggy xD Thanks White!
  19. Tiberian Dawn Artillery Re-Balance (Mini-Mod Added)

    It is indeed the Bradley... The real Bradley is not a tank, however, it's what's known as an IFV (Infantry fighting vehicle). And it's main weapon is a chain gun, not a cannon (think machine gun, but nastier). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infantry_fighting_vehicle but this one will blow your mind more: Check out the "nod buggy"... patrol vehicle used by Seals. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desert_Patrol_Vehicle There are also beta shots that show Nod having the med tank (which is the US Abrams). Note they also have the US Apache. Nod maybe Terrorists, but they're not the poor military of what you might think of regarding modern terrorist organisations. Not sure if the design team really thought through which weapons Nod should have (lore wise) or if they just got their hands on a book of US war machines and put them into the game... and then just worried about who's have what later.
  20. Tiberian Dawn Artillery Re-Balance (Mini-Mod Added)

    Interesting ! Thankyou for the input, did not notice all these things which I should have , I thought Nod were all the war torn poor places, combined like Africa, eastern europe etc and russian kit is cheap and sold to non american allies in the real world so thats why I presumed russian kit I didnt think nod would be Russian but its strange they are buying from their enemy, I thought the GDI was basically a useful version of the UN lead by America ie all teh rich developed countries combined, and Nod was all the crappy loser countries. They still totally Fed up the light tank but then again the med tank isnt a perfect m1 Abraham or the previous main battle tank for America, so maybe they were going for a generic look
  21. Unanimous Change

    Hey Prep ! I think this the best argument. If it's not; it is one. I'm open for a better argument! I think - maybe i'm wrong - saying someone taking rank 1st easily without playing hard; or top 10 is 10 yuri; we may think that changing something. I played since 2002 to 2007 then just now; i never see it happened. At the most competitive time (2002) the ratio top 10 was like : 4 Sov / 4 Yuri / 2 Allied. In XWIS was like 6-7 Sov / 2-3 Yuri / 1 Allied. Maybe today players are better playing with Yuri than before but i doubt it lol. Sunny is a Yuri player. It means he played alot MORE with yuri than any other factions in QM. I don't know who is kickyou73 or Reano1; but seeing their nick; lose to them is a shame lol (it's not nice; but their nick seems very noob...). If one of Sov/Allied player changes into yuri; They may have worst ratio than playing as Allied/Sov. Can i say Sov/Allied turns player into average to good players? No. I played with showtime and he admitted himself that he does not know what to do; he was pumping WF and rhino; and just get minded by MM. I could be the worst Yuri players; spending my time playing TOE with crates; i would won anyway... No offense to showtime, he can't know what to do if he never played against. You have to use rhino / flak / drone / deso / chopper; hit and run; micro your units etc. I admit that i think it requires more skill than playing SvS (pumping wf/rhino).
  22. Tiberian Dawn Artillery Re-Balance (Mini-Mod Added)

    The light tank is 100% the Bradley, I think I read somewhere its a retrofitted version with a bigger gun, M2-F (fictional) Visually yeah, the unit has a round turret, which is a trait of Soviet era tanks T-54, T-62, T-64 etc Seems a common misconception however that "NOD = Soviets" which is not true... its a global cult/terrorist organization. So presumably there was a coup d'etat within the United States, defecting generals or whatever - my theory. (I like to think of it as the American Civil War 2, rather than the Cold War) At least that'd explain why NOD uses the US LPV (Attack Buggy), the US M110 (Artillery), US C130/C17? (Cargo Plane), US AH-64 (Apache), US CH-47 (Transport Helicopter) etc In the cutscenes NOD also have F-22 fighter jets, Bradleys & Abrams tanks. The Flame Tank & Recon Bike are pure fantasy units, presumably left over from the original concepts for C&C being kind of Sci-fi.
  23. Giant player cheating in 1v1 Kills Harvs

    There is nothing to prove here. Harvester hunting isn't against the rules. Why is your harvester so far away from your base?
  24. Got another screenshot this one proves everything just look at the times on my laptop, the date on everything lolol. Happy Noob Hunting xD!!!
  25. Tired to get his name but the game speed was super fast and the radar didnt pull up fast enough. Can we look into this cornball lol. was owning him with NOD in 1v1 he was GDI. he basically resort to harv killing after i wreck his base and all he can build was titans and orcas. even if its not bannable i would still post this anyways to ruin his name. The guy is a sore loser and plays like a sucker lol.
  26. Hot Key questions!

    1) Whats your hot key layout? Whats the best layout? 2) Is the next key useful for anything? It just cycles every single unit one at a time, I presume its useless? 3) What about the directional keys? You can move up down left and right with the keyboard itself but it moves so slowly it seems useless, is it? Can you speed them up so you move faster? 4) How do you use book marks fro cnc1? Do you segment the map into 4 book marks? The same ones for every game? So top left, top right, bottom left bottom right? .......OR........ Do you book mark specifically every game for areas of interest? Or do you use them a different way? 5) Do pros use the crush key or do they do it manually I noticed Jacko would crush by driving at diagonals manually? 6) Can you use mouse buttons for hot keys or does that not work?
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  28. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    How can the QM be changed to accommodate your "laziness"?
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