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  2. So to kinda get the idea of whats possible, check out my maps, skylegend and ptapiok's maps. Oil derricks are also possible, other ways to get money is by amount of kills and or buildings, or a 'by map spawned vehicle' that keeps to a script (like the boat in map Harbor wars) Boats are available You can start with any unit Basically anything in rules.ini is editable too, so also take a look in there. Unfortunately we can't create anything on 'when a player dies' (has to be implemented) Just know that there is a lot possible, please just post any idea, let your imagination go wild and I'll let you know of its possible
  3. U have to learn how to mod bro. Its very easy. Its not programming, its editing the rules. Just open rules.ini and look how easy it is
  4. The mini cursors in Ra2 The mini cursors in YR They are invisble and disappear in the CnCNet Red Alert 2 Mode
  5. It's interesting to see the C&C3 font used for this UI. My feelings are the same as my sidebar feedback: - The black metal material is too generic. Again, I suggest using a black granite theme for these solid object-style UIs in TD, supplemented by more EVA-style, electronic HUD UI. That will be actually true to the UI art style of TD Gold Edition. - The campaign button icons are too finely detailed for their very tiny size. They should be designed to be recognizable from a distance. - The campaign buttons' oblong shapes are not a natural fit for the round logos. Consider either making them taller and more square, or if you are to keep their oblong shape, representing the icons using their "middle sections", i.e. instead of the full logo, only the middle part of the GDI & Nod logos are in the button, enough for us to see the eagle's head and the scorpion tail's tip, while the top & bottom parts are cut off outside the frame. - For this UI, since they signify different campaigns, the icons can also have different colors: GDI yellow, Nod red, Ops green, Dinosaur orange or brown, for example. - OTOH the "camera" icon, along with the Intro & Completion cinematic buttons, are too large for their supporting role, especially compared to the much more important campaign buttons and Back/Start buttons.
  6. fck it lets have walking sams too... basically u just want a deployable scorpion tank for nod
  7. So I recently downloaded Tiberian Sun from Origin (bought the UC a few years back) and installed the unofficial patch. However, whenever I try to play the game, it launches with the error message "Unable to create Direct Sound object. Preceding with sound disabled". I am using a set of headphones, so the stereo issue doesn't work. the game works fine it seems, just without any sound. I am running on Windows 10, with the CnCNet unofficial patch already installed. Please help.
  8. Yesterday
  9. That is actually a great fucking idea. Mobile obelisks. Id keep them exactly as powerful as they were. And lower the power (energy needed) a tiny tiny bit, and make them non carryable ^
  10. Elite! now get your allies to make you a few carriers, number them all, deploy all at once when landed and 1-shoot buildings :)
  11. The game is peer-to-peer, that means there is no host and no server. Is every single game you play laggy? Does it show a warning about you having a unstable connection before the game starts?
  12. funky mofo so just make a new tibsun with everyones ideas and see what we get... some frankenstien of cncnet...
  13. So prove that I cheated for every one of my rank 1s on xwis when I totally walked over you. You can't because you're a liar - the admin screen requests are all there, the fair play is self evident. All you were ever decent at were team games and hated because you trash talk all the time. During any of our 1v1's you got literally obliterated and avoided me in qm every time. Talking is cheap, when it came to actual games you got owned every single time. Even in 2007, when I got rank 1 while the game was crackin, everyone played back then (Dean, tomi, kris, etc.) you were hiding because you're a loser and only noob bashing weaker players with seals and pretended to own everyone when you didn't. Sov vs yuri, y v y, a v s, you name it you weren't in my league of high level play. Your only chance was ava really and you still got pimp slapped. Also I don't bother joining games with toxic people like you. I'm playing seldom since a year now. For the record you started back playing 1-2 years ago. When you came back, you got rolled 1v1 S v A and yvy you didn't even lift a finger because you're totally noob at it and by then I was already ranked 1 on cnc net (July 2018). If I were you, I would stop talking trash.
  14. There's a pinned thread in this forum section about learning how to create maps, perhaps, you'd like to read it so you won't make these mistakes.
  15. Well thanks for that detailed explanation It would be helpful to have the positions marked on the images, but I think i could follow you most times. My personal experience with maps is, that players want to have the positions as balanced as possible. The aspects you integrated look like russian roulette to most players 🙂 But I think it can be fun though, esp. if you have several rounds with random pos. I'm just sayin that it'll be hard to get players in cncnet like this "unfairness". I don't get this sentence " outpost to the South is there for its O.P. turret for paratrooper planes flying onto the map "...but whatever...doesn't matter that much. By contested fields i mean sth. different... of course the city is kinda of a contested field, but for the player mainly the oil is rewarding. And every player has it's part of the city, so to say. You don't have the need for expanding, so you can build and defend your city. I'd like to see a place, where people have to expand to in order to get money, f.e. a central gem field or sth. like that. So f.e. campers have disadvantage.
  16. Sounds great, Holland :D. But i am to lazy (and clueless when it comes to programming) to do it myself. Maybe make an option in the game lobby to make Obelisks moveable? Thanks a lot! Imagine light blue laser shots from an Obelisk at an extremely screaming inf on an ice map :D. That would be like drinking cold fanta in a hot day.
  17. A, easily done with [NAOBEL]Power= B, already done that a while ago C, thats easy, quick [LaserFire] 's color edit D, Volume louder not possible, but can change to any other scream or sound (CHECK TIBSUN.MIX>sounds.mix with xcc mixer to find your sound) You have to put the code edits in a map and play that map lol. And i do agree it'd be cool if its u deployable! Im on my phone rn ask me later if u want me to give u the codes
  18. Last week
  19. https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/9322-how-to-get-better-at-red-alert-2-yuris-revenge-fast-updated-1582019/
  20. Hello! I dont know if this is the right way to ask for help, but I am a newbi and really don't get how this works. I simply want to start a new campaign on my own, but I tried everything and I just don't know how. I can only find battles... Can someone please help me?
  21. I'm curious as to how the game you create is hosted? is it on your own connection or via a host that CnC supply? I'm finding my connection is quite laggy at times when playing the multiplayer side of Red Alert, can anyone suggest any solutions? Maybe tweaks I can do?
  22. ladder sucks like it used to. bring back mola multi log !
  23. Trz makes a valid point again. Ladder is so dead atm. and the last 2 months it wasn’t. People like to bring "another log" to the top, to practice builds or play another fraction/ random, but with one log they will tend to stick to one team, because they don’t want to lose points etc. I see no issues with more then one log. We need minimum 3 logs to play with on ladder, and some maps fixed. Anyway we know TRZ reks people and then they whine on forum about it. That said some people don’t even play ladder and comment bullshit, which I find hilarious. If you don’t play ladder what is the issue for you?
  24. Yeah, looks really good. Great QoL change, as you don't have to reload missions and such to play the alternate missions. The only thing that this may have an issue with is that some missions allow funds to carry over form previous missions... it was already an issue that you lost those extra funds if you hit "restart mission", so I'd like to know how they're going to deal with that feature in particular, or at least bring it to their attention that it could be an issue to look at. Other than that, it looks really nice. It's something that SCII and SCI both had, and I think it's a great addition. It doesn't really take anything out of the game and just lets people get in there and play ALL the missions without having to save near the end of missions or replay missions.
  25. 600% decrease in activity . Apparently it does matter. I know yall cant wrap your heads around the variables that smurf logs bring to activity . I've gathered as much. Now the ladder that was booming after years of no activity is dead once again. If you cant understand smurfing and what it entails I'm sorry. The 2 best players maybe ever on ts were huge smurfs. Schaf. Obvious and kapa on testnewbo log and others to practice And now same as then mola is the best prob 1v1. Its part of rts.
  26. Uploaded 2 short videos: ThCh vs. Tiko matches 1 & 2 on Official Tournament Map B. This time with no special effects. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBn_1IJZr7i7aJSRuzF2v9w
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