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  2. Frz, since you want to suddenly be a foul little hobbit, I'll play: you've never been anything more than "okay" in the entirety of TS, nor will you, even after me attempting to help you approximately a year and a half ago, which is astounding since you're "so much smarter" than I. The ONLY time I can even recall losing to you in any 1v1 was on a map I had played less than 3 times, which was tournament rift, as nod, not that any of these fucking anecdotal game stories from anybody mean anything whatsoever, since I'm willing and able to demonstrate my abilities vs ANYBODY on this game as both factions and on any map. Aside from the fact that there are barely any even decent players left, which makes all of these lists cringeworthy, it's really hilarious to me how extremely biased and subjective they are based on if the person likes someone or not. Very few are actually able to legitimately give an opinion based on observation, rather than an emotional perspective, but this doesn't come as a surprise. There are fewer than 6 players that even know what to do in a long game anymore, which by the way takes far more skill, patience, and understanding of the game than any 5-10 min all out balls-to-the-wall ko attempt before expanding. So regardless of whether any of you find it "boring", the fact is that it requires far more macro and awareness, as well as actual strategy, as opposed to controlling a few units and relying on early game surprise. There's just so much more to fucking do AT THE SAME TIME and know how to do: watching your harvs so they're not being hunted while attacking this section of your opponent's base, controlling your cash flow, planning when the most opportune time to use your emp is/where to use it, controlling this group of units over here while doing so with others in another location, continuing to expand to the next patch, middlefighting [which is a whole beast in itself], knowing how to control the tib patches or take control of them from your opponent, all of these among many others, along with the sheer speed, attention, planning, and skill it takes to do all of these simultaneously. That's why the best players on other similar games such as Starcraft aren't the constant cheesers, they're the ones with strong mechanics and can anticipate their opponent and play the game at any point in its duration. Players that are able to transition from short game to a solid long game are impressive, and there are almost NONE of those left. Aphrodlte was a major twat, but he was able to do ridiculous rushes and transition into a very strong long game. The 3 most notable best players in TS history after the meta was established and the game was figured out were all econ-based players- Mega, Schaf, and kapa. If people maybe took the time to actually learn how to play long game (especially since I'm always willing to teach others), they might find out how intense and enjoyable it actually is. This is the last I'll say on this topic.
  3. Probs say today top ten looks something like this, players who can play gdi and nod equally as good on tezz short/long game and 1v1/2v2 +other maps ww and mods nearer the top, also trying to account for game time somehow... so to my limited knowledge right now as follows: Trz I0nst0rm Netteine Weaponx C0rps Sexpro NME Humble Wuss I suppose? Tigerr I might have missed somethings I'm sure someone will let me know if I'm wide off the mark... I may reconsider..
  4. yourself, and the other 3 you mentioned are as you say really, really good at it. Think I am going to get a TS tattoo with my nick..
  5. lol ive missed years of playing time so thats not quiet right. Also mostly my games dont go that long... long games are mostly boring.. i dont play game after game after game either.. so more fake news from black... probs have to say Blue is top player right now all considering ... come the furthest in the shortest amount of time Also to be fair. i never was a modder in any way. i play the odd mod map now and again. Altho this time round i have gotten to enjoy GSO and Blast from the Past, the only mods i will play as much as WW given the chance. Play a giants when lobby is quiet or really bored. otherwise its a quick blast on Red Alert!
  6. FunkyFr3sh

    tiny figures

    You can change your resolution if it's too small
  7. lol you only play me when ur namehiding. Namehide as Wonder so i take it easy, then you give it ur best diss, titan and expansion shot... and still come a crashing down... ill keep my bet with trz
  8. Yesterday
  9. A question does someone know how the equipment is called always automaitsch the building be reapplied thank you in advance, that wants to patch out of my mod out can me connctetion this it,s where
  10. Unprovoked personal attack reported.
  11. Amazing that it was uploaded . Great stuff https://downloads.cnc-comm.com/?dir=red-alert/beta
  12. Most hours spent playing TS: 1. TRZ a Huuuuge Margin... 2. NME 3. Corpsmakr 4. Steelcore 5. Mola Players that are equal to, better, or only marginally worse than these 5 despite putting in only a fraction of 1% of the amount of effort: (but would easily dominate 10/10 games if put in even half the hours) 1. Black 2. Humble 3. Cambria 4. Skylegend etc. Smart players with actual talent still trump the weirdos that put in 100s of thousands of hours and took 10+ years to become decent. It’s also evidence towards 2v2 players being superior to players who focus on 1v1.
  13. Ugh, in 1v1 I’m not losing to any nod period if it’s a open map like terrace. Maybe I’ll get caught by the 1 refers occasionally.. but outside of that it’s just not happening. I’ve never lost to steelcore outside of the occasional 1 ref ( all games however I didn’t know who I was playing against). Last time I played NmE I absolutely annihilated him from top right on terrace and barely even had to try. I haven’t seen energy play in like a year+... I’ve never seen him 1v1 before but I never see him do anything in a 2v2 that makes me think he would be a problem. Tigers and corpsmakr are basically the same player except corps has better control while tiger has stronger short game. Both extremely boring to play against but I’ve never made an attempt to put last them in the hour + long game scenario they specialize in. I always get bored and go for a KO. That being said, I’ve caught corpsmakr several times with short game rushes. And since I’m much smarter than him I’d probably out work him long game if I wanted to invest the time into it. Top rush has better Mk2 control than me, I’m better everywhere else. I schooled him easily from top left last time I played him. I have 1 legit win over humble from BL and have never beatin Cambria. So no mox, I wouldn’t say I shouldn’t be on your list. But it’s ok that you don’t respect me since I’ve probably played 5 total games with you since you showed up earlier this year:
  14. Interesting choice considering I recently watched you toy around with trz from a top spot.. and last time I played you I toyed around with you from a top spot.
  15. I only enjoy 1v1ing ppl I like. But it I would be interested in 2v2 challenges. You can get a partner of your choosing and I’ll get one of my own. 10-20$ of per game or w/e your willing to lose. I can’t give you a definite time frame tho as I don’t give a shit or play consistently anymore.
  16. When you should lose early game but end up winning game <3
  17. map with a special protected einstein island map1.yrm
  18. Sounds good, i am ready to spec that one! You would need to exchange the $ tho, and that would require non-privacy. I doubt he wants to do that. I guess the normal rules would apply (no multi fac, no firestorm, ...) - what about short game tho? On or off? What about some crazy situations, when both of you cant die (= draw)? What about bugs in game (lag usage for instance)? You both should have the right to chose 3 maps, the 7th map should be chosen by you both i guess? I hope that this will happen, would be awesome :D.
  19. ronk

    tiny figures

    I am used to C&C the old version. This new version shows everything so small that it is hard to play the game.
  20. Hey thanks for being interested! The project is on a little bit of a hiatus right now as all I have time for is work and my babies but I pretty much have all the concepts for the remaining missions that need to be completed. If you have a completed mission, feel free to post it here on the forums-- but if you like you can attach it to a comment here or email it to me. Not sure how quickly I'd be able to get to it, but I'd love to see it! Have you seen my videos on mission scripting?
  21. I joined years ago but forgot to post in the welcome thread haha! I'm Blake. I run a C&C tribute website and Youtube Channel. I also have a Dune website and Youtube too. I play a lot of OpenRA these days, sometimes at LAN parties with my old mates. I enjoy keeping up with the C&C, RA and Dune modding scene and all the cool stuff fans make for the original games.
  22. I actually made a few maps, probably 10 years ago. There are many decently made maps available now, but ones with severely skewed options such as 10000 power off one powerplant, $21304235 from one harv load, large maps with one entrance and creating rules to prevent expanding really don't help anybody.
  23. But you're not, that's the thing. "Skill kiddy unable to play other games", way to make an assumption... "Crumble if they run into something that they haven't encountered before", yeah, no. Unnecessary to respond any further.
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