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  2. fir3w0rx

    Undocumented secret in "Romanov on the run" mission

    Haha cool. At first I thought this guy was messing with us , but I can confirm that it's real: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PV6rUuggE1o
  3. Yesterday
  4. Ha! That's pretty cool, thanks for sharing 😁
  5. Grant

    Back to Screen

    Hello, go to your task manager and see if gamemd-spawn.exe is running already. If it is, end it and try again.
  6. FReQuEnZy

    How to make RA2 & YR maps - Final Alert 2 Tutorial

    Does the error stop you from doing anything?
  7. FReQuEnZy

    Survival maps / Game mode

    Take your time, we'll release it when it's ready. Quality is a priority.
  8. That doesn't work with TD as it does with RA. It's very possible in theory, but the implementation of working .ini rules in TD is not so certain, and it's certainly not happening soon. 99% of the discussions in topics such as this one are on an 'in theory only' basis. You can scout what you need to scout with helis by leapfrogging too. And also there's the bug where you get to see part of the opposite edge of the map when you build too close to yours. Only works horizontally, I think. The point I wanted to make but actually didn't is that you can move your AA as the air attack comes, or you can just place your AA a square or two away from the important buildings and not right beside them. That way, if they didn't get initially scouted you can keep them hidden.
  9. Bechomed

    Back to Screen

    HEy guys , everytime i lunched a normal or Custom game I go to screen and come back to the game. Ingame it calls "Returnt to the Game" but i dont do anything. I cant start skirmish or Ranked games. PLs help.
  10. Interacting with Maps via Checkboxes
  11. Fullmetaljacket1991

    Red Alert and CnC Gold campaigns not launching atall

    Hi all, I have downloaded CnC gold and Red alert 1 from cnc net, both work online and skirmish perfectly yet when i install and to try to run the main campaign, it says couldn't launch main executable, am hugely gutted as an avid fan of the series, any suggestions please ? UPDATE I deleted ddraw.dll in the properties folder, campaign works but lags then when i alt tab it out the window is stuck and i can hear the game just no picture proper annoying now ! Running this on HP Pavilion notebook 2GB RAM 30GB HDD HD graphics internal up to 1028MB Windows 8.1 cheers
  12. Hey there! Years ago I was playing Yuri's Revenge mission "Romanov on the run". While playing this mission, I noticed a huge pack of polar bears coming off the map from the north direction. I knew I was witnessing a secret. However I was never able to reproduce that secret. Years have passed and I've decided to come back to this topic. My first attempts of trying to produce that secret failed. Untill I finally looked into Final Alert editor and discovered there are special triggers. It appears one unit has to be exactly in a specific spot (in the attached picture, it's the halftrack in the middle of screen), wait there a moment and this will trigger the polar bears! Those teddies will shape the letter "HI". It's kinda a funny secret and I am astonished how this one was out of the radar for so long. Yes, I've been trying to search everywhere whether there was any other person who found it, but I had no luck. Ohh and these teddies are controllable :D.
  13. Henceforth the scouting. Who cares about the details. You can't order your orca's to move deep into the shroud. Or else you could scout with them as well.
  14. Its a shame they didn't use this as part of its offence, instead of the carpet bombing, you can see what the apache machine gun does now just imagine how westwood would have balanced the A10 machine gun
  15. The A-10 doesn't scout. Enemy units firing at it from the ground reveal the terrain.
  16. Second, the sick SCORPION made by LKO, And here a little hint for if you're totally new to modding: I hope you get to see how easy modding is by copying and pasting into your map (mpr file). As you can see under [SCORPION], it includes Prerequisite=NAWEAP,NATMPL you can build this with making nod warfactory (NAWEAP), and temple of nod (NATMPL). If you want to change this into a different structure(s) (up to 3 buildings), just go to rules.ini in the cncnet folder, and Use Ctrl+F to easily find the code for the structure you want. Anyway, if you don't have any other mods in your map, just copy and paste this into your map. if you do, make sure to correct the [VehicleTypes] list and [Warheads] list. [SCORPION] ROT=5 Cost=2500 Name=Score-P-Ion Armor=concrete Elite=ScorpionLaserElite Owner=GDI,Nod Sight=10 Speed=3 Points=25 Turret=no Weight=3.5 Crusher=yes Primary=ScorpionLaser Category=AFV Explodes=no IsTilter=no Strength=1000 Explosion=SCDETH1X Locomotor={55D141B8-DB94-11d1-AC98-006008055BB5} MaxDebris=4 TechLevel=9 VoiceMove=drrpmov1,drrpmov2,drrpsel1,drrpsel2 BuildLimit=2 Accelerates=false CrateGoodie=no DebrisTypes=PIECE,GASTANK SelfHealing=yes TargetLaser=no ThreatPosed=15 VoiceAttack=drrpatk1,drrpatk2,drrpatk3,drrpatk4,drrpsel3,drrpsel1 VoiceSelect=drrpsel1,drrpsel2,drrpsel3 MovementZone=Destroyer Prerequisite=NAWEAP,NATMPL ImmuneToVeins=yes VoiceFeedback= DebrisMaximums=2,2 EliteAbilities=SENSORS VeteranAbilities=SELF_HEAL,STRONGER DamageParticleSystems=SparkSys,SmallGreySSys TooBigToFitUnderBridge=true AllowedToStartInMultiplayer=no [ScorpionLaser] ROF=150 Range=10 Speed=100 Damage=200 Report=MOBEMP1 Charges=yes IsLaser=true Warhead=SuperScorpion IsBigLaser=true Projectile=LLine LaserDuration=20 LaserInnerColor=255,175,175 LaserOuterColor=255,0,0 LaserOuterSpread=20,40,40 [SuperScorpion] Sparky=yes Spread=1024 Verses=100%,100%,100%,100%,100% AnimList=SCEXPLOINIT InfDeath=5 Tiberium=yes ProneDamage=60% [Warheads] 53=SuperScorpion [VehicleTypes] 169=SCORPION [ScorpionLaserElite] ROF=150 Range=13 Speed=100 Damage=300 Report=MOBEMP1 Charges=yes IsLaser=true Warhead=SuperScorpion IsBigLaser=true Projectile=LLine LaserDuration=25 LaserInnerColor=255,175,175 LaserOuterColor=255,0,0 LaserOuterSpread=20,40,40 This one is SO awesome! Original topic: https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=12364
  17. First up, the GDI radar with uplinks, so you don't need the Upgrade Center for ion canon and seeker, you can just place it on your Radar Here are the codes: [GARADR] Cost=1000 Name=GDI Radar Center Image=GACOMM Upgrades=2 [GARADR1] Cost=0 Name=Drop Pod Node Armor=wood Owner=GDI,Nod Power=0 Sight=1 Crewed=no Points=0 Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 TechLevel=-1 Capturable=no AIBuildThis=no SuperWeapon=DropPodSpecial ThreatPosed=0 Prerequisite=GARADR,GATECH PowersUpToLevel=-1 PowersUpBuilding=GARADR [GARADR2] Cost=0 Name=Hunter Seeker Controller Armor=wood Owner=GDI,Nod Power=0 Sight=1 Crewed=no Points=0 Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 TechLevel=1 Capturable=no AIBuildThis=no SuperWeapon=HuntSeekSpecial ThreatPosed=0 Prerequisite=GARADR,GATECH PowersUpToLevel=-1 PowersUpBuilding=GARADR [GARADR3] Cost=0 Name=Ion Cannon uplink Armor=wood Owner=GDI,Nod Power=0 Sight=1 Crewed=no Points=0 Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 TechLevel=1 Capturable=no AIBuildThis=no SuperWeapon=IonCannonSpecial ThreatPosed=0 Prerequisite=GARADR,GATECH PowersUpToLevel=-1 PowersUpBuilding=GARADR [BuildingTypes] 205=GARADR1 206=GARADR2 207=GARADR3 [Animations] 967=GARADR1 968=GARADR2 969=GARADR3 As you can see, the file the radar uses with 'Image=' is called GACOMM. You can also just Copy the entire original [GARADR] from rules.ini, and change [GARADR] Into [GACOMM], and add GACOMM under [BuildingTypes]. Thats the right way to do it, but since they are very similar in art.ini, there's no need. Just copy paste this code into your map, make some edits if you want, and enjoy.
  18. Last week
  19. great idea fixed crates would be a nice mod few would argue against
  20. Nalothisal

    Buttons Missing In Game

    DDWrapper causes a freeze when I go to the escape menu, everything else has the same issue persist. I even went to the lowest resolution setting and the problem still persists.
  21. FReQuEnZy

    What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    I can agree with that and with the fact that the feature to remember a login/auto-login seems to be indefinitely delayed. @dkeeton Though it seems that the YR client will never be unified with the QM client due to a recent move to keep the main client code more in line with original source to make fixing the bugs easier.
  22. Nalothisal

    Buttons Missing In Game

    It is currently at 100%, the default setting.
  23. Strategst

    What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    I do not know whether or not it has already been mentioned, but the most unappealing thing about the ladder to me is that it is not integrated with the main application beyond launching from the main menu. Maybe that is me being spoiled by old school quick matching.
  24. I'd like to explain some of the new units that have been uploaded recently: a package full of (most) fan made voxels and animations (infantry, vehicles, buildings, weapons, terrain), created over the years and years since TS started. Some of you already have seen some maps with these, and so far they're mostly test maps. Any map with the word 'VXLS' or 'Voxel' is a (test) map with some of them. http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=ts&age=0&search=VOXEL http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=ts&age=0&search=VXLS THeyre also in these (copy /map and code into cncnet) : /map e917eed3aa50bef39f6f265c9c690b788cd3de9e  Fortress Tower Forest [4] /map 58b6f72c996c3e80d21d68270f6ab68b3db43576  Fortress Tower Forest 2 /map be2dacfcea0e3d1dd522abc75fe1e31b8f01dfea  King of the Jungle /map 92c384a01632dc2a8de4a94f41a30ef5c1438f1e  TowerDefense Rally RACE! Jungle [V1] /map 4f573c8775f769ec4ec02b83b5af98e2009011b0  Oil Derricks but if you wanna peak at all of them, try this one: /map d77a5b52251353621a58cfa79c8130ae6b858542  Voxel Arena - All new models v1 All you need to do is open the map file (with wordpad) and pick the one you want, and copy it in your map. If you want to do it more efficiently, download XCC Utilities and open XCC Mixer, and browse to \CnCNet\TiberianSun_Online\MIX\expand11.mix, so you can see the unit (VXL or SHP file) and its name, and you simply Use "Image=" on your modded units or structures, or use animlist= for different explosions For Example we want CYBORG to have the image of the zone trooper, then we add this into your map: [CYBORG] Image=ZONE But ofcourse we can add the Zone trooper in our map as a new infantry as well. As for all the other ones. Please look at some modding tutorials on how to do that I will use this topic to explain more about it, but i'm glad i finally started this lol, for now, i will answer any question and will help you getting you the right codes for your mod. Oh and if you are a creator of one of these animations please tell me so we can give you credit, or tell me if you want it removed!
  25. The crates could be modified too. Have them do certain power ups. But not bad stuff like explosion on dying and such. I don't like the crate in my opponents base to contain that commando that I immediately can use to kill CY etc. Isn't it easy to just give everyone one A10 with the comsat? And make it slower too. So it is really just for annoyance purposes. One thing that I dislike about the A10 is that it scouts too.
  26. The A10 is in mp, you just need to enable crates.
  27. Yes that's exactly what I mean just a power up, like the Ion and Nuke. Would be so cool even if its just a hack for one map but as a tick box would be awesome too. I mean the no heli tick box allows for a cheap early Chinook rush and changes the balance significantly why not an A10 tick box since we all like the A10 and it wouldn't affect balance much at all, just a nice extra
  28. Plane units in C&C cannot land like helicopters, and modding the A-10 to be a heli screws up the way it throws bombs. So, no. You can't have it as a unit. Potentially an airstrike, activated like the nuke or ion cannon, might be possible to hack in. If sometime someone does that, I'd say 1 plane. Maxed out airstrikes with 3 planes, as White says, are kind of overkill, because they can blow up a CY and neither the nuke or ion canon can do that in multi.
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