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  3. How to close the fps overlay ? and what the TGT Dropped mean?
  4. Mike Pence asked me to ask in the forum if he and chem can be unmuted?

    If I need to voice my political ideas I will do it on a useful platform not here anymore. I think the main issue was my extremely un PC jokes. That's solved by the long mute and by me being reasonable. Ive made a new map for 3v3 multiplayer a nice looking one. I will continue to make content. I will continue to make popular games that gets people hooked and keeps the numbers high (something that was reduced when I was muted hence BluySY wanting me to be unmuted, for whatever reason I am popular my games are and my maps are, I think its good for the community if I stay and get unmuted (especially at this point in time where cnc1 is on the verge of being popular or being a waste land) I know it doesn't hinge on me, but I am a help, im sure of it, when I was gone there were less games other people I played with regularly stopped playing people got annoyed that we were muted, the games were split up into lots of small crummy games with less overall people playing (since noobs cant select 6 people only the default 4) , other peoples fun was ruined by the muting when games were hard to co-ordinate without text etc
  5. Any tutorials on how to become a better player?

    Or of course, there's my guide, which has been around for ages. Corps' is quicker to read mind Browse as a blog: https://cnctiberiansun.wordpress.com/ Download as a pdf: http://mjryder.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Tiberian-Sun-guide-v4-c-Mole40k-2013.pdf
  6. Game Speed

    Every time I begin a new skirmish mode game in YR, the game speed automatically defaults to 'Fastest' which is entirely too fast for me to control. I generally set it to fast or faster after hitting esc and adjusting the slider, but it never saves. I have to adjust it for each new game I play. Do any of you have a solution? Appreciate it!
  7. Mike Pence asked me to ask in the forum if he and chem can be unmuted?

    Now the punishment is stronger, the deterrent is much greater. Proper punishment creates proper law and order. (not with Pence though he is fully Rebel, fully irrational, he needs the electric chair). I can be reasoned with however. When Pence is given orders by his "superiors" he hits a a negative emotional wall of defiance, its like the fire wall in Tiberium Sun only inside his mind, he will always be bad, no matter how strong the punishment. For Pence either he is the boss and he is the one electrocuting people or he is the one being electrocuted, there's no other way no middle ground. It is for this reason that I recommend keeping him muted indefinitely.
  8. Mike Pence asked me to ask in the forum if he and chem can be unmuted?

  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYCpWblDKok
  10. Ive decided to make my next map based on Egypt, since it is the ancestral home of the Brotherhood of Nod. Its going to be a Nod dominant map like (JB2) The Sahel and I was hoping that some of you could help me with ideas. For example should it be a FFA or 1 vs 1 2 vs 2 and should it be completing open or have a couple chokes. BluySY
  11. Any tutorials on how to become a better player?

    Best game ever made I think.
  12. Well, you came back to this community with an alt account, and you tried to pretend you were someone else to regain your voice (because people had stopped taking you serious) in an effort to get something for yourself... so basically, the first thing you did was try to mislead people to get something for yourself. See the issue with trust here? This is why I say, you really have to stop that. It's not helpful for you or anyone else. The only way through is being genuine. And honestly, to regain trust is going to take a LONG time now, and you may not ever fully regain it. This is the issue with a manipulative philosophy.
  13. No. There's C&C:Online for that.
  14. Mike Pence asked me to ask in the forum if he and chem can be unmuted?

    Seriously I did spout off alot and ive learnt my lesson, I am very remorsefulness, after such a long ban theres no possible way I would start mouthing off again.
  15. Mike Pence asked me to ask in the forum if he and chem can be unmuted?

    Please don't compare me to Pence, I don't compare you to the Lactarius indigo fungus! (which is what Pence is ) This is below the belt!
  16. I think someone legit just had enough of the crap put out by you and pence. It really wasn't ever acceptable. You guys were given multiple warnings... would stop for a bit but then just continue. Thing about free speech is that while you have the right to say things, it doesn't stop you form being criticised. So if you're willing to say crazy shiz, await the opposing voice... which may well "boo you off the stage", so to speak. Because the most important part of freedom of speech is criticism. Freedom of speech more means that you wont be arrested for saying things, as you will in many other countries. You still have to live with everyone. The thing with saying "the opposite", like "I love Christians" or "I like white people" it IMPLIES that you hate other religions or hate people other than white people... because of the history and current culture. That's why people don't like it. Like, if it's true that you actually just don't mind all people, why would you bother to say one in particular? The bigger issue is that the USA has decided that there's only 2 political views. So, it's kinda screwed. You get a better mix of ideas in countries that use different voting systems, like MMP. Though, it's still somewhat stagnant if too much money is allowed to be directly given to political parties. Anyway, this topic is kinda messed, but I hope you got something from it. On another note; please don't try to manipulate people as you did at the start of this thread, it really only makes you out to look worse. Just please treat people with the respect you'd like to have for yourself. That's the best way to be respected. Genuine, I think, is the word. Integrity, also comes to mind.
  17. You have a very distinctive persecution complex, but don't worry... People who are complimentary don't get banned. People who are hateful will get banned. People who say nothing never get banned.... In the case of haters: if they are hateful of any group or they prompt or if they transform conversations towards hate of any racial group, they can get banned for that. Please remain positive and open, and you won't get banned for things.
  18. Mike Pence asked me to ask in the forum if he and chem can be unmuted?

    How long was the ban meant to be for?
  19. Any tutorials on how to become a better player?

    I just created a bit of a tutorial. Ive been playing on and off for about 18 years and have been one of the top players, if not the top player for a long time (not gloating, just wanted to establish credibility so you know youre getting good advice). If you have any questions feel free to message me and id be happy to help https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8349-c0rpsmakrs-ts-guide/
  20. Mike Pence asked me to ask in the forum if he and chem can be unmuted?

    Seems to me that everything's ok in cnc.net if you are liberal but any kind of rational or masculine opinion politically and they ban you , call you racist, socially isolate you etc, no one gets banned for saying I like Muslims and black people I think we should let more in to our country , but as soon as you say the opposite, then you are gone. Its a shame cnc.net became politically biased. But I guess I just have to like you said keep it to other sites but most of those are pro liberal and anything other than that view point is seen as bad, wrong and taboo and socially unacceptable, and its shut down, when its really a smarter more moral and rational view point. Basically cnc.net should ban all view points politically, not just one, it states in the rules no politics but when it comes down to the crunch only one view point is banned regularly and its not liberal. Also do you bend over and take this Tyranny and limitation on free speech or do you fight it, where ever it may be?? Its acceptable for cnc.net to state no politics but Ive never seen a liberal banned unless its just a spammer, and he wasn't banned for expressing liberal view points he was banned for spamming. Also note to the mods that I am not discussing politics here im discussing cnc.nets unfair bias enforcement of their own rules. Its just some detail is needed to make a point about cnc.net rule enforcement.
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  22. 2.03 Patch issues

    Just download our version, it's patched to 2.03 already: Get it here: https://cncnet.org/tiberian-sun Direct Link: http://tore29.com/tsins/TSinstaller3-beta11r6.exe If you're on windows 8/10 then you'll need to apply this patch too: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/2606-tiberian-sun-patches-fix-for-the-windows-8-10-menu-problems-and-more/
  23. 2.03 Patch issues

    I threw out my disc I think a while back and could never find it, so I torrented it, I've tried different installs as well.
  24. 2.03 Patch issues

    What are you trying to do? Installing from a old CD version?
  25. Any tutorials on how to become a better player?

    Not sure about TibSun, but TD has some tutorials. I promise it's a great game, too! Good metagame, good mix of viable units.
  26. I love command and conquer but I'm intimidated to play online. i figure that anyone still playing online has got to be a crazy good right? Anyone know were I can get started getting good so I don't waste peoples time online?
  27. 2.03 Patch issues

    My 2.03 patch keeps saying Missing or Invalid Registry/INI entry, so I can't install it. I've tried doing older version of the patches too and they do the same.
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