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  2. Cool! Yes it will! Like magic lol i made some more tutorials if you're interested., lol maybe too much for u right now, anyway, don't be afraid to ask anything u want
  3. Wow! Fast response. Thanks! I'll try this out tonight and let you know how it goes. Will the timer display on the screen?
  4. for TS, in Final Sun: -Make sure Beginners Mode is turned off (Options > beginners mode) - Go to Edit> Trigger Editor - Click on 'New Trigger' -Select House: Neutral -Click on the tab "Events" and select 'new event' Pick event Type: '8 Any Event' -Click on the tab 'Actions" and select "new action" Select Action type: '27 Timer Set' type in 600 at the Parameter (600=30 minuts) Now you gotta make another one Click on New trigger House Neutral, Event: '14 Mission Timer Expired' Action: '2 Loser is.' with Parameter: Neutral Thats it. You can name your triggers too if you want
  5. Sun. Sorry!
  6. Tiberian Dawn or Tiberian Sun? You tagged both
  7. I'm hoping I could get some guidance on how to create a count down mission timer. For example: A countdown timer displays 30 minutes at the start at the game. At the end, once it reaches zero, the game ends and you win the game.Would love to know the answer here as I am stumped looking for the correct trigger and how to set this up. Thanks! [edit] I used to make custom maps all the time years ago, so I'm getting back in the swing of things and I'm a little rusty.
  8. This is a very long post, but i'm gonna trying to be short: Im currently having a problem with AI behaviour with my current mission. My plan is to do next: USSR must capture and defend four different technology centers. If any technology centers gets destroyed -> mission is failed. Each captured technology center gives you a four General units at your usage. The mission is completed when all Technology Centers are captured and enemy forces are destroyed. Currently when my engineer gets in Technology Center -> The units will come out but if someone destroys the technology center -> game continues running but no mission failed screen... Here is the trigger: Name: +1 Owner: Greece Existence: temporary (any linked event -> switch, destroy) Type: complex (event1 => action1; event2 => action2) Event 1: Entered by...USSR Event 2: Destroyed by anybody Action 1: Global Set... 1 Action 2: Loser is... USSR Linked to: Buildings - 1 and the [Trig] itself : +1=0,1,3,1,1,-1,2,7,-1,0,28,-1,-1,1,2,-1,-1,-254 Another problem [SEE THE ATTACHED PICTURE]: Currently Spain does have a four different patrols which will be created shortly after mission is started. The Tanks near at the Number 1 should be a one team and they should patrol nearby. The tank and two riflemen near the Number 2 are our own, independent team and they does not have anything relating on team number one. HOWEVER! Right after the mission starts -> One of the Team 1 tanks will switch places with Team 2 tank?! The red line means that those two tanks will switch places (see the attached picture). Here are the codes for this: Name: grd2 Owner: Spain Existence: temporary (any linked event -> switch, destroy) Type: simple (event1 => action1 [+ action2]) Event 1: Elapsed Time (1/10th min)... 1 Action 1: Create Team... grd2 and Teamtype: Name: grd2 Owner: Spain Priority: 14 Max: 0 Num: 0 WayPoint: 50 Team: Light Tank 2 Orders: 0 Move to waypoint... 51 1 Guard area (1/10th min)... 2 2 Move to waypoint... 52 3 Guard area (1/10th min)... 2 4 Move to waypoint... 50 5 Guard area (1/10th min)... 2 6 Jump to line #... 0 Linked triggers: grd2 PROBLEM NUMBER THREE! Right after start, there are two 2TNK units placed on South-West and South-East. The unit from South-West should start patrolling. BUT! The 2TNK which is placed on South-East will actually starts doing that?!?!?! Both are Guard -stance and but if i set the 2TNK from South-East Area Guard -stance it will stay where it is supposed to and the unit in South-West will patrol as i've planned. I'm very frustated on this and during this evening i almost destroyed my keyboard and throw PC out of the window... this is very frustating since feels like nothing is not gonna work and i don't know or understand why! This mission is meant to come the next version of Command & Conquer REDUX for Red Alert 95 which im currently working on...
  9. Hello - best off asking the Mod authors. If it's not a supported Mod here there's not many that can help you. Places like might be useful too.
  10. What rendering setting do you have enabled in the config program?
  11. You may have a rare/unique bug there, haven't heard about something similar yet Stretching is currently not supported with tiberian sun, maybe one day...
  12. Still not even approved? Come on!
  13. Yes, windows 10, game from Origin. It loads but "freez" on the Creating theories on enemy plans. Even Windows is not working then - but after 3-4 minutes it unfreezes and work excellent
  14. @Grant or @Ferret please read what this guy is saying .. kicking from room is allowed right ?
  15. [8:58 PM] You were kicked from the game! it's so sick how he won't understand he shouldn't kick others for his own mental diseases
  16. Is it windows 10? What game installation do you have, ultimate collection?
  17. This sounds vaguely like a DLL injection project, similar to what ares (YR) or thyme(Zero Hour, my own project) do to inject their own code. It sounds over the top with its modifications though, allocating heap for custom code? Just reimplement functions you care about in C++ and then set jumps in the original code to go to them. Compile the whole thing with open watcom and you won't even need to write shim inline assembly to account for different calling conventions either. I've recently been experimenting with injecting a dll into RA, so I know this can work and indeed does work very well.
  18. Hello, See the link below
  19. The same problem here. Game will load but it takes like 3-4 minutes. After it works fine, loads fine. Only first loading takes so many time. Yesterday i found another problem - i was reloading mission and game freezes. There is no problem if You loose mission and choose to play again...only when loading without mission defeet.
  20. Hey guys, After digging around the website for a small while I couldn't find the server files. Most of the links that used to work seem to be broken :(. Could I possibly be given a download link or something similar? Thanks for taking the time to read this
  21. @Yes-Gu Lang when this gonna start ? and how much teams in total ? More infos please
  22. I am on an Imac running OSX Sierra. My system requirements are well beyond what is needed to play Tiberian Sun. In skirmish mode against the AI, the game will sometimes, not always completely freeze causing me to do a hard shutdown... Is there a patch I need that I missed? I also have menu issues, I read up on it, but all the posts are at least 2 years old, hoping there's a fix by now?
  23. Last week
  24. You're not the first to suggest this:
  25. i can uplead it note that me and a friend were testing before realize the crashing spot problem. in the process of resizing the map and moving the buiding again but then i have up once i realize you have to start form scratch to fix the error that was happening
  26. Can you add colours like Black, white, teal, magenta. etc etc etc. I'd like to see a lot more colours than the standard 8 colours.
  27. Huh? When you play a game for as long as some of us this case around 15 make connections and meet people from all over the world. Now that we are older and have the power to travel, why not use these connections? Your point is invalid.
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