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  2. My Yuri and Mental Omega clients not work

    Oh no problem, glad I could help
  3. Nice stream channel ,good commentary,but damn this game is slow.
  4. My Yuri and Mental Omega clients not work

    Restart is work. Sorry for wasting you time. Thank you!
  5. My Yuri and Mental Omega clients not work

    Try to restart your computer and reinstall CnCNet
  6. My Yuri and Mental Omega clients not work

    I did not use any antiviruses except window defender, and also my crashlog says about many missing objects My crashlog in the first message now. I made windows scanning and it find missing files too. CBS.log
  7. Lets talk about addiction!

    Great! This is a start. X3m, the pay to win games sure are more effective at being addictive then the older games; totally agree there: I hope we can develop as a community if we talk about these things. Marsh, I can agree with that somewhat! Addiction is usually a complicated set of circumstances. Ignorance does exist!
  8. My Yuri and Mental Omega clients not work

    What antivirus do you use?
  9. This happen today at afternoon, my clients just die, when i click on it, in other words when i click on it, nothing happened. My OS is Windows 8.1 I did not use any antiviruses except window defender, and also my crashlog says about many missing objects client.log
  10. Today
  11. DT Client has stopped working in Yuri's Revenge

    Take your time and try to do the following: Run Command Prompt as Administrator and type "sfc /scannow" without quotation marks From what I see, you have something that requires your attention in Windows Action Center, take a look there and see what is it Try to install all Windows Updates, Windows 8 is no longer supported, you might be able to download and install Windows 8.1 from Windows Store, so make sure your Windows 8 is up to date then upgrade When you're done with all this "maintenance", try to reinstall CnCNet YR because it couldn't find one of the .WAV files for buttons, for example, "MainMenu\button.wav", it might be missing And finally, if you have problems doing what I wrote above, let me know ^^
  12. Will there be a Red Alert 2 mode in ladder?

    ra2 has a ladder, go get bailed on xwis or enjoy what they've brought to the table here at cncnet. (very long time ra2 ladder player on xwis and wol)
  13. Lets talk about addiction!

    if people are unable to separate themselves from a game to do what they need to do, then they obviously have other issues they need to take into account as well and have self control. it's not the games fault, it's the users fault.
  14. I just installed Yuri's revenge and my friend asking me to use cnc. Both of my friends can work normally in windows 7 and 10, and I always stopped working in windows 8 I tried to copy all files from my friend still have same error, then I tried to look the log files and there's a lot of missing files client.log
  15. Oh, I'm sorry but IMHO Your work barely fills the term of "strategy guide". Except general descriptions here'n'there this so-called "guide" isn't guiding at all. For instance - what is (or was) the most popular army composition for GDI and Nod? How to make fast eng-rush? How to control the map? What are the key points on several maps to keep eye on? How to expand? I'm not critisizing nor arguing with You but lack of basic build orders or how to control army numbered in few dozens are just a few things to hand on utter novice. StarCraft: Brood War isn't apealing at all. Before I've stumbled upon Team Liquid's Guide I was unable to win a single game. Once I've learned two cheesy BO's I've started winning against players who also lacked of proper guidance.
  16. Lets talk about addiction!

    You will not find the worst kind of addiction here. Some kids might throw away their time by playing these games. But there are games out there that forces players to keep playing. Pay to win games. Look it up.
  17. Hotkeys

    It worked...Thanks a lot...Cheers

    Hello thank you for reporting this problem. A fix is being worked on at present so please be patient as the dev team are working as fast as they can to address this issue Also please see this link https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7624-status-update-network/?tab=comments#comment-58446

    had problems with the bad user thing and then there was this new update notification that poped out. After I updated I could no longer connect
  21. Several Maps

    Hi. U made cool maps! Can I edit ur "flag" map? Ill give u credit of course.
  22. CnCNet Quick Match! Crash

    Believe @dkeeton has fixed this, it will be available in the next update. Thanks!
  23. Bad Username?

  24. https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7624-status-update-network/?tab=comments#comment-58446
  25. Cannot play Yuri's Revenge after update

  26. ERROR in logging in

  27. Some players may be experiencing connection problems to CnCNet. Gamesurge is currently restarting all servers to apply a hotfix. Sorry for the inconvenience. Update: 13:31 (BST) Updates applied while outage was happening Services will take a little while to resume.
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