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  2. Delete team members / Go out of screen. watch tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YICBnFUwdo&t=111s
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  4. sgtmyers88

    Harvester AI

    Heh was watching some new playthru videos online that have been popping up recently and I have noticed in a couple of these how the Harvester AI does the same stupid stuff just like they do in the original. It was my intent to thoughtfully emulate the original C&C but I never expected the bugs and AI glitches to get replicated as well. lol You can see the harvesters start moving to the NW to harvest Tiberium about 14:00 in. https://youtu.be/o1uQOcqkacc?t=840
  5. Hello, So i see the command window? i am guessing that it is called with play offline, play online, skirmish, finalsun editor and settings. I click play offline and the game looks like it wants to load with a little black box on the my task bar then drops out Clicking the game.exe brings up with icon on the taskbar then it drops out doesn't even load I click on Settings and nothing happens sadly the computer hums try to load something up and it doesn't want to work Thank you Kirk
  6. If C&C1 is getting a remaster, make it exactly like the one we have on cncnet, except: 1. Fix the out of sync error. 2. Make it compatible with newer systems. 3. You don't need a 3rd party platform to play online. 4. Better resolution and have its settings available at options (pls dont touch the other graphics). 5. Better the harvester pathfinding.
  7. Keep it the same, same music etc, no messing with units, although it would be interesting to build the gunboat unit somewhere, also skirmish mode, once I have done the missions, that's it, there is nothing.
  8. I'm downloading the update now. Thanks. Will report if the whole thing works
  9. dkeeton

    fail in download update

    Try again now, I think it's fixed.
  10. Cyan

    fail in download update

    Same here.
  11. Yesterday
  12. FunkyFr3sh

    Tiberian Sun Ultimate Collection Windows 10 menu freeze

    Can you maybe record a video of it or give some more details about how far you get? I assume you can see the game launcher with the "Play Offline" "Play Online" etc buttons? You click on "Play Offline" and nothing happens? Or does "Play Offline" start the game and you can see the in-game main menu and that's where it stops? A few things you can try: Open your game folder and try to start "game.exe" directly with a double click rather than using the launcher. If it didn't work, open the game launcher and go to "Settings", now try through all renderers and see if one of them works.
  13. Yes, I have and it loads up and then stops and doesn't go into the actual game
  14. hellobello25

    fail in download update

    same Problem
  15. ExcaliburTg

    Red Alert 2 Videos

    Here you go! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sctn8QCFgnc
  16. ExE

    fail in download update

    how can i fix this ?????
  17. This hasn't been mentioned yet but it was brought up by neogrant that it should come with a physical copy/release. I thought that was a brilliant idea!
  18. Batman1287

    RA2 Yuris Revenge

    I have always played RA2 with Deezire mode on. The game is just to easy without it. My question is I have Deezire installed and it works but there are things missing for the game. There is no watch tower for the soviet factions or just a heli pad for the Allied. The heli pad was so you didnt have to have an extra air force base just to build 4 more air crafts. Watch towers were like watch dogs that you would put around your base for spies and engineers. Are these things that are going to be added at some point or no?
  19. What unofficial patches did you try? Have you tried TSpatch?: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/2606-tiberian-sun-patches-fix-for-the-windows-8-10-menu-problems-and-more/
  20. chem

    KKND2 Krossfire PC

    I really love the mutated earth monsters/robots/aliens/ normal humans as 4 factions for one of the kknd games its pretty damn cool imo
  21. I vote not me, ahh I'm not admin, feels good. What does @Tore even do around here?! 😏
  22. Hey All, Windows 10 did an update that murdered my computer and i was halfway through a command and conquer binge. I installed Tiberian Sun and went to play it and got the menu freezes error. I have tried two unofficial patches, and they won't even start up the game anymore, tried running it in compatibility modes, tried running as administrator, tried deleting files/adding files and can't get it working. Before the update no issue everything worked and was having a grand old time, since the update and my computer dying i have had nothing but issues. So is there any last solutions to get this bad boy back up and running?
  23. So I'm new to all of this and just downloaded the cncnet launcher for YR and it said it has to install updates in the launcher, but every time I try it keeps getting stuck and stops on downloading INI/Map Code/Tournament.ini and seeing how I've never done any of this I have no idea what this is. I couldn't find a solution from looking on the forums(unless I missed it). I've tried repairing the game on Origin(I have the ultimate collection by the way), allowing the client through my firewall, and running as administrator. I haven't done anything special aside from downloading and running the installer. If someone could help me with this I'd greatly appreciate it as I really want to play this game online again. I'll post the client log below: 18.10. 02:05:17.250 Initiliazing download of file INI\Map Code\Tournament.ini 18.10. 02:05:17.254 Downloading file INI\Map Code\Tournament.ini 18.10. 02:05:17.488 Download of file INI\Map Code\Tournament.ini finished - verifying. 18.10. 02:05:17.503 Downloaded file INI\Map Code\Tournament.ini has a non-matching identifier: 140239546314111914125221151108249103906234 against 145190108739950132351413414200237716633 18.10. 02:05:18.509 Initiliazing download of file INI\Map Code\Tournament.ini 18.10. 02:05:18.514 Downloading file INI\Map Code\Tournament.ini 18.10. 02:05:18.520 Download of file INI\Map Code\Tournament.ini finished - verifying. 18.10. 02:05:18.541 Downloaded file INI\Map Code\Tournament.ini has a non-matching identifier: 140239546314111914125221151108249103906234 against 145190108739950132351413414200237716633 18.10. 02:05:19.546 Too many retries for downloading file INI\Map Code\Tournament.ini. Update halted. 18.10. 02:05:19.551 An exception occured during the update. Message: Too many retries for downloading file INI\Map Code\Tournament.ini 18.10. 02:05:25.058 Exiting.
  24. EA_Jimtern (Oct 12, 2018 10:33 AM) (Discord, CnCNet) "Another good way to make this work, is compile a collective set of feedback, and then have one of the admins PM me directly" So... uh... who's job is it to compile all this and remove all the duplicate, triplicate and quadruplicate suggestions?
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