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  2. Elitist kicking newbies is much more common than how many times elites are trying to help them get better.
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  4. youre not that good. youre like trz before i started recording his matches. wouldnt shut up about how good he is then on video he got raped left and right. even i rape him. im too lazy to shatter your retarded ego. dealt with enough retardation from your delusional types. you only remember your good matches rofl.
  5. So lately there has been a few people attempting to make clans in tiberian sun. mainly sas and dragun or whatever clans. both these groups of people ruin the game. just like how hosting tournament game rooms immediately started to kill player population by dividing the community. these two clans have made the game more toxic. they are constantly trying to recruit people. constantly playing visc (sas) and bbg (dragun) where they use retarded strategies to get a advantage on other people. since they run around in packs with other clan members its like a gang of toxic people. if one of them decides they dont like you then you have to worry about being kicked for literally no reason other than their elevated toxic behavior. tldr clans and tournies ruin tiberian sun not make it more competitive and cool. get it through your thick heads. thanks. luckily only the weak minded narcissists wanna spam tournies and socially retarded join clans. thanks for reading.
  6. ^^^ if this is that mechaceasel guy...then just ignore what he says, guy seems mentally and likely physically retarded lol and it really depends what category you consider as the "best" players... ive likely won more month rankings than anyone else on this game, yet i wouldnt even be top 50 all time skill wise lol Some amazing 2v2 players struggled in 1v1 games some 1v1 pros struggled in 2v2 games Many of the "top" players of all time struggled on anything except terrace, some owned on every map There are so many saying all this, my top 3 of all time would be 1. Trz 2. Trz's cousin 3. Mechacaesel
  7. I, and im sure other top players (humble, corps etc) have zero issue teaching "newbs" to become better at Tib Sun, however when we have a 8 player game up with 7 good players, that 1 newb will "ruin" the game for the rest of us, hense why we kick. Dont be shy to say "hey im new, I want to learn, can I spectate or someone can show me some things?" For me its just frustrating how ive seen some of the same names from 2001 and they are still awful lol
  8. Sorry,I didnot record it ,because there r too many crashes today.The result of today may be 1:4. But I will record it tomorrow.See you tomorrow.
  9. hey Rt gu lang, Was the games today vs me chand and matt recoreded ?
  10. off topic here we discuss ra2 and Yr not TS
  11. in other news i rape trz while everyone watches
  12. so, some of @sunny students is taking nicknames of others i said many times to players but no one listing here's the SS : and be smart and notice how his nick is [AUF] instead of [AuF] and joe too @[nra]Buffalo do you belive me now ?
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  14. What are some thoughts? Up to this point I could create a game and go surfing the internet while I waited for players to connect, when someone connected, I had a beep, and now I have to check all the time manually, it's very inconvenient.
  15. Wait what ?!!! Dafuq that player never play sedona ?! Blazer was observing why u guys didint ask him to play istead of strike? Note:blazer is good player have good allied and good alsow as soviet and not bad with yuri . You guys didin't find 3rd player?
  16. Max is ALi, been playing on XWIS with Matt for a while now. Mainly known for his exceptional dominance over the clan ladder in the past few years ( Definitely isn't a bad 1on1 player as well ( Seems to play a little less than Matt and has a slightly better attitude as well (lol). Both are cool guys and exceptional players!
  17. A throwback of my first old video that i made for fun a few years ago..This video is based on Black Coast - TRNDSTTR (Lucian Remix) song, a bit of C&C3's cutscene put into the mix
  18. Hah. Hopefully get some games with more familiar players next time. I'm not sure who strike is, but he said it was the first time he'd ever played sedona. Shame the game where jumby picked yuri was missed, as that was a better game.
  19. Red Alert Improved OOS logs for disconnects Adjusted resign delay (2 seconds) Possible fix for Disconnect OOS
  20. That was a great idea!
  21. who's max and "whoever" is a funny way to spell my name also i want to know the results to these games. go usa
  22. It is excited to meet so many pro players while it is night in China. We have gathered to played 3 round of 3v3. Here are the videos: Tour of Egypt~1st round: Tour of Egypt~1st round: Sedona Pass~3rd round: Those videos are recorded by Yes-690.
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  24. I'd like to try it out please.
  25. With only 8 days remaining before my OpenRA Tournament starts, tomorrow, June 23rd will be your LAST CHANCE to sign up! Know that the prize pool has increased to a whopping €250!!! And of course don't forget about the added prize of the Possible RA:GL Masters Seed for Season 4! While we already have 16 players and a few reserves, I would still love to see this tournament reach 32 players! For this occasion, I will be holding 1 last hype up stream of OpenRA's Red Alert starting tomorrow, June 23rd at 18:00 GMT / 20:00 CET and I will go until MIDNIGHT as Registration for the tournament closes then! So this is really your last chance to sign up. If we don\t make 32 players, the Tournament will go between the 16 that signed up early. The rest will just be reserves. Read up on the Tournament HERE! and SIGN UP TODAY, because after the stream ends, so will the registration. If you're 1 minute late, you're too late! The clock is ticking! See you all on my channel on Twitch!
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