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  2. I use a razer naga trinity - Good mouse, horrible software, would prefer to opt for logitech or corsair I would not recommend this mouse purely because of the painful software I'm not "pro" though
  3. In QuickMatch (QM), I notice the players names are "Anonymised" and are presented as "PLAYER" This is a great function. I really wish this was in normal games. So many times when people play 2v2v2v2 or FFA games, players end up in situations where they are teaming against "good players" It's easy to quickly check who is player as what colour/ faction and decide to attack them first, or rush and it seems that it happens without communication as people know instinctively who to target. I think many people don't like to play free for all or 2v2v2v2 for that specific reason. I suggest an option that allows the anonymisation of players names in the game, the same way cncnet works. This will ensure players play the game without bias or prejudice and ensure they focus more on paying attention to who builds what. This may help rebalance these games and will eliminate the accusations of "deliberate teaming" against X Please let me know your thoughts!
  4. Yesterday
  5. Sadly it doesn't seem to do anything. The file I've edited is ra2md.ini Any other clues?
  6. It may seem a noob question, but I'm now using a Key/Mouse wireless gaming pack made in China and it works fantastic for the price I've paid, but the mouse somehow doesn't convince me. Starting with I feel it a bit heavy (110 gr), the performance is correct, but sometimes I've noticed a bit of jittering specially on clicking single units some times I cant success, or dragging the cursor to a sidebar button sometimes (not always) looks weird and unprecise. I don't know if due to the sensor or to a loss of signal, but anyway... The question is: Is it worth spending more than 100€ on an expensive mouse such as Logitech G-Pro to have a precise mouse or there are any more cheaper options? What mouses do pro players use (specially in Ra2/YR)? By pro I don't mean HOF or Top 10 but competitive players. Let's have discussion 😆
  7. Last week
  8. Hey guys, Some of you may have seen over in my Civilization scenario search & rescue thread here that I'm on the hunt for C&C and Dune scenarios for Civilization games. I've managed to discover the existence of a handful of Dune scenarios for Civilization 2 and sadly some appear to be possibly lost forever. Originally I only knew of David Emery's The Battle for Arrakis scenario which is on most Civ sites and is also hosted at Fed2k in their other game modifications section. However I was recently informed about David Greenfield's CivDune scenario at Fed2k too and have added to the collection and spread it around the Civ communities too. And I saw Dick Knisely's Islands in the Sand scenario at Fed2k too and will try it out soon although I can see in it's readme it's not set in the Dune universe but is inspired by it. I have also discovered proof of the existence of three more Dune scenarios for Civ2 on a webarchive backup of an old Civ2 scenario site called the Zadanian League. Sadly the downloads are not backed up and all that remains is some basic info and some simple mini-map screenshots. Failed to find copies on any other Civ site either. If any dune gaming fans here have these scenarios please let me know so I can rescue them and make them publicly available to ensure they're not lost forever! Sands of Dune by James Dahl – dune.zip (293kb) https://web.archive.org/web/20030829213113/http://dsquared.fiwh.com/civ2/scenlist/d/d.php Dune - Pour L'epice! (For the spice!) by N.Chautru – dune.zip (246kb) https://web.archive.org/web/20030829213113/http://dsquared.fiwh.com/civ2/scenlist/d/d.php The Battle for Arrakis 1.0 by Isaac Ashdown – dune.zip (163kb) (not to be confused with David Emery's Battle for Arrakis above) https://web.archive.org/web/20030829213113/http://dsquared.fiwh.com/civ2/scenlist/d/d.php Finding these 20 year old Dune Civ2 scenarios is a long shot I know but I gotta try. Sooner or later someone with a copy will hopefully come along. .
  9. @ReaperAA played as Yuri and had a lot of bad luck in trying to steal enemy structure at this weekends.
  10. Another suggestion I have is regarding the lack of transport capability of Yuri. Allies have IFVs/Nighthawks and Soviets have Flak Tracks for transporting infantry (especially engineers to distant tech buildings). My suggestion is to have Gattling Tanks be able to have one passenger slot. This would also open up more strategic options for Yuri by having and unloading Yuri clones near enemy forces Although, with that being said, in order to balance things out, I would also suggest to slightly reduce the strength of Gattlings from 210 to 200 and test the Gattling+Yuri combo to see if it isn't too powerful.
  11. Hello guys! CCRDX known as Command & Conquer REDUX is a mod for Red Alert 1. It takes place on a first tiberium war with an alternate history and timeline, where the first tiberium war was fought during years 2015-2020. GDI and Nod has a different arsenal than C&C95 they had (this war they have a plasma tanks, teleporter and railgun tanks + much more). I've been working on this mod since 2016 and released three versions during 2017 and this year, 9th of june i released version which has many balance updates, lots of playable new content and two new units. Download link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8o4atgwe9r3fax5/CCRDX-2021.rar?dl=0 This mod is currently at beta stage. Some of the Aftermath and Counterstrike -addon missions haven't converted into CCRDX standards plus single player campaigns are currently original and haven't tested. Despite that there is still a lot of playable missions (meaning that they have turned into CCRDX standards and are tested and fully functional) and skirmishes are available against AI! Thanks and have fun when playing CCRDX!
  12. QM lobby user interface has a Process Watcher section in the settings tab. What do these executables do? Why are they called Process Watchers? How to reset the defaults? Thanks
  13. Well nevermind guys, i just trolling Ezer 2000. He is my old friend. i play with out any problems on CnC 😀 Здорово братишка, как ты там , как Челябинск, как Россия-матушка? 😂
  14. That's all Ares type stuff - you can do the garrison thing now with modded maps but it wont work the way you'd like it to. Snipers would only have the same range as gi's ... it's just engine limits. If cncnet had Ares and .ra2mp extension (thanks McPwny for telling me about this) as well as terrain expansion we'd be on another level
  15. @burg93 @Kerbiter @Rampastring @admin Upload your client.log Reinstall DirectX
  16. I get that too sometimes What I do is open final alert first and LOAD the map from within there and it doesn't happen to me Only happens when final alert isnt open to begin with and i'm trying to launch the map from final alert not being open from the start Hope that makes sense
  17. Those ideas that you are proposing are excellent, also, you should consider that other infantry can be garrisoned in buildings as tesla trooper soldiers, GI guardian, flak trooper, sniper (it would be great in building). Other idea is like as in RED ALERT 1, the air support of PARABOMS (like spy plane), for the 3 factions. Would Be helpful.
  18. Hello everybody! I still can't play online. I'm already tired of playing against the computer and in the campaign. I do not know what to do. I cleaned my C drive, did defragmentation, I even downloaded CCleaner and cleaned up the registry. But nothing helps. these are the characteristics of my computer: Windows XP Home Edition SP3 Intel Pentium 1.9 GHz RAM 4GB DDR3 HDD 320 nVidia GeForce 920M Does anyone have any idea what to do?
  19. watch how I use this beacon on my map.
  20. Finally got to play some matches with a friend. He liked the sound of most of the changes and additions. But was wondering if it would be possible to have "No Yuri", "No France" as separate options since he likes to take Random and likes France but not Yuri.
  21. update features are looking good dude nice one
  22. Yup I was able to code it in, thanks 😎
  23. Interesting fact. The progenitor of the Black Sea map is the Rush2 map. Since the Black Sea is a version of Treasure Island map, which is the sea version of the Diamont Quarry map, which in turn is inspired by the Rush2. If this map did not exist, the Black Sea map would not exist either ) [4] Rush2 (Shivp).map By the way, this is a very good map. It was more popular than Tour of Egypt on the Russian server. Very interesting battles took place here. Unfortunately it has some slope problems. Strange, but on CNCNET it is completely unknown. Although, in my opinion, it deserves to be official.
  24. I make maps for Red Alert 2
  25. What do you mean? That works for both games.
  26. Forget about RA2 mode while making maps for YR. Is that really so hard to do?
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