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  1. Yesterday
  2. Try this: Do right click on the Ra2 or YR icon on your desktop and see what is the .exe file it has associated to it. If it's game.exe or gamemd.exe change it to ra2.exe or ra2md.exe. (The md extension is for YR) Then click on the 'compatibility' box and run the compatibility problems solver or manager which is the first button of the window, follow the steps and leave it to recommended configuration that is probably going to be 'windows sp3'. Test the game and see if it works. Good luck.
  3. Guys, thanks for the advice. I actually reinstalled the game and the client and it works. I'm an idiot, I should have guessed it myself. It's as simple as that. Thanks one more time.
  4. I installed the drivers from the manufacturer's official website .. I also discovered that when launching yuri revenge, not through CNCNET, there are no buttons in the menu. Despite the fact that if you install the game for the first time, they are there, but after the next launch they disappear.
  5. I'm recently using fa2sp. I've created some maps and all of them got the same issue. Some players don't have mcv at start at their spot also they see undiscovered terrain at start of the game when there are 7 people in 6 map assuming 1 is spectator. I've checked map's ini files located player's locations i see there might not seem anything wrong. Could anyone tell me why is this happening?
  6. firs go your crash logs and remove/backup them somewhere else. and then open the client again let it be crash and there should be one log appear send me here put your \Client\ClientCrashLogs here let me see
  7. The original game could be okay without bugs. I actually don't want any additional game mechanics for ra2yr. I like original, and keep it that way without bugs/glitches. Also this is the right way otherwise it would be an another modded ra2yr to play which is another game like mo
  8. I think it's about your drivers. Because I do have win10 aswell, I had no issues before
  9. This SS you posted is Ra2 original or the CnCNet client? Have you tried changing the graphic renderer by another one? Anyway if you changed the OS I would try to re-install the game and the client and see what happens.
  10. Last week
  11. Installed Windows 10, now when i press the menu button during the game, the game freezes. Before that there was Windows 7, everything worked fine. How to solve?
  12. Why i cant start new topic? I press button to post it, but nothing happens.. p.s.: ok now..
  13. That never happen people quits and Sypoy win by default because he not quit
  14. You can't. Cncnet doesn't want innovation. They want you to shut up and enjoy the original game with all the bugs and problems it has. If you don't like that answer click here:
  15. yes. There's a command for it. First off, you gotta be host in CnCnet client. It doesn't work offline. Or you could use LAN mode instead and create a lobby and then repeat these: paste your map into .../Custom folder turn back the client and type /loadmap mapname (extension doesnt needed. example "/loadmap dryheat1") seach your map in the list. you got the map it requires .map extension. .yrm or .mpr not allowed
  16. I've tried to document all changes we've made in Dawn of Tomorrow, but the mod makes extensive use of the 1.06 features I added in terms of custom colours and radar logos in missions, so yea, that would be quite some work to implement.
  17. Get the Yuri Gonzales main menu theme here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqHxAp2AOlj2gYdgZICMn50_quKbFg?e=cUMB0t Donwload and remplace in this location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Command and Conquer Red Alert II\Resources\Yuri Theme\MainMenu Choice client theme CnCNet classic for use it in your client.
  18. Hello folks. I am a relatively new member here who is mainly an RA2/YR player. However, I also like playing TS and after reading about Veterancy Patch, I have 2 questions. I have read that this patch is meant to rebalance the game (making Nod more competitive and making less used units more useful) and also has more RA2 style unit promotion buffs. So is this like the YR Rebalance Patch where there are only changes to existing units, or are there new units as well? Where can I get the latest version of the patch and keep up with the updates to the patch. I found maps of version 1.6 dated around 2017 but no standalone .ini file or even a changelog list anywhere. Where can I get the changelog and the standalone .ini file of the latest version of this.
  19. Is there any better place where I can put more bug reports. Because I have more bugs/issues to report and this time for the Ant Aftermath missions (i have played only 3 missions so far of this campaign and I and really disappointed with it) The first mission is unwinnable since after I recover the base and repair the power plants, nothing happens. There are no enemies in the entire map and I can't win the map In the second map, I got zerg rushed by ants, my base was completely destroyed before the soviet informant got out. The only reason I beat that mission is because I had some stealth units (stealth artilleries) that survived and when I got control of the informant, I just took him to the transport. Basically, I never even needed to build anything and just let my stealth units sit in place. In the 3rd map, I get zerg rushed by Soviets. Apart from the fact that they just keep sending absurd amount of enemies before I even build my WF, their Tesla Tanks and shock troopers are also wayyy too durable here (much more than vanilla) and our gun turrets are also bugged (gun turrets don't fire at all) I will try 4th and 5th missions as well, but this has been the worst campaign so far. EDIT: I also forgot to mention about the "Training missions" campaign. In most of the missions of this campaign, my miner would not automatically collect ore when I place refinery and they would also sometimes get stuck ore ore fields
  20. I'm going to guess false positive because the way that the .exe has been edited.
  21. Earlier
  22. same here i don't know what to do ??!
  23. How can I generate a replayed RPL format file?
  24. Can cncnet view game replay like this? How to realize this function?
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