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  2. Yep, I saw exactly what you were talking about and took steps to fix it "oh hey by the way, i am going to do a terrain expansion for the CNCnet client's temperate theater terrain soon, how would you like to test it out before its implemented?" Oh absolutely! I'd love to have something new to work with. EDIT: Map renamed, problems addressed, preview injected.
  3. They released the full source code to the original game so we can do what we want now.
  4. I have tested both, the one shown in reddit is more difficult, it also included several tweaks to the gameplay, rebalances which I found to have remove the "original" feel of the game. Buffs were made to many faction's unique units. I won't comment on whether it is fair or not as I am not an expert of the game. Sometimes units also behave weirdly, could be introduced so they hyperactively seek out enemies and engage automatically. CnCnet's with brutal AI turned on, is more predictable. The number of units the AI build is also much lesser.
  5. what i mean by the ramp that it looks like thisbut should look like this the absence of that one impassable tile makes units which move across this ramp fail to respond to orders in a very noticeable pathfinding glich. the actual design of slopes is important to keep intact. as for the cliff thing, all cliffs in westwood maps are placed by hand, so its kind of a tradition and norm to do it like that. but yeah, being pavement cliffs and all, it doesnt really matter a lot, just because the way they were designed. oh hey by the way, i am going to do a terrain expansion for the CNCnet client's temperate theater terrain soon, how would you like to test it out before its implemented?
  6. I'm by no means a talented mapper, and a lot of what you're describing are (were) above my pay-grade before you pointed them out, so I appreciate that. For the cliffs, I use the "paint cliffs" tool to the best of my ability. Outside of cleanup involved with the inner-tiles in certain corners and so on, I haven't really seen an incredible need to manually place cliff pieces if they constitute a single, straight line. Some might... I've just never really ran into any problems with letting the tool do what it does. I did notice on the back-edge of each base area is a single tile along the edge that's unintentionally allowing construction. Will fix that. As far as ISO tiles on/near that specific ramp, I'm not entirely sure what you mean? Is it just that single ramp? EDIT: I now see what you mean about the ramp, and I'm fairly confident that I've fixed it, but the shore being flush with the cliff is creating a bit of an aesthetic issue. For the time being, I'll leave it as-is (working properly) and deal with how it looks. Also adding ore to bases, and replacing the ore/gems on the islands with some form of tech... or possibly just leave it open as a stage for encounters and an engress/egress choke point.
  7. Yesterday
  8. If they plan to patch the game often, they can launch it as the original and check the fan response in the sequence.
  9. to be honest some of these maps look like they were made in 2 hours
  10. We're working on adding 8 player support to TD for CnCnet.
  11. the system has a weird setup to give certain building different arts across the various theaters where different versions of the building have to be in specially named .mix files for each theater. as you claim, these buildings are available for placement in FA2's temperate theater yet are missing from the .mix file they ought to be in. looks like you found an oversight by westwood and/or the makers of FA2
  12. ntime4u, dizzudead. Love these.
  13. ah so the brown temperate colored houses are not actually accessible for Temperate then. What about the Mini Mall? Is it exclusive to snow and "NewUrban"? Just guessing since NewUrban presumably refers to the theater featured in the Yuri's Revenge LA mission.
  14. Hi community: I was informed that CnCNet client doesn't touch game AI unless you tick "brutal AI" in the launch menu. Can someone link me documents on what "brutal AI" improves compared to original AI? Also does anyone have experience with this AI mod? How is it compared to CnCNet brutal AI? Thanks.
  15. Map edited to v9.3 - There was a problem where the elite v3 attack players and then stop attacking [Fixed]
  16. You know one of the most exciting things you've done in significant short time is definitely this kindoff result you get here. I can clearly say that I did appreciated to make this mod and my excitement for this is still not going off yet. Thank you amokk for your support!!
  17. This one's new to me. Might I suggest re-downloading it to be safe? Perhaps the exe file corrupted during the download or installation.
  18. Hey guys. I have a strange bug when loading a save game, the music turns off and you have to manually turn it on in the game or restart the same save game again and then it starts up from the very first track in the list. Why doesn’t the music start automatically? Please tell me how to cure it.
  19. if such a building is unique on the map, write it in the map file [your building] SpySat=yes
  20. not all art is made for all theaters, so if you are using some weird modded, or maby old and unpatched, version of fa2 it could happen. the editor is SUPPOSED to not let you place art with the wrong theater, and i havent ever had the problem.
  21. i played this map with some people and they thought it was okay, but they didnt really like how there is almost no ore near the bases with it being a "first one to the middle wins" type map. its a very 'bay of pigs-esque' map i think that these nice, symmetrical, moderately detailed, balanced maps are something that everyone wants, but i also think this needs a solid re-weighting in terms of strategic layout for it to catch on as a popular map. now about the actual iso tiling of the map; i can see that these were kind of haphazardly placed and while it almost doesnt make any difference with pavement cliffs, the attention to tilework can really break or make a map. for example, you paved over one of the bottom tiles of one of the ramps (on the innermost, lower left base), and as a result of that, it caused a nasty pathfinding break. anyone to try and move any units between their base and that mach shop nearby is going to hate this. but yeah. the map stands out as having superb detail and symmetry, though i do believe that it would be more popular if you were to do a detailed inspection of the iso tiles, and re-consider the general layout after giving it a few plays EDIT: also i forgot to mention that it doesnt have an image for use by the cncnet client injected, and also that the name 'arena' is as generic as it gets; people find those things off-putting when they see it in a lobby
  22. Last week
  23. Cncnet doesn't change the original game at all except that it will install ddraw.dll that will make the orignal game run better on Windows 10. There is no improvement to the AI with cncnet except if you click the Brutal AI checkbox in the lobby.
  24. Is it true that AI in CnCNet is improved compared to original AI? Can anyone confirm? I’m actually having trouble understanding CnCNet. Is It just a game lobby or does it modify the game? If it does then if you launch game not through CnCNet client but through the original RA2MD.exe is it still an original game unmodified by CnCNet or a improved game modified by CnCNet? In other word if you launch through RA2MD.exe do you still get improved AI? Thanks.
  25. Can someone check if you get parabombs if you spy enemy Airfield in RA1?
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