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  1. Yesterday
  2. cant help but notice that the two units which are the most egregious aberrations to balance arent nerfed. one is considerably buffed, actually.... why is it that sub par maps get loaded because the community has no say in map selection and patches only a metafag would like get loaded because the community has no say in what gets patched?
  3. Quite often I come across a problem when 9 players enter the game room at the same time, and the client immediately closes with an error. This is quite annoying considering that the fully manned room is crashing. It is necessary to somehow solve this problem.
  4. Not worked Thanks for trying to help me.
  5. Make sure to change the format of the map from .yrm or .mpr to .map for example Survival.yrm change the format to Survival.map also watch this video:
  6. Here is the latest version of the balance patch. YRR-RC1.ini
  7. Check out this playlist, No Strings did a great job upscaling them 😛 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIcdYxY2ha4&list=PLkLTfIpt0iWsIjIKVLkYJrnjoch8rT7Pl
  8. As any of you fellow traditionalists out there remember about the very first Command & Conquer game, The Global Defense Initiative's armies wore Gold and The Brotherhood Of NOD's armies wore Grey. The remastered version is almost complete except for this one minor crucial detail. GDI still has the option of choosing Gold as their color, however Grey is missing and traditionalist Brotherhood Of NOD players like me cannot select it, but must settle for second best in choosing Red when playing as NOD. Has anyone else told the developers about this and suggested they remedy this acute annoyance by adding in Grey to one of the downloadable updates for C&C Remastered? 🤔
  9. Last week
  10. steelc0re


    so wb what the hell happened!? lol
  11. no man you need to follow instructions i opened some bat files and opened fa2yr.exe it worked
  12. It really depends on the map.... 4v4 Cliffy and Yuri is still crazy powerful, anything smaller and he's pretty weak with this on. The entire game is an unbalanced mess which is a staple of Westwood games. Red Alert, Dune... they all had awful balancing. I'd say the biggest offender is the Allies. They have so many units that have either at least a use or straight up break the game. Spies for example are pretty useless on their own. Put them into IFV and it's almost a 99% success rate to infiltrate and get those free promotions. Veteran Allied units absolutely shit on either Soviet or even pre-nerf Yuri, with any unit: Grizzly, Prism, Mirage, BF, Rockies.... Hell the floating BF that rains down missiles while being pulled by Mags is something else... Not one unit can do this, but since BF is such a Underpowered unit.../s Speaking of which, a toggle to disable Spies would be amazing. Soviets really only have 1 unit that holds them together and that's the Rhino. The rest is either situational or straight up junk. I'm not sure if you're planning to do more balancing but these will have to be very delicate changes. Nerf the Rhino and the entire Soviet ground tree is absolutely worthless, unless other units get crazy buffs. The naval depends on the map, but most servers run maps that have no naval so it's not that big of a deal.
  13. Have you ever wondered what kind of damage Migs would deal to units? Find out!
  14. Thank you, friend, for the kind words! Done
  15. Hey guys, me and some friends want to play again this awesome game. The problem is we don`t have RA2 YR so we are able to download it from some torrent trackers. I don`t what version of the game client support and could we play even it`s not the original?
  16. all your maps are top tier cccp and ive had fun playing a lot of them over cncnet. i hope they get official since they are by far better than most of the maps that have gotten officially ported with cncnet in recent years. you should consider also making a post in the map section of PPMforum with your maps. im sure there are a lot of mods that would love to use them.
  17. This month is the anniversary of the Storm map. 5 years ago i released the first version of Storm. As you can see, the map is very raw. After this version, 20 more versions were released. Now it's interesting to compare how much the storm has changed. v1.1 v3.0S Map file: [4] Storm v1.1 (CCCP84).map
  18. So its not too disimilar to FA2 then. Most likely the FA2 is a natural progression and won't be too far out from the original RA editor your using. Well done to you anyway!
  19. I know this issue been mentioned here before, But basically i reinstalled windows (from windows 10 to windows 7) and client and game was working perfectly fine on windows 10 but on windows 7 it gives "Failed to create graphics device!" client.log: client.log ;RA2MD working fine, XNA Framework 4.0 is installed.
  20. Hello! Sorry if late, I just now saw your comment, and I did a video to explain how to make the trigger works! Here are the edited map: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8banr3uoz3lmp14/test_1.map/file Sure you can dude, but should be as a country not as a (player A or B).
  21. What did you find Merc? Did you solve it? How did you get it working for TSun?
  22. I´ve figured it out. Yes,it´s the file extension.You´ve got to name it xxxx.ini for singleplayer or yyyyy.mpr for multiplayer. In addition, call it scg01ea.ini for example and it will replace the first GDI mission. Now "production beginns" and "create team" work.Although there´s still a lot to learn, like how to implement your own briefings, maybe your own videos (if possible) and other stuff, I´m pretty happy with what I can do so far. I´m sure I will be back to ask questions about the IQ-level, autocreate , autobuild or some other stuff but until then it´s time for experiments. Thank you so much Concolor1 for helping me out:)
  23. Earlier
  24. In FA2 the first thing it asks is do you want to make a multi or single player map. It's probably as simple as changing the map extension or name to swap it from one to the other. Ive no experience of RA1 aside from playing it originally when it came out. Id try and get hold of a single player mission and look at the difference in name and file extension. To play a single player mission in RA2 the file is named after the very first mission depending on the side ie all01t.map for the allies or Sov01t.map for a soviet mission, multiplayer maps have a differen't file extension.
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