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  1. Yesterday
  2. xwis.net provides free version for download - without campagin and videos
  3. It's a shame .. it would have been perfect to complete my map. Thanks for the valuable info.
  4. the threat rating system doesnt really work to let only certain units appear as threats to only certain other units. you could make it work by adjusting the warheads and armors since units cannot even target things if their weapons warhead has a 0% versus against the armor type of the enemy unit, but the number of armors there is ingame is hardcoded and you cannot add any in vanilla ra2 / yr
  5. Last week
  6. I apologize for this other replay. I created a clone of the seal and gave it the Insignificant = 1 attribute. I'm close to my target .. but I don't know how to tell other units to detect insignificant units. .. or maybe I have to consider another way .. Thanks.
  7. Good morning, I would like to make seal undetectable for some ships. The player will be able to attack the seal manually like with the spy. Can anyone give me some advice?
  8. trying to sign up for ladder create account then the screen just refreshes to the same screen, thought maybe my pc so tried at brothers house he gets same refresh on his computer
  9. Wtf? What happened? Damn, this sucks i randomly swung by the forums to see whats happening. Mike was one of the first WWers that i started playing with, shit its weird to think that this was over 12 years ago. What a guy, i never had any issues with him, was always a top dude
  10. its the one in the opening post : https://forums.cncnet.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=49677 3.75
  11. Hi guys, Is there anyway that certain IP's can be banned by Admin, as everyday there are 3 players swearing, abusing and threatening to kill each other in the Yuri's Revenge lobby it has been going on for weeks. !
  12. Avesta

    GDI is OP.

    Play with Firestorm mode on if you want balanced game. Or stop playing small open maps where Titans rule and play on Grand Canyon or River runs where Titans are useless and GDI can do absolutely nothing about Artillery.
  13. Known Fakemammy since early 2001 when he used Mutantrab on Firestorm. One of the ~5-10 or so members of the Firestorm community that ever got to a high skill level on this game. I was internally worried about him all of last year. Could tell something was wrong when talking to him. Now I wish I would have asked more questions and see if I could help. One of the few TS players with a proper sense of humor, rip
  14. I finally did it! Thanks Splash for spectating.
  15. the download button is right below the map-preview (top of the entry)
  16. You could also add Invisible=yes so it can’t be seen on the map, but grants its attributes.
  17. It's easy you need to buy it via origin and install it It's only like 20-30 euro's/bucks https://www.origin.com/nld/nl-nl/store/command-and-conquer/command-and-conquer-the-ultimate-collection It litterlay says that in the image
  18. IM very interested in how you guys have created irc gaming for all the games. What all does this intel ? Im interested in running a project on another game.. Is there any tutorials around that can help someone get started ? Thanks
  19. give those mailboxes the Immune= tag so they dont get knocked out with a nuke
  20. Even tho ,we know that ,behind every nickname theres a person ,its when we see these things that the reality strikes down on us… Mike will always differentiate from the rest of us, for the way he was , the way he talked, the way he interected with the community. Like C0rpsmakr said , behind all that rapping and strong words that he offten used, Mike was a nice guy, i experienced that when i moved to SC2 with him, he helped me alot to learn the game, we improved and laughted together , we even beated a few good teams , when i had to quit SC2 due to my job i even gave him my serial key. In TS, he helped me too and gave me alot of funny times that ill keep with me for the eternity, im sure i have a few of those moments saved in SS’s. He was also a very good player in XWIS, where i saw him beat/give a hard time to alot of top players, from every spot , with risky tactics , such as Kapa, c0rps, TRZ, Vin, Dachschaf, Megaf0rce , Movieno0b ,Doctrl0ve, and so much more names that i dont remember now, his skill was undeniable. This is why we should enjoy the game more and stop insulting and arguing, because we never know what the future holds for us. Im a bit lost for words now, but wherever he is, i just what him to know that he will always be remembered, TS will never be the same without him and his rapping. Rest in Peace old friend. -Mjvd
  21. yea thats right, but my question was more about the text-messages/naming ofr the vehicle UIName=Mission:MOJOTIP
  22. Mole40k

    GDI is OP.

    Daz! Hello there. What you still doing lurking about this place? 😛 How are things my friend?
  23. amokk

    TS plaques

    Those each took about 2 hours to print.
  24. RIP mike, what a character man. I knew him from years but we had such a laugh over summer and kept us going on cncnet. RIP rest easy man
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