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  3. Tiberium Resurrection 5.0 development update #3 After yet another month of development, the project is getting closer to its biggest update by far. The update is now expected to roll out by the end of the March or in the early April. We have much more stuff to unveil, but I have been told not to write too long posts, so lets try to sum up some key points of the development over the last month! 😛 Firstly, Nod is getting 4 new units to counter GDI forces with. All of them excell at different scenarios and they are soo much fun to play with! Beware GDI (props to Tiberius and Hamed). Light Tank A new type of light tank, introduced after the Tick Tank's lack of mobility was found to be too hindering. This new tank has an extremely low profile, meant to both enhance speed and make it harder for the enemy to hit it. While not very individually powerful, they are fast and capable of accurate moving fire, yet more survivable than the older Ticks were in their undeployed form. They work well both as a more flexible frontline to Nod's lighter units, or by using their speed to outmaneuver the enemy and creating holes in their defenses. Howitzer While not as powerful as fully-fledged artillery, the strength of this unit lies in its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. In true Nod fashion they are cheap, easy to mass-produce and just light enough to quickly be where they are needed. They are a perfect companion to heavier units such as tanks or cyborgs, making up for the lack of firepower or range of said units. Their accessibility makes it easy for Nod to always field versatile, mixed formations and potentially turn the tide against GDI's lumbering giants. "Swatter" Anti-Air Tank Given its nickname as a way of mocking the GDI airforce, this unit was introduced to help facilitate Nod's move back to a more mobile, aggressive approach to fighting GDI, by providing reliable anti-air coverage out in the field. With the newer Orca fighters being both sturdier and faster than their older cousin, Nod's bikes and hand-held rocket launchers were simply no longer up to the task. This tank is actually heavier than Nod's new MBT, as it is meant to withstand bombardment if need be, and stop the enemy aircraft getting to Nod's more fragile units. Despite its armour however, it is not meant for use as a frontline tank, as its weaponry is designed to reliably hit moving aircraft, not punch through GDI ground forces. Mobile Rocket Platform Nod's deploying artillery was found to be a poor match with their aptitude for speed and flexibility, and with GDI introducing artillery of their own, its raw power was no longer deemed a good trade-off. Nod has instead opted for using rockets for long-range bombardment, as they don't produce a recoil that necessitates the unit rooting itself to fire. While they do sacrifice a small bit of range, their mobility allows them to more easily get in range, and immediately start firing. This means that he moment GDI wants to maneuver their artillery positions, they become very vulnerable. Secondly, the development of Propaganda Forecast progressed by miles! The map itself should be done by a week or so with triggers and stuff to follow. These are just some of the locations you can run into while passing through the map (WIP). Old Civilian Factory Suburbs Nod Outpost Beta Next up, HUD and interface have been enhanced further thanks to the work and dedication of bk. In-game menu enhancements New GDI briefing screen In addition to this, further OSTs have been released. Alex remixed some well known tracks and Hamed composed a new one this time. Gas beats Nod Crush Remix Linkup remix If you want to contribute, we still search for more testers, voice actors and shp artists! In-case you fit into any of these roles and have some free time, please contact me on TR dicord: https://discord.gg/jwRerrV and help us deliver the best update possible 😏 Have a great day!
  4. I just ignore people when they start doing things like that and leave the room after the game. I did that from the start but I see how it could negatively affect others. But I suppose not much can be done and there's an argument to be made that nothing should be done. What we should be doing is just don't give in to their toxicity and try to be nice to everyone so new player see that players like that are in the minority.
  5. How to Help Your Kid Handle Toxic Behavior Online
  6. Last week
  8. Yup and that is why i love spamming my favorite units. Vs the AI ❤️ As i did make 1 elite tank destroyer and have it obtain firepower upgrade From a Crate and it did 1 shot a terror drone. So if we could investigate. How much damage that gives 1 elite tank destroyer they would be WORTH IT! To spam vs Enemy tanks/vehicles. But because i spam tank destroyers vs the AI their! vehicles/tanks I would always WIN! ❤️ :3 I Even do Spam Yuri Brutes! vs the AI Their Prism Tanks! to WIN! Because i even made a topic Where i say that Yuri Brutes always WIN! Vs the AI their Prism Tanks. ❤️ As i spam tons of yuri brutes. And defeat everything the enemy throws at them
  9. IDK but launcher crashing all the time with the game while playing. Windows 7 64 16 bit colors all crashlogs ClientCrashLog_22_2_2021_20_27.txtClientCrashLog_22_2_2021_20_21.txtClientCrashLog_22_2_2021_17_30.txtClientCrashLog_22_2_2021_17_10.txtClientCrashLog_22_2_2021_16_58.txt
  10. Hey, Please check out this thread:
  11. Please add my stream: Latest stream was the RA1 2v2 tournament finals from Saturday.
  12. That's odd, have you tried incognito on your PC? I would try again.
  13. k0bra1

    2v2 Best Tactics

    Each map has different strategies, then it depends on your individual skills to what you should do. A lot of variables for a blanket answer.
  14. Have you tried Game Controls then Scroll Speed?
  15. Say playing at 640x480 you need to internally use 640x400. then upscale that to 3200x2400 and then downscale that using bilinear scaling back to 640x480, apply a little bit of pixelate shader. It will never be pixel perfect but I want it to be a 1 pixel difference at most.
  16. I've unhardcoded weapons, warheads, bullets, sounds effects, eva speech sounds, infantry, buildings, vehicles, vessels, aircrafts. You can also make clones of existing units and do stuff like custom buildings foundations, adding extra fakes and adding new walls. TODO: -Superweapons -Animations -Sides/countries -MCV undeploy logic -Conyard redeoploy logic (mcv redeploy) -Refinery gets free Harvester (FreeUnit) -Crate goodies -Starting Units -Helipad gets free heli (heli depends on side, -> needs to be per country and configurable) -Owner&SpiedBuildings bitfields need to be turned into dynamic vector class Once that is done I can copy paste TD logic into RA1. Maybe look into doing custom palettes. I've also added deploy hotkey & building placement hotkey (like in RA2/YR). I added support for sidebar icon cameo sorting. Copied someone else''s fix for mission ambush not working, fixed AI not repairing [Base] buildings and not playing construction animation for them. Also made a new rules.ini key to fix the tech up bug where you can sell Tech Center and keep units like Mammoth tank. I made a fix for the Mobile Gap Gen not updating on your radar map properly if it's moving. I'm currently working on adding support for beacons. Beacon placement works but I gotta write some code for deleting beacons still. Then I gotta support for radar events so the beacon shows up in the radar map and you can (like in RA2/YR and Generals/ZH) press a key (default spacebar I guess) to jump your viewport to where that event occured. Other than that I'm also interested in adding support for tech building. I'm following a new tool used by Skyrim/Fallout modders to generate new voice samples from an existing AI voice model. I'm waiting for them to add support for generating ("training") new models so we can generate new EVA voices for events. I'm looking into doing near perfect aspect ratio conversion for CRTs without flickering shimmering. CRTs have rectangular pixels while LCDs have square pixels. The game needs to be scaled 20% higher to be at the correct CRT aspect ratio it's designed for. using bilinear scaling or nearest neighbour both present issues. Apparently the DosBox people have some code for it to correct for it and there apparently are a bunch of shaders that can do the upscaling and one that can pixelate the screen a little bit to remove minor blur, but I gotta look into it still (no one seems to care about this). What MIGHT work well for scaling is upscaling image 5x width and 6x height then downscaling back to the normal resolution via bilinear scaling and adding a little bit of the pixelate shader so compensate for minor blur added by bilinear scaling
  17. I got tired of being swamped by enemies on the last USA campaign mission, so I tried something. I hid my con-yard and proceeded to level up my Abrams that are provided. I ended up never using my con-yard and beat the mission in 13min with just the Abrams. Since you don't deploy the con-yard the enemy never triggers the endless annoying hordes of doom. Obviously this is an exploit, but it's well deserved because that mission sucks and needs to be rebalanced. WAY too many enemy attacks WAY too often.
  18. TO-DO LIST - Repair original voxel replacememts (trucks,train,etc) - Repair art entry's for LKO's assets (NASILO, FLH for Fortress) - Add assets from mod 'TS Dusk' (made by ..) - Add custom Map animations - Add Nolt's oilderricks - Add Mircea's donations (Chopper, boulder) - Add assets from mod 'TS Crystallized doom' (old version) (by... ) - Collect all files from choosen assets - Get the rules and art for them ready -Add akshati's naval assets, get other boats ready, make more naval buildings - All boats and structures by akshati art and rules - Add a waterborder to the SHP building files to buildings that will look good on water - Create/find more weapon animations - Make naval harvy harvesting anim prettier -Add new tech centers and new canons - Get all missing XTX ready - Graffitti on small vertical concrete cliffs - Finish larger vertical concrete cliffs - Test underground concrete tunnels, find accurate codes (temperat.ini) - Get all new .tem files ready - Prettier clear tiles, deserty clear and sand. - Add custom image fonts on clear land (50% done) (arrows, letters, numbers, symbols, animals, skulls, etc) - Mirror them - Make crystallized seaweed/moss for on water - Photoshop awesome stuff on the (XTX) concrete cliffs After upload: - Create insertable INI Files for the new assets - Update topic "Adding mods with Final Sun" - Update CnCnet Finalsun Standalone - Create naval map with working scripts for naval harvy and turn it into INI (maybe) - Create video on new stuff - Create topic on ppmforums to show what we got. - Create topic on ppmforums research, to find out if there is a script for naval harvy to return to ref.
  19. A new Top 10 video demonstrating dogs!
  20. hello Dctanxman, thx for your awesome maps... i just was thinking is there any way i can edit some of the maps you uploaded for personal use, like changing the time the enemy troops spawn, or even edit the terrain? i tried to open your maps with final alert 2 but i get this error: "fatal error! final alert 2: yuri's revenge(tm) doesn't support the theater if this map!" after that the software exits... any help would be very much appreciated
  21. did you try to assign a different team for each ai?
  22. so guys I'm a huge fan of red alert game, i already have downloaded lots of maps, one of those are survival maps made by Dctanxman for yuri's revenge got them from this link: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7223-survival-maps-by-dctanxman-for-yuris-revenge/ they are very awesome and very challenging, but the ones I have tried them are very impossible due to short prepare time, one of those maps i have uploaded it here, it is solo survival against the waves therefore i downloaded final alert 2 so i can edit the time the enemy waves start spawning for my personal preference or probably edit the terrain... the thing is when i try to open the map with final alert 2 i get this error: "fatal error! final alert 2: yuri's revenge(tm) doesn't support the theater if this map!" after that the software exits... this happens with Dctanxman's maps at least to every map i have tried to open... even though i have opened with finalalert 2 other maps with .map extension from other sources and they worked fine... please if anyone can help me out i would really appreciate it death11.map
  23. lol @ eatme , I wonder what he's up too these days lol.
  24. it works for me. Here is my INI: Sight=9 Speed=6 Owner=Russians,Confederation,Africans,Arabs RequiredHouses=Confederation,British,Arabs,YuriCountry AllowedToStartInMultiplayer=no
  25. Attack move does not work for some units. IIRC air units cannot attack move.
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