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  1. Last week
  2. Update: I fixed it by reinstalling the the launcher. You don't need to uninstall. Just reinstall. Also, every time the Out of Resources error pops up, just click OK and carry on with the installation. The error is meaningless. Once you have launcher reinstalled, just configure and install the updates as prompted.
  3. I am not against this (as long as it is a separate option and not part of YRR 2.0). Spies are not a problem in pro vs pro games, but they are broken in casual games. They are especially an issue in Allied vs Allied. Veteran rocketeers are just "wonderful" when Allied AA is already not very good against light units. Or God help if the enemy infiltrated your battle lab and has access to chrono commandos.
  4. The "pr0 pliar" argument again.... Name me one unit that doesn't belong to Allied that can give you the same benefits while demanding balls all. If he was Soviet or Yuri, he wouldn't have free 12k in the same exact situation. This unit demands exactly 0 effort, costs nothing and can either give you free Veterans, free money, the most broken units if you spy a lab, or just sap power for 30 seconds. Step 1: Build IFV. Step 2: abuse waypoint. Step 3: Send to a building of your choice, 99% success rate. Step 4(optional): shoot dogs/drones from IFV, because for some genius reason, Spy inside IFV can still use the MG. It's too good, most nations bar Iraq have balls all as a response to this, and even then they have to be careful deploying the base Desos as it'll damage his units that are leaving the factories. Ironically Allied are the worst when it comes to countering Spies. The lame Spies are especially powerful on games that are not "pr0 pliar dune walk", 3x3 or 4x4 games are basically Spy games. Why have a toggle for Multi-Engineer, who are no where as dangerous as Spies? That's why I suggested making a toggle for No Spies as well. If you're a "pro pliar", more power to you, play with Spies. CNCNet is all about options, right? If you meant the newly buffed Prisms then just LOL. Just about everyone agrees that the buff was unnecessary.
  5. you put the mod for fa2 which was made by secsome and modified by e1elite into a folder named CnCnet_Creatives_Finalalert_2.7 for distribution? you ought to make it clear people know where this came from and throw in a link for their github for good measure. E1 elite had been notifying me of updates so i can update the cncnet thread i had made with that program attached periodically because it is a work in progress; now i guess you need to take on that responsibility. hey but while you are at it you could also include a link to starkku's maptool since thats another nice bit of mapping software that many people dont know about
  6. The ore is sometimes spread over a radius of up to 3 tiles. But rarely. Usually 1. Obviously, the mechanism is not working as it should. It would be great if the team could fix it.
  7. blah. ive been looking into this and it turns out that global ore growth actually is enabled in ra2. tiberium logic had become so bogus at this point that even the devs didnt understand how it worked anymore i think. there are 5 toggles for it and idk if they all work. under rules.ini there are: [General] GrowthRate=5 ; minutes between ore (Tiberium) growth TiberiumGrows=yes ; Does ore grow denser over time? TiberiumSpreads=yes ; Does ore spread into adjacent areas? [MultiplayerDialogSettings] TiberiumGrows=yes ; does ore/tiberium/whatever regenerate? (def=yes) [Riparius] Growth=2200 GrowthPercentage=.06 Spread=2200 SpreadPercentage=.06 and in the map file there are [Basic] TiberiumGrowthEnabled=yes [SpecialFlags] TiberiumGrows=yes TiberiumSpreads=yes i made a map with an ore patch and 3 ore mines and then tried the map in both vanilla ra2 and the cncnet client at max speed. it turns out that ore does spread in both, but they only spread about 2 tiles in what would have been hours of ingame time. I then turned TiberiumGrows= and TiberiumSpreads= both to '=no' and tested in vanilla. the ore still grew slowly. i then turned them on and set GrowthRate= to 1 and tested. no change. it seems that "GrowthRate=", "TiberiumGrows=", and "TiberiumSpreads=" all do nothing. next i tested the 3 ore types. i started by setting "GrowthPercentage=" and "SpreadPercentage=" both to 1 from 0.06 and found that it made no difference in ore growth. i then tested Growth= and Spread= by setting them both to 50000 from 2200 and found that neither tags changed anything. it seems that the tags "Growth=", "Spread=", "GrowthPercentage=", and "SpreadPercentage=" all also do nothing. next i tested "TiberiumGrowthEnabled=" by setting it to =no and found that it does infact keep ore from spreading at all when set to no. then i tested "TiberiumGrows=" and "TiberiumSpreads=" by setting them both to =no and found that neither of these tags seem to change anything. the only thing i couldnt test was "TiberiumGrows=" under multiplayerdialoguesettings because those cannot be changed from map ini editing, but i assume from the fact that those settings arent even present ingame that it does nothing. so in conclusion, i was wrong and it seems that ore does grow in cncnet, and it also seems that the only tag to affect ore growth at all is "TiberiumGrowthEnabled=" under basic in the mapside ini.
  8. How can you switch the mining logic in the map? I would like to try. Perhaps we played on a server where the admin changed the mining logic in this way in the RA2 version for that server? But it is obviously correct for the ore to accumulate over the time the drill is working.
  9. It is important to understand that this problem is not related to the speed of ore mining, but is related to the stopping of mining when the nearest 8 tiles are full. So if the miner does not mine near one of the drills for some time, this is a direct loss of money. Obviously it doesn't have to be that way. I checked version 1.006 (not CNCNET). There, the problem also exists. But I remember very well that sometimes we played Tsunami, and ore accumulated, spread and the layer increased, and the island without a player eventually became a desired prey with large deposits of ore. This is how it should be. It was so many years ago. Perhaps we were still playing through Hamachi at that time.
  10. there is an option to enable the oldschool tib(ore) growth logic of tiberian sun where tib grew according to some global entries in rules.ini and there is also the growth logic attached to the tibtypes themselves. the global growth logic still works and is toggleable in map settings in ra2 but is entirely unused outside of unofficial maps, but the local tib growth logic attached to the tib itself, which was the way that ore actually grew very slowly in ra2, seems to be non-working now. i just want to be clear about which form of ore regen seems to be broken. just now i started the client and let the game run on max speed for a good 5 minutes on a map with a dozen ore drills and saw no ore spreading at all, so i assume its still broken. though ive got a modded client and maby someone else should test it too. on a side note, the most savage match ive ever played was on the map "near ore far" with 1 mine per player. the war of attrition lasted for a good 3 hours but it was a fun and interesting game in its own way
  11. It actually doesn't matter for any of the reasons you think It matters for mappers who are trying to design maps with games that are set at a certain pace -If you make a map where each player gets 2 ore drills with a mid size patch and the ore regen works, it's dictates a fast pace. -If you make a map where each player gets 2 ore drills with a mid size patch and the ore regen DOESNT work, it's dictates a SLOW pace. SLOW games= bored players, broke players Strategic value has been compromised and people will not pay your map So let's say youre a mapper and you know about this problem so you give everyone 3x more ore drills to COMPENSATE Then what happens when they FIX the problem? Your map has now become rekool Maybe you don't want to make rekool maps? We can thank mcpwny for making those gifs. If I have any free time I will try to test myself and make a video as this thread is very hard to read and is full of accusations and insightful posts with not much in the way of evidence. We need proof I will see if I can record some time lapse video
  12. Not really, that player was afk and not producing any units. In a pro game this would not work as good players are always spending their money as fast as they can
  13. Exactly the issue with Allied vs Allied.
  14. Do you know what is the best weapon against rocketeers? Rocketeers! ))
  15. I think the AA deficiency of all Allied AA units/structures can be fixed by making their missiles travel faster and have a small splash radius increase. This change would not have much impact at all in Allied vs Soviet or Allied vs Yuri, but would make a huge difference in Allied vs Allied and put a stop to the rocketeer spamfest.
  16. Thanks Blade for chiming in Yeah my perceptive at this time is that I'm still working on the mod itself in its current form, the next expansion will be out this year all things going well. Hacks are still being done to the exe. So at this time it would be a lot of work to abandon the current version and redo everything, especially as things in the patch would need to be reimplemented too. I wouldn't rule it out as happening some day, but not for the near future.
  17. Only was a matter of time.... Also shows just why Spies are broken beyond all fuck. Easy 12k with no effort whatsoever.
  18. Do the guys have any desire to tackle that problem? It still needs a solution.
  19. And those players will no longer become noobs... Maybe hahahahaha
  20. Yes, indeed, planes are rarely used. Black eagles look good though. It might be worth adding armor to them, or lowering the cost. I'm just worried about the question that sometimes noobs will raid 8-12 black eagles to kill your base at the beginning of the game. I often use the inaccuracy of their strike to save the base. If they become accurate, it will become a problem.
  21. Updated Final Alert 2 download to FA2YR SP + tweaks. Download and release notes in the first post!!!
  22. i want to make a map where spots are auto allied, if any one knows the code for allying in a map or just flat out knows how to do this plz let me know. i saw anothere thread where they said to set the waypoints to =a team (a or b) but taht didnt work when i tied it.
  23. This is how it should work. The Soviets do not have gap generators, the Soviet side as a whole is heavier and more clumsy and inert. But it has good air defense. In general, the balance is in place. Each side has its pros and cons. Air defense is the strong point of the Soviet. However, the air defense of the alliance is more effective against the Kirovs (land and naval). And besides, do not forget that rocketeers are also air defense, and especially if they are promoted by spies. I am sure there is a complete balance here. By the way, about the ships. Let them try to do the same as they did in video, but so that the aeges float away from the rocketeers. The result will surprise you (here again, the skill of the player is important). And flak boats cannot shoot in motion. It is also quite balanced.
  24. I checked flack troopers. Yes, the problem was confirmed. Guys, we need to fix this. I'll fix it for my maps anyway. But that must be fixed for the whole game. It have to be: [FlakGuyAAGunE] Damage=20
  25. Hello Killer! welcome back dude. 😘
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