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  1. Today
  2. Its been already running for 30 minutes. All i can see is "Sending a heartbeat to master server." Does this means admins manually accept incoming new tunnels? Thank you. - Vasha
  3. ZAIN

    YR game play

    Rofl, i think admins can confirm you play more then me literally every month, so sad you're unable to push this month that's why you are not near to top 5.
  4. Andy.

    YR game play

    Zain keep it up, keep playing 24/7 and ending rank 5 every month behind people who play 3x less games than you per month. 👍
  5. Try to update your graphics card drivers to the latest version. Search for a manual update at your graphics card vendor website. If that doesn't work, try to launch the application called clientogl.exe that's in the Resources folder of your Yuri's Revenge game installation directory. If that doesn't work download Microsoft XNA framework and install it then launch clientxna.exe from the same location.
  6. I have been trying to reinstall the entire game and the launcher multiple times and it still doesn't work at all Even the game itself is not working too
  7. Yesterday
  8. any ideas? sick of wasting my time playing games for people to cause recons
  9. Very glad to see my favourite Matt of Attack is still alive and well; keep up the good, and no doubt immensely arduous, work. :- )
  10. ZAIN

    YR game play

    Retard. you were so afraid to play on your highest points nick (https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/7-2019/yr/player/My_Struggle ) which was close to mine and had 760 pts, you were playing on 400 pts nick vs mine 700, so u expect me to not switch my nick ? when you keep switching the nicks, btw i like it how you are afraid of me lols, never finish the series now since u got whooped 3 times in a row =D Proof: https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/7-2019/yr/games/97628 (mine 700 pts your 500 pts) https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/7-2019/yr/games/97654 (mine 700 pts your 400 pts) https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/7-2019/yr/games/97672 (mine 700+ pts your 650 pts) We all know you lie so much, I don't prefer to change nicknames mid series, unless a nub like you doing the same. grow pair and play me full series one nick then i will push you out of top 20 :Kappa:
  11. Hi folks, long time no see! Well, this is a long overdue update for my SP mission pack, Tiberian Dawn for Pros. I completed up to mission 9 for Nod and 8EA for GDI. Although the last mission was finished almost 2 years ago, I got sidetracked by work and additional kids (I have 4 now!) I figured with all this remaster stuff going on, I better finish up the briefings that were needed and upload it before the point was TOTALLY moot. Anyway, I'm extremely proud of them and put a ridiculous amount of work into this, so I hope you enjoy them. There's actually tons of hidden stuff in them for those who might take the time. I utilized the "carry over cash" function a lot and exploited some of the game's campaign logic in interesting ways. For example, the GDI mission 6 mission skipping logic (where you needed to blow up the airfield) is now reversed so that mission 7 is actually a secret bonus mission-- and if you successfully complete this, mission 8 starts off in a completely different way by using the carry over cash function in conjunction with a "credits" trigger. blah blah blah... Anyway, making these missions was a ridiculous amount of fun for me and I hope somebody plays them... lol Here's a video I made a while back of some of the new missions I made: and just in case, here's a redundant download link: https://forums.cncnet.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=47089
  12. I think what White's talking about is adding a toggleable option that locks in certain settings, like 10000 starting credits, 0 starting units, crates off, bases on, (no Visceroids, please) and limiting the map selection to a curated pool of maps suited for 1v1, and maybe 2v2 games. This would be especially helpful for people that are relative newcomers to the scene, and it would give us somewhat of a tournament standard to work with too. As long as the interface is easy to understand, I don't think this argument holds much water. That said, though, the CnCNet client itself could do a better job of explaining what exactly the "Balance Patch" setting does -- a simple link to the main thread whenever you turn the option on/join a game with it enabled, would be a helpful addition. :~)
  13. Andy.

    YR game play

    Zain attempts to snipe me on a low point nick of his in QM, things don't go the way he planned.
  14. We dont need standards of competitive play, White. The best standard is watching you lose (joke). Let them play, what they want. The same for this mod: If they want to make a mod, if they want to play a game with these settings, let them do it. Just dont call it patch, call it mod or alternative settings. I only hope, that people wont use these mods to force others not to use engies or helis. That would be heresy to Kane, the Brotherhood and C&C TD. Maybe tell in your lobby advices that the mod is not there to create a new rift and that the original game is still superior and should be played, when people argueing about playing the mod or the original game.
  15. I actually agree that too many of the settings are variable, and have asked for years that we have a tighter standard of play. But it's usually thrown out. So, we're actually somewhat on the same page there. I think, if we could be successful in making a well rounded change that enhanced competitive play, we could make the option lock in other features like 10,000 starting cash, bases on etc. Just to give that solid standard of competitive play. Let people know what to practice. At the moment, people just play whatever... but then when they want a competitive match, a random opponent will simply have another idea of what it means to play competitive C&C, and so that two cannot really play one another without one person having to play in a way that they haven't practised.
  16. Last week
  17. And what is the result off that??? That you have the weirdest settings for a td game. It is also on ra the same, to much chanchable options. Then you have to make sure that you watch settings b4 gamestart... Then you whill enter a game where you cant crush engi ( wich you didnt c in option, cause you where thinking you where playing td ), butt you find out on latest moment, mcv gone... I can c so much drama... Just keep it as it is!
  18. As other people have already mentioned, these changes are part of an optional setting you can turn on/off whenever you host a TD game. :- )
  19. This is regarding the mod. Not the original game. Whatever you say, has no effect on the original game. Nor the mod. The same goes for what I have posted.
  20. A good player can defend them; its hard to learn, but its a special TD skill Thnx for this onepostpony, says itt all!!!!!
  21. Tore


    You need to copy the client you downloaded into the folder you have installed Dune 2000 into.
  22. This is because the CnCNet client for Yuri's Revenge is primarily made for The Ultimate Collection and The First Decade both install RA2 and YR. What exact issue do you have with RA2 that requires fixes?
  23. Apcs are fine as they are. A good player can defend them; its hard to learn, but its a special TD skill. I see no point in slowing them down. If we argue with logic, well, why Chem warriors not die to Tiberium? Why does Nod only have light tanks, when they are the heirs of the Sowjet Union? Apcs are needed to secure poor little engies, who want your base! No changes needed. The only real good change would be to eliminate Viscs from 1vs1 games.
  24. You can try to change the renderer to cnc-ddraw from within the cncnet display settings.
  25. The patch is not really to balance the teams as much as it's to balance units and allow for more compositions. But I understand the philosophy of conserving the game, none the less.
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