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  3. Try windows update service. There should be updates available for old xp windows. Also you may install game from online directory https://cnc-comm.com/tiberian-sun/downloads/the-game/installer Finally check for Compatiblity like ''Run as Administrator''and game resolution settings.
  4. Wow, that's amazing.... Wonderful post right there.
  5. 5 years later and I can once again access the forum thanks to FunkyFresh >: ) Now back to lurking for 5 years...
  6. Join me today to play it in my Livestream. 😉😃
  7. So i updated this map and fixed some stuff in it. I hope you all like it now x) Old map info here: CHANGES: 1- Build Speed is changed from 0.7 (normal) to 0.6 (A little faster) meaning you will make units a little quicker now. 2- Psychic Reveal is changed from 15 minutes to 10 minutes. 3- Player 1 and 5 can now make 4 Magnetrons instead of 3. Master Mind is still limited to 3. 4- Warfactories, Barracks and Power can now be spied. 5- After 30 minutes Player 1 and 5 will get to control a Nuke (5 minutes recharge time) and a Chronosphere (7 minutes recharge time). 6- Fixed "Reconnection Error" after someone leaves. 7- Day Time and Night Time switch is now faster. 8- Since people were able to spy their own allies civilian factories in 2v2 or 3v3, now every civilian factory will automatically be destroyed. 9- First Mayan tower cannot be powered down by a spy. ENJOY! DotF.zip
  8. Last week
  9. Hi all, When entering the Red Alert 2 download page you actually end up downloading Yuri's Revenge. Can someone point me to some online Red Alert 2 action??? Please don't tell me XWIS is dead and there is no solution in the works...
  10. I've got an old laptop, Toshiba Tecra S3, which I wanna use as un ultimate retro gaming machine. I've installed Tib Sun, then Firestorm, then official 2.03 patch. When I launch the first mission, play for some time (a minute or two), then game crashes into Windows XP with default windows error. Any chance I can fix it without custom patches? The whole point of this laptop is to play games in their original state. Thx!
  11. Boggle04's Valley War Money on Map: 166,650 Players: 2-4 Game Types: Standard,Meatgrinder, Teamgame Map Size: 96x96 Buildings on Map: Tech Oil Derricks Special Notes: Nighthawk is a crate goodie Boggle04's Valley War.map
  12. Yes. Have some sources: A detailed answer to exactly this question on the EA Answers board: https://answers.ea.com/t5/C-C-The-Ultimate-Collection/Is-red-alert-1-and-tiberian-sun-now-freeware/td-p/5420723 Screenshot of the official website in 2007, stating that the fact EA no longer hosts the files does not mean you're not allowed to download them anymore: Screenshot of the actual explicit confirmation that C&C1 is freeware, given by EA Apoc on the official C&C boards back in 2007: The official download page EA had for all three games, back in 2010: https://web.archive.org/web/20100214144634/http://www.commandandconquer.com/classic As you can see, it specifically says "freeware downloads". (The archived version actually has working downloads, but the cncnet installers are far superior, for reasons mentioned in the above EA Answers thread) I hope that answers your question
  13. The updated config tool has been integrated into the patch now.
  14. Dusty

    Mac Version?

    It seems like you only support Windows. Is this correct? If so.... are there ways around this? I'm very new with the Mac so a detailed answer would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Tore


    They are included.
  16. Okay thanks for the info. we looked into these routes and they seemed very sketchy so we didn't proceed. was seeing if anything had changed. but thanks again.
  17. I know how to edit the rules.ini, however I did not see anything about changing the infantry type coming from the Paratrooper plane. Ideally what I want is to change the Paratroopers from Rifle Infantry to Rocket Soldiers or Shock troopers. Is this hardcoded into the game? Or is it a changeable feature?
  18. No known fix available for it yet... Do you use any kind of third-party security software?
  19. The crash looks weird, could be that some files are missing (just a guess...), I would try to reinstall the game.
  20. FunkyFr3sh

    mac use

    see here: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/10238-macos-downloads-removed/
  21. I have followed you. Really liked your content.
  22. DirtyD

    mac use

    Hello all again, any word on that mac use?
  23. Another map-making video from City Cleansing is out! Be sure to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlTEC5eCaiY&list=PLjjwlzyJni7WnH91oqhM84NgQ9eLYkq8S&index=6
  24. DirtyD

    Mac use

    Hello all. looking into if C&C will be available for mac use at anytime ?
  25. I don't think Red Alert 2 would benefit from Fog of War because of much of its fast paced nature. It would change the game balance and style rather dramatically. In Tiberian Sun, on the other hand, I discovered it was marvellous once I dared to try it again after having learned how to play properly, which was years later I believe. It gave the game a whole new dimension. It was an excellent FoW mechanic that really complimented the game's structure and pace that enhanced the whole experience, very different from the Age of Empires mechanic that I was used to and didn't like. I think FoW in TS should be the default. Too bad it doesn't work in CnCnet's version (I heard why). At least TS still has RA1's "Shroud Regrows" option that's easily enabled with a Rules.ini change, it might still work in RA2/YR. There are lines in there related to shroud and fog, but they don't seem to work. One of the lines say ShadowGrow = deos the shroud regrow? (def=no) DESUPPORTED. Why is it still in RA2's rules.ini if it's no longer supported? There are also lines related to tiberium and visceroids and other things which aren't even in RA2. Why are they there? Did the WW devs get lazy and just use a rules.ini template for all the old C&C's or something? TS was already rushed (released before Weswood studios was happy with it) and Ra2 was under the same engine, and most likely also rushed, so they left things in there that are no longer in the code itself (but still left in the rules because same rules was used in TS). There's also many crate power up left overs that still work in RA2/YR which can be enabled which are following -Shroud regrow crate - everything will be black again like if you lost spy sat -Ore - there will be a bit of ore where you picked up the crate -Stealth - Like promotion some units around the crate will be permanently stealth (like subs) -Explosives - Your tanks take a lot of damage -Nuke - you will get a nuke you can instant use All of those are from TS but the code is still in RA2/YR even though it was never used. However, there's also a lot of leftovers in the rules but the code is also removed from the client, meaning you can no longer enable it. I wouldn't call WWS lazy. EA rushed them to the ass and TS was heavy rushed, and WWS couldn't complete everything they had in planning (look it up). Wow, I didn't know that. I learn something new everytime I visit the C&C community But I shouldn't be surprised, I have noticed a few times that RA2 share a lot of code with TS. It's the same engine basically, so again, I shouldn't be surprised. Still pretty amazing that those things are fully functional. They must have worked on it to get them functional and at some point decided to not use them for gameplay reasons. I'm so glad the explosions were removed, those were a major pain in Tiberian Sun. Felt like every other crate was a stupid explosion, and some even blew a hole in the terrain! What the actual duck. The power-ups were very lame in TS, extremely so in comparison with RA2, and became useless if you didn't want to risk loose an expensive and/or more than one unit. They could have left the ore stuff in RA2, but I can totally see why the others were removed. This is power-ups done right. I've read on more than one wiki that Red Alert 2 was developed by Burst Studios, known then as Westwood Pacific after EA:s takeover, but I haven't seen a confirmation from a reliable source, or any at all really. But it would make sense, as the first beta of RA2 came like just a month or two after the Firestorm expansion pack for TS was released. And I believe those TS guys then went to work on Emperor: Battle for Dune. Might be possible to track in the credits or manual. Even RA2 had some last minute cuts, most notably the light tank, which is still present in the installation slideshow. Back to the crates. To refresh my memory I did a quick search and found this neat instruction video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uF0FA15n0kc Was unsure if there was a shroud reveal power-up in RA2. And btw, I could never imagine that RA2 pretty much 20 years later, in a tutorial video even, would attract over 40 000 viewers and over 250 comments in just under a month.
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