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  2. Why don't you link the image in the first post to your video so that lazy people like me won't have to scroll to the last post?
  3. It's there, but without the extension (exe).
  4. Today
  5. :O Good old klipseracer contributing to the tiberian sun community SyS
  6. Why is their such little support for tiberian sun? :O Would love to see a remaster for that over then the one on moddb with the cnc-net client. Not saying its not a great modification for the game, because it is, enjoyed playing it on prison. But wow a remaster for that game would be epic! -SyS
  7. Looks to me like there using the C&C3(SAGE) engine :'( SyS
  8. So they are not doing it in proper c&c aspect ratio... Are they doing it knowingly or it's just a mistake on the art team? AFAIK some of the community councils are on this site, can you shed a light on that?
  9. Yesterday
  10. @EA_Jimtern posted a remaster update on the official C&C Subreddit. This should hit some nostalgia notes...
  11. New VIDEO! Playing Oil in center map FFA Small Map Oil in center By: Yosef Anan | Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge
  12. Oh I see... @Heraclitus can you confirm this? I tried to reproduce this on linux, but didn't happen for me. I did some changes anyways, can you try these 2 commands and see if works then? /install mclovin /restart
  13. Updated Tutorial, it was too messy. also new attachment, Download OILDERRICKS.rar
  14. Last week
  15. Can you please tell me how to remove the sound from the waterfall when creating a map?
  16. Can you please tell me how to remove the sound from the waterfall when creating a map?
  17. I haven't downloaded your files yet. Which computer are you having the problem with OpenGL? What's the OS and graphics card? Does it work when renderer = Default or ddwrapper ?
  18. Since nobody anwered to this request as of now, i thought, i may share some more details, config files and the problematic savefiles themselves. On my old PC a Windows XP Pro SP3 is running and the installed VGA driver is ForceWare 307.83 (the latest, as far, as i know). Other OpenGL based games are working well (for example RtCW), but - as it can be seen on the picture - TS keeps using GDI rendering, even though, ddraw.ini's "Renderer" key is configured explicitly to "opengl". I already tried the most recent and older versions of ts-ddraw and cnc-ddraw too, without any luck. Not to mention the weird behaviour, that the rendering time on a VM is significantly lower, than on the real machine. I wonder, if someone could load the attached savefiles more quickly, than my PC can? configs.rar saves.rar
  19. I haven't seen very many RA2 games the few times I've been on; the community seems to have switched to YR. But I've been looking around for some games as well, if you're ever on again :)
  20. I do have a different problem tho, its not affecting the game so doesn't really matter, but would be awesome if someone knew a quick way to fix it. I can't paste stuff in lobby or game room, like youtube links and stuff, when click paste nothing appears. Dunno if this is a Mac problem, but I suspect it is since the only other player who I have heard has the same problem also uses Mac. It does work in private messages tho. Any ideas about this?
  21. As stupid as this sounds...the render was set to Automatic! Feel free to close.
  22. Howdy! Been trying to resolve this the past few hours, but have got nowhere. Windows 10, 8GB RAM. I regularly play C&C RA1 / C&C Gold offline to alleviate the stresses of final year studies, however the game has completely stopped working overnight! I have re-installed C&C a few times but the issue is re-occurring. I can see in the event viewer, "ts-spawn.exe" is "not available" as an error output, but I can't get more read outs than that. It's strange, as no major updates have occurred on my computer when I noticed this behavior. A skirmish game will start, I'll get about 2 seconds in and the cursor will vanish, music will stop and the game won't function. C&C Gold crashes when I launch the game menu as does RA1 when I launch the campaign mode. Can anyone direct me to some error logs or possible fixes? Thanks a mil!
  23. Just updated to latest release, haven't changed any settings on the machine and can no longer play. Games starts then as soon as I start to try to play everything locks up. EDIT: If I set game to CnC Draw it works, DDwrapper no longer works.
  24. For me the cursor sticking to corners/sides happened 100% of the time when I updated to Mojave, but it only happened when pushing cursor towards right/bottom sides or right side corners. (Maybe this is what he means with it not always happening). It felt kinda like the screen didn't fit with the game even if the game was on fullscreen so the cursor could move just slightly further out on these sides then where it was supposed to stop making it wander/sticking there. Could still move it back but it was harder then usually, like you had to pull a bit extra to get it off the side. But as I said, this now works like normal if revert to high Sierra. The invisible cursor doesn't happen much anymore for me, but the random crashes happens quite frequently; that the game crashes and it shows a grey message on screen saying that the game crashed. When can't move cursor in the blue meny in game I have found that the keyboard arrows still work so you can move with them and abort/resigne with enter key, but you can't see where you click so after pressing esc to get in the blue menu just gotta count how many times you need to press down on keyboard to get to abort then press enter.
  25. Thanks for the reply, yeah it's a weird one. Defiantly only happens during the videos, the actual game play is fine. When it randomly happens, windows 10 will pop-up a notification saying I have unplugged and re plugged an audio device when I haven't. I do have speakers but most of the time I use a headset. So far I tried a few audio tweaks in Win 10 and updated Reteck HD audio drivers for my Asus motherboard (they were out of date) but the problem persists... I will keep tweaking and report back.
  26. Red Alert Possible fix for invisible cursor and random crashes on macOS
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