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  2. So did everyone who plays the ladder get to vote? how many who voted for vet maps actually play the ladder? how long was the last topic/vote open for? how many people who play the ladder knew of this? p.s. its been a little more fun this month with more people taking part and having the exposure on the game list for ranked match... best idea yet.
  3. Yesterday
  4. This worked perfectly. Thanks!
  5. @deRemarkable See below Install the CnCNet client (Skip to step 3 if already installed) This will look for your existing game directory. Once installed run CnCNetYRLauncher.exe or the shortcut supplied. Click "Options" Select "Display" and under the render options, select a new renderer. Commonly, Automatic works best. Click Save, and launch Skirmish. Play a game with the AI. If the gameplay is fast then this renderer will likely be the best for you. If it hasn't worked, repeat from step 5 until you find a renderer that works best with your system. Failing the above, ensure your video drivers are up-to-date. You are running a suitable resolution the game can handle.
  6. Hey there everyone. It's been a year since last update, wow! While I've been more active on my Discord server it's way past time to let you know how things have been going. First off, here's an animated GIF of Eva, a start on the cinematics: I've yet to do more with her but I am happy that she's finally got to a place where I'm proud of how she looks rather than internally screaming. I hope to get some time to flesh out her remaining frames soon. Otherwise, I've done some work with Nyer on projectiles, allowing two as of yet classified units to work correctly and have nice attacking animations. It goes without saying Nyer is a beast and nothing would have been possible without him. I've also done a significant amount of improvements on the maps. I had a friend play through the campaigns and note any issues with AI pathing and so on. I actually had to remake FoT6 entirely as it wasn't possible to fix the problems with the old geography. I'd say that at least half of the maps received improvements of one form or another. Those map reworks are all done now, with the possible exception of FoT3, which I feel is a bit stagnant and leads to overly defensive while waiting for reinforcements play. Last and most importantly, earlier this year I tried to move my C&C setup to my Windows 10 PC, to my loss. I had issues getting the resolutions and shaders to work properly, followed by further hard crashes to desktop when I tried to run through my campaigns repeatedly. As of time of writing, I'm unable to play through the CoA campaign without a crash on CoA6, and it crashes even earlier when playing through the FoT campaign first. This really shattered my morale for the project as I was completely at a loss of what to do about it. Then, this week, I'll call it divine inspiration, I remembered of an old university assignment that I did back in 2011, where I used C&C as an example of game testing, as I knew of several ways to crash it back then, the most reliable of which was using sc*.mix files to introduce cameos and then proceed to play a campaign. Nyer's recommended solution for solving this was to store all my icons directly in the *icnh.mix files, which seemed to resolve the issue back in the day. Thinking that this problem might have returned, I ran through the vanilla C&C campaign using my existing cncdraw settings, which worked without incident. Then I went back to my project, and replaced the *icnh.mix files with the vanilla ones. Lo and behold, the crashes disappeared entirely. So my current working theory is that the game is not handling my larger mix files properly (mine are 218KB, the vanilla ones are 120KB). Perhaps it's because I have jungle files in the directory that I am not using (could delete them just to be safe, the extra theatre seems too much trouble for now) or it is related to the sc*.mix crash which was easier to provoke. At the end of the day while it's not yet working I have hope that a solution can be found now that I know what's wrong rather than the unknown fog of shrouded mystery. I'm also spurred on by the news of EA remastering the game. I'd like to beat them to release if I can. Sorry it's been so long everyone. Let me know if you want to see anything in particular or if you want any additional information.
  7. Sorry but could u specify which "client options" it is? I'm having the same issue and I bought the game from Origin. Dont' see a client option anywhere lol. Cheers
  8. Mola and I would like the MK2 to be completely removed from the game. Thanks.
  9. i think thats done by going to the entry that says Basic and adding a key that says Author=name here which is irrelevantly enough, one of the few INI flags you can set thats not from rules.ini
  10. Last week
  11. Not to hijack the thread, but can/should the INI Editor (keys) be used to add proper creator names to maps... for CNCNet client, for example?
  12. I'm getting an error after modifying the 3tnk.shp: "warning open source shp builder 3.36 is unable to open this file" even if I rename the file I get the same error. What's the fix to this? UPDATE: seems that new RA1 type shp causes this. UPDATE 2: I found the cause, using the ellipse tool seems to break theRA1 type .shp for some reason.
  13. I updated my comment with new information, don't know if you saw it. Anyways I'll try what you suggested later when I have someone to test it with, thanks.
  14. If you want to modify shp files then forget what I said with the map mods, you'll have to share the files anyways so it's better to make the game incompatible if your mod relies on additional files. I can't remember if it works if the files are loose in the folder, but you can just copy spawn1.mix and rename it to sc-mymod.mix, place the file in there and share it.
  15. Thanks for the info. Sounds like a better alternative, but how do I transfer my custom rules.ini/spawn.xdp to a map though? Another thing I noticed. There's no expand2.mix or expand3.mix that was used for adding the unit shps. I opened spawn1.mix and saw that the units are there. I extracted cc_mtnk.shp. For me and another player in cncnet to use a modified shp, we just have to have the same extracted custom shp in our directory? Update: I found conquer.mix inside main.mix, I found the shps that match the names of those inside rules.ini. So those are the ones I need to modify (e.g., 1tnk.shp)? I can leave the shp in the directory and the other player in cncnet, then we can both play it in cncnet?
  16. rename rules.ini to spawn.xdp and it should work. Custom rules.ini/spawn.xdp files make your game incompatible though, that means every player needs to download your file to be able to join your game. It's better to keep your spawn.xdp unmodified and just copy your mods into a map instead.
  17. This thread was impressive lol. Someone got attacked because they wanted a "bug fix" reinstated. Not unreasonable! If you want to keep the game 'authentic', complete with all bugs and erratic behaviour, I can understand that, it's the same as the classic wow community. However, it's not necessarily the best thing for the game. I see another thread on here "How can we attract more players to Tiberian Sun?" Applying a known fix to bad unit behaviour seems useful. It's ok for "bug fixes" to affect the pro metagame. It doesn't have to be stale and unchanging. I've watched a bunch of pro TS games and the infantry and mk2/carryall micro is certainly impressive, but a fresh take on things can be a good thing. Especially if it helps people get into the game.
  18. PLease ignore this post, a bit ashamed to say, butt this whas a drunken troll post from my side. Its tru that there are some cheaters around, butt what i said in this post is just drunk talk, sorry for this, whont happen again. Iff possible, close please. Cheers, DutchyRA1
  19. Is there anyway I can have the mod files for the improved unit behavior that was removed? I want to add it to a mod.
  20. Not sure about the TS or TD community, but I fully agree with the red alert community. Some of the red alert players are hostile to you too if you beat them one game, and kicks you on the next one. As for quiet players, some of them are just shy (usually the noobs) or maybe they just play for fun without being serious enough to communicate tactical gameplay stuffs but they can still respect you as a player, so I can forgive these kind of silent players.
  21. How do I play a mod (modified rules.ini) with players in in CnCNet? P.S. is it even possible? I see no rules.ini in my CnCNet Red Alert directory
  22. i hope @RaVaGe get focus on tsunami
  23. sure you can. just take these keys and put them in you INI editor under edit→ini like so GASAND Crushable=no just avoid doing extensive modding via this ini editor, as you can break a map with a faulty ini input. maby even back up your map.
  24. Im looking for uncrushable sandbags yes, like in the first allied campaign in New York. But I don't necessary need them too be buildable for the player or the computer. But I guess you have too edit the map file or something and cant do it in the editor.
  25. Eh, I don't know and I don't really care. Probably not many times. As already demonstrated, and as you already actually agreed in one of your previous posts, tech steps > 0. Or do you mean just engineers walking on foot? Don't make me laugh. I don't presume anything, you obviously ARE dumb. Here's the proof: you asked why the GT is on tier 1 and the obelisk on 2. If you meant the AGT, I put that on tier 2 with the obelisk, which means you're still dumb, because you didn't see that and asked a stupid question. You are also dumb because, realistically, you have no say on what should be where in my system, you clearly can't even understand it.
  26. what do you mean by this? I can make a code of ini for sandbags are able to construct and uncrushable did you mean like this?
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