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Staff Needed (important)


As you all will have probably seen very little has happened recently, I am determined not to let this mod die however I have had very little time work on this mod recently, however I will have more time over the next few weeks to months. This is a plea for help with my mod TS:BoB I am willing to accept what ever help you can give and will be grateful no matter how small.

if any interest you feel free to ask and i will list what has to be done in that category.

2D editing (shp)

infantry - if you have seen any beta pics you will know what i mean, if you are a modder you know how long it will take.
tem/sno - beta cliffs and creation/conversion of some terrain pieces e.g. oil tanker, ruins, train bridge supports...
animations - other than building animations mainly some effects and explosions are needed.
not as needed as other jobs
Cameo editor - few new unit and building cameos needed.
structures - a few buildings remain to be created. Build-up animations and building animations required for others. jobs range from small to big.

Vxl editing
simple vxls - lots of vxls still need to be recolored to total remap.
complex vxls - vxls need to be created/recolored (vxls with sections/ fancy animations e.g. walking)

art coder - to help with related problems and to speed up coding.
rules coder - to help with related problems and to speed up coding.

Thanks in advance, Revo

I'm proficient with ini file editing. If you need help with that and all associated with that area.

Well atm the rules and art are a mess because im restructuring/cleaning them but when i have fixed them if your still willing you are more than welcome to help


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