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  1. Thanks :) There's more where they come from, showing the Atreides mission 8:


    An overview of the base in mid-construction, with the Starport about to receive the first cargo load:



    An early Harkonnen attack with infantry and light vehicles only:



    A more serious attack with a Devastator. Notice the Atreides Carryall bringing a repaired unit from the Repair Facility to the battleflied (using the "no ground exit" trick):



    Here the Harkonnens have mounted a heavy attack force with three Devastators:









  2. I've found quite a few Dune II screenshots on my PC and uploaded them in the gallery. Most of them were taken to show AI behavior when the team bug is fixed.


    Here is a group of Atreides light vehicles destroying the Ordos player's Harvester:



    A pretty large team of Atreides combat vehicles just about to attack the Ordos:



    The Harkonnens were taken by surprise, and lost the Light Factory to the Atreides:



    There goes the Harkonnen Construction Yard, too. The mission is pretty much failed now:



    A large Ordos base crawling with units:



    A closer look on the Ordos base:



    Some Ordos tanks on their way to attack the Harkonnens:



  3. Some time ago, I've stumbled upon this game called Tridonis. By the looks, it has a very close similarity to Tiberian Dawn, yet with somewhat improved graphics. Just have a look:










    More screenshots:





    Anyone played it? :D So far, I have been unable to find a downloadable demo...

  4. Listed below are links to various useful Dune II-related files, patches, mods and the like.


    Dune II page at FED2k

    Information, downloads and links.


    Nyerguds' Dune 2 directory

    Contains lots of useful stuff :)


    Dune II v1.07 fix

    This is an unofficial patch that fixes some bugs and errors in Dune II v1.07. Most importantly, it fixes the so-called team bug, an error in the internal syntax that disabled the use of attack teams of vehicles by AI players.


    Dune II Gravis Ultrasound Patch

    This unofficial patch adds support for Gravis Ultrasound card in Dune II, allowing for high-quality synthesized music.


    Dune II Coloured User's Manual in PDF

    Nyerguds created this wonderful edition of the Dune II manual from an old official manual in DOC format that was included with the HitSquad CD release of Dune II. Nyerguds' version of the manual has high-quality coloured images from the game, and also fixes all spelling and other mistakes too.


    Dune II EMC patch

    This patch makes a few useful improvements to Dune II: buildings no longer decay for no reason, carryalls always bring repaired units from the repair facility back where they picked them up (you no longer need to surround the repair facility with walls for this), and missile turrets get always out-ranged by rocket launchers (previously, they had to be positioned at certain angles to get out of turrets' range). Made by Minniatian. (NOTE: Some people consider this patch a "cheat")


    Stefan's Atreides Campaign

    A completely new Atreides campaign made by Stefan Hendriks using his own Dune II scenario editor, Dunedit.


    Super Dune 2 by Power C & Shadow Knight

    An fan-made mod/add-on for Dune II dating back to 1994. It replaces the regular three Houses with the originally unplayable Fremen, Sardaukar and the unused Mercenaries, and has extra features like player-owned sandworms (when playing as the Fremen). However, Super Dune 2 has quite a few glitches mostly due to the fact the "new" sides were not meant to be playable by the developers. Download it either from FED2k or from this site.


    Super Dune II Classic

    Super Dune II Classic is an update of the 1994 Super Dune 2. It fixes a lot of bugs and errors from the original release of Super Dune 2. Needs certain original Dune II files to run.


    Dune 2 eXtended

    This is a little Dune II mod project of mine, initially called Super Dune II Second Edition, that started as a revival of Super Dune 2. Eventually it evolved beyond that, and has come to feature a few new units, a largely reworked tech tree and other stuff. A playable Demo of the project is also available.

  5. Do you create triggers manually? 'Cause I think CCMap is also not 100% reliable. For example, its list of movies does not include Covert Ops additions (at least, in the version that I have), and some unit commands (not used in C&C but used in Covert Ops) are also missing; thus, if you open and save a Covert Ops mission, it may get corrupted.

  6. Why do you think it's necessary to copy C&C files into the XCC folder? It suffices that those files are in any of the TD folders (primary or secondary) you have defined in the "Directories" section of XCC Mixer.


    Also, a very important thing to remember when using XCC Editor, is that it does not add the "Count=" line in the [base] section - without it, the AI won't (re)build its structures. I've reported this to Olaf, but he seems to not have fixed this as yet.


    Another thing is that some team type flag (I mean the 0/1 value) is not set properly in XCC Editor, but I haven't looked more thoroughly into it. This issue does not seem to have a major impact on AI behavior, but I have not enough data to be 100% sure about this.

  7. I have no idea really, but I guess that will only work if both you and your opponent(s) have "activated" the radar jammer's weapon.


    BTW, I've seen in some FAQs that for the this to work, you've got to start the "Legacy of Tesla" mission and have your Tesla Tanks attack the Soviet Tech Center. That's not true. Starting and immediately quitting "Legacy of Tesla" or any Allied Counterstrike mission that features occasional Tesla Tanks (most of them do IIRC) suffices for the "activation" of the radadr jammer Tesla weapon in skirmish.

  8. This happens because you played the "Legacy of Tesla" mission which modified the radar jammer stats, giving it a TeslaZap weapon. When you start a normal game (e.g. skirmish), all previously modified stats are overridden with the values in RULES.INI, yet there is no data whatsoever regarding the radar jammer weapon in RULES.INI (and normally the game chooses the default weapon for it, which is none), but since you played the mission where it had a weapon, the game "remembered" this parameter for future use (until you exit the game, that is).


    To get rid of this, open RULES.INI, find the [MRJ] section and add this line:

    [pre]Primary=none[/pre]This way, the radar jammer will revert to normal state after you play those Counterstrike missions where it is used as the Tesla tank.

  9. I've just stumbled upon this file at N3tRunn3r's site, can anyone tell me what exactly are those "bugs in RA3.03" that is fixes? I installed it and haven't noticed any changes so far.

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