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  1. I haven't looked closely, but that editor seems like a very rare thing - I remember looking for it on the net before, but found it nowhere. What's more, I can't recall where I got it in the first place - I thought it was FED2k downloads but apparently they only have the stuff I listed above. Must have been some other Dune II fansite, or maybe even someone posted a link in the FED2k Fourms Dune II section - it used to still have some moderate activity in mid-2000s when I joined.


    Maybe cd.textfiles.com has it somewhere, or maybe it can be found on a CD in the Shareware CD Archive at archive.org.


    On another note, the alleged Dune II walkthrough I linked to above turned out to be for Cryo's Dune.

  2. there is indeed such an option. The exception exists because you're SUPPOSED to capture an Advanced Comm Center in Nod mission 12. They just did this in a very retarded way.

    Meaning the developers somehow couldn't or didn't want to make the reverse exception (uncapturable except for mission X)? And went as far as to modify the player's cursor behaviour so that the Adv. Comm. Center can't be captured by the player even if it is theoretically possible to do so? Weird.


    BTW, can this exception via cursor removal be circumvented by the force-move command on the engineers? (I mean, in the original game.)


    You seemed to have missed the fact they're not mine, too :P

    Yeah, I noticed that only after posting already :D


    What I certainly did recognize is the player character image and the computer in the "bunker" (?) he operates from. Strange that I remember everything else rather vaguely, if at all.


    On an unrelated note, recently I got into webcomics (had been reading some before, like Alien Loves Predator or the aforementioned Command & Comic, but very infrequently - probably due to the slow dial-up connection I used to have), most notably The Order of the Stick, Irregular Webcomic!, Darths & Droids, Freefall and Supernormal Step :)

  3. As for the triggers... when playing a custom campaign one day, I noticed that Chan spawned from a destroyed tech center on a mission replacing Nod mission 10. After testing this some more, it turned out this happens only on Nod mission 10. On further examination inside the exe file, I also found special code to immediately link that spawned "CHAN" unit from the tech center to a trigger called "CHAN", which would allow for a really beautiful chain of events of first destroying the tech center, then killing Dr. Chan, and only then winning the mission. Normally, this kind of mission code is impossible for units spawned from destroyed buildings, just like triggers can't be linked to reinforced units.


    The silly part is, none of that code was used. The mission designer just put a Chan unit next to the tech center, and linked a trigger to him that wasn't even called "CHAN", but just "WIN". Even worse, there was a "CHAN" trigger, but it was just the flare to reveal the island. One of the more bizarre side effects of this was that destroying the Tech Center would give you two Dr. Chans; one linked to the winning trigger, the other (uselessly) linked to a flare trigger (which is normally already activated at that point anyway).


    On top of that, there was another trigger in the mission that didn't work as it should, namely one that should reinforce a chinook to get your commando onto Chan's island.


    I concluded the mission was simply severely broken, and fixed all that. So now the mission works exactly as it was intended, with the special systems they'd built for it :)

    Wow, this is a very impressive piece of info! Thanks for sharing that!


    Pity that so many things in Westwood games got half-baked like this. I wonder what's the cause - too many people working on the project so they just lost track of some features?


    • The Advanced Comm Center was always capturable, but special code on the mouse cursor modifying prevented players from giving that capture command in single play, except on mission 12. This was rather weird, since it not only allowed capturing of GDI's superweapon in multiplay, but also meant that in single play, enemy engineers could capture your ACC, and you wouldn't be able to capture it back. I made it completely uncapturable, and added a system to custom change the capturability of any building in a mission.

    BTW, I've always been wondering, when the AI player has the Adv. Comm. Center, does it fire the Ion Cannon whenever it's charged, or does it do so only when a trigger is activated?


    Also, any idea why there was such a strange exception to this? It is my understanding that there's a "can't be captured" option for building, like in Dune II already, and stuff like the Temple of Nod uses it?


    [Edit] BTW, I completely missed the fact that you have a C&C webcomic! I only knew of that hilarious issue of Command & Comic with the Akira reference :)


    [Edit2] Although I seem to recognize some strips... Read and later forgot about it? O_o

  4. More stuff here, but those are mostly trainers, as it seems:









    DUNE2WLK.ZIP [this is actually for Cryo's Dune]


    Those CDs at cd.textfiles.com sure have stuff for C&C too, but I guess most if not all has been already documented and archived by the community. Not that there's no chance for some rare obscure (and most probably obsolete but interesting none the less) stuff still out there ^_^


    I know that leileilol (who frequents RGB Classic Games Forums) collects rare goodies (link to her website), but she's mostly focused on stand-alone obscure games or mods for Quake and Doom.

  5. Just stumbled upon a zip on one of the numerous disks at cd.textfiles.com that contains the very useful WWPAK tool and some Dune II cheating programme: DUNEC101.ZIP. At the same disk there's the old GUS patch that inspired my own attempt to enable GUS support in Dune II: DUNE2AIL.ZIP.


    So I thought that it'd be a good idea to have a thread for old Dune II goodies and extras, for historical purposes. Some files can be found at the FED2k site:

    D2ED.ZIP - scenario and save game editor

    DUNE2EDIT.ZIP - scenario editor


    And more from cd.textfiles.com:

    DUNE2ED2.ZIP - same thing as D2ED.ZIP above but different ZIP file name

    DUNE2CHT.ZIP - cheats plus another PAK unpacker tool

    DUNE2_T2.ZIP - some sort of trainer

  6. Oh, even in the DOS version they patched that crates crap out in 1.19, because it didn't save reliably in savegames, and apparently prevented nukes from working in the Covert Ops missions :P

    Oww, pity, that. Crate collection was a neat idea. In fact, I'm sure C&C was the first to pioneer the concept of consequences of the player's actions that span across missions in RTS games, and the potential of this hasn't really been explored to the fullest still.


    Speaking of which, the briefings of the Nod mission 10 kind of suggest that the outcome of each mission may affect the availability of Mammoth tanks or the Ion Cannon to the GDI later on (especially when Kane says "They haven't started production yet and they won't if you continue to meet expectations and maintain your performance" in the mission to destroy Mammoth prototypes), but I'm not sure if this was ever actually implemented. Would've been cool (well, they did that sort of thing in TS).


    GDI: Mission 9a where NOD have obelisks for the first time.

    They arent much good if you go and wipe them out with about 30 medium tanks though are they?

    Haha, that's exactly how I played that mission for the first time :D


    Found the obligatory backdoor into the Nod base later on though ;)


    BTW, Nyer, returning to the score question, how does mission time factor into it (if at all)? My impression was that the score is calculated as Leadership * Mission Number + Efficiency * Mission Number.

  7. BTW, speaking of scores, I noticed that I can only get the 100% economy only if I sell the construction yard in the first GDI mission - I wonder why?

    100% = ending with at least as much as you started with.

    Ah-hah, that makes sense :)


    I get 100% in GDI mission 1 simply by never deploying the MCV. The mission is perfectly doable without building any extra troops.

    Yeah, but where's the fun in that?


    Actually I also don't build more troops usually, but I still build the base. Maybe I just like following orders ^_^


    The same way you don't need to build the Temple of Nod in the last mission - even though making that a victory condition via the "Built It" and "Allow Win" variables is perfectly possible. Not building a Temple of Nod would especially make sense in the DOS version if the player had not previously collected all the crates. And in any case, those 3k can always be invested into something else.

  8. Hmm, I actually played that one, but I think I never bothered capturing the base. I didn't even remember there are engineers available on that mission.


    Anyhoo, for some time I didn't know that you can select different map choices by clicking on arrow pointers, and just clicked on the country territory (similar to Dune II). That way, I'd always land on the C variant of the final Nod mission, which I somehow find the most cool one. I also think it's the only one with a Commando available. Once I used the Commando and a small infantry task force to capture the northern GDI base (spamming it with Obelisks to crush heavier enemy vehicles), and then built a huge army of Mammoths to just wipe out everything. GDI doesn't stand a chance against Mammoths. Pity though, I still got a lousy score, and also it took quite some time to sweep the rest of the map with Mammoths. Talk about awesome but impratical.


    I also remember that when I first played through that mission, I didn't figure out immediately that the village also belongs to the GDI and must be removed too, which made the mission even longer. I also remember building huge numbers of SAM sites on the small island where I built the Temple of Nod, hoping that it'd stop A-10's, but somehow it didn't. The SAM site in C&C are cool and all, but the time it takes to deploy the launcher and aim is too long, sometimes A-10 just fly by and out of range before a SAM can fire on them.


    BTW, speaking of scores, I noticed that I can only get the 100% economy only if I sell the construction yard in the first GDI mission - I wonder why?

  9. Actually, Nod loses Efficiency score for every enemy building they destroy, for some reason.

    Argh, I suspected something like that! (actually, I suspected Nod still loses points for destroyed civilian stuff even if they're non-friendly).


      - Nod Mission 4 (i think it is C) you start with 2 engineers. You can capture the entire GDI base there too, but the granadiers always crush my engineers. I've captured it entirely one time.

    Hmm, isn't Nod 4 a choice between the "intercept GDI convoy" and "Mao civil war" missions? I don't remember any engineers there...


    I like the version of Nod 7 (I think) choice (not the Orca mission) where you start with no base, just some troops near a broken bridge, and need to fight your way through before you get a functional base.


    BTW, I think C&C was the only game in the series (don't know about the newer EA's games though) that had choices of actually different missions for certain levels (complete with different briefings), not just different map layouts for essentially the same missions (I don't count TS in this because there, one of the missions in a choice is optional and you'll play the "main" mission regardless of whether you complete the optional one or not, just with some extra bonuses if you complete the optional mission).

  10. Recently a member of the site's development team posted the following response in another forum in the thread about the engine:

    First of all thanks for finding out about our site and thanks for some feedback.


    We started this project very recently and trying to improve in any possible way.


    The main thing is: site is fully automatic, no manual entries (yet) are made to the similar game lists. All similar games are generated from keywords, which we extract from reviews. By now we only depend on keywords and gernes.

    The results actually are way better than we expected in the first place. Of course they are far from "very good".


    Also the description texts and screenshots are automatically generated from Wikipedia / Google image search. So errors are not a rare thing


    So far the best feature in this project to me personally is keyword search. If I like zombie killing, I can search kill zombies. These results are even quite good, if compared to the similar game lists :) This is a approach to search by things you want to do in a game or what theme/time/whatever game is about, not so much thinking about gernes or something like that.


    Next step is to add some user generated content, allow them to alter the game lists, so we can enliminate some crazy wrong results.

    And indeed, the keyword search (you can type as many keywords as you want, just separate them with hyphens) does look promising:




  11. Best of Covert Operations:

    Eviction Notice, I think. Really nice mission.

    Hmm, didn't play that one a lot. I'd say I like Blackout (GDI) and Deception (Nod). Nod Death Squad was surprisingly easy, there's an awesomely huge GDI base but taking out the Adv. Comm. Centre with stealth tanks isn't much of a difficulty. Also, The Tiberium Strain is cool because of the Chem. Warriors (also quite easy though), as is the GDI mission where you need to rescue your informant's wife (uh, forgot the title).


    Generally, The Covert Operations really pushed the mission designing capabilities almost to the limits, I wish there were more official missions with such diversity :)


    Best of GDI campaign:

    The commando mission (#6). No doubt about it, that mission rocks.

    Here's it's hard to argue I guess, I also like the mission (number 12 IIRC) where you need to evacuate Moebius from a besieged base.


    Best of Nod campaign:

    7C; the Orca steal mission. Horribly hard, but so cool to pull off.

    Love that one, I managed to capture he GDI base and eventually wipe out all their forces once, but you get some really lousy score if you do that simply because it takes some time, and this is kinda unrewarding.


    I should say the Nod campaign is a lot more dynamic, there are frequent Commando missions which are cool (#9 where you retake Egypt, both versions of #10, and #11), I even wonder why the Commando has become a GDI symbol after all, with the majority of his appearances being in the Nod campaign (well, Covert Ops helped balance the scales a bit, as did the extra console versions missions). Nod is often more fun to play because of the tactical missions with limited reinforcements, but the GDI airstrikes are really annoying (and IIRC you're never officially told that you need to take out the GDI Comm. Centre in each mission to stop them). I wonder if anyone managed to play Nod missions with 100% score at all.

  12. I also like Under Siege: C&C. I remember once I decided to play it through in an insane way, by setting the speed to max, then selling everything and sending the huge infantry army at the enemy. I think I even managed to wipe out most of the GDI forces (or at least, a considerable number thereof), but didn't have the patience to play it through :)

  13. Um, these links don't work either MrFlibble. They redirect to the main page unless you copy & paste them :|

    Yes, I should have mentioned that too. I told you the site isn't easy to browse.


    How did you get to the links, btw? The ftp listing doesn't list directories, and the site makes me suspect the redirecting is because the original listings were shown in frames.

    That is very likely. The site seems to have received little maintenance for a long time, which is a shame. They have some quite rare stuff out there. I found most directories by Googling (e.g. type a game title and see where it gets you). You can see that there's a typical structure for each OS, the other folders names I haven't mentioned are "/misc/" (e.g. http://volftp.tiscali.it/pub/pc/windows/win95/games/misc/), "/patches/", "/simulations/", "/duke/" (for Duke Nukem 3D extras ;)), as well as some others. There's also other software (not games) folders but I didn't bother with that. The genre categories are pretty loose so it's a good idea to browse through everything. The sort order is by file name, so you can get several demo versions of a single game in different places of a list, or in different folders entirely (the weirdo distinction between Win95 and Win98 contributes a lot to this).


    BTW, there are some extras for C&C games scattered throughout the folders (editors, maps and stuff, I've taken notice of things for Red Alert 1 and 2, not sure about other games).


    Oh yeah, and there are also other systems alongside the PC, namely Mac, Linux and Amiga.


    This is a pretty handy Google query that helps unravel what other folders there are.


    [Edit] Oh, they also have a separate WinNT 5.0 folder, how lovely.


    These Romans are crazy! ©

  14. yes, and you copied this corrupted bbcode to the PPM forum, where ftp links DO work correctly :P

    Yeah, not the first time this happens. After all, I've got several clones of this thread to update ^_^


    BTW, it looks like the files at the Polish FTP are corrupted for some reason.

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