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  1. Is the crash every time or random? Maybe try putting the new icon into the HIRES1.MIX. Also wonder if you are having problems as spawn1.mix has a c3icon. I'm not sure spawn1.mix is still used by the CnCNet version so this could be vary wrong.
  2. Not sure. Been years since I have seen the installer and it has likely changed since than.
  3. This make me think that something about the Mini-CD installation failed to install the CS and AM missions.
  4. Allen262

    C&c red alert

    If you are talking about RA1 I don't think they can be installed from the disc as I think the installer is 16bit program that isn't supported on Win 10. The good news is that RA1 is free and you can go to the top of the page where it says Download and get RA1 with all of the community patches to play RA1 on Win 10.
  5. RA1 will read .ini files if they are in the same folder as the ra95.exe so all you need to do is pull out the rules.ini/aftermath.ini and missison .inis and dump them into the ra1 folder and it will override the files in the .mix.
  6. Guessing "Remaster" as I never saw this with the OG RA1 unless this was added to the CnCNet version.
  7. Just as an old RA1 modder I can say RA1 was more than just different graphics and larger maps.
  8. Hope and wait for future.
  9. Feels like the internal map editor needs a update if possible. It looks darn painfully slow to use. Sounds promising. I would have been happy years ago when you first experimented with adding new units/building if there was a way to define what the AI should do with the new units/building. A BehaveLike= key that would hook the new units/building to the hard coded logic so the AI could use it. Is the another forum or discord where things are being worked on. I would like to lurk there if possible.
  10. Been keeping an eye on things from PPM. Last I saw RA1 related besides ImGui today was that an early test build had been found and had the internal map editor mostly working and while cool the internal editor looked more clunky to use than RAED. Had no idea source code was now around. The thought of having TD's units buildings .ect added to RA1 without having to remove RA units buildings .ect would be super cool. Besides porting in TD logics is any other things going to be done?
  11. Thanks! With no updates on getting the OG RA1 engine decoded to be more modable I'll just be lurking. No interest in CnCNet side of things or the new game from EA.
  12. Comm Center/CnCnet finally let me do a password reset after years of being unable to get a email from them to do a reset and I updated the links May 29 of this year.
  13. Well now that Comm Center/CnCnet will let me do a password reset after years of being unable to get a email from them.... I updated the links to have OneDrive links as it looks like the dropbox links don't work for anyone but me now. Other than that nothing is changed. No plans to come back to this unless there is a major breakthrough with the ra1 engine being opened up more.
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