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  1. I would force all new theaters to use the Temperate pal and have the new ones load the Temperate icons and call it good.
  2. As wild guess. Try loading the terrain via New or how you make a new map than try load the map.
  3. It dose. Need to shut off you add block and thing like that for the download page to load. Not sure if the other off side links are good.
  4. Think all you need to do is delete the folder. As for getting a version with missions go here https://iran.cnc-comm.com/ra/
  5. I'm not sure about the load order now. I think the patches changed how and what SC-xxxx and Expand##.mix can load. With the Expand##.mix going up to 99 now I think the SC-xxxx is pretty useless and the Expand##.mix should be able to load more types of files than the SC-xxx could. I do know that with the stock game using a SC-xxxx has probs with changing Ore. It will work fine to start a mission but if you reload the mission it will load scrambled Ore graphics and may crash.
  6. If your using a custom .exe you should be able to hex edit the .exe. You can edit all antdie and change them to antdiz. This will tell the game to play antdiz but with no antdiz .shp and .aud in any mix files nothing should be played. This may also cause random crashes. I think the game would be just fine but I'm not really sure.
  7. Fake buildings have probs loading icons during single missions. Think it has something to do with the TechLevel but it has been years since I have seen it. If the game is loading the old RA1 icon. Your facticon.shp need to be in a EXPAND#.MIX
  8. For pre placed structures you can double click on them and in the structure property box check Rebuild. The Sellable box also tells the AI to fix the building.
  9. My guess is that the .shp was packed with a tool older than XCC. The old tools seem to convert all names to a set of numbers. I never got use to those old tools as XCC was better. This was back 2000-ish. It seems any weapon with Charges=yes will use litning.shp. The TeslaZap uses a projectile and warhead that are used with other weapons. Projectile=Inivisble is used for many weapons and Warhead=Super for the Camera and AM Carrier weapon. I have Super on other weapons as well and the litning.shp isn't used. litning.shp is hardcoded to the Charges=yes key. I made the TTankZap and PortaTesla weapons into Chem Spray weapons so the litning.shp is not coded to the Tesla weapons. I don't think there is away to change the litning.shp by any rule key.
  10. FunkyFr3sh The game will most setting found in the map. Not every key in the rules can be put into a map but may can. Any valid keys put into that map will override the rules.ini All [Recharge] keys should be valid if placed into the map. I'm sure you know this but may Lightning Hunter is hitting some oddies with RA1. The unknown .shp is likely litning.shp. It looks like litning.shp was converted to be a laser. Lightning Hunter I don't think 0 is valid. Try 0.1
  11. FunkyFr3sh In post #25 he is talking about [Recharge] not working in the rules.
  12. The [Recharge] is read from the rules just fine! You can't paste [Recharge] ParaBomb=0 ; parachute bombs Paratrooper=0 ; paratroopers at the top of the rules and expect it to work. The rules have a [Recharge] section already and you need to edit them.
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