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  1. 1v1 Tournament. Are you interested?

    Lets TRy people like edd/itzbryan to join and arrange something like this,those guys has many followers and are doing a great job at what there are doing. and move on from there
  2. Awesome video

  3. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    matt ur the most arrogant nerd there is out there,move on man.jesus
  4. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    Ivan ,squids ,dread ,kirov ?flack ? What do u mean it's all about tanks ?
  5. Red Alert 2 problems

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z687eaR57Ls u can try that
  6. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    Yes i say it again ! If u want to be Qm a succes u need to support ra2.and i really don't get why u guys dont do that ? Red alert 2 gameplay is much better/faster ,would be so great to play ra2 without lag on cncnet. The games/day would go skyrocket. More players ,more donations,more advertiser's
  7. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    Ive played 25 games not 1 vs a good player (no offense ). So the lack of pro players,and i prefer ra2
  8. Maybe advertise on the server that they can get a coach to get better ? Tips and tricks i? I could be a trainer if u guys like ? We need to get new players that are competitive,those guys are the future
  9. Help test ping ip for future team game!

    I play on QQ server and it is as smooth as gr and cncnet, so as for me vs chinese this isnt the case. I got really good internet,maybe thats why. Oops a bump,sorry
  10. who can help me getting gamecapture on obs studio ?

    With small resoulution it runs smooth,bigger reso it will begin to stutter. So only option is to lower reso when u stream (in my case)
  11. A good OS other then windows ?

    Damn guy's ! This really sux. When they dont support win 7 anymore and u keep using it, they can hack u ? is there a way u can keep it save ? And is win 8.1 better then windows 10 ?
  12. Hi guy's Im running windows 7 and im getting sick of microsoft stop's supporting OS's after cuple of years,so im looking for a good alternative and it needs to run red alert 2 /yuri without any problems. What would u guys recommend me to buy ?/download ? Im very new with this coz i always used Windows till now. Cheers
  13. Jumping to desktop

    dont think that has anything to do with it,coz i have the problem on ra2 to
  14. Jumping to desktop

    Goodmorning, i got a problem during a game,and thats when i box a cuple of units in the bottom right of the screen it will jump to my desktop,then i need to alt tab and get back into the game. Any 1 know how to solve this ?
  15. After cuple of request's i downloaded obs studio again,but i feel its slightly lagging when its turned on. Who can help me getting it on gamecapture ? Or play without lag