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  1. original team has made cuple of game past year and all the games original team made has flopped BIG time.
  2. ShowtimeRa2


    don't even try m8,it's worthless
  3. sc remaster really sucks ,ra will not be any better. Im happy for the ra players,but for me as a fan of c&c this is AGAIN really dissapointing. Ra2 is the biggest name of all the classic's and they leave it for what it is :s
  4. Petroglyph <--- lol this company only makes games that flop(grey goo ,8 bit armies, forged battalion (made promises to community but they fucked them) all flopped. Dont get why people are all so excited,they hade a cuple of lucky shots but in the long run they made shitty games. Man im depressed
  5. ShowtimeRa2

    Let's get some Ladder Talk Going

    Getting new players is
  6. ShowtimeRa2

    Let's get some Ladder Talk Going

    Complain?Im just telling why qm doesnt get new players and why QM is DEAD,there are maybe 10 pro players top ? U cant see ur opponent,what do u get when u got lamed last game ?U lame back,and WTF the guy u lamed wasnt the guy who lamed u the first game ! Its getting a lamefest every single game,new players wont stand a chance. Playing vs yuri faction ? Np,But i will be done after 3 games,and if not playing vs yuri i would play "10"or "20" games that day.(thats alot for such a population) I think its very simple to solve this problem,but the "owners" just wont listen ,and keep the game for how many years now the way it is ?(there are so many complains about the yuri faction,for over 18 years ?Thats why RA2 crushed yuri on population back in the day's). Dont get me wrong, there doing the best they can,and i really appreciate we got a server next to lagxwis were we can play. This game has got it all ,only a few tweaks and it would be awesome ! How to solve >?Balance yuri faction or let yuri play only play vs yuri or better ban it! the perfect ra2 Do something about the anti bail. When i make a game and some 1 joins and he leaves again , i find it annoying that there isnt a "easy" way to send him a pm to let him join again just like xwis hade Help new players , i always give tips to the new players. And stop talking BS during games,coz damn there are quite a few who do. And Grant when will this end ? Your content will need to be approved by a moderator That is really getting annoying and its over cuple months now
  7. ShowtimeRa2

    Let's get some Ladder Talk Going

    U know what u need to do ? Enjoy the game and stop talking bs during games. And why there is really low QM activity ? its coz there are to many yuri lamers,engi lamers,alt lamers (when a new player goes QM he will get cruhed so hard that he wont join ever again coz it aint no fun for the guy coz all hes engi's will get eaten and the game will not last 3 min),its just getting real frustrating to keep playing the game. And the people/owners on cncnet keep there heads in the sand and wont support the game that will crush yuri and thats ra2. More and more players will leave and they just let it happend
  8. 5. Fog of war option would be great. <-- this i disagree.
  9. ShowtimeRa2

    Who is the best player ever?

    In my prime i did win all of these guys,some more,some less.
  10. ShowtimeRa2

    Freeroll bet for heldro / Edd / Showtime / Prep

    Wish i cared as much as u do man !!
  11. ShowtimeRa2

    Calling out all the 2v2 fan boys !

    Sorry im done playing yuri for now
  12. ShowtimeRa2

    Clan ladder

    Coz it lags