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  1. Jumping to desktop

    Goodmorning, i got a problem during a game,and thats when i box a cuple of units in the bottom right of the screen it will jump to my desktop,then i need to alt tab and get back into the game. Any 1 know how to solve this ?
  2. After cuple of request's i downloaded obs studio again,but i feel its slightly lagging when its turned on. Who can help me getting it on gamecapture ? Or play without lag
  3. ZAIN and Legolas accepting challenges

    Matt ur a fucking newb man remember the games on TOE ? and jungle ?Damn u got raped,after that i almost never played u again ?How come ? LOL Ra2 we play yuri we don't,so we have to pass
  4. ZAIN and Legolas accepting challenges

    is this ra2 mode or normal ra2?
  5. any 1 online today ?

    ill be online in hour or so and can play a lot
  6. 1v1 Tourny

    cool man
  7. As allie how much miners do u need?

    At ra2 is 6 miners u can tech up or more war's ,and how is this on yuri ?This is with normal ore no gems and no oils. Is there any diffrents betwen oils ?(dif between yr and ra2?)
  8. RA 2 and generals?

    if only the "real" ra2 would be supported !This would be awesome !! RA2 with this ladder and no lag !! That makes me :D:D:D:D:D:D
  9. Yuri's Revenge - January 2018 QM Map List

    lol indd just like vs a yuri player,huh sunny, and its even harder when they glitch u ,huh sunny?
  10. 1v1 Tourny

    Sure i could play but ill wait till u have more information about the rules
  11. Yuri's Revenge - January 2018 QM Map List

    We need way more maps guy's,there arent many new players out there,bu veterans.This map pool is fucking boring if u ask me,i can dream those maps after playing this game for 13 years. I really don't understand why u wouldnt make this more fun for the few "pro" players out there,these are the players u need to focus on! Be stubborn and keep it like this,and u will see the QM will nog get more active as it is now.
  12. Zhasulan vs Matt (until 7 victories) (Close games).

    Matt is such a newb
  13. POLL - Quick (Ranked) Match Map Pool Size

    Thats 2 bad neo ! Maybe thats better for the new/returning players,and better for getting more new people to play ranked games. Ill wait cuple of weeks till all the maps that are now in the map pool are changed.
  14. POLL - Quick (Ranked) Match Map Pool Size

    Yeah, more maps but an extra veto or two.
  15. Zhasulan vs FReQuenZy (broadcast in english)

    hahaha i hade a laff there (at the end) Great commentary m8 ! Well done