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  1. In this case it's not about time.. yes long games are more likely to crash/de-sync but same happens with small maps and quick games if your build speed is fast/scroll rate quick and cost is super low. What I mean the crash is caused on big maps with long games with the amount of units you produce and the buildings on map overall. I believe the max limit of buildings is 500 in cncnet (not completely sure) so yea even with powerful PC with fast scroll rate, lots of buildings and huge map game is more likely to crash unfortunately. Make less units, quick play and keep enjoy the game boys.
  2. "FS Epsilon base | coop | bkmod" This is 1-6 player co-op / objective / mission based map released in April 28, 2021 at 3:36 PM FS Epsilon base_coop_bkmod.map online hastag: /map cf10aaaa6e4f07fc48cff63060e2038aec97bb6c Remember to add A.I. on start position 7 (map has some experienced bugs/crashes that may cause during playtime. Be careful with Ally Firestorm Generator) Objective #1: Find a way to free Tratos by destroying the main building. Objective #2: Escort him alive to APC (enter the APC) This will unlock mission success for objective #3 Objective #3: Capture the Pyramid Official map Credit: unknown
  3. I am offering to create a Custom in-game sidebar for you completely for free. - Included Radar animation (with your player name/nickname, logo and number) - I will add Custom GDI and Nod loading screens regarding on your screen resolution (or I can add any of your's - send them for me in PM) - Will make Custom Score screen (or I can add any of your's - send them for me in PM) Althou I would heartfully appreaciate if you have any chance to Donate . (This donation is something I can't do at the moment myself and donation is absolutely free of choice. You can also do it when you receive your Custom skin or don't do it at all.)
  4. There are couple new maps in Popular mod folder now also Giants 2 vs 2 -with auto ally- and -rules-. Also Mr_Firestar balance maps can be added too. Hope this will help with tournament and have fun guys. ✌️
  5. Use the TSMPLauncher.exe in your folder or if all files are in .rar - extract them first.
  6. Inspired by old Conflicts 4 and popular mod Giants 8 This map contains Ally by 2 players only instead of 4 vs 4 but its an 8 player map so I hope ya'll enjoy this creativity. Road of Heroes.map
  7. Read this topic about Blue Tib trees and other Fonas and Terrain. Hopefully you get some answers.
  8. Read this topic it will apply also for Fonas and all other Terrain in TS.
  9. I finally did it! Thanks Splash for spectating.
  10. How much time does it take to make thous two besides of the dead fly (filament) in a corner?
  11. Damn they look good apart of dead fly in right corner lol
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