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  1. Hey Funky, Ive got the same problem, just as more players. I had a couple days ago some matches vs Croboys and Blitz, and it whas laggy all the way, from start to finish. My avarage fps is 60, and ive got the p2p option on. Yesterday ive played 8 matches or so, and all the same thing, lagy from start, butt when /afps in lobby , 60.
  2. Hey Lovehandles, can you tell me how to mirror a map??? Iam trying to make fair maps once in a while, and iam always strugeling with fairness in the way off same buildingroom/ ore/ gems. Is there a program for, or is it just a simple trick?? I know how to work in both editors.
  3. LOL, butt no scoresheet??? As i saw @ start from vid, you had a sheet without an all player..... And, stacking issnt alowed, 😉 !
  4. Lol, when you say its easy without spec, can you proove it then, that it is easy without spec?! 🙂
  5. Hi all, Happy to anounce that i finished GMC, version 2.1, scoresheet is attached. Now i need a trusted spec, i want that shiny piece off silverware!!!!
  6. Hi all! I made a map, wich is in my opinion suiteble for quik 1vs1 matches on the ladder. I called it "Triple Botlleneck ", cause there are 3 bottlenecks in the map, 😉 ! Plenty of gems and ore on start pos, but furter ingame you have to mine the ore in mid bottum, mid-mid or mid up, where mid is easy to defend with tanks, and for the other possitions you need to do more work! I tryd to make both sides fair, with the same kind off south pos advantage for both sides, i think its a pretty fair map! Lemeknow!! TRIPLEB0.MPR
  7. Hey, i got this message while playing ra. It says that something tryd to get acces on my socket on a way that issnt alowed. What does it mean?
  8. Great, that what i needed!! Thnx Ford. I gonna try itt, and let ya know iff i made it work! Thnx again!
  9. Hey there, Can any1 tell me how to make a custom ( or any ) map a auto-ally map?? Cant find it in both the editors. Thnx in advance! Michel
  10. Hey, found this articel today, bout the voices off cc remasterd! Seems like they really bting back the classic game, cool! https://www-pcgamesn-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.pcgamesn.com/command-conquer-remastered/voice-actor?amp=&usqp=mq331AQCKAE%3D&fbclid=IwAR1L8ktVmF40JliutBp-qT0WhH9BPBGf5dZMC-sQroNOEtunAUqEgIBGbXA&amp_js_v=0.1#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pcgamesn.com%2Fcommand-conquer-remastered%2Fvoice-actor
  11. Then just micro-manege, just as the pro's do. Get quik with your mousse and clickfinger!
  12. Hi, Select your group off infantrieman, press x, you see now that your man will scatter. You can press x as many as you like, butt keep the group selected.
  13. Hi all! Iam aware off the fact that in the past i was not the most 'social' player around, and that i trolled some players. All i can say is sorry for that to those that i hurted, butt whe have to go on. Yesterday i loged in for the first time since 4 wheeks and within 1 min i got verbaly attacked, wich i can understand, given the past. Butt i do not live in the past, and i go on! All i ask is for a fresh start, without usseles verbaly beefs, and just some mutual respect! Cheers and have a great day! DutchyRA1 ( sry for my bad englisch )
  14. Great first step towards a bether cnc. Butt i agree with Beast, meaning also only 1 name for the normal client, wich whill result in no more hiders, cheaters and a bether overall experience.
  15. Hey, Whe had a dotcher on RA ladder also, named Commander. Ask the RA moderaters how they delt with him, maybe its also a solution for this cheater
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