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  1. Then just micro-manege, just as the pro's do. Get quik with your mousse and clickfinger!
  2. Hi, Select your group off infantrieman, press x, you see now that your man will scatter. You can press x as many as you like, butt keep the group selected.
  3. Hi all! Iam aware off the fact that in the past i was not the most 'social' player around, and that i trolled some players. All i can say is sorry for that to those that i hurted, butt whe have to go on. Yesterday i loged in for the first time since 4 wheeks and within 1 min i got verbaly attacked, wich i can understand, given the past. Butt i do not live in the past, and i go on! All i ask is for a fresh start, without usseles verbaly beefs, and just some mutual respect! Cheers and have a great day! DutchyRA1 ( sry for my bad englisch )
  4. Great first step towards a bether cnc. Butt i agree with Beast, meaning also only 1 name for the normal client, wich whill result in no more hiders, cheaters and a bether overall experience.
  5. Hey, Whe had a dotcher on RA ladder also, named Commander. Ask the RA moderaters how they delt with him, maybe its also a solution for this cheater
  6. And what is the result off that??? That you have the weirdest settings for a td game. It is also on ra the same, to much chanchable options. Then you have to make sure that you watch settings b4 gamestart... Then you whill enter a game where you cant crush engi ( wich you didnt c in option, cause you where thinking you where playing td ), butt you find out on latest moment, mcv gone... I can c so much drama... Just keep it as it is!
  7. A good player can defend them; its hard to learn, but its a special TD skill Thnx for this onepostpony, says itt all!!!!!
  8. Why chanche such an epic game?? PLay mods or whatever, butt please leave the game intact. Leave itt as it is, as the game whas ment to play, back in the days. I think that only a litle few players want chanches, given the fact that the poll is out for a few days now, and only a few reacters. In my opinion>>>>> ADAPT TO THE GAME!!
  9. In my opinion it is the best to keep the game as close as possible to the originel version. The players should adapt to the game, not the game to the players..! Butt i gave my vote!
  10. Ok, so games are only checked iff reported afterwards?? Thnx for fast replay btw, my intention was not to cheat ( would look weird tho, me beating some1 like leigh, nate or katch 1vs1 hehe ), butt to check. Thnx for the trust in me.
  11. Hai, I just tryd to use macro ( programmeble extra mousse keys ) on a ladder game, and itt worked!!! ( I know this issnt alowed, i just tryd to c iff its possible, causse some scoresheets are just to good to belive ) No kick, no ban, nothing..... I think its time to upgrade your cheatprevention......... I didnt record game, so no proof off using macro, butt i think admins can c this too
  12. Deer Ra comrads! I packed my bags and suitcases, and going for a trip around the world! So i whont be online for a long time! First stop„ÄčKentucky Tennisee. Thanx for all the fun! Cheers, Dutchy
  13. All i try to do, is to make maps that are suiteble for 1 vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3 matches and ffa. Also i whant to integrate a more difficult all player on all the maps i make. Butt i dont know how to set the values, and until now no1 reacted, also not from team cnc. So i keep waiting!
  14. Hai, Ive been busy making some maps, both suiteble for multiplayer online and skirmisch. Now i whant to make the all more difficult to beat, to make the maps even more interesting. I found this section in the rules.ini My aim is to make the all to attack more, and also that they defend there base better. Do i need to raise the numbers, or do i need to lower them?? And is there somewhere a guide online wich provides in this info?? Much apreciated!! DutchyRA1.
  15. HI, I have something that i encounterd while playing on the ladder. I talk about the wall on some maps, that whill dissapear after 10 secs. I can understand why the wall is placed, this to prevent trolling from other players. Butt, this is a 1vs1 match, and your free to place your mcv whereever you whant( maybe not smart to do, butt it is alowed ). And in a quik 1vs1, surprise is everything!! Those walls prevent the free movement off your mcv. Wich is great for the pro's and above( mapknowledge ), butt not so great for the newer players, or those just in between. This wall is ONLY in ladder matches, not in the regular maps. Thats also why i checked the p4 map as itt is right now, to be removed. The normal p4 map, as whe all know itt, is a great map, and should be in the ladder system.
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