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  1. On 3/15/2020 at 7:49 AM, Ra2Nub said:

    I hate MISSING for doing this. All those survivals are stolen and he just slapped his shitty edits over it, yet EVERYONE host them now. Really the most negative thing I noticed when I came back to CnCnet

    Not all of them have the MISSING in the title, so it discredit the actual creators and he credit himself for slapping his shit edits in it.

    I agree with this. I can tolerate but I do not like his "shit edits". What i can not tolerate is the retarded crashes. 

    Why don't people stop hosting his shitty maps then and let's go back to the origionals?

  2. A lot of the survival maps seem to use the same mod, but despite how hard I try to google it, I just can't seem to find any information on the mod.

    It has things like, Laser tanks going below ground, elite flak troopers/grand cannon shooting nukes, volkswagon, mindblower, giant squid, testa troopers garrisoned in bunkers, etc etc...

  3. When I get too many units on the map, I can't select air units. Not with clicking, not with dragging a box.

    I can only select land units.

    This is obviously a glitch/bug. I'd like to know how I can deal with this. If there is no solution, I'd like to ask the devs to fix this bug.


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