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  1. Thr33

    its not updating

    If u guys will help me plz... i keep getting the error as displayed in the picture below. i dont know what to do. i tried everything in the text ( adding every application in firewall ) but i still wont let me update. What to do ?
  2. Chrono Vortex


    Forum copied the post, this is trash.
  3. Cncnet launcher alway's have an problems with map "rendering" - he tried to change "yrm" to ".map" 1-3 time usually. But now he refuses renering all maps - Even perfectly clear! I tryed to rendering ".mpr", ".yrm", all clear map's - zero effect. Here's my patch: C:\Games\Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge\Maps\Custom Any log's? lela.yrm
  4. Having problems — every time I launch a skirmish or online game through C&C I get bumped to YR intro cutscene. Ca't skip it. Have watched it all the way through hoping it would fix it. No dice. Any suggestions? CNC version Windows 10.
  5. ModEnc isn't exactly a tutorial (though it does contain some of its own), but this is the best place I could find for this. I'm surprised how few people seem to know about this, so I figured I ought to stick it on the forum. As stated on the front page: This is incredibly useful in particular to mappers who want to figure out how to mess with their maps' INI. I would have posted this in the mapping discussion forum, but it didn't seem as appropriate. Hopefully people will be able to find it here.
  6. GETS STUCK ON LOAD SCREEN WHEN IT GETS TO HECK FREEZES OVER Message: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=842cf8be1de50553' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
  7. Hi All, I am trying to update to version , but it says An error occurred while updating. Returned error was: Too many retries for downloading file Resources\client.exe Please let me know how i can fix this issue. Many thanks
  8. Hello, I have Yuri & Red Alert 2. Yuri works ok, but when I play red alert campaign, all my units die few seconds after start. I have seen many discussions but I did not see any solution. Can someone help?
  9. So my brothers and i just started playing this great game again, but there is a small problem that bother us - there is a slight delay when clicking. (probably like half a second, which is very annoying.) Anyone got a fix for this? I know it's a small small problem, but shit is killing me lol. thanks in advance
  10. So i have Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge from origin and i don't understand what is the problem here is it because i have windows 10 ,is it because i have windows 10 cracked or is it because there is something wrong with my launcher or anything please help me and DO NOT IGNORE please i've tried for 5 months to play CnC online and i can't , i've tried to uninstall it then install it again but it didn't work previously i played on a computer which had windows xp and it worked client.log
  11. Hello, Recently I bought a new laptop for college, I have been trying to install Red Alert 2 on it, as I am a huge fan of the game. I have the physical disks for both the soviet and the allied campaign, At any rate I will run the installer ( I have tried both disks) then I get the UAC "do you want to let this program make changes to your computer" ( the publisher and source are unknown.) I click "yes" I hear the Hdd and the CD drive bay speed up for a few minutes then nothing, I check task manger, nothing Ra2 installer isn't running, just the usually background programs. When I installed on Win 7 I was able to use the command "sec stop secdrv" in command prompt to install Ra2 and Yuri's Revenge. However when I tried to do this for win 10, command prompt spat out an error "the service has not been started"! Sooo any assistance would be awesome!! Thank you!! Sincerely Ben Bower
  12. I've played ra2YR months on CNCNET but suddenly without changing settings or anything i couldn't play anymore when the host hits the start button to load the game, i see screen of players loading but my loading progress or other players' progress doesn't load till end ,so the game does't start and i lose connection to them , Also sometimes all progress bars of all players load and the game starts for 3 seconds then i lose connection to them , i really need help ! this problem happened on windows 7 , 8.1 , and now 10 as i formated my laptop as i thought it was a windows problem after i lost hope to solve it my laptop is HP PROBOOK 4540s i5 and now i am using windows 10
  13. tarek daher

    help me

    i have windows 10 - 64 bit & high graphic card please i want download a red alert 2 & Yuri full conditions without problems i found some games but all are bad resolution and graphic and sometimes start with black screen so please help me
  14. Anytime i launch the game online especially YR & MO, the game waits for all players to enter, but the connection bar goes to red slowly (gradual). EDIT: i think i know why i can't play, i tried to open valve's steam client week ago, and after that, i got something shocking, i had a message saying: "An incompatible version of HMIPCore.dll (related to HideMyIP / My Privacy Tools) has been detected inside of the Steam process." "We suggest updating or uninstalling this software if you experience crashes or network shutdowns while running Steam or Individual games.", Maybe this has something to do with CnCNet5 too.
  15. I downloaded ra2 YR and cncnet,I updated it and when I join or create a game at YR client then when game lanching it's pop back at menu how to fix this I want to play online.help please.thank you
  16. in game two players didn't start with a MVC. This map I just made to play the AI but I did test it online and same thing happend. Can someone who knows how to make maps. Tell me why Players are not spawning.... I'm sure I have set all of them. master.map
  17. This is based on this tutorial from Project Perfect Mod. If you want an in-depth exploration into the nature of parabombs, have a look at it. The first thing you'll need to do is copy this INI code into your map, using Notepad or Notepad++: [PBOMB] UIName=Name:CAMISC02 Name=Parabomb Image=CTMISC02 ;CAMISC02 for snow maps Primary=Parabomb Civilian=yes Category=Soldier Nominal=yes CanPassiveAquire=yes CanRetaliate=yes Crushable=no Insignificant=yes AttackFriendlies=yes Sensors=yes SensorsSight=255 DetectDisguise=yes DetectionDistance=255 OpportunityFire=yes GuardRange=255 Prerequisite=BARRACKS RadarVisible=no RadarInvisible=yes Strength=500 Armor=special_2 TechLevel=-1 Sight=8 Speed=0 DeathAnims=TWLT100I DeathWeapon=KillMe DefaultToGuardArea=yes HasStupidGuardMode=false Explodes=yes Selectable=no ImmuneToPsionics=yes ImmuneToRadiation=yes ImmuneToPoison=yes ImmuneToVeins=yes Unnatural=yes Owner=British,French,Germans,Americans,Alliance,Russians,Confederation,Africans,Arabs,YuriCountry Points=0 BerserkFriendly=yes IsSelectableCombatant=no Locomotor={4A582744-9839-11d1-B709-00A024DDAFD1} PhysicalSize=1 MovementZone=InfantryDestroyer ThreatPosed=1 Bombable=no LegalTarget=no Size=1 AllowedToStartInMultiplayer=no Trainable=no DontScore=yes PreventAttackMove=yes DieSound=ExplosionCrazyIvan TypeImmune=yes [NapalmWH] CellSpread=4 PercentAtMax=.6 Wood=yes Verses=100%,100%,100%,100%,100%,100%,100%,250%,20%,100%,100% InfDeath=4 Sparky=no Fire=no ProneDamage=600% [KillMe] Projectile=InvisibleAll Damage=80 Warhead=NapalmWH Anim=TWLT100I Range=255 ROF=15 Suicide=yes FireInTransport=no [Parabomb] ROF=15 Damage=80 Range=255 Projectile=DropP Speed=100 Warhead=NapalmWH OmniFire=yes Suicide=yes RevealOnFire=no Anim=TWLT100I [DropP] Inviso=yes Image=none AA=no AG=yes AN=yes AS=yes [Warheads] XXX=NapalmWH ;Replace "XXX" with a number above 105 (the first 105 entries under [Warheads] are already in use). [InfantryTypes] XX=PBOMB ;Replace "XX" with a number above 65 (the first 65 entries under [InfantryTypes] are already in use). This adds an infantry unit (called "PBOMB") with a suicide weapon to the map, which will act as a parabomb. Be sure to add the entry numbers under [Warheads] and [InfantryTypes] before you proceed. The next thing you'll need to do is add a trigger which paradrops a team of parabombs somewhere. If you don't know how to do that, these are the steps: Open the script editor and add a new script. Add an "Attack" action to that script (this ensures that the parabombs will explode on impact with the ground). Open the taskforce editor and add a new taskforce. change the "Unit type" to "PBOMB," and the "Number of units" to however many parabombs you want to be dropped. Place a waypoint on the map at the location you want your parabombs to be dropped (henceforth referred to as waypoint X), and another at the location you want the cargo plane to spawn (henceforth referred to as waypoint Y). Open the teams editor and add a new team. Change the "Script" and "Task force" to the ones you just made. Change the "House" to "Civilian." Check the "Cargo plane" box. Change the "Waypoint" to waypoint X and the "Transport waypoint" to waypoint Y. Open the trigger editor and add a new trigger. Under "Events," add an event for whatever conditions you want to cause the parabombs to be dropped. Under "Actions," add a new action. Change the "Action type" to "7 Reinforcement (team)..." and the "Parameter value" to the team you just made. And that's it. If you've done everything right, this is what the end result should look like: If you want an example of this at work, take a look at this map.
  18. chrojin06

    Remove CnCnet

    To delete CnC net from my game, do I just delete the client or is there more to it? Thanks, Chrojin.
  19. This is based off a post I made to Project Perfect Mod. View the original thread here. I made an interesting discovery concerning hijackers. Sometimes, the game will "displace" a unit (meaning move it off-center relative to all other units of that type) if it comes off of a repair bay or out of a war factory wrong, or if it's part of a paradrop. If this happens, it seems that hijackers can only enter that unit from the direction towards which it has been displaced. This first bit is completely wrong. Scroll down to see the actual explanation. Here's an example... KEY: In this situation, the hijacker fails to enter the vehicle because it is approaching the subject from the direction away from which it has been displaced. In this situation, the hijacker succeeds in entering the vehicle because it is approaching the subject from the direction towards which it has been displaced. And here's what's really happening: Here's a map I threw together for others who want to experiment with this.
  20. i have a really serious annoying problem here i used to use Cncnet to play red alert 2 - yuri online and all was fine and that was a year ago now when i try to start any game online i got disconnected screen like in the pic after only 10 seconds within the game i have been trying for 2 days with no solution at all and ...with no reason just can't understand the problem... everything was fine a year ago that happened on win 8.1 and even 10 - the ping always is under 100 i hope someone give a real solution... thanks in advance
  21. Up on Start up my client of Red Alert Yuri's Revenge crashes after i installed the new update for Yuri's Revenge the one I wonder how i can fix this?
  22. [Bug Report] Custom maps cause YR client to crash / not load. Description: I made some terrain edits to the official map "frostbite" and I added a new game mode under the map's [Basic] category called tournament, as I saw some custom maps using stuff like 'fast map' & ' survival' as a game mode. I thought it would be a great way to organise the maps under specific categories as the game client seems to pick up on these custom game modes and list maps accordingly. However, when some one joins the game while hosting the edited map frostbite custom and the game mode is set to 'Tournament' their game client crashes after 2-3 seconds. When the game mode is set to 'Standard'' on the same map the map transfers without a crash, however when starting the game, the host of the game doesn't load, from other player's perspective, from the host's perspective, only he/she loads into the game. The 'standard' game mode is provided with the original game and maps and is normally used for the default 'battle' game mode and also official tournament/ladder play on the official servers. I've also had the problem where when joining a game with a custom map the map transfers, but the game doesn't load at the first attempt when starting a match, just get stuck on the loading screen. Usually the second attempt to load into the game works, however sometimes the problem persists. Here is the only ini code that was changed on the map, not the tournament game mode. (when removed the map still doesn't load on game start) [Basic] Name=[4] Frostbite Theme=No theme Percent=0 GameMode=standard, teamgame, tournament InitTime=10000 Official=no EndOfGame=no FreeRadar=no MaxPlayer=4 MinPlayer=2 SkipScore=no TrainCrate=no TruckCrate=no OneTimeOnly=no CarryOverCap=0 NewINIFormat=4 NextScenario= SkipMapSelect=no AltNextScenario= MultiplayerOnly=1 IceGrowthEnabled=no VeinGrowthEnabled=no TiberiumGrowthEnabled=yes IgnoreGlobalAITriggers=no TiberiumDeathToVisceroid=no Please see attachment to replicate the bugs. frostbite.map
  23. Hi every one! Could anyone help me on fixing this error?: " The procedure entry [email protected] could not be located in the dynamic link library blink32.dll "
  24. Plz Help .... after i create a game and start the game it stops after like 5 seconds and gets me to a screen that shows the other players and timing of disconnecting from them and counting down to 0 seconds and says that connection interrupted (as u can see in the picture attached) .. after that the game ends and i get back to cncnet game room. this problem happens with Red alert 2 and Yuri i have windows 7 and checked the firewall and all other games work perfectly .. as for red alert and yuri they work perfectly when i play with pc .. this only happens in online game either in cncnet servers or in game ranger servers. New Bitmap Image.bmp
  25. Hi, I installed the CnCnet client for Red Alert 2 +Yuri's revenge, and I've been getting a problem where the client window is completely blank. It's not frozen or crashing since the music still plays and the button noises for when I hover my mouse still play, it's just not rendering the contents of the window at all. I've tried compatibility issues and such but I haven't been able to fix it. I'm using WIndows 10, and have an integrated graphics card if that helps.
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