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  1. Hi, i created a nice custom map -> [4] Presidential Lake which is a 2vs2 version of the original little big lake map. -> The issue i face is the following and it applies to all games i start: If all players already have the map - it works flawlessly If one of the player loads the map the first time and the game is started some players are directly dropped back to game menü. Any thoughts on what the reason could be? [4] presidential lake.map
  2. Ok so this is weird for my as a starter guy here but here's a question? I want to download the original Red Alert 2 but i keep getting Yuri's revenge expansions. someone explain why can't i download the original?
  3. Billy


    I downloaded the update yesterday. Now my game won't play. I double click on the YR icon, and the YR Client launches. It stays on that black screen with CnCnet as the background. It stays on that screen forever, game never launches. Please help! My addiction to gaming is suffering
  4. I have downloaded "CnCNet5_RA2_YR_Installer_v3.3.0.1" file and my anti-virus says it removed viruses,. Also after installing and trying to run game it says a file is missing and wont load. Please Advice.
  5. ahmedx

    FATAL error

    every time the host start the game i have this error and i go back to looby , i need a solution
  6. I log in to the lobby no problem, join a game, loading screen, the loading screen sometimes freezes for a while especially after my own loading is finished. the game starts and one of 2 things happen; either I get an instant victory with everyone defeated message, or I get the "connection interrupted" screen and time out. - I'm on Windows 7, tried on Windows 10 as well, same result, exe are run as administrator. - I have no antivirus, firewall is off, and even if on the client is in exceptions anyway so it's allowed. - I tried every "Re-" in the book; restarting, reinstalling, nothing works. - Client is latest version. - No error log created after the incidents. - Same issue whether I create or join a game, with any number of players on any map. - Skirmish works flawlessly, and online game with ai also works flawlessly, the issue is only with other players. - There was a topic before about the problem in Egypt, but the fix suggested was about WLAN protection, and I'm using cable. - Other suggestions included changing nickname, changing rendering options, nothing works. -2 days ago, it worked, and I played a couple of games, then yesterday the issue returned without me making any changes to anything whatsoever. - I'm attaching the client log, don't know if it's of any use but in the lobby I was told to post error logs, which are nonexistent, so..... client.log
  7. I need help i want to find this sound wher the soviet faction says Player Defeated You are Victorious .
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4Md6ZnAIHI Hi guys, Please look at the video and tell me if you know what that mod is, I love that mod just can't find it anywhere else. Thank you
  9. Voice clips and sound effects for vehicles that aren't the Grizzly Tank, Terror Drone or Rhino Tank as well as everything else introduced in YR seem to be completely absent when I play the game. I've already reinstalled twice. Assistance please? Solution: I did a fresh reinstall after uninstalling some programs, including XCC Utilities. I then extracted files from the XWIS installation and replaced them in the directory.
  10. Its really hard to understand, fortunly, i find the messages, but i stil cant add some0ne in a friend list...
  11. When i alt tab in game, i cant go back to game. game continues but the screen is frozen. im playing on windows 10
  12. Hi, sometimes when you start the game in Red Alert 2, Mode, get error , error rare . Is it just me or is this a common problem? ra2.bmp
  13. Whenever the host starts the game, or I do, I always load the last one, or either the slowest. When the game starts everyone say that I lag, the game at first is slow, but after sometime it becomes fast, I always thought it was from the server that it gets adapted to the connection/system of every player? But before that "sometime" pass, someone quits and then I get kicked even though my Internet is decent, and my ping is no more than 150 ms. I play on my HP laptop a 6 GB RAM, i5 2.2 GHZ, and a 2 GB x2 NVIDIA GEFORCE video card. Windows 8.1 Professional, 64-bits OS. The game can pretty much work on any PC doesn't matter. So.. That being said, what do I do now? What are the best solutions? Thanks.
  14. Let's build a structure, that spawns a soldier every time when a shot is fired on! That can be used as hostile base-defense in missions or a neutral building in multiplayer games. That's actually a funny and entertaining element in a map. Choose a building with weaker armor, otherwise there could be a huge flood of infantry, which slows down online games. 1. Place the building where you like to have it. Place 2 waypoints: WP1 beneath the building, WP2 next to it. 2. Now create a teamtype: Create a taskforce: 1 E1 (or something else, but but only 1 infantrist!), create a script (1. move to WP2, 2. area guard: few seconds, 3. attack anything) and a teamtype. Set WP1 as Waypoint for the team. Make sure team owner and building owner are identical (or at least allied with each other). 3. Create a trigger: Set in RA1: Existence - constant, in TS/RA2: Type 2 - Repeating. Event: Attacked by anybody/any house. Action: RA1: Reinforce team - Our teamtype. RA2/TS: 80 - Reinforce at Waypoint - Our Teamtype / WP1. 4. Double-click on your building and attach trigger. If the building is destroyed, the trigger automatically will die too. Now with every shot of my hovercraft there is one trooper coming out of the lighthouse!
  15. How to make vehicle's clone! vehicle
  16. [NRA]Rocketeer

    Ingame Name

    Is there anyway for you guys just have specific nicknames for each user as it looks like multiple people can use the same tag as long as their the only one logged in at the time
  17. Problem about Command & Conquer Red Alert™ 2 and Yuri’s Revenge. I downloaded that game yesterday from origin.com and all was ok. But since today i cant play. It said that RA2 stopped working. Problem caused the program to stop working corretly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. Whats about that? Anyone can explain that? Tnx!
  18. Crow

    Update eror

    my clinet download 1 day ago and my clined version is 3.0.42 and my cliend is cant update your self and ı cant donwload last version because cncnet download page is has got older wersion (3.0.42) i have thıs error http://i.hizliresim.com/V0GGVZ.png how can ı fıx thıs problem ?
  19. Every time I click the link to download RA:2, It makes me download Yuri's Revenge. Does anyone have the proper link/file?
  20. Would you kindly update so we can play red alert 2 and Yuri single player campaign? like yall did with RA CNC and Tiberian Sun Please and thank you
  21. I ve already install the game and cncnet,the game open with cnc launcher is only giving me Blank white screen windowed.Please help me.
  22. Running CnCNet server using systemd (Linux x64) wget downloads.cncnet.org/tunnel.sh sh tunnel.sh 200 "Unnamed Server" If you're unsure what linux distro to choose, just take the latest version of Ubuntu Using the above method you can run both CnCNet servers as a service and they will continue to run even after the server restarted. Alternatively you can also run the servers individually (see below): New Server (All Games) Linux x64 example: wget -c https://downloads.cncnet.org/cncnet-server.tgz -O - | tar -xz nohup ./cncnet-server --name "My cool server" --maxclients 200 --port 50001 --portv2 50000 > cncnet-server.log 2>&1 & Linux ARM Windows: On XP, Vista and 7 make sure .NET 4.0 is installed: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=17113 Download the server and start it: http://downloads.cncnet.org/cncnet-server-gui.exe Note: Servers are chosen automatically by CnCNet and are only used in case 2 players fail to establish a Peer-To-Peer connection. Yuri's Revenge players can select a specific server via the advanced settings while hosting a game room. Old Server (Yuris Revenge only) Linux (Ubuntu) example: sudo apt-get install default-jre wget http://downloads.cncnet.org/cncnet-tunnel.exe nohup java -jar cncnet-tunnel.exe -name "My cool server" -maxclients 200 -port 50000 -headless > cncnet-tunnel.log 2>&1 & Windows: Download the server and start it: http://downloads.cncnet.org/cncnet-tunnel.exe Note: To use a specific server you'll have to select it via the advanced settings while hosting a game room. The servers will not show up instantly on the website, it can take up to 4 hours
  23. Nowadays, it seems that the very concept of paletted graphics doesn't get much attention in image editors anymore. In fact, many people don't even grasp the concept of colour palettes anymore. So I've decided to write a tutorial explaining what paletted graphics are in general, how they work in the Command & Conquer games, and how to edit them with Gimp. Gimp is probably not the ideal image editor to use for paletted graphics, but it does, in fact, support them (unlike programs like MS Paint), and it's free. It has its drawbacks, though. The relevant options are not always easy to find, and its brush tools have ridiculously large default sizes for pixel editing work, which are always reset on restart of the program. Paletted graphics Right. First of all, what are paletted graphics? I'm not really an expert on the history behind it all, but basically, they are a way to save memory. In a normal, full-colour image, each pixel is assigned a colour. Such a colour is a triplet of bytes, each byte being one colour component. The three are Red, Green, and Blue. This means that each pixel on an image would take up three bytes. On modern image formats, a fourth is assigned for transparency, but that's irrelevant in C&C graphics, so we won't discuss that here. Paletted graphics, in contrast, use only one byte per pixel (or less, but we'll stick to C&C's 8-bit-per-pixel images here for now). A paletted image's file header contains a list of 256 colour triplets which define all colours that will be used on the image. Once you got that palette, each actual pixel on the image simply needs to refer to a colour index on that palette; a number from 0 to 255, a value which fits inside a single byte. So at the extra cost of adding the palette in advance, the actual image can be a lot smaller in file size. There's some historical reasons for this in the way graphics cards handle graphics using palettes, but since I don't really know the specifics of that, let's not go deeper into that. Instead, let's look at a very peculiar kind of paletted image formats: game sprites. What's so odd about game sprites, like the C&C SHP format, is that they are paletted images without colours saved inside them. Instead, they will use whatever colours the game (or an external viewing tool, like XCC Mixer) gives it. This explains why C&C1 graphics will work perfectly fine in RA1, but will look all messed up: the file format is the same, but the C&C graphics were made for a different palette, meaning the palette indices on these graphics are all wrong in RA1's colour palette. So, you may wonder, why did Westwood not simply include the palette? There are two reasons for that. The first: in C&C1 and RA1, the entire screen, at any given time, contains only a single palette. The game itself can only show graphics of one single 256-colour palette at the same time. The second: Command & Conquer 1 uses the same unit and structure graphics for all theaters, while Desert theater has a different palette than Temperate/Winter. How is this done? Simple, actually: the palettes have parts that are different, and parts that are the same. The units, structures and general game UI are made so they ONLY use the palette indices on which the colours remain the same between all theaters. In Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2, they decided to keep the same 256-colour formats because of the ease of remapping the house colours on 256-colour graphics. The games themselves, though, are high colour, and can handle showing several colour paletted graphics with different palettes at the same time. I hope this gives some insight into the game's graphics formats. Usage in Gimp (everything here was tested on Gimp 2.8.0) From what I've seen, Gimp does not have any feature to import or export colour palettes in specific palette file formats. However, like any image editor that supports colour palettes, it can simply get the palette from the image itself. First of all, to see the palette in a 256-colour image in Gimp, go to [Windows] -> [Dockable Dialogs] -> [Colormap]. This will give you a dialog on which you can see the current image's palette at all times. You can click on the colours in this colour map dialog to easily select them for editing. Another handy feature for pixel work is to enable the grid in Gimp. You can find it under [View] -> [show Grid]. So, what we need to do to get the palettes into Gimp is simply convering some SHP file to PNG with XCC Mixer, with the palette we need, and then opening that in Gimp to get the palette out. For completeness' sake, I'll go over the steps including XCC Mixer: In XCC Mixer, press ctrl+p, and select the palette you want to import into Gimp. Right-click on any SHP file you want, and press [Copy As PNG]. If the conversion created multiple PNG images, delete all but one of them. It doesn't matter at all what is on the image; only the palette saved in its file header is important. Open the remaining single image in Gimp. In Gimp, go to [Windows] -> [Dockable Dialogs] -> [palettes]. This will give you the list of Gimp's internal colour palettes. In that list, right click and select [import Palette]. It will open the "Import Palette" dialog. On the dialog, change the radio button for the source selection to "Image", and select the image you opened as source to take the palette from. At the bottom of the dialog, give the palette a name (easiest would be to use the same name as the one in XCC Mixer) and press [import]. The palette will now show up in Gimp's palettes list. So, what can we do with these imported palettes? One of the uses is the palette conversion I covered in my other tutorial. Here's how to do that conversion in Gimp: Open the image in Gimp. Go to [image] -> [Mode]. You'll see the mode is either [RGB] or [indexed]. If it is already Indexed, change it to RGB. Go to [image] -> [Mode] again, and now select [indexed]. A colour conversion dialog will appear. In the dialog, select "use custom palette", select one of the palettes you imported before, UNCHECK "remove unused colours", set Dithering to 'None', and click [Convert]. That's it. Export the image as png or something again, and you're done. Another possibility is to change an image's palette without adapting the graphics to the new palette. This is handy if you have graphics converted with the standard yellow remap, but you want to change them to the purple palettes as remap for editing. To do such a palette replacement: Go to [Colors] -> [Map] -> [set Color Map]. Click the palette button, select the new palette, and press [Close] Press [OK]. That's it! You should now see the image adapt its colours to the new palette.
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