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Found 361 results

  1. Hello, When i go to edit my username it says "Sorry, there is a problem You are not allowed to change your display name. Error code: 1C122/4" Can this be rectified please? Regards Alex
  2. So me and a group of work friends have been playing a lot of the games through CnCNet recently, I usually host them but I noticed as host I tend to get a bit of delay in game. So I thought maybe I'd look into spinning up a server through DigitalOcean, or an old tower. I did some light searching and found a post from 2016 which stated that the specs were 1 Core, 512 MB RAM, 20 GB HDD. Do these still hold true, and are they the recommended level specs for a cncnet server? Thanks ahead of time!
  3. Hi, Every time i launch a multiplayer game it seems to crash after a few minuets of play. I have tried running in various compatibility modes (WinXP SP2 / 3) System specs as follows: Intel Core i5-3360M @ 2.80GHz 4GB Ram Win7 x64 Could someone advise if there is a fix for this? Thanks. EXCEPT_CNCNET_19_11_2017_23_35.TXT EXCEPT_CNCNET_19_11_2017_23_35.TXT.zip
  4. I have a tunnel server on my VPS server. It will show up on the list if I don't set the password. I prefer it to be password protected but I don't know how to connect to it. Is there any way to connet to it through cncnet client?
  5. Ari Wijaya

    mental omega error

    i have problem on my mental omega client. when i have been update it to path 3.3.2 there is problem when i start mental omega client theres is some pop up that show up like this: How i can fix this?
  6. Kikematamitos

    Game not start

    I host, i start the game, i see only me load and you are victorious, that happen to me today and not before, i update my NVIDIA but i think that is not the problem, i use Windows 10 and i have good connection.
  7. i cant update my CnCnet version on my IP when i run VPN its work and update but i cant play on my IP please help
  8. GeraltVRiva

    Can't update

    Hi. I can't update to the latest Version 3.74 . The download stuck on 25 % (see Screenshot) What can i do? EDIT: The same now with Update 3.75 EDIT2: After 300 tries, it worked... dont no what the Problem was
  9. Many of us just recently learned about the "/framesendrate" command for hosts to use in game lobbies but as of now, there's very vague info as far as what value to set in different situations. The vast majority of players who regularly host games don't even know of / commands altogether. Would someone be kindly willing to break it all down for us? In addition, as a way to make game hosts more aware of these features, perhaps in future updates, add it to the other info that pops up in the main lobby?
  10. How many clans are there on CnCNet across all supported games? You can usually tell, people usually put [ClanName]Nickname. How many can you name, or what ones have you seen recently?
  11. Hi, since the last 3 CNCNet updates (before that it worked flawlessly) i get the following error randomly after the game crashes. It can happen in the first minutes of a game or after 20 Minutes, just tried it with the newest version ( and it still occurs. What I did so far (didn´t help): 1. Reinstall game 2. Reinstall cncnet My Settings: 1920x1200 TSS-DDraw
  12. Forst of all - great Job with the ladder! Works great for me (just still getting the main executable stopped working error as many others) My Question: Normally I am playing Red Alert 2 mode only since i think Yuri made the game worse... Will there be a opportunity to play ladder in Ra2 Mode?
  13. Hey all, Today i am having an issue where everytime i join a game and start the loading screen. I load but everyone else doesnt so i cant currently play This has only started to happen today and I cant work out why, what should i do?? Thank you
  14. please help I'm trying to play my command and conquer online but when I try connecting the two origin and cncnet it will down load half way then it will say unable to execute file c:\program files (x86)\origin games\ command and conquer red alert ||\cncnetyrlauncher.exe create process failed; code 2 the system cannot find the file specified
  15. Hello! I have a problem. My System is Windows 10. When I create game and a person enter's it, sometimes I cant start the game. I mean, I press "Launch", and it shows that my opponent isnt loading, and then I have a message "You are victorious". Then, when I restart computer, I can create game and play, but after like 2 hours of working, I start having same annoying issue. Its also bad for me, because I'm streaming RA2 games, and I have to stop broadcast and go restart my PC. After that, I have no viewers, lol. Can something be done with that? Very annoying.
  16. EXCEPT_18_10_2017_13_0.TXT it was a 2vs2 on a custom map. spawn.ini spawnmap.ini
  17. Greetings. i tried to download the CnCNet online for RA2 but when i open the file i get Yuri's Revenge. And then when i try to browse for files when installing it says that 'Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge not found. Please select the right folder' . What do i do? D: Details:- - My laptop is run by Windows 10 - i only have Red Alert 2. i don't have Yuri. - i do not run RA2 by CD. i use Daemon. If you need more info please do ask. Hope you guys can help!
  18. I have the disc set from back in the day still, so i just tried to install the game again, nostalgia and all that. The auto-run starts up, brings up the menu as normal, hit the install button, it runs the Setup.exe, asks if I want to allow it to make changes, hit yes...and then it closes and nothing happens. Figure it's probably compatibility issues? Running Windows 10. Tried running setup as admin directly from the files with compatibility mode Windows XP SP2, SP3, and Windows 7 as well. No luck. Any other insight?
  19. CnCNet works perfectly with the Origin version of the game - no black-screen or psychedelic colors, no freezing thirty minutes into the game, can even get it to run in windowed mode through the client without Windows throwing a hissy-fit about color modes. Only problem is, it only lets me play skirmish or multiplayer modes. Sure, I've spent a lot more time with those, but once in a while I'd like to play the campaign; I don't recall ever personally completing more than one mission . Now, I've already got that ddraw.dll fix going, and for Red Alert 2 it runs damn-near perfectly as well, I just replayed a pair of Soviet missions with it. But so much as having ddraw.dll in the game's folder makes Yuri's Revenge crash on startup with a "Main executable for Yuri's Revenge has stopped working" popup (although I suppose that's a step up from YR just refusing to acknowledge them, or causing the same issues for different reasons no matter what I change). Worse thing is, if I don't have it there, I universally get just a black screen when I try to run the game on its own. I've even tried copying ts-ddraw.dll out of CnCNet's Resources folder and into the main folder, and the game seemed perfectly content to ignore it. The gist of it is, how do I run the game with CnCNet's improvements without using CnCNet's launcher? Is there something else I need to do to get the game to acknowledge ts-ddraw, or do I need to do something else entirely?
  20. Cannot play Yuri's Revenge online after update Windows 7, got the free version from Origin. It used to work before. Tried WinXP compatibility mode + administrator except.txt
  21. Husk

    Windows 10 RA2

    Hello , I recently wanted to play RA 2 again on my windows 10 and it is literally unplayble, how to play RA2 nowadays ? i tried many fix but nothing worked yet... Thanks you
  22. HI, I was trying to add some maps from Cncnet map database and I put it in the custom file but I can't see any of it in the maps section when I run the game anyone could help?
  23. Tom

    Issue when download RA2

    Hello, check the download of Red Alert 2. when you click to download the red Alert 2 he start the download of the Red Alert 2 YR and not the Red Alert 2.
  24. Hey everyone, I've been mapping for a little while but I'm running into this VERY annoying problem when making an Urban map for RA2YR while using the latest version of the Final alert 2 map editor. I go to make a ramp facing to the north east and i can never get it to fit properly and this only seems to happen with the urban ramps. I will post screenshots/videos if anyone can help me figure this one out because i'd really like to take my mapping to the next level and start doing different styles of terrain and cliffs and what not. This is what happens, this is just an example from 4 corners of chaos map. It doesn't seem to line up. But I have a hard time even getting it to get to this point of lining up correctly and being even. If someone could possibly show me how to create north east facing ramps like this please contact me. Thank you.
  25. When I play C&C Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge, I frequently get a problem in which if the game is minimized (or otherwise not the top window.) and I try to bring it back up, it comes back up as a tiny unresponsive with the sound still playing. I can't make it bigger, and on the off chance that it's still full screen, it's unresponsive to my input and I have to Alt-F4 and start over. This happens if I click off the screen when I run dual monitor set up, if I click the edge of the screen with one monitor, if I leave my computer for long enough for the computer to turn off the screen, and sometimes at random if Windows decides it needs to be minimized for whatever reason. I hope this is something I can fix with the right settings, but I haven't found any other settings that work well yet. Could it work better in a virtual machine? Game settings: In-game Resolution: 1600x900 Client Resolution 1280x800 (Recommended) Detail Level: High Full Screen Client Checked Renderer TS-DDraw Client Theme: Yuri's Revenge Theme Windowed Mode: Unchecked Back Buffer...: Unchecked My system settings and specs: Screen Resolution: 1920x1080 Second Monitor when used: 1280x1024 OS: Windows 10 Home RAM: 16 GB CPU: Intel Core i7-4720HQ GPU: Nvidia 960m
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