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Found 361 results

  1. oyunda bu hata ortaya çıkıyor. lütfen yardım et. yapamadım
  2. When some 1 joins it takes for ever to get connected ? This is when there are a lot of people online
  3. Statutory Gank

    From XWIS

    Hi I'm a player originally from XWIS and I wanted to start playing this game again now that it is being hosted. I have a couple of questions. I have my old red alert 2 CD key and allied disc. Yet my PC do not have a CD-ROM. How do I go about getting just a game download where I input my old CD-KEY. Question 2: Do I have to buy the update Yuri's Revenge to play online or is my old original just RA2 CD key good enough to play online.. Or is everyone on Yuri's?
  4. Hello there, I have downloaded the original red alert 2 from origin on my widows 10 along with the CNCnet app. the CNCNET app is installed but when I open the program, it freezes on a black screen. the app is not working with me although it worked with my friend. please advise. thank you.
  5. hsiddique

    CncNet Offline

    Hi all, I don't know why, but CnC net will not allow me to play Yuri's Revenge online. This occured when trying to updated to 16.5 The update process was distruped and said to have failed though on the bottom right it says 6.5, when trying to force an update, it fails also. I haven't been able tp update to 6.6 or the latest 6.7 Back story. I have the game on origins, yuri's revenge is downloaded through origins, and downloaded CnCNet through https://cncnet.org/yuris-revenge. On the top right when laughing "Yuri's Revenge CnCNet", the top right shows "YR Online: N/A" Please help Thank you so much!
  6. sgt_sticks

    red alert 2

    hello all can someone help plzz every time i try to download red alert 2 it downloads yuri . I am clicking on red alert 2 . check downloads and it's yuri ?????
  7. I run server with command sudo apt-get install default-jre wget http://downloads.cncnet.org/cncnet-tunnel.exe nohup java -jar cncnet-tunnel.exe -name "My cool server" -maxclients 200 -port 50000 -headless > cncnet-tunnel.log & I want Monitor Connection Real Time like Windows.
  8. IS there any Chance to geht Player Ratings in the cncNet? So man People start in beginner games but they are not Beginners, so real Beginners dont have fun. Nö Chance to sehe who is good Player and who not. As everybody has to create an account their should be an Option hat Shows + of Winning games and Loosing games per Player as well as + of games. I know this is not a 100% solution but you can have an Idea of te Player strenght... We habe really big Problems as newbies
  9. Everything works fine on computer until I run the 6.3 update. When I run CnCNetYRLauncher. This error below occurs. Clientxna.exe has ecountered a problem. Yuri's revenge has crashed. Error Message: Insuficient memory to continue the execution of the program. Issue keeps repeating. I have a basic laptop. I run windows XP. home 2002, Service Pack 3 Delll Inspirion ME051, Intel Celeron M 1.50GHz, 504MG of RAM, I cleared almost every program and items running, but still get a memory crash. What are CnCnetYR system game requirements? I can play other CnC programs with out issue. Is there a patch to utilize less CPU or do I simply need to upgrade my system. Better processor? Hopefully its an easy RAM fix. Please help.
  10. Hello. So sorry to just join for bug support. Let me start out by saying that it warms my heart to see such a huge community gathered around arguably my favourite childhood games. But now, to not stray off topic too much, here's the issue. System information: Red Alert 2 from the Ultimate Collection Windows 10 Home, 64 bit Intenso SATA III SSD drive 4095 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 graphics card Intel Core i5 4460 3.20 GHz 16gb DDR3 Dual-Channel 799 MHz ASRock B85 Pro4 mainboard I started out by installing Red Alert 2. I fixed some of the standard issues that comes with it and got it running. But due to the Alt-Tab issue, I went and installed a DDraw file. As that didn't work and nothing else I could find worked, I came across CNCNet. And as promised, installing the client fixed a whole lot of annoying issues in Red Alert 2. However, my menus got messed up a LOT. My start menu works really well, perfectly in fact. Start campaign, start Skirmish and everything. But the options menu is royally messed up. And when I get in game, the pause menu is messed up. Several of the visible buttons have the wrong label and only shows the correct one once clicked. Furthermore, Load Game is missing, Restart is missing from Abort and the sliders are misaligned in the game options menu. Thinking I did something wrong, I tried completely uninstalling RA2, deleted all the files in the folder and the folder itself, did a fresh Origin install and tried to boot it fresh. The problem which I didn't have before persists now, even with a clean Origin install. With or without the amazing fixes from CNCNet, my RA2 is almost unplayable due to specifically the missing load game button and restart mission button. The game itself runs well, but as I am currently playing missions for nostalgia, I cannot actually be without those two buttons. So far I tried a LOT. I tried installing different DDraws, both manually and through the CNCNet client, to no avail. No setting changes I tried fixed it. I tried several of the graphic tricks out there, several compatibility modes(and none), disabling high res DPI scaling and screaming at the heavens. I am completely and utterly out of ideas, and I hope a kind soul in here will have the answer I seek. I couldn't find it via the Search menu, but honest talk, I didn't quite know what to search for, so if this is a common and often answered issue, I am very terribly sorry. I attached screenshots showing that the main menu and start game menu works, and then I hope you can get a sense of the weird collage of broken menu items I also attached. I wanted to save space to not upload 7 pictures
  11. Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'WindowsGameForm' how wo
  12. After update 6.3, when i try to load the game, screen becomes white and after a while game shuts down. It does not load to main screen. Reinstalled game, drivers, same issue.
  13. Can you helme whit this error plz? Tkz
  14. I just want to have a quick shout-out to this community to say, thanks for bring my childhood back, now on Windows 10! I remembered when i was young that when i came hoe from grade school every day to play Command and Conquer RA2 and YR too and iut was an enthrawling experiece to play such an awesome game, although i never played online with other (im more used to fighting AI anyways, kinda scared what other players would do, which is why you'll notice the contents of this rulesmd ini file are a bit extra.) Ever since i discovered an advanced AI mod (which allowed AI to land naval transports on your base, making island/continent based maps so much more fun and less one-sided), i'd had as much fun adapting to the way the Ai now fights me and i enjoy how aggressive it can be at times. much more powerful than the vanilla version of the file. I've also had an affinity for the color of neutrality, white. Ever since playing around with a glitch in the game that involves killing off a faction and having said faction units stay under my command, i'd release them and they turn that the team color that was once their and mind, transforms into that mesmerizing shade of white they all wear. And they are really aggressive too, neutral tech buildings that haven't been captured benefit them in anyway possible, and makes them insanely powerful and unstoppable threat to everyone near them. Which is why in the "colors" section of the INi file, you'll see a modified list of colors and values, another mod i have decided to merge within the AI mod's rulesmd file. My question is, after all my semantics, is that, how can i get the team colors to work properly when i launch the cnc game client and get a skirmish match going? (since my copy of TheFirstDecade's YR/RA2 won't luanch normally on Win10). The AI mod works absolutely fine in Skirmish battles to my relief, but, i always wanted to become those Ivory Specters (what i call any neutral white military unit) that i was so fond of as when i was playing on an old computer i used to own. How do i find a fix for this, and if so, thank you very much! The Ivory Specters must raise a white flag... of war! rulesmd.ini
  15. I created a map with final alert. I put the file "carte de ouf.map" in the directory "maps". The map displays correctly in the discussion room before launching the game, but then the game never launches, I have a black screen. I've made a short video here : https://www.loom.com/share/ec56fb876197411ba3f9eb0dd4b3f713 If someone can help...Thanks a lot anyway!
  16. Hello i have the Red alert 2 and the expansion Yuris revenge in cd .Both of them. I have the original codes .But i dont have the cd now. Where can i download only the game ? Then i will put the passwords that i have .
  17. I installed cncnet today and its working fine, but now I can't access Mental Omega's Singleplayer. When I click on MO's client it just launches CNCnet. How do I fix this?
  18. When I click to download the red alert 2 installer , it will download the yuri's revenge installer instead
  19. Liviu123

    pls help ra2.csf

    hello, my friend got this problem....https://ibb.co/j35fm77 "unable to initialize ra2.csf" ... some help ?
  20. I'm first download game for free (not buy),and install cnc net.When I open play icon,it was witten there "error,closing link and connection has been lost". My question is: Did I must buy original game,because that I got this problem? ....if I don't must buy the original game,why I have this problem?
  21. Aboyit


    I created the map to play alone as shown, so I chose "launch game" for about 2 seconds. Why does it choose the map as the next picture? I have no way to enter the game. Someone please help, thanks a lot.
  22. Hi, I downloaded the cncnet launcher for red alert 2 and everytime i try to update it it gives me this error: Too many retries for downloading file Resources\Yuri Theme\Generic\Window.ini. I disabled firewall and i gave cncnet all permissions, its still not working. Is there a way for me to download the patch manually?
  23. Hi guys. I am playing with my friends and some of them don’t see the little map top right. Is it related with maps that I made on Final Alert? Can you help me
  24. This is not so much of a question or asking for support as it is thanking the people on here for the advice regarding me posting something about having it on Windows 7 a laptop that was almost dead nothing was working everything failed I was so upset and disappointed that I could no longer play yuris revenge I've successfully managed to install it through a third party service namely a friend of mine that's battered my laptop and switched everything around and it now works with a full charge in half an hour completed I cannot wait to start playing yuris revenge!!! this is going to be amazing thank you all for your help and advice I look forward to continuing with the service I don't know if it's going to happen but if it load properly check out my old laptop
  25. Hi Everyone, Please help me find out, why my device in CnC can't launch the game. There is no problem till I got into the skirmish / online option. Then after I manage for the maps etc, I can't launch the game. Any idea? Thanks!
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