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Found 285 results

  1. After the game the screen freezes and doesnt show the chart with the points of the players... i noticed that if i click in the right spot i can leave the game as if i was clicking on the quit button anyone know what may cause this?
  2. Why not RED ALERT 2 ranking Games?
  3. When I try to open the launcher it crashes and it says : Method not found :Void PreviewExtractor.MapThumbnailExtractor..ctor(Rampastring.Tools.IniFile, Int32).Pls help
  4. I gone a live in a far away town were not exit internet connection, but i gone a use a modem that use celular network but that don't give me a public ip because is NAT.
  5. When I used CNCNET launcher to launch RA2YR and tried to play skirmish, the game is in slow motion, I set the game speed to fastest yet nothing changed. Anyway to fix this?
  6. MstrMnd

    RA2/YR error

    When i go to download Red Alert 2 it proceeds to download Yuri's Revenge. Then doesn't allow me to download, reason given is i don't have the game installed... Please help i really want RA2. don't mind YR either but it wont download either game.
  7. So when ever i join a game and try to ready up the light doesnt turn on and im stuck as the only one not ready which leads to people being mad at me. the only way i can play is if i host a game. i attached the game log thing because i was reading some of the others. thanks client.log
  8. Stefan

    G-Line ??? Please help

    Good morning. Feb-17-2018 06:23:57 am faced with an error G-lined, I can not play. How to fix? my ip:,217.118.79.* my nickname: Artemis Judging by the clip is associated with cheats and macros, I did not use them Thanks, Artemis
  9. Hi Noobie her, I am trying to DL the client for RA2 & YR (have them on my computer), but each time it DL's, it just reboots my computer. I was able to get the C&C download & CnCnet client no problem and that works. What am I doing wrong? Have Win10 Thanks much, Joseph
  10. Wouldn't be an issue if the rage pulling of the plug didnt result in me getting a bad W/L ratio.... But 3 times in a row.... https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/10-2018/yr/games/53232
  11. i can't play 😕 this shows up when i try to launch
  12. I keep trying to download Red Alert 2 and get the YR download file if I try to click install it brings up the message in the image below and I don't get where I'm going wrong.
  13. in old version of Cncnet it was possible to write in Arabic in the room chat now the newer versions doesn't support it as when i try to write in Arabic all i write is space -_- plz enable it back in the newer versions as it's hard for us to communicate quickly in eng thanks in advance !
  14. i try much time to complete this game in teamgame map name 28days l8ter evilheat -- Missing game mode: navalwar and i can't because all time have error and saying you have to update this map . and now how i can update map plzz
  15. When game ends and goes to score screen it just freezes there. i dont see scores, just the chrono legionaire, i need to force close the game. when minimizing the game and opening it again; 50% of the times i have this issue where the game seems to open but screen freezes on desktop screen so again i have to force close the game. dident really had these issues before, i recently reinstalled the game. im on win10. @RaVaGe seems to have the same problem.
  16. "Method not found: 'void PreviewExtractor.MapThumbnailExtractor..ctor(Rampastring.Tools.IniFile, Int32)' " i've tried to update my CnCNet but still didn't work, can anyone help me?
  17. So i have downloaded everything and play the game perfectly fine using wineskin on Mac, but when i try and download cnc net onto wine skin i get "KABOOOOM ERROR: Index was outside the bounds of the array" HELP PLEASE!
  18. RisingDeadMan0

    Set up

    Okay so everything works and played the orignal version of the game for the first time in 8 years or so. But trying to get the CNCnet to work it doesnt seem to want to. it updates the patch for the first time on this computer and that black launcher box is supposed to close but instead it doesnt so then the game never re-opens but the sound is running in the background still and to close that i need the task manager. usually when a patch installs the box closes and the game opens fine but first time on this one it didnt which sucks
  19. RisingDeadMan0

    Set up

    So bought the game off Origins and downloaded it. Then ran the cncnet it went all the way to the set up screen and to installing the patch which seemed to work. then it wont quite open and so many short cuts to the game not sure which is the cncnet version either. has worked for me before for different versions of the game.
  20. what the heck is this ? 😡 not all the games i closed before it ends a lot of them i finished to the end ! Any explanation ???
  21. Hey guys, I downloaded installed cncnet today. Wanted to play a match, but everytime a match starts, my screen only shows black. Please help me. I played cncnet a few weeks ago with no problem, but I uninstalled it after a while. then I installed it again today but I cannot.
  22. Pretty straight forward.. I have always loved Yuri's Revenge, more so than tiberium wars or generals zero hour. Currently, I own an HP laptop that does not contain a CD drive. I am wanting to know where I can SAFELY download the game so I can relive my youth. I don't need to play online but would like to eventually. I have played Red Alert 3 and will think its insignificant to Yuri's Revenge. If anyone can help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I have to wait until I build a rig and buy a used disk off amazon.. To be totally frank, I am using an HP ENVY X360 with an i7
  23. Hello, Today I updated to version 4.12 and ever since the update I cannot join games or host games. I can join a game and when it gets to the loading screen I load but everyone else doesn't and then it says I am victorious. When I host games, it's the same thing. I am using a legitimate copy of Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge with Legitimate CD Keys as I still have my boxed copies. I have all necessary firewall rules made, and CnCNet worked fine before the update. So what is going on?
  24. Whenever you run RA2YR (or even TS), can you set the resolution of at least 2560x1600? If so, do you have a resolution option that increases the 2560 width but not the 1600 height? Does that option work? How far can you widden the resolution without increasing the height of 1600? Note: Included MO, TI and DTA because they use the TS/YR engine, and so are included in this question. It's a question of engine limits.
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