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Found 288 results

  1. Pretty straight forward.. I have always loved Yuri's Revenge, more so than tiberium wars or generals zero hour. Currently, I own an HP laptop that does not contain a CD drive. I am wanting to know where I can SAFELY download the game so I can relive my youth. I don't need to play online but would like to eventually. I have played Red Alert 3 and will think its insignificant to Yuri's Revenge. If anyone can help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I have to wait until I build a rig and buy a used disk off amazon.. To be totally frank, I am using an HP ENVY X360 with an i7
  2. Hello, Today I updated to version 4.12 and ever since the update I cannot join games or host games. I can join a game and when it gets to the loading screen I load but everyone else doesn't and then it says I am victorious. When I host games, it's the same thing. I am using a legitimate copy of Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge with Legitimate CD Keys as I still have my boxed copies. I have all necessary firewall rules made, and CnCNet worked fine before the update. So what is going on?
  3. Whenever you run RA2YR (or even TS), can you set the resolution of at least 2560x1600? If so, do you have a resolution option that increases the 2560 width but not the 1600 height? Does that option work? How far can you widden the resolution without increasing the height of 1600? Note: Included MO, TI and DTA because they use the TS/YR engine, and so are included in this question. It's a question of engine limits.
  4. NimoStar

    Map won't upload

    I have made a map with custom units. The map is confirmed playable and I can play it in online rooms with no other players (AKA vs AI) The map has customized practically all units. Yet when other player enters, they will say my map won't upload. It is on the Custom folder, same extension as all others, appears in list. Any ideas? OR Ways of manually uploading to database? SedonaAltered.map
  5. Hi, have you found a solution for this? [email protected] getting the same error message as soon as I try to open cncnet. Checked the above also and it's fine, can't figure it out!
  6. dwattsy21

    CnCnet crashes DXGI

    Yes, it also hasn't worked for me. I only donwloaded yuris red alert 2/yuris revenge, and the cnc software today so it should all be he latest versions. But keep getting this error message: Has anybody fixed this?
  7. Ok, so I have searched online to no avail... I can not host a game and have it work in Red Alert 2. Everything goes well until the start of the game and then it hangs on the loading screen saying that the other people are not loading. Then it starts the game and says I won... I have tried deleting the files wsock.dll and ws2_32.dll, but there isn't any and I have added firewall exceptions. Any help would be great as I bought this game to play online with friends but can only play with people I don't know who can host. I am running on Windows 7 x64 updated to current and on Windows 10 x64 updated to current. My friends and I are all having the same issue, they host and it does this and I host and the same...
  8. Hey all, In the ladder testers forum we have constant debates regarding map listing, point systems, and other general things. I'd like to just inform everyone of the changes we agreed on for the ladder month of December 2017. 1) Point system is completely re-hauled For December 2017 we have a new point system calculation that will hopefully bring a more competitive environment to the ladder. Most notably: Players will now lose points based on points/rating Players will now win a large percentage of their points based on their ranking and opponents ranking. This part is a very similiar calculation to the old WOL formula. We turned down the percentage of points gained based on rating, making it easier for players to start out. These points can be further seen by the following calculation: winner points = wol + rp + rElo loser points = (negative) wol + rElo rp = (Enemy rating * Ally rating) / 230000 rElo = elo(Enemy rating, Ally rating) wol = 1/(10 ^ (ladder points difference)/600) +1) cap: you can't lose more than 10% of your points in one game. guard: If you lose to someone who has less than 10 games, then wol = wol * (enemy games/10) 2) Did away with the Masters/Contenders league You will no longer see a distinction between these two ladders. We are all one family again. 3) Map list rotated. Check this topic for the Yuri's Revenge map updates here: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7843-december-quick-match-map-pool/. Note that happy trails is now in QM with crates ENABLED. If you are not happy with crates being on, please feel free to veto the map. This was added to add to the spirit of the holidays. 😁 Please feel free to post any observations / criticisms you have. Remember, this ladder is still in trial mode.
  9. hunter1178

    red alert 2

    I Have red alert 2 on my windows 10 dell inspiron 5565 laptop, it wont launch at all can anyone help
  10. Dear admins, I was able to change the gameport values of CnCNet for Tiberian Dawn , Red Alert 1 , and Tiberian Sun-(so that I could play C&C games on my PC that is using a multiseat gaming software called: softxpand)- by going to the option in CnCnet's game settings... However for Yuri's Revenge, there is a different "style" of CnCNet and it does not have an option in the settings to change the gameport. How do I change the gameport for Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge to make it compatible with the multiseat software? Thank You, Noddynod443
  11. I have finally managed to make ra2 run on exagear app. It doesn't connect to xwis. (Check your internet connections) So ill give it a shot on cncnet but where can i get YR??
  12. Hi Everyone, My issue is: I have cncnet 5 installed, I can join lobby's, talk to people and everything. When it comes to readying up to start the match, when the host starts the game, my screen goes black and sends me back to the players lobby who was hosting the match. The board says I've been returned to the lobby, clearly meaning I couldn't connect to anyone and the game started without me. As a test, I created my own match and hosted, same thing happens, I get sent back to the lobby. I also tried playing just AI so there was no one to connect with and the same thing happens. I'm running windows XP and I downloaded the c&c pack from origins, and yes the game is installed as I've been playing it for the last week. Please help, I'm tired of the boring AI! Thanks in advance!
  13. Ok i just copy and paste the YR folder for install there RR, i notice that RR is in a standalone folder, the question is if i don't need to copy YR folder and i can have both games in the same YR folder? i have not much space in my SSD
  14. Whenever I launch the CnCNet client, it runs for a few seconds and closes again. client.log And yes, I have a client log. I am using the Origin version.
  15. I've been trying to make tunnels for 2 days but keep failing. Tried to follow tutorials both here on cncnet (made by chrono vortex) and on youtube. Only thing left is actual help by someone who knows how to make them cause im done with that s*** xd So if someone has the good heart to help me i'd much appreciate it
  16. So apparently the game worked with me when I was younger and from years ago when I had Windows XP to install it with a clean RA2 and Yuri's Revenge CD'S, and they still are clean until today and no scratch or anything on them. Now my problem for Windows 10 64-bit is whenever I insert my CD and I run the AUTORUN.EXE it seem to work fine but when I press install so it gets ready to open setup.exe nothing happens then after like 5 minutes straight. I tried running as windows 95, it seem to get me something say: That my oleaut32.dll is old and needs to be updated (when I do have the latest version.), then it says it want to reboot my PC to install VBRUN60. But still not luck after I do everything I can and this. I really do need help to know what the heck is going on. Also very important note: That I saw in other post I need to uninstall KB3086255 when I do not own it.
  17. I'm getting this error message when I'm trying to run the game.Does anyone know how to fix this error?
  18. Hello! I just joined. Can someone please point me to the latest instructions on how to setup CnCNet, patch the games to Win10 & any other important considerations on getting them to work online? Also, after everything is setup, where would i go to join a game? I would think this info should be front & center on CnCNet but i did not see it, sorry if I missed it. fyi i just bought the game pack on Origin and downloaded the games from there. Thanks a lot for your help! Star
  19. Sometimes I get black screen when the game starts to load, and then it freezes my computer. Most of the time I can't even go to task manager to close the game and have to restart computer. Never had this issue until the past couple of weeks. I got Win 7. Any other ppl had this problem?
  20. HI, SO I had downloaded Yuris Revenge and ra2 from origin. IT was working fine with the patch I had. I then downloaded cncnet and it messed up everything. I tried to remove cnc net which I though I had done, uninstalled the game and downloaded again from origin. The game will still not even open. It says main executable has stopped working and the game wont even load. Can you please help me undo whatever this did to my game!? I just want it back to work normally thank you
  21. Whenever I launch yuris revenge cncnet, all sound on my pc completely cuts out, not only on the launcher and ingame. In addition, if I'm watching a youtube video on my other monitor, the videoplayer crashes and will not work anymore unless I close cncnet. I have played yuris revenge on cncnet before on this pc, a few months ago. This is a new issue.
  22. When i try to enter the lobby, it displays the massage on the picture. What do i do? I tried installing media feature pack and it didnt work. I got windows 10.
  23. Hi. When I create Shirmish with bots on survival map it's ok, but when the troops timer reaches 0 game crashes (fatal error) I've downloaded maps from this pack. What's the problem?
  24. Hello, I faced issue when I try to install YR app. My OS is Windows 10 , 32bit and already installed .net framework 4.7 , but on installing process, a windows message shows like screenshot attached related to required framework version 3.5 I can not access the Yuri game, I can not pass framework installing warning screen. What would you advice me?
  25. So I managed to get my Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge game working fine on my PC with little issue, in the main menu at least. But when I load a game up and open up the in game menu (keep in mind that everything is running as it should, even moving units around), some buttons will not show up and be overlapping. I see Save Game and Delete Game, but when I click on Save Game, It takes me to the Options Menu, and when I click on Delete Game, it takes me to the Abort Game menu. The Resume Game button works just fine. I have done all of the compatibility checks that I needed to do to make the game run and still this problem shows up, even on my Mental Omega mod. My system is running Windows 7 with a Ryzen 5 1500 and a Radeon RX 550 Series with dual DDR4 16 GBytes running at 1197.1 MHz. Any help would be appreciated.
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