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Found 285 results

  1. Never seen this before. It doesn't even give an error log.
  2. Why the hell isn't my laugh button working in-game? I miss making people angry with it :( Insult to injury.... Any advice is greatly appreciated Kind regards, Sarkis
  3. can 2 players play from one copy ? like i cant find anywhere to buy the red alert 2 i have one copy but i want to play with my friend what should i do ?
  4. Hey Mates, thats its my model right now, i will finish it soon. But im very bad ad uw unwrapping and texturing, so i look for someone who can help me. so if you can help me, contact me pls via deviantart or email [email protected]
  5. Hello all, i got a question for all the expert map makers!!! I saw that some maps , especially mission maps and survivals, have a message (with yellow color) in the map preview. im working on a custom map and it would be great if i can write out some of the changes in the map preview Some map makers told me that i need to use the map trigger editor in Final Alert 2 thanks in advance
  6. Hey all! i got a new question for all the expert map makers!! in my custom map i would like to be able to build Oil Derrick tech for all players, after u build battle labs (so the allied tech, soviet tech and yuri tech). so in my map i inserted this: [CAOILD] UIName=Name:CAOILD Name=Tech Oil Derrick TechLevel=11 Strength=1000 Insignificant=yes Nominal=yes Sight=6 Points=5 Armor=steel Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 DebrisAnims=DBRIS4LG,DBRIS4SM,DBRIS5LG,DBRIS5SM,DBRIS6SM,DBRIS7LG,DBRIS7SM MaxDebris=8 MinDebris=4 ;DamageParticleSystems=SmallGreySSys,BigGreySmokeSys Capturable=yes CaptureEvaEvent= EVA_OilRefineryCaptured ;Eva (and therefore 3way split) voice to use when captured NeedsEngineer=yes Unsellable=yes Explodes=yes DeathWeapon=OilExplosion ProduceCashStartup=1000 ; credits when captured from the Neutral house ProduceCashAmount=60 ; Amount every Delay ProduceCashDelay=100 ; Frame delay between Amounts WorkingSound=OilDerrickLoop LeaveRubble=yes RadarVisible=yes;gs put on radar even if insignificant and unowned (insignificant and owned is a UC building) Cost=1200 Owner=Americans,Alliance,French,Germans,British,Africans,Arabs,Confederation,Russians,YuriCountry Prerequisite=NATECH,GATECH,YATECH LightIntensity=500 LightBlueTint=3.0 CanBeOccupied=yes MaxNumberOccupants=10 BuildLimit=20 Category=Soldier Dock=NATECH,GATECH,YATECH BUT I WONT SHOW UP WHEN INGAME What am i doing wrong? Thanks in advance
  7. This is the notification i get: [8:11 PM] ERROR :Closing Link: [z]aWarKing1 by Prothid.NY.US.GameSurge.net (USER: Bad username) The client will keep giving me this message if I try to log back in. It takes a few minutes then I can log back in again. This has happened to me about 5 times today. I've changed my username and still have gotten the same message.
  8. When a game is made and i join i can't select any of the things when it's layout is over the map. can this be solved in the next release. problem came with 4.0 release.
  9. Using a Chrono Miner to block units from exiting an enemy war factory is considered a cheat and will trigger disciplinary action if done in a ladder match.
  10. Hi, Today i want play on Cncnet but it dont work, when i start the client it comes the logo an then ist crashs. Yesterday it works but today i get this crash. I dont now why. He shows me after the freeze: Problemsignatur: Problemereignisname: APPCRASH Anwendungsname: clientdx.exe Anwendungsversion: Anwendungszeitstempel: 5a970d75 Fehlermodulname: igd10umd32.dll Fehlermodulversion: Fehlermodulzeitstempel: 4d8d3b0c Ausnahmecode: c0000005 Ausnahmeoffset: 000e33c1 Betriebsystemversion: 6.1.7601. Gebietsschema-ID: 1031 Zusatzinformation 1: 0a9e Zusatzinformation 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 Zusatzinformation 3: 0a9e Zusatzinformation 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 Lesen Sie unsere Datenschutzbestimmungen online: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=104288&clcid=0x0407 Wenn die Onlinedatenschutzbestimmungen nicht verfügbar sind, lesen Sie unsere Datenschutzbestimmungen offline: C:\Windows\system32\de-DE\erofflps.txt Greetz
  11. Hi, I'm wondering when these issues will be fixed 1.) Gameroom crashing followed by lobby notification "Excess flood" This happens often when i'm hosting games. "[5:56 PM] ERROR :Closing Link: [z]ClubPANDA by Gameservers.NJ.US.GameSurge.net (Excess Flood)" 2.) False client update notification. 3.) Sometimes people can still join your gameroom after gameroom has been locked. 4.) Sometimes games do not load properly
  12. As soon as the client opens I get a kaboom Message: HRESULT: [0x887A0022], Module: [SharpDX.DXGI], ApiCode: [DXGI_ERROR_NOT_CURRENTLY_AVAILABLE/NotCurrentlyAvailable], Message: A resource is not available at the time of the call, but may become available later. any help would be much appreciated client.log
  13. Hello there community, I'm having an issue where the Red Alert 2 mode crashes after 2-3 seconds at one client when I'm playing with a friend, then the other client says connection error and the games return to the lobby. On both machines we can play skirmish without problems and multiplayer games without the Red Alert 2 mode checked work also just fine. I'm amazed by this whole cncnet project, by the way. Keep up the good work! Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit
  14. Hi all I'm modding a map and i would like to add some quotes on the units I already have voice files in WAV format, but dont know how to add the files and link them to a specific unit the idea is that each unit has a different set of quotes (from RA 1 game), not the standard ones. With some research i understood that to edit this i need XCC Mixer, and i managed to insert quotes alongside the other quotes i did it by doing: XCC MIXER > Lauch > XCC sound editor Now, how to link the quotes to a specific unit? Thank you
  15. hello, after a few days of playing on cncnet (2-3 days after installed it and kept playing), every single time the menu client stops working the the app doesn t respond anymore is there any way to solve this problem? i have to mention that i have a windows 10
  16. xxxx

    gtaphic white ingame

    what happen graphic white
  17. What happend? I rush and detroy many building . Game crash i lose . Why? https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/5-2018/yr/games/23256
  18. After launching the game in CnCnet client the game doesn't start. How do I fix this? Thanks!
  19. All my friends can see each other in the LAN player list in Red Alert 2, I can see them too but no one can see me and no one can join a game I create. Running windows 10 fully up to date. Been going on forever, any ideas why?
  20. I just bought and downloaded the game from origin and downloaded cncnet. Hopped on and tried to start a skirmish to warm up and relearn how to play the game. I can't launch a match. I keep getting a window titled "qres" with the text "screen mode not found: x=1536 y=864 c=16." I have tried messing with the display settings in the game but nothing changes this message stopping a game from launching. How can I fix this and start a game? Thanks for any help!
  21. Greetings guys .. My game (RA2'YR) screen is only a white screen when the online clan starts .. I'm in win10 . Thx in advance guys for your help.
  22. thesphinkter

    Update failed

    Hi i am new trying to play online with a friend of mine and as I was downloading the patch updates I am getting an error message. It says "to many retries for downloading file Resources/clientdx.exe I have turned of my windows firewall to see if that was the issue and I am still getting the message. Any advice or ideas would be great.
  23. I'm unable to run Red Alert 2 or Yuri's Revenge out of CNCNet (to play campaign). Does anyone know what causes this? If you're wondering, I'm set to TS-DDRAW already.
  24. thesphinkter

    Update failed

    Hi i am new trying to play online with a friend of mine and as I was downloading the patch updates I am getting an error message. It says "to many retries for downloading file Resources/clientdx.exe I have turned of my windows firewall to see if that was the issue and I am still getting the message. Any advice or ideas would be great.
  25. hi guys i had a problem with the game ! my cpmputer is win 10 64 bit ! i wanst to open the icon of the cncnet that i downloaded for the game ! it is not open ! when i opened it said it will reported to windows ! i am using avast antivirus ! can anyone help me
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