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Found 266 results

  1. Hello The question is simple: Is there any possible way to make that a Badger Bomber drops a crate? All sugestions are welcome TY
  2. Red alert is a great game, and I love playing it. After playing this game for years I realise that there is a lot that can be improved. I love the core gameplay and strategies the game offers now, and this is something that can't and should never be changed. What could be improved is all the underpowered and useless units that are unviable to use, even during casual matches. I'm going to attempt to work on a "balancing" patch to make all ingame units usefull in some way. I know changing the game in any way is a really sensitive subject. I consider this a personal patch where i just share the progress for who might be interested. I understand there are many purists who like the game as it is, and thats fine. The main aims for this project are as follows: 1. Preserve current build orders and strategies. 2. Buff underpowered units/buildings to make them usefull, no nerfing. 3. Tweak the tech tree for easier acces to unused units 4. Make it viable to use non tank build orders 5. Restore balance between allied and soviet side 6. Implement hidden AM units in a way that compliments the tech trees 7. Correct minor stat inconsistencies (example: light tank has lower view range than medium tank) 8. Remove useless stuff that can't be fixed (example: sandbags) Progress: Phase 1: Tweak tech tree > in progress Phase 2: Tweak units > not started Phase 3: Playtesting (map mod) > not started Phase 4: Evaluate changes, back to earlier phase if needed. > not started Phase 5: Publish patch (possibly as a full package including the game) > not started
  3. I'm considering a mod project for ra1 and am looking for a base version to start with. What version am I allowed to use? I dont want to risk offending people by using their work, so starting this topic to be sure. If possible I would like to have a version that includes fixes so it works on windows 10
  4. This game crashed and i lost points against (robskate-DT)...that game must be deleted and get my 60 points back,robskate agree with that you can ask him he will say same thing,,, https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/4-2018/ra/games/22678
  5. Hello guys, I am very happy to see that there are still people who playing this fabulous game and make it possible in HD and on the actual computers. I downloaded the game but i have only vanila version, is it posible to get M.A.D and mission taiga version too? I like the new units :)))
  6. 1080p and higher monitors are becoming really common, and it's clear RA1 and C&C 95 don't scale well to these resolutions. What is currently the optimal way to upscale these games and get the sharpest result for 1080p and 4k? Is it possible to use scalers similar to the ones for dosbox?
  7. My opponent resigned. He has no units etc, but won't leave the game. We're still in game. It's a V3 game. You may check the ladder. Thanks! Edit: His nickname is "hidernoob".
  8. Hi all. I accidentally created multiple usernames in my ladder account. Is there a way to delete those usernames? Or is there an option to change my ladder account's email address? Can someone help? Thanks.
  9. I have just downloaded C&C Red Alert from CnCNet\RedAlert1_Online and there are no maps from the Counter Strike expansion and only one map from Aftermath expansion. I am in the skirmish option from the launcher. Please help as I would love to play these maps.
  10. I've been trying to install CnCNet on ReactOS. My first issue is this text, which is terrible, but I can live with this. But that's not why I'm here(image below.) The reason why I am here is because of a supposed driver. Attempting to join CNCNet, try a skirmish or do a LAN, bring up this screen. I'd like to know what driver this is trying to install. I noted that Windows XP and 2003 also bring up this message but it automatically installs the driver without me even touching anything(which means that this message makes sense on ReactOS as it's pretty much 2003 and XP compatible.) Anyone know where this driver might be?
  11. Hi, I have been working on a arena defense map for a while i have some triggerand teamtypes set, 3 waves betwen each wave 8 minutes timer and after the 3rd wave timer ends one of the waves pauses for 4 minutes then re-produces again the issue is it seems the tanks are getting stuck at the waypoint outside the map and not spawning to they waypoint which causes new units coming out getting stuck and not spawning properly for example you see a tank spawning in different location and walking towards the spawning point to jump to the waypoint assigned or 1 tank spawn instead of 3 cause the other 2 are stuck behind, i've tried for 3 days to play around with triggers and such but no luck. Second issue i have a trigger that makes you auto lose if you build any air buildings works perfectly while playing solo but doesnt work if someone is specing you. Third issue is, if some tanks stop to defend the base they just sit there and dont move anymore untill some other units come near to attack plus when they attack by numbers ( 20 for example ) 5 of them shoot and the rest just sit waiting doing nothing. Fourth issue is i think the unit limit doesn't allow the tank to spawn anymore or they completly get stuck all the time i am not sure what is happening. Last issue is i have set in the map None,0,1 for the building to repair but they dont seem to repair. Any help would be appreciated. Link to map: here Updated map ( fixed everything in order ): Here New One
  12. So I'm halfway finished with my first custom scenario for RA, only issue now is haven't found a way to test it. How exactly do I access custom-made maps from the game itself? I have been able to access it via the Skirmish option, but it doesn't really seem to work out too well. I know I need to create an .mix file in order to make it accessible via the Custom Missions option, but I'm not sure how. Can anyone give me a quick rundown?
  13. The map files of RA95 are disorderly, there are repeated maps, and garbage maps. When sorting the map, you need to delete the map and open the map file to view the code. In the game room, cancel the Favorite map and delete the map files in the Favorite folder. Can other folders add similar functions and delete map files? In addition, add a function to view file code like .txt files .
  14. Similar to the P2P downloading principle, the more people download the faster. Can the network of the game be realized more quickly? Can A and B be transferred through B, D, or server when they are not directly connected?
  15. Chinese WK clan hold a multiplayer match,3v3 or 4V4。But we have a problem,when 4v4 match,other poeple cant watch and record the match. The cncnet program limited , game room cant support 12 or 16 people.Is it technically possible to achieve a game room with more than 8 people?Thank you
  16. Hey, I got a question; how do you change a unit's display name? I know it can be done, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how. To clarify, I don't want to create a new unit necessarily, I just want to rename an existing unit. Like, you know how in the first Fall of Greece mission, you're controlling Stavros and if you actually let the cursor linger on him for a little bit, you actually get a little tab reading "Stavros". That's what I want to do. Anyone have any idea how it's done?
  17. Since I recently started playing Red Alert again, a number of people have asked me for help making defense maps. I created this map to demonstrate to someone the very basics of a defense map. The heart of every defense map are the Triggers and Teamtypes under the AI tab in the RAED map editor. I don't feel like typing out a full explanation of how all the triggers and stuff work right now, but at least here is a VERY basic example of one method of getting tanks to constantly spawn and attack the players, and for the difficulty level to increase after a set time period. Sorry this is very brief, but I just went through explaining how it all works to someone and don't feel like saying it all again right now. But the best (only?) way to learn how to make maps is to screw around in RAED with all the different options and setting in order to figure out how it all works. If you are confused about what all these different triggers and teamtypes and options actually do in Red Alert, this page has good explanations of all the different options you can use. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/196962-command-and-conquer-red-alert/faqs/1701 DefenseMap.mpr
  18. None of the games will scroll. I dont know what is wrong. Is there a setting I am missing?
  19. Hello everybody. First of all thanks a lot to all the people that made CnC Net possible! Im working in a multiplayer map for RA1 with a bit of spice on it... but i need some help on developing. The concept is as follow: Game starts on Tech Level 1, a clock is running down, when it reaches zero Tech Level changes to 2 and another clock starts, when this new clock reaches zero Tech Level goes 3, an so on untill Tech Level 10. Ive made my way for the clocks and fancy things like tutorial message of actual Tech Level plus the speech "New Construction Options", but im stuck in the changing of tech levels. Does a global variable can be used as a Prerequisite for buildings/units in the rules.ini? If thats the case then it would be very easy to achive... Or anybody has a better idea/sugestion in how to achieve this? Early thanks to anybody that has watched this question. If any questions on how im making the clocks and stuff just ask.
  20. Hai, Ive been busy making some maps, both suiteble for multiplayer online and skirmisch. Now i whant to make the all more difficult to beat, to make the maps even more interesting. I found this section in the rules.ini My aim is to make the all to attack more, and also that they defend there base better. Do i need to raise the numbers, or do i need to lower them?? And is there somewhere a guide online wich provides in this info?? Much apreciated!! DutchyRA1.
  21. https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/3-2018/ra/games/11335 In this game, in the statistics there is no units left on this players end. He has been doing this multiple times in order to circumvent losses. If there are no units alive, or units that intentionally stall out games like subs and air, then please allow the other player to abort and still be granted a win to prevent stalling and allow smooth flowing on ladder games.
  22. All Medals were reset and a new map was created, please check the new rules below Rules: 1. Settings = Color: Yellow, Country: Germany, Speed: 7 2. You must destroy all enemy tanks before the time runs out 3. You need to win using hotkeys like in the video shown below (ctrl shift etc..) 4. Stacking/fooling the AI is not allowed - Do not park any tanks next to the kennels to destroy/block them on purpose (no force fire etc..) 5. Your screen resolution must be 1280x width or below and 720x height or below (1024*768, 1920x1080 etc... are not allowed) 6. 1 trusted spectator must watch you playing the map (See names below) 7. The spectator must host the game room and not the player 8. The game must run at an acceptable speed, laggy games don't count Spectators: robskate, Bravo, At0m1, FunkyFr3sh, Lauta, D1GA, Commander, Lovehandles, Ferret, ra168uk, lordy Note to Spectators: After the game you must check the resolution of the player in the score screen to ensure the player did not use a too high resolution. When the ready button was clicked there should be no cheat warning. Example video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDzDXvyPjCw Search for "Gold Medal Challenge V2.1" or type the following command inside a game room: /map 72f6a01ff66dbc3e193cdbe84adf51f6636f4956
  23. tbe[opeth]

    Lag in Red alert

    Hi. I live UAE. I lag in the beginning of the game then it works later(after around 5 min). What port should I use when joining to avoid lag? thanks
  24. why is it so hard to make a concrete wall in the editor? i point it on the make and its a single wall, i dont know how to make it all connect and the right direction, even putting it all on the map facing the wrong way and all seperate it still didnt load when i tried to play the game? i just want to take a multiplayer map and make a wall around a base
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