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Found 247 results

  1. Hai, Ive been busy making some maps, both suiteble for multiplayer online and skirmisch. Now i whant to make the all more difficult to beat, to make the maps even more interesting. I found this section in the rules.ini My aim is to make the all to attack more, and also that they defend there base better. Do i need to raise the numbers, or do i need to lower them?? And is there somewhere a guide online wich provides in this info?? Much apreciated!! DutchyRA1.
  2. https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/3-2018/ra/games/11335 In this game, in the statistics there is no units left on this players end. He has been doing this multiple times in order to circumvent losses. If there are no units alive, or units that intentionally stall out games like subs and air, then please allow the other player to abort and still be granted a win to prevent stalling and allow smooth flowing on ladder games.
  3. All Medals were reset and a new map was created, please check the new rules below Rules: 1. Settings = Color: Yellow, Country: Germany, Speed: 7 2. You must destroy all enemy tanks before the time runs out 3. You need to win using hotkeys like in the video shown below (ctrl shift etc..) 4. Stacking/fooling the AI is not allowed - Do not park any tanks next to the kennels to destroy/block them on purpose (no force fire etc..) 5. Your screen resolution must be 1280x width or below and 720x height or below (1024*768, 1920x1080 etc... are not allowed) 6. 1 trusted spectator must watch you playing the map (See names below) 7. The spectator must host the game room and not the player 8. The game must run at an acceptable speed, laggy games don't count Spectators: robskate, Bravo, At0m1, FunkyFr3sh, Lauta, D1GA, Commander, Lovehandles, Ferret, ra168uk Note to Spectators: After the game you must check the resolution of the player in the score screen to ensure the player did not use a too high resolution. When the ready button was clicked there should be no cheat warning. Example video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDzDXvyPjCw Search for "Gold Medal Challenge V2.1" or type the following command inside a game room: /map 72f6a01ff66dbc3e193cdbe84adf51f6636f4956
  4. tbe[opeth]

    Lag in Red alert

    Hi. I live UAE. I lag in the beginning of the game then it works later(after around 5 min). What port should I use when joining to avoid lag? thanks
  5. why is it so hard to make a concrete wall in the editor? i point it on the make and its a single wall, i dont know how to make it all connect and the right direction, even putting it all on the map facing the wrong way and all seperate it still didnt load when i tried to play the game? i just want to take a multiplayer map and make a wall around a base
  6. bakenast

    red alert

    im trying to edit map liquid gold rush to auto ally,, I follow the advise steps of adding [autoallywayponts] etc... but how do i get the map thats edited back up to cnc net?
  7. This is the proof I beat him after getting out of gems. LMAO. I don't know this guy. Shame on him. I wrote these at the forums and the lobby: i was in gems in kotg. ask for a draw "RIP" attacked me then oosed. ranked match he destroyed wall. i went out and beat him then, hmm i guess then he accepted draw offer he's the biggest noob i beat him after getting out so no more kotg ranked Played on: 180210 Proof: https://youtu.be/fXWXvQNxm-I
  8. I tried to search for this question but couldn't find it, so i'm sorry if it's been asked before. I'm just wondering if I have a Windows computer and my brother has a Mac, can we still play Red Alert together?
  9. Hey, Not sure why the games won't load but all I get, whether playing skirmish or online, is CnC5Net Stopped working and then it disappears. After that nothing will load and I can't play any C&C!! Anyone else having this issue? Alan
  10. I'm having problems with scrolling on C&CNet Red Alert 1. This is not related to scrolling speed, as adjusting the scroll speed in the menu doesn't help The scrolling generally feels like lagging, i.e. I move the mouse to the edge of the screen and it doesn't respond for like 1 second, and then the movement jerks a bit as if the computer is struggling to cope with the input, so I feel like I have to force the cursor more towards the edge of the screen. I haven't played C&CNet in a long time, I have never had this problem before until now. Please help!
  11. So I just found this after not even thinking about this game....or really playing any video games in probably a decade. So first off.....awesome. Second, trying to get on here this weekend and get a few games going with friends. Some of us have Macs, some PCs. Will we be able to play online together? If this isn't the right spot for this question, apologies.
  12. Is there a way to make reinforcement ships attack and move at the same time, while taking fire? I want to do something like the first GDI mission of C&C 1. I've got the reinforcements set up as a house allied to the player, and triggering/spawning correctly, but they never make it to the waypoint because the moment they take fire they sail right up next to the thing attacking them and sit there. I can't see an option anywhere in RAED to tell them to move and shoot at the same time. I'm definitely a newbie at this, only started using the editor yesterday. But I've done mapping and modding for many other games, so even if I have to manually edit the map ini file I can do that.
  13. Just found this site and was playing an AI skirmish in Red Alert 1. I'm using a Mac, and it doesn't seem like control+click works to simulate a right-click. Is there any way to do this on a Mac? Thanks!
  14. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has any different icons for APC and Light Tank that are for public use? I'm looking for some alternatives. If I don't find anything I might use something from Nyerguds' excellent http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cncimg/img_archive/ But I thought I should ask anyway. Thanks!
  15. I did originally post this on the EA forum but received no replies, so seeing if you guys can shed some light on the matter. Hello all, running into an issue I have all the games form the ultimate collection up and running however I'm having minor issues... For C&C and RA 1 whenever I exit the game I get a black square in the top left of my desktop and it prevents me from doing anything whatsoever, I have to signout of windows and then sign back in for my desktop to return to normal. only other issue is TS and FS the menu lags, I select campaign and so on fine no issues like the menu buttons not being there and so forth, but then it just takes forever to load a game or go from one menu to another. All games are playable no issues there, I believe it may be resolution related my laptop screen is 1366X768. Im running windows 8.1 any help or advice would be appreciated
  16. Ladder changes: Thanks to @dkeeton Connection fixes (In relation to this) Anti-bailing measures include hiding specific information on pre-load and in game menus Player factions Player names
  17. So ive got this conection isue lately. i cant update anymore when going online so then it ask me if i want to use the old version. its aslo saying to adjust my firewal and antivirus settings but i never chamged any of it and it al worked fine 2 weeks ago. and then it cant connect to the actual game rooms at all. this window pops up saying somthing about recent windows 10 update 7898-windows-10-fall-creators-update-issues/ and finaly conection test failed make sure cncnet is allowed in anivirus and firewal. please someone help me and my apoligies for the horrible english.
  18. So, me and my brother are trying to play Red Alert of CnCnet LAN. Unfortunately, it doesn't work and i'll explain what happens... I play mine on an old Vista laptop, my brother is on an even older XP laptop. Mine runs fine but his doesn''t at all. The menu showing all the diferent modes like Online, Skirmish, and LAN pop up but when he clicks on LAN (Or Online) it says Update Failed, Please check your conection and Anti-Virus and Firewall settings... Configuration System failed to Intialize. Then the box will pop up with the Nickname and three gamemodes check boxes. If LAN is selected then it rejects it and moves it to Online. Logging into online shows to error windows (Exact copies) saying Error Occured, please give the log file to FunkyFr3sh, Configuration System failed to initialize. CnCnet will then open along with another error box saying CnCnet 5 client has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. And then everything closes. I found out when i open my CnCnet to LAN a black box with text opens for LAN games (CnCNet.LAN.IrcD.Server). His does not, when i go into his files to open the application for the black text box it opens and instanly an error message appears saying Irc.D .server encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Then it closes. Any help is appreciated. It used to work for both of us a while back, idk what happened. (Yes, I have allowed Firewall, Anti-Virus, and Re-Installed it.) ples halp...
  19. The ladder database had to be recovered from a backup from about a week ago. So 7 days of games are gone now. We're working on getting daily backups to prevent a problem like this in the future. Apologies.
  20. Hi all. This forum very helpfully sorted me out once before. Here I am again looking for help please. I've played C&C through the cncnet site for many years, mostly without any problems., but now I have one once more... Virgin Media recently upgraded me from 100MB broadband to 200MB for free. Thanks very much! This also meant swapping our router for the latest Superhub 3. I called them up and a helpful lady opened ports 8054 on UDP and 50000 on Both; so I assumed I would be all singing all dancing for future games. I did a port test and confirmed I could play and host fast games. Sorted. Or so I thought. My pings, when I had 100MB broadband were previously around the 10 to 15 range. I did a ping test expecting to see them halved. instead I now get numbers around 25 - 35 with one of the four pings much, much higher. I know that's not good. I called Virgin Media again. This time a chap reset the hub to factory setting then reapplied the 8054 and 50000 open port rules. Back into C&C only to find 'porttest' advises my ports are now closed and my pings are still too high. I'm not very techno but after ages mucking about I have worked out how to open the ports myself so have double checked they are open. I have also got into my Firewall and added cncnet as an allowed site. What else can I do? It's most frustrating to know that my ports were open before Virgin Media got involved for the second time. And it's even more frustrating to know I had excellent pings on half the broadband speed I have now. Virgin Media are visiting next week. Until then can anyone help please? (I have a pretty fast PC running Windows 7 by the way). Hope that's enough info. Cheers, David
  21. I'm trying to play RA2/Yuri's revenge, but whenever i open the client i get a white screen but i can hear the music playing in the background. The issue is not from the game, i can play it fine in single player.
  22. Hey all, In the ladder testers forum we have constant debates regarding map listing, point systems, and other general things. I'd like to just inform everyone of the changes we agreed on for the ladder month of December 2017. 1) Point system is completely re-hauled For December 2017 we have a new point system calculation that will hopefully bring a more competitive environment to the ladder. Most notably: Players will now lose points based on points/rating Players will now win a large percentage of their points based on their ranking and opponents ranking. This part is a very similiar calculation to the old WOL formula. We turned down the percentage of points gained based on rating, making it easier for players to start out. These points can be further seen by the following calculation: winner points = wol + rp + rElo loser points = (negative) wol + rElo rp = (Enemy rating * Ally rating) / 230000 rElo = elo(Enemy rating, Ally rating) wol = 1/(10 ^ (ladder points difference)/600) +1) cap: you can't lose more than 10% of your points in one game. guard: If you lose to someone who has less than 10 games, then wol = wol * (enemy games/10) 2) Did away with the Masters/Contenders league You will no longer see a distinction between these two ladders. We are all one family again. 3) Map list rotated. Check this topic for the Yuri's Revenge map updates here: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7843-december-quick-match-map-pool/. Note that happy trails is now in QM with crates ENABLED. If you are not happy with crates being on, please feel free to veto the map. This was added to add to the spirit of the holidays. 😁 Please feel free to post any observations / criticisms you have. Remember, this ladder is still in trial mode.
  23. Hi everyone, Does anyone else keep getting the cursor vanish randomly in online games? Im using mac but its happening from time to time. Sometimes usually quite close together then other times I can go ages without an issue. Any helpful pointers would be greatly appreciated. I tried from an older post running /install ratest-1 but I get a failed extract error. Many thanks.
  24. AlbertoEisntein


    Hi, I'm new to this website. I was wondering if the downloading of the client including music is p2p or directly from the website? Thanks.
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