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  1. JR89

    Update 8.1 error

    Tried to update to 8.1, file downloaded but didn't install, quit game and now it wont even load
  2. i got account to cncnet and everything was ok till yesterday today i wanted to play yuri revenge online and i cant even get in the game kept telling me error crashed
  3. How to fixed this problem ? It happen after updated today.
  4. Karol

    error help

    i can t launch the game ..have this error pls helppppp
  5. Does anyone else have this problem after the last update?, i cant play.
  6. I get this whenever I try to load one of my save games and It's really irritating to say the least
  7. Hello, people. I have a technical question which i am unsure of and looking for support about it if possible. So I got a 4K monitor recently. But it's kind of weird. So, as you can see in the screenshot below I have 1080p and then it goes straight to 4K. The problem is, I would like to play in a resolution a bit higher than 1080 but 4K is too high and in know other people have resolutions in between these like 2560x1440 But I don't. Any idea's why? My only assumption is that it's Hardware related, like processor or graphics but I don't even think so because they can support a resolution higher than what I want to play in so that wouldn't make any sense.
  8. Hello, I want to ask about an error that a friend has in the yuris revenge, he can enter the menu enter the rooms, but when we start the game, the corresponding loading window does not start, he simply stays in the menu, and it opens the poster that the program stopped working.
  9. I want to make a Map that is totally Symmetrical. The thought had occurred, to try to use a Bitmap as an Import. Problem is, how do I export the Map as a Bitmap to then copy and flip it and so on. Also, would this even work, or would I confuse FA2. I just want to speed up Map Making, so is there a quicker way?
  10. I have spent several hours looking into making Mines that Spawn Gems. Based on how popular the idea is, but how difficult it can be to find the information, I'm putting this here. In my search for this, I've found several ideas, but no solid guaranties saying that something definitely works. Important Notes: Take into consideration, that I'm making a Map with Modified INI Data, and not an actual MOD. The reason for this is due to the Ore Mine Locations having Sand, and Ore being difficult to visually see. Also, the Ore spawns too slowly for the Map, meaning matches end in Stagnant Out Of Money scenarios. This means that players are throwing Para-Drops at one another to try and gain the advantage. The Match always Disconnects before a winner is found. Idea 01 - Changing Ore into Gems I tried the idea of calling 'Tiberiums' different names. So taking 'Riparius' and swapping it with 'Cruentus' and this yielded no results. So I'm currently exploring the idea of Taking Ore and redefining its Image so that it looks like Gems. Problem with this is, I'm making a Custom Map, so this is not likely to work so well either. Idea 02 - Making a Dummy Object/Unit/Building that can Spawn Gems Credits: Lin Kuei Ominae from PPMSite URL for Thread: https://ppmforums.com/topic-47543/is-there-any-way-to-make-ore-drill-spawn-gems/ This is the Code that was mentioned in the post. [building] ActiveAnim=dummy [dummy] LoopCount=-1 TrailerAnim=gemspawn [gemspawn] MaxXYVel=25.0 MinZVel=25.0 Elasticity=0.0 Bouncer=yes TiberiumSpawnType=GEM01 TiberiumSpreadRadius=3 ;0-9 possible The issue with this is, to do this requires a MOD, and as such can't be done in a Map directly*. *That is assuming that you're not using additional tools outside of FA2. If you were really clever and extremely determined, you could in theory take this Data and manually add it into a Map. Though that is a lot of work, and may yield results that are open to change as CnCNet RA2YR is Updated. So that's what I found relating to the Topic, but not much of an answer as far as Map Creation goes. If/When an Admin of CnCNet reads this, I would propose the idea of CnCNet Staff placing some items into the general Updates. Effectively, to allow Modified Maps to have more variety, it would be nice if specific assets were available out-of-the-box. For example: Modified Sniper Animations (Sandbags) and Tech-Building Buildup Animations. While normally, these would have no effect in Normal Maps, this would allow Modified Maps to have appropriate Animation Data. Also things like Cameos and new Units would be nice, again inactive in Vanilla Maps, but available for Modified Map Creators to play with.
  11. Hello all! I am trying to edit the rulesmd.ini to create a new kind of paradrop which is available from airports called a tactical paradrop. It does not replace the AmerParaDropSpecial or the ParaDropSpecial. I want to create a new kind of paradrop altogether. Is this possible in the original game without mods? Is it possible for this paradrop to be different based on the side you play? Eg: Allies drop a seal, a sniper and a spy, soviets drop a desolator and terrorists, yuri drops psi commandos / brutes.
  12. I know this issue been mentioned here before, But basically i reinstalled windows (from windows 10 to windows 7) and client and game was working perfectly fine on windows 10 but on windows 7 it gives "Failed to create graphics device!" client.log: client.log ;RA2MD working fine, XNA Framework 4.0 is installed.
  13. Hey could anyone help me out? Im trying to get the YR CnCNet launcher working, but I keep getting this pop up (see the first uploaded image). I have ran it as an administrator and still nothing. Things to note about my game and setup: Windows 10 computer with Geforce RTX 2070, Driver version 461.92, and an Intel i7 Game Purchased off of Origin I deleted everything in _Installer/directx/redist except for DSETUP.dll, dsetup32.dll, and DXSETUP.exe to get the game to install properly File is set to Full Control Game launcher icon has the administrator icon on it already tried to load it with all anti-virus software offline I don't believe this could be a connection issue because Tiberian Sun CnCNet runs fine.
  14. ajchvy

    RA2.INI issue

    Having an issue installing the RA2 CnCnet file. Keeps giving me this issue. If I hit ignore, it will install, but then game crashes when I try to start a match.
  15. I've been trying to make tunnels for 2 days but keep failing. Tried to follow tutorials both here on cncnet (made by chrono vortex) and on youtube. Only thing left is actual help by someone who knows how to make them cause im done with that s*** xd So if someone has the good heart to help me i'd much appreciate it
  16. Yuris Revenge DTA Client mods(Mental Omega, Tiberium Crisis ect.) working well. But DTA CnCNet Client mods (Reloaded, Red Alert 20XX ect.) Client running in task manager but it wont open
  17. how can I do i put zombie mission civilan my map ? (Türk var mı varsa yardımcı olabilir mi )
  18. Hello commenders, I'm pretty new to editing maps. I've done my searches and see through maps scripts in txts but i couldn't able to find what i need. So I'm here to asking for your help. What I'm looking for is an advanced scripting advice. I've created a map like "Normandy" from "kapow". Attached both scripts. (?) I have placed a Yuri Naval Base on sea and made it immune but c4. However, Tanya couldn't able to destroy it. >>[YAYARD] >>Capturable=no >>ImmuneToPsionics=yes >>CanC4=yes >>Immune=yes >>Warpable=no >>Bombable=no >>Strength=9999999 >>Sparky=no (?) Then i wanted to Tanya avaible for all sides. However, tanya doesnt show up on Soviets. >>[TANY] >>Owner=Russians,Confederation,Africans,Arabs,YuriCountry,British,French,Germans,Americans,Alliance (?) Also in Normany map, i've seen these codes but realy do not know what they are. Could somebody tell me how they works and meanings? [NAIRON] TechLevel=-1 [YAGNTC] TechLevel=-1 [GACSPH] TechLevel=-1 [NAMISL] Cost=8000 [GAWEAT] Cost=8000 [YAPPET] Cost=8000 [YHVR] Crusher=yes Cost=600 [SAPC] Crusher=yes Cost=600 [LCRF] Crusher=yes Cost=600 [GTGCAN] Power=-150 [CAPOWR] Power=100 (?) More, I want no air units in my map. I couldnt manage to find proper code for it. (?) Also, i tried to somehow mine explosions on sea but "63- deal 100 damage (action)", "explosion when destroyed (action)" and "42- deal damage from object to waypoint (action)" didnt work how i imagined. (?) One last thing is "34 - comes near waypoint (event)" doesnt work as win condition. What i want is to set win/lose condition whenever team A comes near the waypoint say like 10x10 area. I think thats all, have a nice day all. dardannels campaign v2_1.map normandy.map
  19. Yo. I can't play ffgs online as the client is kicking me back to lobby. Qm and skirmish are working fine. Tried every renderer plus reinstalling the game. But nothing seems to work. Can anybody help me with this?
  20. I have made a map that use Civilian/JP side to attack everyone when condition was met. It's went fine but the problem is player's (+Computer) defenses and units won't automatically attack Civilian's unit as they are in range of fire. So, Is it possible to solve this problem?
  21. Hi, in quickmatch during the loading screen my opponent never loads and then as soon as i get into the game it says connection to cncnet has been lost, when i go into the custom lobby everything runs smoothly. This problem started this month, never had a problem before in the previous months. Please help me resolve this issue, thanks.
  22. There's an issue with the default volume output for the game. I have multiple output audio sources to record on obs studio that separates the audio track into different channels (One for discord, games, and the microphone making it easier to edit out audio in vegas). In this case I have a virtual audio cable named Games (VB-Audio Cable A) that records the games audio. It works when I boot up the game first time but after closing and reopening the game, it no longer records the audio unless I restart my computer. Is there anyway to fix this? For the pic, the first one is the output and the second one is input.
  23. IDK but launcher crashing all the time with the game while playing. Windows 7 64 16 bit colors all crashlogs ClientCrashLog_22_2_2021_20_27.txtClientCrashLog_22_2_2021_20_21.txtClientCrashLog_22_2_2021_17_30.txtClientCrashLog_22_2_2021_17_10.txtClientCrashLog_22_2_2021_16_58.txt
  24. I installed the Origin C&C Generals version of Yuri's Revenge, then I installed Purple Alert. The Purple Alert launcher loads fine, but when I click "Launch Purple Alert" the C&C Generals "Ra2 or YR" launcher pops up. When I click YR it just loads the Vanilla YR. Is there any way to bypass something so that I can play Purple Alert? I played it years ago when I had the non C&C Generals version and it was the best mod ever!
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