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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4Md6ZnAIHI Hi guys, Please look at the video and tell me if you know what that mod is, I love that mod just can't find it anywhere else. Thank you
  2. Voice clips and sound effects for vehicles that aren't the Grizzly Tank, Terror Drone or Rhino Tank as well as everything else introduced in YR seem to be completely absent when I play the game. I've already reinstalled twice. Assistance please? Solution: I did a fresh reinstall after uninstalling some programs, including XCC Utilities. I then extracted files from the XWIS installation and replaced them in the directory.
  3. When i alt tab in game, i cant go back to game. game continues but the screen is frozen. im playing on windows 10
  4. Please somebody help me, This is my favorite game in the world, I'm running windows 10 on an icore 7 processor with excellent internet connection and a GeForce NVIDIA game card, Every time I get into a Sedona FFA and start taking out my first enemy my game freezes, I can still select my units using hot keys, but the screen is frozen on my opponents almost destructed con yard. I have the game downloaded from origin, I have the black screen patch and the CNCGRAPHICS patch. I tried the video buffer=no but that didn't seem to change anything. If anyone can help me to resolve this issue I would be happy to allow you to destroy one of my apocalypse tanks with your German tank destroyer. Please assist, my future as a happy person depends on it.
  5. When I try to update my client I have that error. I use winsows xp SP3. What do I need to do?
  6. rothmans


    How to make cnc client, read all my modifications (rulesmd.ini, artmd.ini, expandmd.mix, ecachemd.mix, etc)? And how do I read my "loadingscreen"?
  7. Im trying to run Red Alert 2 Omega mod but I get this error message. Can anyone help me, please?
  8. Whenever the host starts the game, or I do, I always load the last one, or either the slowest. When the game starts everyone say that I lag, the game at first is slow, but after sometime it becomes fast, I always thought it was from the server that it gets adapted to the connection/system of every player? But before that "sometime" pass, someone quits and then I get kicked even though my Internet is decent, and my ping is no more than 150 ms. I play on my HP laptop a 6 GB RAM, i5 2.2 GHZ, and a 2 GB x2 NVIDIA GEFORCE video card. Windows 8.1 Professional, 64-bits OS. The game can pretty much work on any PC doesn't matter. So.. That being said, what do I do now? What are the best solutions? Thanks.
  9. snitch

    Kaboom error

    Windows 7 and when i run the game it comes up with the attached image
  10. After updating to the newest client and game, yuris reveneg crashes with the following attached image whenever i click on any of the main menu icons. if i do not click on the icons, then the game runs fine. any suggestions? My pc is up to date, according to microsoft windows update. Running windows 10 with amd 870k and EVGA gtx 1080.
  11. KillerGR

    Record video GAme

    How can i record video game mood while i used Bandicam and Camtasiastudio can't record video, it only record Client cnc ? Please tell me how to record video game !
  12. Problem about Command & Conquer Red Alert™ 2 and Yuri’s Revenge. I downloaded that game yesterday from origin.com and all was ok. But since today i cant play. It said that RA2 stopped working. Problem caused the program to stop working corretly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. Whats about that? Anyone can explain that? Tnx!
  13. Has there been any thought into have a very simplistic, scaled down ladder? 1 ladder that encompasses clanning and perhaps individual where it does not interface with the cncnet client, but rather is just website based where the games get played and recorded? I believe (a LONG time ago) there was this type of ladder on chat-stars forum when ra2 wol ladder was useless. I'm not sure how that'd work, but it would seem to be drastically more simple to code then a fully interfaced, multiple ladder design that CNCNet seems to be trying to do. The way it would work is: people register their name on the website ladder. People play games under a certain option on cncnet. The game stats get sent to the website and updated. done. I'm not sure how difficult this is, but I wanted to throw the idea out there.
  14. Since a recent client update the 'Faster' game setting has changed from 45 fps to 60 fps. Now there's no option for 45 fps, just 30 or 60. Am I missing something? Why was this removed?
  15. While playing lan or online, the game stops for like 5 mins or 7 mins then shows me that i got disconnected,but the game is still working on my friends computers.
  16. Would you kindly update so we can play red alert 2 and Yuri single player campaign? like yall did with RA CNC and Tiberian Sun Please and thank you
  17. Quick one, since the update to the client my shortcut breaks and I have pinned the exe to my taskbar but not sure if others are experiencing issues
  18. Hi folks - I installed RA2 and YR. Then, I installed the YR installer from CnCNet which works great. Problem is once I quit the program, how do I re-start? There is no CnCNet icon in the start option and I can't seem to search for it either. Currently, I'm having to re-install from the installer each time I play. Thanks
  19. Running CnCNet server using systemd (Linux x64) wget downloads.cncnet.org/tunnel.sh sh tunnel.sh 200 "Unnamed Server" If you're unsure what linux distro to choose, just take the latest version of Ubuntu Using the above method you can run both CnCNet servers as a service and they will continue to run even after the server restarted. Alternatively you can also run the servers individually (see below): New Server (All Games) Linux x64 example: wget -c https://downloads.cncnet.org/cncnet-server.tgz -O - | tar -xz nohup ./cncnet-server --name "My cool server" --maxclients 200 --port 50001 --portv2 50000 > cncnet-server.log 2>&1 & Linux ARM Windows: On XP, Vista and 7 make sure .NET 4.0 is installed: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=17113 Download the server and start it: http://downloads.cncnet.org/cncnet-server-gui.exe Note: Servers are chosen automatically by CnCNet and are only used in case 2 players fail to establish a Peer-To-Peer connection. Yuri's Revenge players can select a specific server via the advanced settings while hosting a game room. Old Server (Yuris Revenge only) Linux (Ubuntu) example: sudo apt-get install default-jre wget http://downloads.cncnet.org/cncnet-tunnel.exe nohup java -jar cncnet-tunnel.exe -name "My cool server" -maxclients 200 -port 50000 -headless > cncnet-tunnel.log 2>&1 & Windows: Download the server and start it: http://downloads.cncnet.org/cncnet-tunnel.exe Note: To use a specific server you'll have to select it via the advanced settings while hosting a game room. The servers will not show up instantly on the website, it can take up to 4 hours
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