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  1. Hello. There was a problem when starting the game RA2/YR via CnCnet 5. When the network game starts, it writes an error: "If you enabled no-CD make sure the files "multimd.mix" and "mapsmd3.mix" are in the game install folder, they're usually located on the CD". But I already have these files in the game. Build the game RA2/YR from RA2.IN. What should I do?
  2. [AM 01:31] ERROR :Closing Link: Elite_Game_ by NuclearFallout.WA.US.GameSurge.net (Excess Flood) please Cncnet admin repair this bug , i can't happy play this game(YRcncnet)
  3. [FG9]


    Hi i need help pls to fix frozen chat and frind list problem. I can see only 17 from 1133 players.
  4. from the version 7.0 onward the yr client doesent launch when i double click it
  5. Hello there, so after many months without playing Yuris Revenge, me and a friend of mine would love to play the game again together. However, we ran into a bad problem. Somehow, i'm having issues with the online feature of CnCNet. When i connect to YR Online, i can't see any game lobbys, nor can i create a new one. When i click the button "Create Game" or "Join Game" nothing happens. Sometimes the player count shows -1, but it's not always like that. Yesterday it was around 1000. Thing is, i read on different sources, that online is currently broken since the latest patch(es). Odd is, my friend doesn't have any issues and can see + join any game lobby. I hope you can help me with this matter. Kind regards, Night2078. client.log
  6. I am having an issue that is effecting my game play in CNCNET Yuri's Revenge. Basically, if I choose Ra2 mode, the in-game play is very smooth and fast. However, if I choose Yuri's revenge mode, the in-game play (cursor, unit control, moving around the map) becomes sluggish and way too "heavy" as compared to Quick Match or RA2 mode. Can anyone please advise on the matter? I am using ASUS I7-7700 HQ CPU @ 2.8 GHZ, 16 GB RAM, 64 Bit Operating system x64-based processor. ( i tried using different renderes and tried uninstalling - neither worked) - the in-game play continues to have a "heavy" feel into it as compared to RA2 mode or even Yuri's QM.
  7. Im trying to start up the client but it freezes up and i decided to look into the Client log file to see if anything is wrong. It spits out this every time. client.log I have checked the files and "battle.ini" is nowhere to be found in my INI folder, i didn't delete it, and the client was running just fine like yesterday. Plus it's spitting out "AssetLoader.LoadSound: Sound not found! MainMenu\button.wav" like 10 or so times, the file it's looking for is in the correct place, at least i think, i have no idea whats happening. My mods aren't afflicting in any way. So whats the deal here, is my client not loading to the mainmenu due to it missing battle.ini or is it failing to load due to some update mishaps or something else? Im really concerned the thing may never work again, i've uninstalled and reinstalled the client, TWICE and the same problem occurs, turned off my machine, it occurs, even a repair-job of the RA2:YR copy on TheFirstDecade made it still happen. Please, i want to play my beloved RTS again and i hope to get this problem fixed!
  8. I played a Qm match was Likelove, I was Derby, and I won, and game ended. Match recorded win for me.. I continue playing on, and I go back to check ladder, and it was changed to a disconnect loss for me? Makes no sense.. What can I do about it? This guy is horrible lagger too.
  9. How can i fix it, Thank you
  10. Yo! I been having a lot of issues since the most recent update. 1. The client tends to kick me out for no reason, the good thing though is I don't lag out of games but I will lag out of the lobby. 2. When I reconnect to the lobby, my username usually has underscores, don't know if that helps. 3. There is always missing users on the right hand side. Like right now there is 1499 users online but I only see 30 users all with question marks next to them (from where the game icon is). 4. On the left hand side where the games are being hosted, it doesn't like refresh right when a game opens and locks. Because I end up double clicking to join a game and it closes out. I have to double click every single game just to join anything at this point because it doesn't refresh with what games are open and what games are closed properly. I tried reinstalling the game client, tried it on my other computer. Same issues. It all started as soon as this new update came out. I'm running windows 10, I actually bought my computer last year so the specs are of course are good. My firewall is off, I've done all types of troubleshooting so is it an issue with the update?
  11. Hello. I have a problem with russian text, it does not display correctly when I type in CnC client. Only incomprehensible symbols. Reinstallation did not help.
  12. Hi. Ever since the new version 7.1 was launched, i have not been able to get on it. Been at it for 3 days now, every time i try updating it, it gets stuck in between, usually at 3% then doesnt progress. I have uninstalled the avast anti virus and turned off all windows firewalls too. Please Help. Thank you...
  13. Hello, So I'm new to the site but a long time veteran of the game Red Alert Yuri's Revenge. I just downloaded the game from Origin along with CNCNet. I wanted to play online for the first time in forever with other players that have a passion for the game, however, I don't think I can join any game. I'll explain below. When I login to the host's game with other players and while we're picking out our country's etc. Red Text pops up on the chat stating (my name) has different files compared to the game host. Either (my name) or the game host could be cheating. When this shows up, I see that other players are already accusing me of cheating, then I'm kicked from the game. So...what files could I have on my computer that the client would recognize that I could be cheating? I don't understand. I just downloaded my game from Origin and haven't added any mods or anything that would give me an advantage in battle. Another thing that I have noticed that my name in the lobby shows that I have a [?] instead of the Yuri's revenge symbol. Can anyone give some details on how to fix this? I really appreciate it.
  14. I have used this client multiple times in the past with no trouble. Last used CNCnet launcher two weeks ago. Now I click the launcher and run as admin and it goes to the CNCNET loading screen before the game and then nothing happens. If I click or press my keyboard it states it is not responding and asks to close. I have tried uninstalling the cncnet launcher, reinstalling. Tried computer restarts, system updates. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the base Yuris revenge game on origin. At my wits end, especially because it worked so recently. If there's some known problem or easy fix that I haven't been able to find I would very much appreciate it.
  15. cncnet 7.1.docx Please explain what these file does exactly, thank you!
  16. Hello! So today I started the game to play online and a new update came out to download (7.1). I´ve never had any problem when updating the game, but today when the update download finished this message appeared (photo atached). I don´t know what to do... I´ve tried reseting my pc and load the game again but doesn´t work. Please I need help to get the update to run in my pc. Thanks!
  17. Hi, when i started CnCNet today the new update 7.1 did install because my Avira blocked it. I turned Avira off but it still did not work. Then i delated the game (Orgin Version) and CnCNet. Now i have downloaded and Installed Red Alert II (Origin Version) again. And when i now want to install CnCNet again this Error shows up: When i click "ignore" the installation begins but stops and this error shows up: Can somebody help me please?
  18. Turned off my virus scanner and my firewall ,but still i get this
  19. Hi, I have a friend who is having issues with lag. Game will run fine for 20-30mins then suddenly as there are more units it will get slower and slower until game becomes almost unplayable. They have tried various renderers, is there anything else they can do or try to resolve? Any help greatly appreciated - have included PC specs below.
  20. had to alt tab to screen shot it, but he purposely dc's so figured I should report.
  21. I get this error when I try to install cncnet to a fresh install of yuri's revenge. The game starts and runs perfectly, but I just can't install cncnet. Any ideas? thanks!
  22. Hello, I bought the Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection on Origin but like some of you may have already heard, when I try to play Red Alert 2 it doesn't even launch. I'm on Windows 10, I have already installed the CnCNet application and tried some options I found online but nothing seems to work. I would really appreciate if anyone could help me with it. Thanks!
  23. MBa

    Can't login into QM

    Hi community, the last week i was playing a few qm's. Today I wated to login again but it is not possible for me. I don't see the login dialog. Instead it's firing up a message instructing me to create a ladder account, which i already have. I am adding a screen down below. Is the request to the server stuck or something? Thx in advance.
  24. We're hearing you loud and clear and are looking into the problem. Please be patient as we try and rectify this for you all! Will try and keep this thread updated with the latest. Meanwhile: Exact steps you are taking to the crash would be really helpful!
  25. I recommended my friend to update YR to play online on cncnet. At first he can play with me normally, but 3 days after installed the program this happen to him How can this problem be solved? He's very frustrated because it is suddenly happen and he doesn't want to quit YR. Please help. p.s. he doesn't have an account on cncnet community, but if anyone who can help him and wants to talk to him. I'll tell him to register on this site.
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