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  1. Hello, I am trying to set red alert 2 YR to play on my three computers but all of them when the game starts they dont load to game so each one start alone, I tried to open the firewall but still doesnt work, and when i try to play on lan 2 of them work but one which is origin version crash when i open the lan area.
  2. the Game was work but was so lag and slow move , so i download CNCNet5 and installed it again and i found this message yuri revange was crashed ,error message method not found: void perview extractor,MapThumbnailExtractorctor(rampstring.tools.IniFile,Int32) please help how to fix and how get play the game without lag and slow move
  3. I can not fix this problem. Please help
  4. Hello, Running yuri CNCnet on windows 10, probably latest version since auto-update on. Keep getting message that cncnet is running from write protected directory. Everything is installed on my main drive. I have followed a guide all the way through on lifewire to remove write protection and am still getting this error. I have also disabled my norton virus scanner as well. The game crashes whenever I try to leave a skirmish session, but then goes back to cncnet after I kill the yuri process via task manager. I got a copy of the game from cdkeys >> origin
  5. When some 1 joins it takes for ever to get connected ? This is when there are a lot of people online
  6. A listing in DroneBL is NOT always related to spam. But in most cases because of an open proxy !!! i don't know What did i do wrong How to fix it
  7. There was about 3500 people loggeg in YR Client today and I have noticed a greatly increased CPU usage of my YR Client. One whole core of my (not very strong) processor was fully loaded and I was experiencing lag in YR Client. I dont think rendering GUI is a problem, because: I have tried other GUI renderers in options and nothing changed. I have tried to decrease GUI resolution down to 800x600px and problem was still there. CPU usage only increases after I press "Play Online" button and players/games lists starting to emerge. I suppose there is something wrong with enumeration of those lists in source code of YR Client...
  8. willson

    RAYR wont start up

    Hi, Since there is no support for catalina i've installed bootcamp with Windows 10. Downloaded my original games from Origen and installed CNCnet. When I start de origen version of the game it works. When i Start the CNCnet version to play online, it throws me an error. This is the content of my client.log 14.05. 08:26:35.763 ***Logfile for Yuri's Revenge client*** 14.05. 08:26:35.779 Client version: 14.05. 08:26:35.779 Loading settings. 14.05. 08:26:35.935 Initializing updater. 14.05. 08:26:35.935 Update mirror count: 1 14.05. 08:26:35.935 Running from: clientdx.exe 14.05. 08:26:35.951 Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 14.05. 08:26:35.951 Selected OS profile: WIN810 14.05. 08:26:35.951 Removing partial custom component downloads. 14.05. 08:26:35.951 Checking for the existence of FinalSun.ini. 14.05. 08:26:35.951 FinalSun.ini doesn't exist - writing default settings. 14.05. 08:26:35.951 An exception occured while checking the existence of FinalSun settings 14.05. 08:26:35.951 Writing installation path to the Windows registry. 14.05. 08:26:36.756 Initializing GameClass. 14.05. 08:26:36.964 InitGraphicsMode: 5120x2880 14.05. 08:26:36.974 KABOOOOOOM!!! Info: 14.05. 08:26:36.984 Message: HRESULT: [0x80070057], Module: [General], ApiCode: [E_INVALIDARG/Invalid Arguments], Message: De parameter is onjuist. 14.05. 08:26:37.004 Source: SharpDX 14.05. 08:26:37.004 TargetSite.Name: CheckError 14.05. 08:26:37.004 Stacktrace: bij SharpDX.Result.CheckError() bij SharpDX.DXGI.SwapChain.ResizeBuffers(Int32 bufferCount, Int32 width, Int32 height, Format newFormat, SwapChainFlags swapChainFlags) bij Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.GraphicsDevice.CreateSizeDependentResources() bij Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.GraphicsDevice.Reset() bij Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.GraphicsDevice.Reset(PresentationParameters presentationParameters) bij Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GraphicsDeviceManager.ApplyChanges() bij Rampastring.XNAUI.WindowManager.InitGraphicsMode(Int32 iWidth, Int32 iHeight, Boolean bFullScreen) bij DTAClient.DXGUI.GameClass.SetGraphicsMode(WindowManager wm) bij DTAClient.DXGUI.GameClass.Initialize() bij Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.DoInitialize() bij Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.Run(GameRunBehavior runBehavior) bij DTAClient.Startup.Execute() bij DTAClient.PreStartup.Initialize(StartupParams parameters) bij DTAClient.Program.Main(String[] args) 14.05. 08:26:37.314 Hardware info: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7500 CPU @ 3.40GHz (4 cores) | Video controller: Radeon Pro 570 | Total physical memory: 16GB Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. Whenever I join a game that If game has a new map, the following message was released. The host has a selected a map that doesn't exist on your installation. Attempting to download it from the CnCNet map database. Downloading custom map failed. Requesting the game host to download it to the CnCNet map database. Download of the custom map failed. The host needs to change the map or you will be unable to participate in this match. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
  10. hsiddique

    CncNet Offline

    Hi all, I don't know why, but CnC net will not allow me to play Yuri's Revenge online. This occured when trying to updated to 16.5 The update process was distruped and said to have failed though on the bottom right it says 6.5, when trying to force an update, it fails also. I haven't been able tp update to 6.6 or the latest 6.7 Back story. I have the game on origins, yuri's revenge is downloaded through origins, and downloaded CnCNet through https://cncnet.org/yuris-revenge. On the top right when laughing "Yuri's Revenge CnCNet", the top right shows "YR Online: N/A" Please help Thank you so much!
  11. After the latest patches you always hear a "pling" sound if somebody opens a room, so you have to disable the whole client volume to 0 to avoid this annoying problem. but then you cant hear someone paging you, joining your room and so on, can you may please make a button to disable this specific sound or patch this "problem"? this would be great greetz
  12. When I run my CnCNet Yuri's revenge file, the game runs, but the CnC client often doesnt run. How to run it manually? If it doesn't run, I cannot have my game and wins/losses linked with my CnC account.
  13. Hi, When i try to launch YR client to access to CnCNet, i have this message : Yuri's revenge has crashed. Error message. HRESULT: [0x887A0004], Module: [SharpDX.DXGI], Api Code:[DXGI_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED/Unsupported], Message: Unknown Do you know why ? How can i solve this problem ? Thanks !!!
  14. I can't play Skirmish on the client.And it makes me unable to play online. How should I fix it? Give me an answer
  15. Hi i have downloaded yuri revenge from origion and its works on that but cncnet does not launch the game. idk what to do can any1 help please. i have attached the client text document as well client.log
  16. afternoon, i want to ask why i cannot play online .. when i click online it say yuri revenge crashed..
  17. Hi, I stumbled on this site, haven't played CNC in a long time, thought I'd dust off the games and give it a whirl! I'm on Manjaro Linux these days, hadn't used WINE before, but installed wine, wine-mono, and wine-gecko (just in case) installed the decade disk, downloaded the CnCnet exe for Yuri's, installed that with WINE, and then went to run CnCNetYRLauncher.exe and get the error seen in the screenshot attached here. Any pointers on where to look to fix this?
  18. Hello,, Since the last update i get The Yuri's Revenge CnCNet is no longer starting. What i've tried is to reinstal the game and te launcher. When is look in the client logs is says its missing some things. Can anyone help me solving this? Logs: 05.05. 13:44:56.821 ***Logfile for Yuri's Revenge client*** 05.05. 13:44:56.826 Client version: 05.05. 13:44:56.826 Loading settings. 05.05. 13:44:56.868 Initializing updater. 05.05. 13:44:56.870 Update mirror count: 1 05.05. 13:44:56.870 Running from: clientdx.exe 05.05. 13:44:56.871 Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 05.05. 13:44:56.871 Selected OS profile: WIN810 05.05. 13:44:56.872 Attempting to delete temporary updater directory. 05.05. 13:44:56.900 Removing partial custom component downloads. 05.05. 13:44:56.901 Checking for the existence of FinalSun.ini. 05.05. 13:44:56.901 FinalSun.ini doesn't exist - writing default settings. 05.05. 13:44:56.905 An exception occured while checking the existence of FinalSun settings 05.05. 13:44:56.906 Writing installation path to the Windows registry. 05.05. 13:44:57.251 Initializing GameClass. 05.05. 13:44:57.373 InitGraphicsMode: 1920x1080 05.05. 13:44:57.486 Checking local file versions. 05.05. 13:44:57.489 Loading maps. 05.05. 13:44:57.503 Hardware info: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670K CPU @ 3.40GHz (4 cores) | Video controller: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 | Total physical memory: 16GB 05.05. 13:44:57.843 AssetLoader.LoadSound: Sound not found! MainMenu\button.wav 05.05. 13:44:57.845 AssetLoader.LoadSound: Sound not found! MainMenu\button.wav 05.05. 13:44:57.846 AssetLoader.LoadSound: Sound not found! MainMenu\button.wav 05.05. 13:44:57.847 AssetLoader.LoadSound: Sound not found! MainMenu\button.wav 05.05. 13:44:57.848 AssetLoader.LoadSound: Sound not found! MainMenu\button.wav 05.05. 13:44:57.848 AssetLoader.LoadSound: Sound not found! MainMenu\button.wav 05.05. 13:44:57.849 AssetLoader.LoadSound: Sound not found! MainMenu\button.wav 05.05. 13:44:57.850 AssetLoader.LoadSound: Sound not found! MainMenu\button.wav 05.05. 13:44:57.850 AssetLoader.LoadSound: Sound not found! MainMenu\button.wav 05.05. 13:44:57.851 AssetLoader.LoadSound: Sound not found! MainMenu\button.wav 05.05. 13:44:57.852 AssetLoader.LoadSound: Sound not found! MainMenu\button.wav 05.05. 13:44:57.904 Attempting to parse INI\Battle.ini to populate mission list. 05.05. 13:44:57.904 File INI\Battle.ini not found. Ignoring. 05.05. 13:44:57.904 Attempting to parse INI\BattleE.ini to populate mission list. 05.05. 13:44:57.905 File INI\BattleE.ini not found. Ignoring. 05.05. 13:44:57.921 Saved Games directory not found! 05.05. 13:44:58.015 Skipping reading statistics because the file doesn't exist!
  19. As you know, on Windows 10, RA2 and Yuri cards are located in their own directories, but the problem is with the standard. Maps of the standard can only be displayed downloaded from someone, and I would like to have my own maps and map pack that are suitable for Yuri Revenge , but not all of them work optimally. For the cncnet client, the reference is set to "MAP", but what about "YRM"? I need cards for myself and with those with whom you want to play, and the client does not read these cards... Can you help with the problem? bonni'v federation 1.yrm
  20. When going through the options tab. i cant highlight show game rooms for the following games (Yuris Revenge) (its faded out and wont let me click, Also when i click custom match it takes me to the cnc net lobby. I get a view of the users in the lobby, however i cant view the games on the left. and yeah, cant join anything therefore. Hope someone can help. Thanks guys
  21. Abubakar

    lan crashes

    when we creat game on lan whenever other person tries to join it his client crashes.it displays the following error give below in ss.
  22. I installed cncnet today and its working fine, but now I can't access Mental Omega's Singleplayer. When I click on MO's client it just launches CNCnet. How do I fix this?
  23. HI Everyone does a offline installer for the newest version of CnCNet (Yuris Revenge) exist? I´m on a lan-party without internet (yep, that still exist) the next days and want to play the game via lan-mode. I tried the lan-mode without updating the client (with Version but it didnt work. best regards SteckDoseOne
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