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About Me

  1. Hello I'm doing some video stuff with Yuri's Revenge and every time I try to open the XCC Sound Editor that comes inside the XCC Mixer, the program just closes itself and won't let me do anything. I only need to extract some audios from langmd.mix\audiomd.mix\audio.bag as wave files to put them into a video. I'm using XCC Utilities 1.47 and surprisingly with older versions like 1.12 or 1.40 the issue won't happen, but I can't read Yuris Revenge, only Red Alert 2. Any idea of what could be causing this and any solution? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, i've just played minutes ago, but after restarting my pc this came out when i tried to open cncnet-yuri's revenge. Can anyone give me some hints so I can solve this problem? Kind regards.
  3. I've been playing a few games online and I've noticed that the Scroll Speed is way too fast even when it's set at 0, and when I say too fast I mean near to be uncontrollable. I don't have this issue playing the vanilla games Ra2 / YR and/or the CNC Net client on Skirmish mode, I usually set it as fast, but in online games I'm forced to set it to slowest / 0 and still is too fast. Anyone knows what could be causing this problem and any possible solution? Any help is apreciated.
  4. Can't host a game of Yuri's Revenge in CnC Net, only i load and I get a Victorious screen.
  5. frikiki

    crash log

    ClientCrashLog_2021_09_21_11_24.txt please help with this crash log. thanks!
  6. First time I was able to load into the game but the update failed, I got an error in the update and said something about firewall not allowing clientdx.exe to update. My firewall and anti-virus arent the issue and i read others are also having this problem. Now I can't even launch the game due to a crash Update: fixed by reinstalling
  7. It's impossible to verify QM account because its old email has no longer exist and there's no setting to change QM account email. Please add this featute.
  8. Wiganfc

    Fresh install

    Hi can someone please send instrcutions and downloads for Ra2/YR? I'm trying to reinstall so my son can play. Thank you.
  9. Kondrand777

    update 8.4

    somebody can help me? and another problem, cnc dont even start
  10. edit: Had to do with my screen settings. I have 3 27inch monitors and the software does not like that.
  11. When I try to load a Saved Game in Yuri's Revenge, I get the following error message: Yuri's Revenge has encountered an internal error and is unable to continue normally. Steps: Single Player -> Skirmish Launch a Skirmish then bring up the menu and select Load Game. (I have not been able to find a way to load a saved game from the main menu). After I close the dialogue, I brought back to the main Skirmish menu. I have tried this with a few of the maps included with CnC. Any ideas on what is causing the issue an if there is a better way to launch a saved game? Thanks
  12. Im having this issue with the cncnet launcher, whenever i launch YR i get this error message. (this began happening after i updated to 8.3) and the game is now unplayable. could the staff team have a look into it please. thank you.
  13. C&C yuri's revenge campaign cuz i prefer just playing the campaign on repeat lol. So basically everything works great except for right past the loading screen when u really get into a game and it tweaks out by freezing the screen. if i tab out and back in its fine until i finish the misson. when it tries to leave the mission to go to the post campaign mission screen it freezes up for good and i couldnt do anything to fix it. and i will say this im kinda an idiot when it comes to the computer stuff but i can do enough to get the game started thanks to tutorials. my question is does any one know how to fix this? the it freezes like this anytime it starts or ends a mission.
  14. Hi, I Can't upload any custom map anymore with the new update Version 8.4, I get "failed to upload map to cncnet database" or something like that.....no one can see my custom maps. when they try to download some tell me they get download failed or no load. [What I tried]:- -Uninstalling Anti Virus. -Allowing CNCNET through firewall. -Using VPN. -Running Client As Administrator. -Changing Tunnel Server. -Changing Renderer. -Reopening a custom map with Final Alert 2 and saving a new copy of it then using it instead of using the original copy. -Uninstalling and Reinstalling the game and cncnet. -In properties of the game folder, Deselecting "Read-only". -Yes my maps are .map format. -Yes I have good internet. -Yes I can play normal and modded maps with people. -Yes I can download Custom Maps from others. what do I do to fix that problem please? (unable to upload custom maps). Thank You.
  15. Hey guys, When trying to open YR I get a crash&error. I uninstalled, restarted, and reinstalled to no avail. As that's the extent of my tech support knowledge I need some help...here's the log. 24.07. 16:52:55.798 ***Logfile for Yuri's Revenge client*** 24.07. 16:52:55.811 Client version: 24.07. 16:52:55.811 Loading settings. 24.07. 16:52:55.851 Initializing updater. 24.07. 16:52:55.856 Update mirror count: 1 24.07. 16:52:55.856 Running from: clientdx.exe 24.07. 16:52:55.858 Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 24.07. 16:52:55.858 Selected OS profile: WIN810 24.07. 16:52:55.861 Removing partial custom component downloads. 24.07. 16:52:55.862 Checking for the existence of FinalSun.ini. 24.07. 16:52:55.862 FinalSun.ini doesn't exist - writing default settings. 24.07. 16:52:55.863 An exception occured while checking the existence of FinalSun settings 24.07. 16:52:55.863 Writing installation path to the Windows registry. 24.07. 16:52:55.869 Starting background processing of INI files. 24.07. 16:52:55.869 /INI/Base does not exist, skipping background processing of INI files. 24.07. 16:52:56.200 Initializing GameClass. 24.07. 16:52:56.304 InitGraphicsMode: 5120x1440 24.07. 16:52:56.311 KABOOOOOOM!!! Info: 24.07. 16:52:56.311 Message: HRESULT: [0x80070057], Module: [General], ApiCode: [E_INVALIDARG/Invalid Arguments], Message: The parameter is incorrect. 24.07. 16:52:56.314 Source: SharpDX 24.07. 16:52:56.314 TargetSite.Name: CheckError 24.07. 16:52:56.314 Stacktrace: at SharpDX.Result.CheckError() at SharpDX.DXGI.SwapChain.ResizeBuffers(Int32 bufferCount, Int32 width, Int32 height, Format newFormat, SwapChainFlags swapChainFlags) at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.GraphicsDevice.CreateSizeDependentResources() at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.GraphicsDevice.Reset() at Rampastring.XNAUI.WindowManager.InitGraphicsMode(Int32 iWidth, Int32 iHeight, Boolean bFullScreen) at DTAClient.DXGUI.GameClass.SetGraphicsMode(WindowManager wm) at DTAClient.DXGUI.GameClass.Initialize() at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.DoInitialize() at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.Run(GameRunBehavior runBehavior) at DTAClient.Startup.Execute() at DTAClient.PreStartup.Initialize(StartupParams parameters) at DTAClient.Program.Main(String[] args)
  16. dunno

    Kabooooooom error

    I got this error. Please help me.
  17. I install and have problem "player has different files from host could be cheating .... " message in lobby screen as both host and client." I seach in my forum and Mod require show my client and this is my client... If i know solve this problem.Please help me, thank you so much client.log ClientCrashLog_2021_06_10_15_20.txt
  18. Window 7 Message: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.dll' or one of its dependencies. The specified module could not be found.
  19. Current version: 1.13.3 (2019/03/21 16:28) The project is built on the .Net framework v3.5 Its code is licensed under the WTFPL. Download: Downloads folder Full readme Source code: (C#) Sources folder Full list of supported types / games: WWFont v1: Wargame Construction Set A Nightmare On Elm Street DragonStrike Circuit's Edge WWFont v2: (Note: the save routine for this type is currently set to optimise the size by removing duplicate image data, but I'm not sure if the games support this) BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's Revenge Eye of the Beholder Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon WWFont v3: The Legend of Kyrandia Dune II Lands of Lore The Throne of Chaos The Legend of Kyrandia Hand of Fate The Legend of Kyrandia Malcolm's Revenge The Legend of Kyrandia Malcolm's Revenge Installer Command & Conquer Command & Conquer Installer Command & Conquer Red Alert Command & Conquer Red Alert Installer Lands of Lore Guardians of Destiny Lands of Lore Guardians of Destiny Installer Command & Conquer Sole Survivor Lands of Lore III WWFont v4: Tiberian Sun Tiberian Sun Installer Tiberian Sun Firestorm Tiberian Sun Firestorm Installer Lands of Lore III Installer IGFont (Dune 2000 was made by Intelligent Games, not by Westwood) Dune 2000 BitFont: Red Alert 2 (internal developed use only) Unicode BitFont: Red Alert 2 Original first post: As I sort of mentioned a while back, I got tired of the lack of font editor for C&C1, and even more tired of Siberian_GRemlin sitting on his (working) version for about 10 years now. So I've decided to make my own in c#. With the help of the RA++ team (Omniblade, CCHyper & Tomsons26, anyway) I figured out the font format itself, and managed to make code to read it and show it as image. Apparently this format is used for quite a bit more than C&C1 and RA1; we used fonts from Legend of Kyrandia as test material as well, and apparently this should support Dune II too. Fonts have no colour palette of their own. They are 4-bit (meaning, 16 colour) images that, much like SHP files, receive colours from the game at the moment they're drawn. So I started off by generating a simple black-to-white fade for the palette, with black as the background color. This version also already moved the character down according to the extra Y-offset in the file. Next step: making an actual editor. I already had a zooming pixel image viewer from a little C&C-N64 project I worked on in the past few weeks, so that part was no problem (as already seen in the previous image). So the next step: drawing an editing grid on it. Well, I say "on it", but actually I needed three extra image layers positioned both behind and in front of the original image to pull it off, lol. Transparency is a strange thing in .Net controls. Next was getting a pixel drawn on that to indicate your editing position. That was easier than expected, really, and now I had a nifty giant pixel following my mouse around. Also note the fancy program icon; Tomsons26 made that I decided, around this time, to switch to a more colourful palette that would let you easily distinguish the different indices when editing. I just basically went over all hue values and made a nice little rainbow. I also coded in some extra behaviour to allow disabling the grid, and the red frame that shows you which part of it is actually editable. Of course, an editor is utterly useless if it can't actually save files, a little detail Siberian_GRemlin seemed to forget when he released a "demo" of his editor... eight years ago now. So after editing worked, I went into the mess of trying to save the image data back to palette. It took a few tries to get it right. But, finally, I managed to get a saved file! No, wait, crap, that's one of the failed ones. Ahem. Anyway. The pic I linked before shows the final successful attempt. There's a little pixel I made transparent, in the middle, to prove it was actually edited. Trust me, it was orange originally Now, there's just one thing still missing from the editor... and that's, well, the actual editing, more or less. I could only change the colour to one specific one with the left mouse button, and to background (transparency) with the right mouse button. So I dug up another nice control I had lying around for one of my older projects, namely a palette-loading colour selector. Took some time to adapt it, since the original was meant for 256 colours, but, I'm happy with the final result! It's starting to look good, no? At this moment, it's still missing some vital features, though; you can't change the size of the images or their Y-offset, and you can't add new character images to a font. These will come later, but at this moment, I do actually have a working editor. It's obviously still beta at the moment, but to anyone who wants to mess around with it, here it is: Westwood Font Editor v0.4 The source code is in the folder too, for those who are interested.
  20. Darren6


    Anti Virus has remove the clientdx.exe , now i cant open cncnet yuri revenge but i still can open yuri revenge offline. i tried copy another version of red alert same clientdx.exe to the resource folder but i get blocked by permission. i try reinstall but it appear "out of resource" and i cant uninstall yuri revenge like other apps i install in my comp. please help asap developers~! thanks
  21. gben01

    8.3 Update failed

    Hi there, trying to update web client to 8.3 of Yuri Revenge... but bitdefender (antivirus) program says a there is a virus in one of the files and I cannot proceed. "Traffic Scan has detected a threat. Access to a webpage has been denied. downloads.cncnet.org/updates/yr/Resources/clientdx.exe contains malware of type Gen:Variant.Johnnie.365292" Can you double check files on your side and/or help me update the game another way? Ben
  22. Is it normal that I can only play ra2 ladder?
  23. i want to make a map where spots are auto allied, if any one knows the code for allying in a map or just flat out knows how to do this plz let me know. i saw anothere thread where they said to set the waypoints to =a team (a or b) but taht didnt work when i tied it.
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