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  1. MisterRobota

    LAN Error

    Hello I'd been playing LAN on the CnCNET client just fine for the past few weeks but just today I started getting this error I tried reinstalling, re-updating and nothing works! It was working just fine and now it's not. Any clue or help is much appreciated! Oh also, online works just fine. Only LAN has this issue The error is : KABOOM A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable host I was told on the Discord server that it is " something else using the port maybe? " but I couldn't find anything. It is possible I didn't have enough networking experience to figure it out on my own and that's why I'm very desperate for anyone to help
  2. Hi. When I create Shirmish with bots on survival map it's ok, but when the troops timer reaches 0 game crashes (fatal error) I've downloaded maps from this pack. What's the problem?
  3. Trying some of the custom made survival maps with their own special ini files and a crash happens around the same time every game, can't seem to understand why but these are the related lines from the log file, can anyone interpret what the problem is? 15.04. 18:29:00.247 Writing spawn.ini 15.04. 18:29:00.256 Writing map. 15.04. 18:29:00.260 Loading map INI from E:\Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge\Maps\Custom\e155ce71e805c3b451a8e4080bdc7770b720ff16.map 15.04. 18:29:00.277 About to launch main game executable. 15.04. 18:29:00.283 Writing settings INI. 15.04. 18:29:00.298 Waiting for qres.dat or gamemd-spawn.exe to exit. 15.04. 18:29:02.304 Version - 3.93
  4. Hello! I am currently working on a "soft mod" of Yuri's Revenge (really just edits to the rulesmd.ini file), and was wondering if it was possible to allow tanks to be paradropped. Alternatively, is it possible to make a vehicle that can paradrop units on command, rather than from the support power (as in, you load units into it, then can deploy them from the air, as opposed to having to land first them evac the units)? Thanks!
  5. I'm trying to make it possible for Boris to swim, and I thought making him use the seal swimming animations would work perfectly for that, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to use animations across units. It either ends up with Boris having weird glitchy movements, or just straight up not visible on the screen. So far the main work-around I've come up with is to just replace the Boris unit with the arctic seal, keeping all the voice lines and attacks from Boris, but then I wouldn't have the seal recolor for their standard use. Any help would be appreciated
  6. Hi there. So my friend has some issues with connecting in game through CNCNET. He can connect to CNCNET, join a game, launch the game and load but he disconnects after only building like 25% of his power plant, this issue is consistent. Has anyone else had this issue cause i've not seen this before. Any information like logs/video's/screenshots etc let me know and i'll do my best to get them for you, i believe he is on windows 10. Any help for this will be appreciated.
  7. hi guys, Not sure if this question should be part of this forum. Im having difficulties with starting the YR-client (Windows 10) since today. Yesterday everything was just running fine. As soon as I try to run the client nothing happens...I dont even see a task/proces running in task manager. I even tried to reinstall YR and the CNC-net client with no results. Can you help me out? With kind regards,
  8. New forum member here, so please forgive me if I don't provide all the information needed on the first go-around here. I recently purchased Command and Conquer the Ultimate Collection from EA, installed Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge (and turned off the Origin overlay). I then downloaded and installed the CNCNet installer for YR, all of which went fine. When I open the CNCNet YR launcher, the menu screen comes up fine, and it says version 7.7 is available, so I tell it to go ahead and patch. It downloads a bunch of files, but when it gets to "Maps\Yuri's Revenge\xmp20mw.map", it fails with the message in the attached screenshot. I've tried the following things so far, to no avail: Going to Options -> Updater -> Force Update Renaming the .map file it's trying to download (it already exists in my YR maps directory) to something else so it hopefully wouldn't conflict when computing checksums. Uninstalling and re-installing the CNCNet YR program. I've also attached my logs, in case those help. I'm really at a loss here as to what to try next, honestly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. client.log
  9. Hello there, i can't update game client, it said an dll can't be downloaded and to verify if firewall is blocking the client or to get help from forum, so here i am. I checked firewall and even created new rules so i'm 200% firewall will not block it. I know firewall have 2 panel, one where you just have to check some box to say ALLOW and another where you have to create firewall rule. It doesn't work, i have another pc where i get the update(Client update, archive, upload to drive then to my original pc).
  10. Hi, I'm having issues with my client. It was working fine, but for some reason it isn't allowing me now to continue with the games because it keeps crashing. Also, it isn't adding any 'underscores' next to my name, but is only bringing me back to the lobby. Any advise on this, please? Thanks.
  11. Hi! I have red alert 2 yuri's revenge, I play it using CnC. I downloaded a mod and then I applied the changed using TibED. The mod work when I only run RedAlert2 game, but it doesn't work when I lunch it via the clinet, how do i fix it? Thanks
  12. Hello, I downloaded RA2 Yuri's Revenge, but whenever I try to open the game I get the following message. Any idea how i can fix this? Thanks!
  13. Hey, new to the forums. (For context, I'm running off of The First Decade, and I'm using the YR client. I'm also on Windows 10.) As the title may suggest, I've been having an issue where, every time I attempt to boot up Yuri's Revenge, I just get a black screen, the resolution changes, and then immediately get returned to desktop. The weird thing is that it doesn't seem to do the same for vanilla Red Alert 2, and when I use the client, I can enter Skirmish mode perfectly fine. Anyone know what could be the issue, and if at all possible, what I could do to fix that?
  14. DTA client is not responding while cncnet startup
  15. Hey I changed my name to CNCNet_Bot as a joke and posted "Hello I'm CNCNet_BOT" and then I was banned. It was only a joke, Can an admin please lift this ban? Thanks
  16. Hey I changed my name to CNCNet_BOT as a joke and I was banned. Can an admin please lift the ban? I have no idea how long im even banned for. Made a nother post in another topic on this. Thanks
  17. Using PlayOnMac... 4.2.12. i do have dotnet20sp2, dotnet35, xna40, and vcrun2008. Windows mode set so XP. i have already checked other versions of windows but the same error happens. On top of that i cant play with the older client since other games wont show up 😪
  18. My cncncnet Yuri's Revenge cannot be updated after downloading Thanks for your help
  19. I have seen a lot of mixed results on this topic. Is there a way to get CNCNet and YR running on linux (Ubuntu 16.04) ? If so, is there any step-by-step instructions on this?
  20. oyunda bu hata ortaya çıkıyor. lütfen yardım et. yapamadım
  21. I tried to open the game today but it showd kaboom error message and doesnt open anymore showing the same error message. what's wrong? client.log
  22. OF_


    Hi. Me and my friends like to play red alert 2 yuris revenge online and we like to play long games. So we were playing it a few days ago. there was no problem. And our games lasts almost 2 hour. But for a few days we started getting reconnection errors and it ends the game. It does not happen beggining of the game. It is happening almost end of the game like 1 hour later. I wanna know your opinions. what might cause this kind of error? Is it a common issue on cncnet or is it just us?
  23. Commanders, I'm trying to install YR with the disk on a new Win10 laptop. As per every post/article around, I went to the cncnz installation guide, which then directs you to download XWIS’ Yuri’s Revenge multiplayer distribution at https://xwis.net/forums/index.php?/topic/177134-downloads/ . However, it doesn't seem to be there. I can see the one for RA2, which I've installed and got working fine, but nothing for YR except the music. The music is nice, but I'd quite like the game. AFAIK all the threads on various sites just link back to that guidance, so basically... does anyone have a copy of the file? Where did it go? Any other ideas for how to get it up and running? As I said, I have the disk so I've got copies of the relevant .mix files. Just in case it magically worked I tried the CnCNet installer (https://downloads.cncnet.org/CnCNet5_YR_Installer.exe ), but inevitably it says it can't find a copy of YR installed and closes itself. Cheers.
  24. Phantom007

    Latest Patch

    After the latest patch, I can join games; however, when the game begins to load I load by myself. As does whomever I am with and the game immediately goes to (VICTORIOUS) No one is ever synced up and loading at the same time. Not only do I have this problem joining other games, I created my own and no one syncs up- loads at the same time. I have changed servers etc. Finally I have a friend I always play with, he has the same issues/ never syncs with others. Even when he has created his own games. We have not been able to play for days as every time it loads- no one loads together and the game immediately shows victorious and puts players back into the game lobby.
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