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Found 20 results

  1. I from Thai and I download cncnet and cannot play because It serve Can you help me please??
  2. Hi All, Appreciate your help for my Red Alert 2 Yuris connection to CnCNet has been lost issue. This issue only happen since last week after playing few months. Pls advise how to solve this issue
  3. Hi Support I can access and join a game on Red Alert but when the game starts with the MVC, it keeps doing this 25 second countdown and then another message appears and it says "Failed to Connect..Check Firewall, Anti-virus settings, Wifi " It was working fine for four sessions before this started happening. Now I have changed my firewall settings to allow the ccnet, raspawn, any other ideas about how to solve this issue ??
  4. I've created a tunnel server "Cannon Fodder" for Yuri's revenge and am forwarding port 50000. I can see the server in the web summary list but not in game. In fact the list of in game server options is much smaller than the list on the website- anything I'm missing? advice welcomed, thank you!
  5. Hello, I am new to the forum, I hope I don't do a bad post. I just want to report that this server I never saw it work and it doesn't work 3 weeks ago. I did a port check and port 50000 is closed, the strange thing is that it reports it as "OK" in status. Greetings from Argentina! Stephen
  6. Australian Tunnel not working. The guys and I have been trying to connect to it for about 5 days now so just putting in a support request. Thanks.
  7. Hi everyone, I have installed yuris revenge and playing with about 10 friends in south africa the ping is a little slow and sometimes not great. So today I tried to setup my own tunnel server, first using the the windows 10 and following a thread on here for what's needed. The cncnet application runs and sends heart beats and seems fine, also no password is set. After 2 hours I decided to setup a second tunnel server this time from my office. I used a linux machine we have at the office and followed the same thread for linux. Checking the log file I see heart beats and server seems to be running. Both are now live for more than a couple hours each. The names are southafricawindows and southafricalinux I can't see them on the live status website link and I cant see them in the game when setting up game and using advanced setting to select tunnel server. These are running of a normal windows 10 laptop with 32 gig of ram. And for linux a desktop machine also with decent specs but ubuntu 18.6 Please help me fix this so we can run a decent server in south Africa.
  8. whenever me and my m8 try to start the game.. freezes up and gives us an error. Says to change the tunnel in adv options.. is the server down or something?
  9. Wasn't sure of where to put this as I'm a total newb here. Have always loved C&C Red Alert 2 and trying to get all of my computers good to go so I can play with my sons. Strangely enough, on my primary computer every time I have tried to do the client update it downloads quickly then hangs and never recovers. Is there a solution to this? Any help would be appreciated!
  10. Hello together, both server should working again [EU]Purple-Horizon-Clan.net #1 Red Alert II [EU]Purple-Horizon-Clan.net #2 Red Alert II can you please test it? thanks greatings Saengerkrieg12
  11. Hi, We've started two tunnels almost since the beginning of cncnet. Now we've two issues with both: 1). There is a note for the server '', which says we need to contact you guys for information why the tunnel isn't working (v2). I did this previoustly and they told me to update the server. I did already since may (Linux), but it still gives the same error. The IPTables are disabled either, to be sure that isn't the issue. Please, provide me some more info, why the server isn't working. 2). Our second tunnel '' hasn't got the 'Community tested high quality' status anymore. This server had it in the beginning (we runned two tunnels), but since we'd splitted the tunnels from one version only to one v2 and one v3 the status of this server is gone (the one which isn't working still has this status; which runs on the same server and same duration). Hopefully you guys can provide me some more info what to do to get both issues to be fixed. Thanks and regards, Yorick
  12. It would be interesting to see KKND2 Krossfire playing online with your cncnet application. This game is on the PC version and on the Sony Playstation 1, next to the Dune 2000 & Command & Conquer, this game was in the style of the RTS genre, it was also WarZone 2100, but more than the K & C series K & K 2 Krossfire - since there are 3 dynasties - These are Robots, Survivors and Monsters. - It's like an Alliance - Survivors, Monsters - Screens, and GDI Robots
  13. I make a new server, but cant works, both v2 and v3 The v2 server software is running , and show in cncnet, but cant start game , (win 2008) this page shows good , and 50000 tcp port is open. The v3 server software is also running , but Tunnel master shows port block,I use tcp/udp software to test the 50001 udp port, it is not blocked 。 Try other servers ( win7 / win 7 ) is same problem.
  14. Hello all, I created a new tunnel named EEU Server (Romania), but i have a problem. When i am trying to play with my friend, after connecting to the server we get the "other system not responding" error and then get disconnect. I checked the status on the CnCNet website and the server has OK status. Port 50.000 is opened on UDP and TCP. On the server log i get this error: [Tue Sep 25 21:30:49 EEST 2018] Ignoring packet from -16946 to 24112 (/ip), was 79 bytes [Tue Sep 25 21:30:50 EEST 2018] Client -16946 timed out. I can not figure what the problem is, any tips? Thanks in advance,
  15. Tunnel has never worked for me, the game client crashes after attempting to launch, returning back to the lobby and an error is shown in the chat saying there is an issue with the tunnel. Ive used others successfully (except for the lag given Im in Australia) and my own tunnel works.
  16. Hi, I'm the owner of the cncnet-server:, and it shows that I've to contact you guys; so that's what I'm doing now! Could you please let me know why (the md5sums of the server file hasn't been changed; so no update i'd gues?!)? Thanks! 😃 Kind regards, Yorick
  17. Server is undergoing major release upgrades and Intel vulnerability patching. Will be back up soon.
  18. US-West-NV-LasVegas v3 0 / 20 Owner please contact CnCNet No response on port 50000 UDP (Port not forwarded correctly?)
  19. Unnamed5a tunnel v2 0 / 8 OK Unresponsive from tests
  20. [RU] #3 ????? 3 VK.COM/K.KEKOF [Community] v2 0 / 1337 Unresponsive from tests
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