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Found 26 results

  1. I cant seem to log onto the multiplayer server you yuris??? Has anyone had this happen to them? Thanks in advance. Scott
  2. Hi Support I can access and join a game on Red Alert but when the game starts with the MVC, it keeps doing this 25 second countdown and then another message appears and it says "Failed to Connect..Check Firewall, Anti-virus settings, Wifi " It was working fine for four sessions before this started happening. Now I have changed my firewall settings to allow the ccnet, raspawn, any other ideas about how to solve this issue ??
  3. When i open the client, it shows that it's offline and i can't connect to any server. It keeps attempting to connect to multiple servers but nothing happens in the end. Any solution ?
  4. Javier

    Help me

    Me parece este error al actualizar que hago? I have this error
  5. [FG9]

    help! pls

    Hi i need help pls to fix frozen chat and frind list problem. I can see only 17 from 1133 players. here is a client.log and error logs. ClientCrashLog_7_7_2020_10_38.txt client.log
  6. Hello everyone! I have been using CNCnet for about 2 years now and i gladly had never really troubles with it, even when it comes to the use of my own created mod that i play almost everyday with my friend, but yet since the last month i have been gotten always these damn annoying "Reconnection Error" in mid rounds which annoy me and my friend totally!!! since we cannot play a single damn game. To talk about my Mod, it has no fatal error crashes nor is my friend missing any of the same files as i always give him every single file i add/delete or update, the problem is with your CNCnet programm, as i also have gotten tunngle connection errors in the lobbys myself, whatever the problem is please fix it! SYNC_CNCNET1.TXT
  7. Hi y'all, I would like to ask if there is any way I can host another lobby server, as well as the current one located in Europe. The reason why I would like to do this is that my friends in China are constantly complaining about the connection to CnCNet Lobby. They like CnCNet but it is really frustrating for them to connect to the lobby every time. The connection often fails. I wanted to help them by hosting a standalone lobby server in China so that they can have a better multiplayer experience. I also believe this benefits lots of other Chinese C&C fans as well. Thanks for any suggestion or idea!
  8. Hi all, does anyone know what I should do to remove "Owner please contact CnCNet" from that web page? This is the first time I saw this status at my server. My server worked well before. Thanks for any help!
  9. it happen from power cut 10 sec. before I can't connect to cncnet agian ? Anyone know how to fix it?
  10. My connection to CNCNet keeps disconnecting, during any game i get disconnected and attempts to reconnect fail which is frustrating. Also, when i am in lobby and i get disconnected, i cant join any game after that unless i restart the client. this only happens with CNCNet i don't think my internet is disconnecting. it gets really annoying when i'm in a middle of a game and i get disconnected, recently it has become more often almost every game! i need help fixing this issue please so i can play this beautiful game. any suggestions? my internet is really good :/
  11. Hi. I have just downloaded the cncnet application and started the program. It wanted an update, once installed the update, I cannot go back in the cncnet launcher. Using windows 7
  12. Hi All when creating/joining a friends game on yuris revenge my screen goes black for a minute before finally taking me to the loading game screen too long after my friends starting that I automatically get thrown out. I have read previous threads and tried different display from the options menu and servers as well as choosing a tunnel near to my location with a low ping. Am still having trouble loading a game of yuris revenge when creating and joining. If anyone could please help??
  13. Hello, I have a server "Argentina Server" that I use with friends from my country. The problem is that after 3 hours open it goes from 0% to 29% of CPU use, and without online players. It can be days in 29% and without a player inside. Wanted to know if this is normal or fixable? My pc has an i7 7th gen with 16g ram and windows 10. Thanks greetings...
  14. My XCC Mixer doesn't show the graphic of the shp files so can everyone help fix this??? Thank You, NHGVN
  15. Hello. I play on Yuri's Revenge on version 6.3 of CnCNet and I have an issue. It is that whenever I try to launch a game with my friend (a real player not an AI) by pressing the "LAUNCH GAME" button, the client will freeze then stop responding for a few seconds then have an error pop up in the client saying that "there was an issue connecting to the tunnel server" and that I should change the tunnel server. I have changed the tunnel server, many, many times, different servers, all with the same error. When my friend is the host of the game, he can launch the game just fine and everything is working as it should. I have all my firewalls disabled and by being able to play with my friend only if he is the game host proves I CAN connect to the server, but for some reason I get that error message. I am on Windows 10 Home, 3.40GHZ Processor, 8 GB RAM, 64-Bit OS. Can anyone please help me? This is really strange and I would really appreciate if someone could solve my issue! Thanks. (Also I would like to include a .log file of the incident but don't know what the file path is to the log)
  16. Goldman

    Update 6.3

    Everytime i open the game i have to reinstall the 6.3 update i don't understand why it works perfectly after i download it but i have to download it everytime i open the game
  18. Hey I didn't get exact file name but avast found virus after update the version. and also since then cannot use cncnet, I reinstall but error message always -
  19. I have run my server in my CN2GIA centos server,but it's can't show in mentalomega game. Server: Name: [CN-ASIA]MO3MAPS(HK) I have try stop firewalld,iptables.And request is success.
  20. I have hosted 5 servers for SEA Player with name contain ESAS, but the problem is the Server with port 50001 have good ping but the server with port 50000 is show unknown ping in lobby. How to fix this?
  21. I'm a Tunnel Server Host of V2,Serve RA2&mods and Called [CN]Bug VS Soon-3 These days Cheaters is getting rampant in Mental Omega with RAM Modify applications How Can I monitor all IPs using my tunnel server Then I can catch&forbid them form using my server
  22. So I have a weird issue here.... I can create a tunnel server fine and it shows up in lobby when I go create game and advanced. Other people can even connect to it but it will say something about them having different files to me or something. So If I start a game on my tunnel server and then go up to the top to cnclobby it just doesn't show up for me. My friend in Australia also cannot see my game lobby.
  23. Hi all, I'd like to host a v3 server but the pinned post is of v2. Could anyone please tell me how I can host a v3 server for YR? Thank you!
  24. It would be interesting to see KKND2 Krossfire playing online with your cncnet application. This game is on the PC version and on the Sony Playstation 1, next to the Dune 2000 & Command & Conquer, this game was in the style of the RTS genre, it was also WarZone 2100, but more than the K & C series K & K 2 Krossfire - since there are 3 dynasties - These are Robots, Survivors and Monsters. - It's like an Alliance - Survivors, Monsters - Screens, and GDI Robots
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