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About Me

  1. I've noticed that many users are having issues due to not updating the client. Apparently they don't think that it's necessary to update, but it is. So, why not make it mandatory? Woudn't that be better? Why ask them if they want to update or not when they're gonna face problems if they don't? I mean, to be able to use the client properly, see all available rooms, play normally without crashes and avoid getting kicked repeatedly for having different files (not updating) which creates a negative experience (especially for new users), the logical thing would be to just update the client automatically everytime a new update comes out (the next time you start the client), because nobody would want to have problems! It only takes a minute or so, and saves you a lot of time asking here and there, searching for answers, posting, reporting, trying to figure out what's wrong.
  2. I own Yuris revenge and placed folder into mod folder but still says files missing? any ideas. thanks luke
  3. Azurium

    No ingame menu.

    When I play a match if i want to save or even exit i cant as when i press esc nothing comes up, if i get the mouse in the right place i can resume game but i cant see a menu.
  4. As the title says, whenever I try to launch the CnCNet launcher for Yuri's Revenge, it opens up the Mental Omega launcher.
  5. I am a Chinese player. There are a lot of inappropriate comments and screen-scrolling in the MO hall, and no one is in charge. Therefore, I apply for the management hall to speak. I often go online and hope to approve it.
  6. Hi, I've been trying to use wine to run Mental Omega on Linux, it turns out that the game can load successfully, but the loading always stuck at the end 5% for a couple of minutes, then the game loads but the graphic is really slow, like 1 or 2 frames per minute. I think it is possible to run mo3 on wine, but I'm missing some wine tricks of configs, can anyone help me with this? Thanks a lot!
  7. I installed cncnet today and its working fine, but now I can't access Mental Omega's Singleplayer. When I click on MO's client it just launches CNCnet. How do I fix this?
  8. As the title says, My IP has been listed at DroneBL, I viewed the listing, and the section "Why?" says it's because my IP address is an 'IRC Spam Drone', Nothing suspicious happened to my IP since the last year, i played Mental Omega online today and when trying to connect, it worked really fine several hours ago, but few hours later, the 'Your IP Address has been listed at DroneBL' has been present everytime i connect to CnCNet, not only that, the exact same message is on Yuri's Revenge's CnCNet client too, what should i do? should i request removal? I'm not sure if this will result in something much worse like deleting my IP or being unable to use some servers such as Valve's matchmaking servers, Any idea what to do please?
  9. Greetings, For some reason my DTA client doesn't work anymore, and this is the case for everything I own. E.g, MO and TI etc... I have installed Windows 10 lately so that could be an issue with some .dll file or something, idk. Tried to reinstall one of the mods but didn't work, also installed XNA framework 4.0 but nope. Here is my client folder. - DR client.log
  10. I have problem with C&Cnet client using mods all force native screen resolution witch is 3840x2160 and i cant change it since it reverts manual change in ini file back to native and only way i can use custom screen resolution is by making ini read only. I add pictures of my problem i only hope that there is a way to fix this.
  11. It is a really shame but I have to report that in China there are many guys cheating in mutiplayer games in Mental Omega on CnCNet. This makes many players fear to join a pubilc game lobby.The situation is not good at all.Are there any ways to prevent cheating? I have tried one cheat tool. It has many cheat functions but most of them can not function in mutiplayer games.I think it must be the result of the hard working of the WestWood studio and you CnCNet groups to eradicate cheating. However,there are still a few functions that still works.The cheat tool, which seems to cheat through editing the data in computer's memory,can still do such things: 1.Change the sight of the unit you select,then make most of the shroud removed. How much shroud one player has removed seems won't sync with other players so it won't cause sync error? 2.Break the limits of building structures. That's to say, cheaters can build everywhere. Maybe the judgement on building structures is local and won't cause sync error? 3.Break the limits of tech level or other things to produce a unit. I have no idea how it managed to do this,but the cheater can build every units registered in ini files,ignoring building limits. Meanwhile,players with modified ini files seem still able to start games with others and the warning "the player modified his game" seems appear for everyone,including innocent ones.We players have no idea when join in a public game lobby. Cheat problems are serious nowadays in Mental Omega.Are there any ways to prevent these kinds of cheating? We players need your technical help.
  12. A buddy of mine called Artan1s keeps getting G-line banned for no reason. Even when he tries to remove his ban, he just gets banned again. Is there anything to do about this? Wasn't sure where to post this so I posted this here.
  13. I want to play with a buddy of mine, but he keeps getting g-line banned for no reason. His IGN: Artan1s Requesting an unban through the site didn't do anything, since he just got banned again over and over.
  14. These are my issues regarding the games I've downloaded. Yuri Revenge - Game working fine but no music soundtrack with it. (during testing) Mental Omega - Installed but cannot run or update (say some file corrupted / repeated trying to read but cant). Please reply on this issue. Yuri Red Resurrection - Installed but cannot run, say got debug or error on certain files. Please reply on this issue. All other file downloaded ok (except red alert 2 one) and functioning well. Please help fix these issues and thank you for viewing this, this is serious, 3 popular downloaded games. I will wait for support to fix this.
  15. Whenever you run RA2YR (or even TS), can you set the resolution of at least 2560x1600? If so, do you have a resolution option that increases the 2560 width but not the 1600 height? Does that option work? How far can you widden the resolution without increasing the height of 1600? Note: Included MO, TI and DTA because they use the TS/YR engine, and so are included in this question. It's a question of engine limits.
  16. Mahmoud Ahmed

    Client Sound

    My MO client sound doesn't work, It was working for me for 2 years but after I had changed my windows late it doesn't work, although OST and client music is still working, I didn't know what happened, I tried to install the game many times but still not work Also I changed the windows 3 times at this week due to this problem, but nothing new, my Yuri client also the same thing, I turned on all the sound and voice options but still didn't work!! What's the problem ?? Any idea ??
  17. tman8616


    Hi there i follwed all the instructions to download the game and it comes up with error launching Syringe.exe please check your anti virus isnt blocking cncnet. but i turned my anti virus off and still wount work
  18. i was using Mental omega, clicked on a map, an error came up telling me that the game crashed because an image file wasnt supported. then i tried relaunching mental omega and now i keep getting an error telling me that the DTA Launcher has stopped working, how do i fix this?
  19. WHY THE HELL I GOT BANNED from the server? pls answer me
  20. Every time I launch the Yuri's Revenge CnCNet client, a script error message box pops up saying: The same shows up on the Mental Omega client, but with URL: http://dta.ppmsite.com/ga-mo-update.htm instead of the other URL. Help? EDIT: Online play unaffected.
  21. I have started playing mo 3.3.3 today,and after my first game,every time i try to play a game when i press launch it brings me to my desktop and instead of going to the loading screen it just brings me back to the screen when you press launch. Can anybody help me?
  22. don_007


    Can't play Bay of pigs II
  23. I didn't know where to post it since it actually works with all classic westwood games (td, ra, ts, ra2, dune 2000). DDrawCompat is a DirectDraw proxy dll just like cnc-ddraw, ts-ddraw, ddwrapper. It improved the performance dramatically for everyone who tested it yet (went over 14000 FPS in ra1 for me!!). It also solves the alt+tab bugs on windows 8/10 (and the menu bugs too). It should work fine on Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. (We had no one to try Vista yet) Even if you don't have any issues with the games, it's still worth a try. It prevents slow downs in big battles online or even in skirmish with AI. Give it a try: https://github.com/narzoul/DDrawCompat/releases Note: use the latest experimental release
  24. Windows deffender says the ares.dll fill is a trojan:win32/Azden.A!cl
  25. Hey everyone, I'm having an issue with playing online via CnCNet. I am able to load into a game but none of the other players load at all and are instantly defeated when the game starts. This occurs when either hosting my own lobby or joining someone else's. I have heard that the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has caused problems with CnCNet and I was wondering if there was a fix for this?
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