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  1. anybody know how to get ahold of the campaign maps in C&C3? it seems the xcc mixer doesnt work for that game. or maybe its cause i got it from steam? either way how do i change the maps? and the OS Big editor doesnt do anyhting...or at least it isnt in the game folder thats in documents....theres no regular game folder for it. theres a application icon but idk where that even leads to at this point.
  2. So there is this map with a cool background that I want to use as my background and stuff but idk how to get it 192.168.o.1
  3. I installed the Origin C&C Generals version of Yuri's Revenge, then I installed Purple Alert. The Purple Alert launcher loads fine, but when I click "Launch Purple Alert" the C&C Generals "Ra2 or YR" launcher pops up. When I click YR it just loads the Vanilla YR. Is there any way to bypass something so that I can play Purple Alert? I played it years ago when I had the non C&C Generals version and it was the best mod ever!
  4. Hey peeps. I recently installed TFD on my windows 10 pc. I had some issues, so i did some googling and found several patches from cncz and nyerguds. This helped but i still have a major lingering problem. Whenever i minimize the game or go to my desktop (usually by accidentally hitting the windows button instead of control or alt) i will get a black screen upon reopening the game. I can hear the game running but have no visuals. I thought the patches i installed would fix this but apparently they did not. I know basically nothing about modding games but i do have a general understanding of coding from working as a web developer about 10 years ago. Is there a way i can fix this? Any and all advice/help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. i keep getting no ident response couldnt look up host name ive tried everything nothing working someone please help (2) [02:31 PM] * February 02 2021 - www.cncnet.org (2) [02:31 PM] * Type '/help' to view a list of game lobby commands. (2) [02:31 PM] * Connecting... (takes up to 1minute) (2) [02:31 PM] * *** Looking up your hostname (2) [02:31 PM] * *** Checking Ident (2) [02:31 PM] * *** No ident response (2) [02:31 PM] * *** Couldn't look up your hostname (2) [02:31 PM] * Welcome to the GameSurge IRC Network via NFOServers.com, zfluellon (2) [02:31 PM] -Prothid.NY.US.GameSurge.net- Highest connection count: 2 (1 clients) (2) [02:31 PM] -Prothid.NY.US.GameSurge.net- Highest connection count: 2 (1 clients) (2) [02:31 PM] -Prothid.NY.US.GameSurge.net- on 1 ca 1(400) ft 10(10) (2) [02:31 PM] -Prothid.NY.US.GameSurge.net- on 1 ca 1(400) ft 10(10) (2) [02:31 PM] -Global- ------------- MESSAGE(S) OF THE DAY -------------- (2) [02:31 PM] -Global- ------------- MESSAGE(S) OF THE DAY -------------- (2) [02:31 PM] -Global- [users] Notice from ThiefMaster, posted 01:47 PM, 04/09/2015: (2) [02:31 PM] -Global- [users] Notice from ThiefMaster, posted 01:47 PM, 04/09/2015: (2) [02:31 PM] -Global- We've just started cloaking the IPs of all users on connect. This should improve your privacy and also lower the risk of being targeted by packet kiddies. (2) [02:31 PM] -Global- We've just started cloaking the IPs of all users on connect. This should improve your privacy and also lower the risk of being targeted by packet kiddies. (2) [02:31 PM] -Global- [users] Notice from GameSurge, posted 08:59 PM, 05/11/2013: (2) [02:31 PM] -Global- [users] Notice from GameSurge, posted 08:59 PM, 05/11/2013: (2) [02:31 PM] -Global- You can now follow GameSurge on Twitter bit.ly/1607zvW and Facebook on.fb.me/10Aq5Dx Please "like" and "follow" us to be kept up-to-date on network news, events, and other items! (2) [02:31 PM] -Global- You can now follow GameSurge on Twitter bit.ly/1607zvW and Facebook on.fb.me/10Aq5Dx Please "like" and "follow" us to be kept up-to-date on network news, events, and other items! (2) [02:31 PM] -Global- [users] Notice from feigling, posted 08:24 PM, 07/17/2008: (2) [02:31 PM] -Global- [users] Notice from feigling, posted 08:24 PM, 07/17/2008: (2) [02:31 PM] -Global- GameSurge provides a new service called SpamServ which moderates your channel. If you are interested in learning more about it read http://www.gamesurge.net/cms/SpamServ (2) [02:31 PM] -Global- GameSurge provides a new service called SpamServ which moderates your channel. If you are interested in learning more about it read http://www.gamesurge.net/cms/SpamServ (2) [02:31 PM] -Global- [users] Notice from GameSurge, posted 12:27 PM, 01/20/2007: (2) [02:31 PM] -Global- [users] Notice from GameSurge, posted 12:27 PM, 01/20/2007: (2) [02:31 PM] -Global- Please be familiar with the GameSurge Acceptable Use Policy. All users on the network are required to abide by it. http://www.gamesurge.net/aup/ (2) [02:31 PM] -Global- Please be familiar with the GameSurge Acceptable Use Policy. All users on the network are required to abide by it. http://www.gamesurge.net/aup/ (2) [02:31 PM] -Global- ---------- END OF MESSAGE(S) OF THE DAY ---------- (2) [02:31 PM] -Global- ---------- END OF MESSAGE(S) OF THE DAY ---------- (2) [02:31 PM] * Play classic Command & Conquer games online - http://cncnet.org | Server Rules: No Racism, Religion, or cheating of any kind. | This channel is logged: http://goo.gl/9knHIZ (2) [02:31 PM] <Shaokhan> lel (2) [02:31 PM] <LEGOLAS> attacked what dude (2) [02:31 PM] <LEGOLAS> I left even usb
  6. I love this launcher since I can play online with friends in a windowed 1280-800 resolution. But I have a question, I need to touch something to play the SINGLEPLAYER game (since I wanna stream the campaing) in a windowed 1280-800 resolution? If yes: How? If not: Well, I dont lost anything asking
  7. How to add new infantry: To add new infantry to a map, open a text program (Obviously), type in [InfantryTypes] in a map, now find [InfantryTypes] in rules.ini (Or firestrm.ini) make sure that you're adding new infantry under the last infantry (For example, in Yuri's Revenge, the last infantry to be added is YADOG (Yuri's Soviet attack dog) and it's the 65th infantry.) now let's add the new infantry, make it the 66th infantry, and give it a name. Now, all we have to do is give it rules flags to make available (Make sure you give it Sprites or it will be invisible). Before we test if it works, let's give it a new weapon. (Optional) Now that we did that, let's see if it works! And look at that! I can hire it, I can move it around, and its weapon works! you can also add new vehicles/aircraft/buildings by doing this but vehicles, aircraft, and buildings have their own lists. such as [VehicleTypes], [AircraftTypes], and [BuildingTypes]. (END OF TUTORIAL)
  8. amokk

    ignoring users

    I keep having to ignore the same users. does the ignore time out?? and if it does can it be made perm??
  9. Hi Everyone, I've got kind of a weird issue that i saw mentioned online many times, but no fix or solutions for it. So, in order of steps, i installed C&C Tiberian Sun (which says includes Firestorm) from The First Decade collection, installed the First Decade Patch v1.03 Revision 4, then installed the TSPatch (from http://downloads.cncnet.org/TSpatch.exe ) and was able to get Tiberian Sun to work via the TSLauncher However, i finished the Tiberian Sun campaign and just went to try Firestorm and for some reason am getting the message "Unable to read scenario" when trying to start any campaign, GDI or Nod. I'm not sure if I'm missing any files or there's some other issue going on. Any help would be appreciated. 
  10. I just downloaded the Tiberian Sun: Firestorm game from the site and I was so excited to get to play this game again. Then when I went to click on the icon to start playing, I received a notice that the extention 'Game.exe' had been moved or was deleted and I have no way to play this game that I just installed. Can anyone help tell me why? Windows 10 x64 OS.
  11. Hello admins, My Problem is Centered Around Networking... I have one computer that is "split" into two separate computers by using Softxpand, a multiseat gaming software: Softxpand link: http://miniframe.com Youtube "demonstration" video: https://youtu.be/Z1OFJtXSWHU I am trying to play by LAN server. Using station #1, CnCnet starts the lan server using the internal ip address and hosts a game... On station #2 CnCnet starts up the LAN lobby but doesn't startup the lanserver program because it is already running elsewhere on the computer (station #1). Station #2 can see and join station #1's game in the lobbie, but gets kicked due to connection error... Somehow cncnet must be able to host and join on a multiseat computer setup...Perhaps: .Fix cncnet and using ip address .edit the values in the cncnetlanserver.exe config file .make an update for cncnet in make it compatible with multiseat software Thank you Sirs, Noddynod443
  12. Bolty


    So i have no clue what happend, but at one day i just wasn't able to connect to cncnet, because some weird dronebl thing had somthing and the reason was once "none" and then "exherbospam" i have like no clue about any of this, i just want to play with my friend with my mod i was working on and thats it, i have been doing it for over 2 years now and there was no such problem. Beside that the "reasons" were from march 2019 is like really weird to me.
  13. [AM 01:31] ERROR :Closing Link: Elite_Game_ by NuclearFallout.WA.US.GameSurge.net (Excess Flood) please Cncnet admin repair this bug , i can't happy play this game(YRcncnet)
  14. Whenever I join a game that If game has a new map, the following message was released. The host has a selected a map that doesn't exist on your installation. Attempting to download it from the CnCNet map database. Downloading custom map failed. Requesting the game host to download it to the CnCNet map database. Download of the custom map failed. The host needs to change the map or you will be unable to participate in this match. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
  15. hsiddique

    CncNet Offline

    Hi all, I don't know why, but CnC net will not allow me to play Yuri's Revenge online. This occured when trying to updated to 16.5 The update process was distruped and said to have failed though on the bottom right it says 6.5, when trying to force an update, it fails also. I haven't been able tp update to 6.6 or the latest 6.7 Back story. I have the game on origins, yuri's revenge is downloaded through origins, and downloaded CnCNet through https://cncnet.org/yuris-revenge. On the top right when laughing "Yuri's Revenge CnCNet", the top right shows "YR Online: N/A" Please help Thank you so much!
  16. When I run my CnCNet Yuri's revenge file, the game runs, but the CnC client often doesnt run. How to run it manually? If it doesn't run, I cannot have my game and wins/losses linked with my CnC account.
  17. NOTE: Any screenshots or information is likely to change. There is also still no guarantee this will be completed. (Please do not donate for a ladder). Contributors so far have been: @tomsons26 - Providing info on stats.dmp workings, mapping fields and general research. @dkeeton - Writing code to process stats.dmp files @Grant - Writing the Ladder Database, API & Ladder interface. What's real and works but still a work in progress: Stats processing Processes stats.dmp files into readable game results and storing into the Ladder Database. Awarding wins/losses according to stats. ELO style awards point system. Ladder UI & Accounts A working UI for viewing player games A working system for creating a ladder account, and managing nicknames. Ladder API Auth endpoints - so a quick match client can let users login. Nick endpoints - so a quick match client can let users manage nicks. Stats endpoints - so a quick match client can send game results. Accounts - for managing nicks/ or creating an account within a quick match client What's next? Lots more of the above with more tests. What can you do? See this post on how you can help. Watch a video preview Watch Now
  18. Can someone explain these results? https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/7a94019e768343bb31ef1d30debc8a462d70104657eb041a712b9de32ae4e81a/detection https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/2c5029648585fa52f94df0d236ce38106462dae446900cd9d7750e71c5a4718f/detection https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/2c5029648585fa52f94df0d236ce38106462dae446900cd9d7750e71c5a4718f/detection I'm using AVG antivirus and it keeps moving clientxna.exe to quarantine. I made an exception for it, but I'm a little concerned. @Grant @Rampastring
  19. For the past few years, I've been coming up with a strategy game that fit well for a mod using the Command & Conquer games' engines. Resistance is not the official name but something I'll still use when referencing this project, and Red Alert 3's game engine was the best option for me. After acquiring many ideas, I'm close to having something workable save for a few details. Resistance is something that is completely separate from the C&C franchises, actually based on a universe I personally conjured for the past eight years, which features a conflict between magic versus science. Well, it's more of a faction using magic-based technology fighting another that uses more modern and conventional weaponry. Both sides have different ways of building, unit production, unit composition, and tier progression. Nonetheless, the unique experience coming from both factions would be balanced with no side having an advantage over the other. Now for the issues that I have so far: * Currently, I have Red Alert 3 on Steam, which I believe is preventing me from using the World Editor. Can someone help me get around this? * While the gameplay works very much like RA3, there are some instances of Tiberium Wars, such upgrades at tech buildings and units having more than one ability to choose from. If anyone could help with that, even if it means suggesting another mod with this kind of thing, I'm all for it. * Finally, I have another set of ideas that'll differ from other C&C games. If anyone is willing to hear these new features I plan to put into a mod, as well as the faction's units/tech trees I've made, I'm all for it. It may be tough, but hopefully, it'll be able to worth it in the end.
  20. Hi I am a progamming hobbyist and a Command and Conquer enthusiast. I was wondering how I might go about joining the team of keeping this game and community vibrant. I would be most interested in working on things related to Red Alert and also the Game client
  21. Hi, In playing through the NOD missions for C&C95, I do not have any way to build SAM sites to accomplish the mission (roughly the fifth mission or so). I can take over or destroy all enemies/buildings, but then nothing happens, presumably because I haven't built the SAM sites. Is this a glitch? Can someone help out here? Thanks
  22. So i bought the command and conquer ultimate collection and installed generals and zero hour and everytime i play zero hour it just randomly crashes and exit's and gives me a you encountered a serious error which ive seen it a typical thing but nothing ive tried has fixed it and it just keeps crashing randomly. Any other suggestions? Ive tried uninstall and reinstall, options.ini,windows service pack3, run as admin, direct x install. What else can I try to fix it for windows 10?
  23. Would you add cash to a monthly ladder pool? It could be as low as a $2 entry to be able to compete, top 10 to compete for top 3 prizes?
  24. I think the forum sections are divided placed in a weird and confusing manner. The Communication Center & Repair Bay looks to me like a feedback category for CnCNet and should have the section CnCNet Discussion under it. The section In the Community looks to me like a general game universe thing that should be under The Power Plant. The thread "Welcome, New Members!" should be moved to somewhere in the Communication Center & Repair Bay category, tentatively to the moved CnCNet Discussion section, as it revolves about CnCNet rather than the C&C world in general. Many people seem to have missed it over the years, and I was surprised to find it under General Discussion. There are several threads in the General Discussion section that I think should be moved to other sections. Actually most of them on the first page I think. People ask about CnCNet or troubleshooting about a specific game. The thread "CNCNetOfficial YouTube Video Submission Thread" should be moved to either CnCNet Discussion or In the Community. Info about the Mac version's whereabouts is perhaps better suited in CnCNet News, as it wasn't really inviting to a discussion. I first looked there, and it took me a while before I found the infothread. In any case it should be under the Comm Center category, which it will be if that section gets moved as I suggest. Obviously I'm not the only one thinking like this as evident by these threads https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/10569-mac-use/ https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/10573-mac-version/ https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/10571-mac-use/ https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/10373-red-alert-1-on-mac/?tab=comments#comment-77737 In general there are a lot of threads in unintuitive places. Overall I think it's a bit of a mess. Why does this CnCNet Discussion section have a tag selector for new thread, but not General Discussion? It doesn't make sense to me. If anything should the latter definitely have it, but not necessarily the former as that is about CnCNet and not really the games as such. Maybe I'm thinking that wrong, but I think at least that the tag addition should be available in the General Discussion as an option. Member rankings/titles are underutilized. There seems to be only 3. How about having some more? Or can the forum not handle more than 3? This is not important of course, but it's a fun addition to any forum in my opinion I'm a bit fond of technicians, so how about raising the limit to Rifleman to 20 posts? Or is that perhaps linked to the approving requirement for posts? If it works with Technician to 19, then have Rifleman to 59 and then Grenadier to 99, Rocket Soldier to 199, Engineer to 299 and finally Medic starting at 300 and being the top if we're to keep it at infantry units. Considering the low average activity of regular member I think it's not necessary for more, but there can be of course. Concurrently I think the number of posts shouldn't be displayed alongside every forum post, only in the profile. That makes title more useful and exciting and creates a slightly bigger urge for people to check out ones profile. Also I haven't found any rules. Edit: Oh, actually I just found it when I edited this post for other things. Well, that should definitely not be in its own section "hidden" under Support. Move it to CnCNet Discussion or CnCNet News. And you should consider adding a direct link to it at the top or bottom of the web page. And the forum clock runs about 7½ minutes late. Thank you for all your hard work on this
  25. Hi, I was trying to fix a problem that cause my game frequently freeze after a few second of game starting. I searched many similar problems but there is nothing solve my problem. I tried almost every thing that I can find in the game folder. My PC is win10+amd ryzen 5+ GTX1080ti. Finally I found the problem is the "VideoBackBuffer" option in redalert.ini. When I set VideoBackBuffer=No my game start to work properly. There should be something wrong when it is Yes by default. This really troubled me many days since this option is not in any game config UI. Hopefully this will help the others that have same problem and this could be fixed soon.
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