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Found 76 results

  1. I recently updated my MacBook to macOS Mojave, and after the update the CNCNet application simply doesn't work. I've been trying for days now, but to no avail. I even tried to uninstall and install the application again, but nothing works. Is this something that you are working on? I really want to play some good old Tiberian Sun Also; are there anybody else with the same problem out there?
  2. I have problem with C&Cnet client using mods all force native screen resolution witch is 3840x2160 and i cant change it since it reverts manual change in ini file back to native and only way i can use custom screen resolution is by making ini read only. I add pictures of my problem i only hope that there is a way to fix this.
  3. hi did you ever add the certain prehistoric things you were gonna make available in RAED?
  4. Hey guys, hello and thank you for helping me. I like to play a C & C AR2 since my first gaming days and still reinstall it from time to time for a quick round. But I play it (I think) somewhat different than most. I basically play against easy enemys and use my time to build the ideal basis with absurd defense layers. This whole stage lasts up to 3 hours until I am bored and I start a new game. The best modification to this would be some kind of timer, starting after 2 hours of playing time, when a huge attack starts so I can use my defense. Alternatively, there could also be a very strong opponent, which only attacks after 2 hours. Now the question: Is there is any way to set up such a scenario (mod, trainer, editor)? Thank you for your help
  5. I only got to play C&C Sole Survivor a little while before the servers went down and didn't get to try all its modes but it was pretty cool having every unit controlled by a player. Plus some of the more elusive units made an appearance. Isn't it the only game where you could play as a Viceroid, or at least the classic style Viceroid? Hopefully it wouldn't be too big a project to build it into the remasters.
  6. Free to download. you will need SHP Builder's Cameo Generator to add text on the cameo. techniicon.zip
  7. How to add new infantry: To add new infantry to a map, open a text program (Obviously), type in [InfantryTypes] in a map, now find [InfantryTypes] in rules.ini (Or firestrm.ini) make sure that you're adding new infantry under the last infantry (For example, in Yuri's Revenge, the last infantry to be added is YADOG (Yuri's Soviet attack dog) and it's the 65th infantry.) now let's add the new infantry, make it the 66th infantry, and give it a name. Now, all we have to do is give it rules flags to make available (Make sure you give it Sprites or it will be invisible). Before we test if it works, let's give it a new weapon. (Optional) Now that we did that, let's see if it works! And look at that! I can hire it, I can move it around, and its weapon works! you can also add new vehicles/aircraft/buildings by doing this but vehicles, aircraft, and buildings have their own lists. such as [VehicleTypes], [AircraftTypes], and [BuildingTypes]. (END OF TUTORIAL)
  8. DummyMike

    Password reset

    I've forgotten my password for my account and the password reset seems to not be working(I created this temporary dummy account to login and ask this question). When I indicate that I've forgotten my password, it prompts me to enter my email address and says it will email me password reset instructions. But it's been several hours and I have not received the email. -Mike
  9. when I attempt to open zero hour, a picture appears, then a black screen, and then it closes. I have tried numerous solutions like restarting my computer, running the game as administrator, run the game in compatibility for Windows XP service pack 3 and 2, and tried the options.ini solution. and they didn't work! what am I supposed to do now?
  10. Would be cool if the ladder profile would track historic achievements such as reaching top 10 ranks or any other achievements permanently. Even going as far as just recording rank, win count, most played faction, per month so players can see how they've improved from month to month. Feel free to add any suggestions here.
  11. Hey, I'm trying to install tiberian sun cncnet on Linux/Kubuntu 18.04.11 TLS. The .deb package won't install, it says unable to meet dependencies. I see on the installation video that linux mint seems to resolve the dependencies, perhaps its kubuntu? When I run it in a terminal it forces me to remove PHP (which I am running a server, so I don't want to uninstall php!). How do I install cncnet? I am still new to linux but am loving it so far. Is there any way to install it without removing php? Seems wine requires its removal to install. Why -- anyone know? Perhaps I can install on another account or? Maybe cncnet needs to look into using .AppImages -- they are pretty easy and OpenRA uses them perfectly for RA, TD, and Dune and they work great.
  12. Hi guys, hoping you can help me out here. For some reason, some games rooms won't let me connect to the others in the room showing NA for all players in the room. I can still chat in these rooms but will ping NA to all. Seems that restarting the CNCnet client sometimes helps with this, sometimes doesn't. I've checked all my UPnP settings and even setup the rule in my router. Doesn't seem to have an effect. Also seems like its only when certain players are hosting the room that the problem occurs. Other times, connections work no prob. If I had to guess, it's got to be a problem with the port not opening correctly for given rooms (perhaps it's trying to open the connections on something other than the regular port?). I'm a bit at a loss - if there were logs I could go over to see why the connections are failing in certain circumstances I'd likely be able to find the fix. I am pretty technically handy (work as a technical project manager as my day job). My setup is this: Alienware R7 i5 8400 w/ 1080 Ti, windows 10 home, Killer E2500 Gigabit networking adapter. Windows firewall is off. I am on a hardwired 1gpbs Google Webpass connection with a google wifi router. I never had this problem on my laptop (before I got my desktop), so I'm thinking it's either some crapware dell has on my comp, a permissions issue with UPnP or the killer networking adapter software/firmware itself. If I run the CNCnet_UPnP exe in the CNCnet folder, the cmd window says "failed to open ports" so further fuel to my idea that this issue is UPnP/permissions related. So 1) anywhere I can check the specific connection logs for rooms? 2) any ideas on the UPnP configurations that I can tinker with? Any help would be greatly appreciated as this problem is keeping me out of some really good games. Cheers! _snow
  13. To report please post a link to the ladder profile of the player + links to matches that have been counted twice. Don't PM staff on forum or Discord to get games counted against you removed faster. Example report:
  14. noting work on this web site create account freeze at end but work! second:try changing my profile pic do the same loading for ever nothing happend same for the other picture profile upper try in google chrome and firefox no add block nothing still not work!! prof here in firefox https://puu.sh/Byo6K/d8ec1890b5.mp4
  15. rabidsnypr


    So it depends on what computer I'm on and where I'm at(Location in the house and what house I'm in. I got two houses). Is there links to GameMusic.7z so I can Download it myself to unzip and throw them in the folders myself? They don't download on windows xp machines from whatever reason, they reach the end and mess up. Don't dis on the windows xp pro. I have machines that still update and I love windows xp. For all the Games, Except Dune, I cant dune's link to work for me to download it. Thanks \m/
  16. I'm looking for screenshots of peoples settings, mainly for CnC and CnC RA1 for the best results. Ive been using 1920x1080 for the resolution but everything is too small. I'm on Windows 10 using a 40" TV as my monitor, I mainly play stuff from the couch... I want to get as close to the original max resolution of the game what should I pick and which options?
  17. So i have downloaded everything and play the game perfectly fine using wineskin, but when i try and download cnc net onto wine skin i get this... HELP PLEASE! i have attached photos and the problem message log in a text file with more details if that helps... Thanks guys! backtrace.txt
  18. NimoStar

    Map won't upload

    I have made a map with custom units. The map is confirmed playable and I can play it in online rooms with no other players (AKA vs AI) The map has customized practically all units. Yet when other player enters, they will say my map won't upload. It is on the Custom folder, same extension as all others, appears in list. Any ideas? OR Ways of manually uploading to database? SedonaAltered.map
  19. Hi I have troubles launching snapped cncra and cncsun version of your game from third party user repository https://snapcraft.io/cncra I have not yet tried to launch cncnet deb package but who ever needs it if the game not works. Meanwhile all other games work fine. Cant provide much logs. I know its not your snap/repo. But any help would be appreciated. The same happens when I tried to launch https://snapcraft.io/cnctsun on my ubuntu 18.04
  20. Hello admins, My Problem is Centered Around Networking... I have one computer that is "split" into two separate computers by using Softxpand, a multiseat gaming software: Softxpand link: http://miniframe.com Youtube "demonstration" video: https://youtu.be/Z1OFJtXSWHU I am trying to play by LAN server. Using station #1, CnCnet starts the lan server using the internal ip address and hosts a game... On station #2 CnCnet starts up the LAN lobby but doesn't startup the lanserver program because it is already running elsewhere on the computer (station #1). Station #2 can see and join station #1's game in the lobbie, but gets kicked due to connection error... Somehow cncnet must be able to host and join on a multiseat computer setup...Perhaps: .Fix cncnet and using ip address .edit the values in the cncnetlanserver.exe config file .make an update for cncnet in make it compatible with multiseat software Thank you Sirs, Noddynod443
  21. Dear admins, I was able to change the gameport values of CnCNet for Tiberian Dawn , Red Alert 1 , and Tiberian Sun-(so that I could play C&C games on my PC that is using a multiseat gaming software called: softxpand)- by going to the option in CnCnet's game settings... However for Yuri's Revenge, there is a different "style" of CnCNet and it does not have an option in the settings to change the gameport. How do I change the gameport for Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge to make it compatible with the multiseat software? Thank You, Noddynod443
  22. So a few important changes to note. Players do not "lose" points if they have lost a game, they simply gain a smaller margin of points. The theory is to eliminate the ethic of bad sportsmanship and rage quitting when losing. If you lose you're guaranteed some points. Ladder design will always be evolving and remember everything you see is never finished. However we're scrapping the traditional table view you see so much in ladders. Reason being it's too common, it's not inline with what we do here. We're pushing boundaries and want a somewhat unique experience to competitive C&C to entice as many players as possible. Additional game stats introduced Including and not limited to: Player Colour Player Faction Player Credits Player Infantry, Planes, Buildings Left Player Units, Infantry, Planes, Buildings Bought Player Units, Infantry, Planes, Buildings Destroyed Current Game information stored: Superweapons Crates Credits Duration MCV Redeploy Build of Ally Conyard Average FPS Reconnection Error Flag Unit Count Start Players in Game Map / Scenario Game Scenarios The different game scenarios of win/lose will require testing again to see if the code implemented catches disconnects, quitting etc. For the additional game stats we've now got I would like to give a huge thanks to tomsons26 and dkeeton for helping me with the parsing and testing. What's next? Re-testing of the game scenarios , keep playing games, report anything unusual. A look into how we can handle Reconnection errors. On going UI changes and ladder code. On another note thank you all for your testing so far and for being patient.
  23. Just quickly threw this map pack together. When I have some time to dedicate to picking out some of my more quality stuff, I'll throw together a new map pack. These are maps (and/or map-mods) for OpenRA, as examples of what I plan to bring over to CnCNet. However, this is just a small portion, and will show more later on. As promised, here you go: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1asfYNudGATuZSFqmwexbWGT6ZHzwHnL7
  24. I want to play the first game campaign with videos but I don't know what I am suppose to download, I got to this page: http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cnc95upd/cc95p106/ and it has lots of different downloads and I got very confused..
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