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  1. So I just started using the map maker and have been having a good time but for some reason when im playing randomly ill have a huge army built up and things are about to get real and then it just stops working and crashes. Im not sure if its something to do with my maps or what. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. ClientCrashLog_2022_06_19_20_34.txt
  3. So a week ago i downloaded yuris revenge getting it to work on my computer, right now its optimized and everything works except for a very annoying thing. My saves of the game never loads, it always manages to crash no matter what i do, i could see and hear my saved game playing in the background but this always pops up(img above). does anyone know how to fix this? i just want to play where i left of and not create a new one everytime. please help.
  4. ahmedx

    FATAL error

    every time the host start the game i have this error and i go back to looby , i need a solution
  5. Hello, I used to be able to see the maps preview before but then, right after I update my cncnet client, I am no more able to see them, instead I see a black screen, this happens when I play online or even in skirmish mode. Do you have any solution to this problem? it's difficult to select a map now
  6. Why it shows like following.... what setting should I change or what should I do before_hand?
  7. So, there's a nice option to invite players to join the game you're hosting, but it's only available in the "All Players" list. It would be easier to use if you would make it available with other lists as well, namely: - The list of players on the Right of the CnCNet Lobby (main lobby). - CnCNet Lobby (chat area). - Recent Players. and even better if you would make it possible to invite, without being the host.
  8. The "Extra Player Options" menu is extremely obscure. Most players don't know it exists, and some of those who know about it consider it "hidden". As if it's meant to be a secret menu. Please make it more visible. By the way, options presets do not include the extra options, and if you host a game after being in another, your game will inherit the extra options from the last game that you were in. Of course you could change them, but that's something to fix. Newly hosted game should not automatically remember any settings from the previous one. Another thing; when I load a preset, it applies correctly, but when a player joins the game, settings get reset, so I have to change them again manually or reload the preset every time a player joins, so it's not working properly. PS: They get reset only if I loaded a preset, not if I set them manually. Lastly; This is not a necessary thing, but you may wanna apply it: When a player picks a color, it should be greyed-out for the rest of players.
  9. Hello. I need help, I wanted to play Red Alert 2 with friends online. But when I try to run the CnC.net client. I get this error (See below). The game itself without the client runs without any problems. With my friends everything works. Here is the log of my crash. If anything, it says: Failed to load the file or assembly "System.Configuration, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a" or one of their dependencies. The module was expected to contain a build manifest. Thank you for your help. ClientCrashLog_2022_05_09_20_50.txt
  10. Hey guys, i've got a question. After the lobby, when the game starts, i'm in the game seeing the map and my vehicles and after 1 second everything freezes and 3 seconds later i'm landing in this screen... Any1 any idea? My mate is getting same problem.
  11. Problem is everytime I try to type something in game like changing name but the game keep stopped working with no reason can someone tell me what wrong with it?
  12. Hey guys, anyone else getting a random "win95" issue with Red Alert 2? i have to pretty much uninstall RA2 and CNC net everytime i want to load the game.
  13. Good day, everybody! 🙂 There's a necessary feature that must be included, which is to link the nickname to the player's ID, so that your friends would still be on your "Friend List" even if they change their nicknames. As of now, that is not the case, so any change to your friends' nicknames would make it seem like they've gone offline, even if their nicks just got an automatic underscore for a short disconnection. So you'd have to re-add every friend whenever they use a different nickname! or else they won't show up as "online" on your list, which makes it useless. You wouldn't even know whether that's your real friend or someone else using the same nick! It's ridiculous to have an imposter on your "Friend List" 😀
  14. Hey all, ran into a an odd glitch on YR/RA2 with the cncnet client. I’m unable to force fire (Ctrl + click) but can do everything else (alt click, Ctrl + number, shift click etc). I’ve scoured online to find if I’ve borked a setting but to no avail. im running on windows 10 if that makes any difference? does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
  15. Im playing on a dell laptop and the first decade software. i only have 2- boxes on the right menu available at start of games.
  16. Hello I'm trying to create a RA2 multiplayer map that has civilian defences (e.g., flak canon, prism tower) but they fire at both human and AI players. Is there a way to make them shoot at human players only? I'm using FinalAlert2 map editor version 1.04. Thanks
  17. The game is super small and impossible to see or do anything, I can change the size of the window (or set it full screen) but most of the screen is black with a tiny game window in the centre and I can barely see or select anything. The only changes I can make are to change the resolution but all this does is change the size of the window to a limit then it stops getting bigger. The game in the centre of the screen itself doesnt change at all, and actually stays the same size no matter how big the window gets. How can I change the size of the game inside the window, but keep the game window the same size even if some of the game is missing on the edges it will at least be better than not being able to play it at all In the guide here it says to "Disable Display Scaling on High DPI Settings" I do not have this setting so I dont know how to fix this issue. These are the only settings I have and none of them make any difference:
  18. Hello people I recently found my physical copy of "Command & Conquer the first decade" in the blue box and i would replay all the campaigns and possibly some multiplayer again for Tiberiun sun and up since i already own the C&C remaster on steam Last time i played it must have been 5 years ago and i had to install an unofficial patch to get it to work on Windows 7 So my question is: Is there 1 patch that makes it all work flawlessly (Im on windows 10) or do i have to manually install a patch for each game ? https://cncnet.org/command-and-conquer#download https://cncnet.org/red-alert-2#download And so forth And do theese patches work for singleplayer / skirmish aswell or is it stritcly multiplayer ?? Im kinda confused And seeing as im mostly here for the Red Alert 2 games are there any good mods you guys would recommend before i start playing the campaigns again ? I play alot of Brood War custom campaigns aswell, is there somewhere where i can find a list of all avaivable campaigns I was thinking something in the line of this Brood War spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1l_ink-CKwo92syCxJmivfh7zeMZu4U0p_q5Ra7HTF4U/edit#gid=0 Ty for you time Cheers
  19. Hello all, i got a question for all the expert map makers!!! I saw that some maps , especially mission maps and survivals, have a message (with yellow color) in the map preview. im working on a custom map and it would be great if i can write out some of the changes in the map preview Some map makers told me that i need to use the map trigger editor in Final Alert 2 thanks in advance
  20. I am on Windows 10 and when I connect to CNCNET I am told version 8.9.1 is available for download and install. When I do that, the 'Total Progress percentage:' bar eventually goes all the way to 100% but then I get an error. I do run Comodo firewall but disabled that prior to starting YR and attempting the update. Error I get: Update failed An error occurred while updating. Returned error was: Cannot create a file when that file already exists. I'd appreciate any guidance on how to get this update installed. Thanks
  21. Mods that use Ares require to launch the mod through RunAres.bat, how can i run my mod using Ares with CnCNet?
  22. Your client might crash sometimes, and you might get an error message whenever you try to host/join a game. It happened to me, so I figured out a way to fix it, and I thought it may help you as well, in case you experience the same thing. Just go to "RA2\Client" (where your game is installed) and delete these files: "friend_list", "ignore_list", "recent_list" (the client would create new ones). They could get messed up, which would prevent you from playing. If you really care about these lists, you can copy them to another location. Deleting only one or two of them might solve the issue, so you can try that (Quit, delete, restart and test, one by one), but for a guaranteed quick fix, delete them all at once. That would wipe out your lists. To restore them, you can either edit them the old-fashioned way (copying info from the old files to the new empty ones), or make new lists from within the client, as you'd do normally. Good luck! 🙂
  23. Hi, everyone. When a host selects a map, other players in the room are asked to download it to be able to see and play it, if they don't already have it, and often times, undecided hosts keep picking different maps to preview them before selecting one. So, players are left with 2 not very good options. Either to download the maps that the host picks, cluttering their clients with so many unnecessary maps that they probably would never play, OR to not download the maps, and not be able to preview or play them either. You can download, but you can't delete! This is especially irritating with cheat-maps; fake maps which look totally identical to original ones (same pic, title, everything) but with unfair edits. You can't easily tell which one is which, and even if you can, you won't be able to get rid of the fake ones, and you may also "distribute" it to others, unknowingly. My suggestion is to add two useful options which were available back in the day in the original client: 1- Enable players to preview the map before downloading it (makes sense). 2- Add a "Delete" button which would make it much easier to remove clutter maps, with the ability to multi-select them (Ctrl + Select) & (Ctrl A + Unselect) to delete all but the ones unselected. You can also add a "Select" button, so that just clicking the map would only preview it, and not require others to download it until the host decides to "Select" it. I only play a few maps (about 10), but I have over 1,000 maps which I don't want, and the only way to delete them is by going to the game files, and it's not that easy either, because map names are encrypted, so I don't know which ones to delete and which to keep. I'm really surprised that the "Delete" button is not yet available. The client's been created about 6 years ago. This is a key feature, and it's relatively simple to add, compared to the many less-important features that have already been added. I'm not complaining. Just expressing my shock 😲😀
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