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Found 242 results

  1. I installed CnCnet for command and conquer red alert 2 and yuri's revenge on a 32-bit windows 7 virtual machine executed through virtualbox. I already installed microsoft .net framework 4.0 and the experimental 3D accelerator of the guest installer. This is the error I get when trying to play CnC net.
  2. IsAfuctionOfX

    SuperMap Idea and others

    [Deleted Intro, cut to the chase] What if you could go beyond the limitations of 200 x 200, and add in drop in play? Meaning what if you could create maps larger than 200 X 200, continent sized maps and Allow players to drop in on a game that never ends, until the server resets or until one team wins [Think of world war 2 online] What if you could have server controlled AI playing against itself to balance teams or while vacant? What if.. World of Command and Conquer? No, but seriously why can't i make huge maps greater than 200 x 200?
  3. A buddy of mine called Artan1s keeps getting G-line banned for no reason. Even when he tries to remove his ban, he just gets banned again. Is there anything to do about this? Wasn't sure where to post this so I posted this here.
  4. DEmblem

    Buddy keeps getting g-line banned

    I want to play with a buddy of mine, but he keeps getting g-line banned for no reason. His IGN: Artan1s Requesting an unban through the site didn't do anything, since he just got banned again over and over.
  5. tsso yea I am not able to play host a game while someone else on my network is playing in the same lobby. everything is fine until i try to lunch the game, my menu just freezes for like 20 seconds and nothing happens. Specs: i7 7700 16 gig ram gtx 1070 wireless connection(i know your disappointed too) thx in advance to anyone helping!! :D
  6. salahunreal

    Yuri client getting no update

    Hi, I am having this issue with Yuri client failed to get update. The client is running as administrator Windows firewall off Antivirus off Connected to mobile hotspot to roll out any router firewall blocking or so. Still not being able to update no matter what. I see that I have only one server in updater and it is Europe. I can play online with no issues but I would like to sort this issue out is possible. I have read in the forum about this issue but could not find a best answer that would solve it specially I have disabled everything that might block the update. Anything else I am missing or can test? thanks for the help
  7. So I previously had your CnCNet client for Red Alert 2/Yuri's working on my Windows 10 computer. One day, when I would click on the shortcut for the client nothing would happen. I was not even giving an error message or anything, just nothing. I tried rebooting, reinstalling C&CNet, Reinstalling Red Alert 2/Yuri's. The best that would happen is that the game would work one or two times, then back to the client not even starting. I have Red Alert 2/Yuri's on Origin and my operating system is Windows 10. I also did a search on your forums and I wasn't able to find any other posts regarding this issue - if I missed one I apologize. Thanks for the help!
  8. I was wondering how you can edit a map using Final Alert 2 then placing it in Unholy Alliance game type for use? Thanks
  9. Here's a derelict tank that I made remappable. No requirements to download. Make sure Remapable=yes is applied to it in any type of art.ini. ctmsc13.zip
  10. There are no requirements to download. RA3 cameos.zip
  11. c0creator

    Force pos 1 to be GB

    Is there any way to mod the rulesmd to force any player on X spot to automatically be a certain country. I want spot 1 to auto go to GB, spot 2 to auto be iraq, spot 3 to be korea. and the reverse for 4 5 6, with 6 being korea
  12. 我该怎么办?怎么找到它?代替它? 因为我的英语水平不好,所以我非常需要你的帮助。我期待你的回复。谢谢。
  13. Rajs221

    Red resurrection not launching

    Play skirmish matches mostly used to work fine, now I can't launch a skirmish match. How do I fix it?
  14. marcoseguin

    I'm new

    Hello. I recently downloaded the download free and play online patch on the internet option upon navigating on this web page. my last item to be downloaded has indicated 95% complete. I can't seem to find out either where to go to join a game or if this is an issue we can fix. I can't seem to join. Please send me a response to [email protected]
  15. Pops2Four

    Found an old Red Alert 2 cd

    So I was cleaning out an old computer desk and found an old CD set with Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2, Yuri's Revenge and Renegade. I purchased these legally, like from a store and everything. It brought back some memories so I thought I would try to play them. To my dismay, my Windows 10 laptop won't install them. That led me to Google which eventually brought me here. So I'm not the brightest dude around, but nothing on any of the other forums seemed to be able to get these to work. That included trying to run them as an admin and in compatibility mode. Eventually I ended up here, and wondered if the CnC net 5 download might be able to help me. However, when I try it, I am told that I need to have Yuri's Revenge installed. So I have an ancient Yuri's Revenge disk, but don't know how to get it to actually install. A rather quick glance through the forums here didn't seem to address my issue, so I thought I would see if anyone had any ideas. I am not really interested in most of the online type of things because I am old and likely terrible, I really just want to play the single player campaigns and if it evolves into something else, then cool. Anyhow, are those disks worth anything in terms of trying to get play these old games? If this has been asked and resolved before, I apologize.
  16. Goku

    Install and play

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to install the game Red alert 2, but I can not find it on the EA website. (Only the red alert 3 in origin) Anyone know, how do I install original? Do I need to buy a CD? help, I need a step by step.
  17. HOw can I download the right file for install RA2, because when I download the file for RA2 is the YR downloading file came trut, so I can't instal it because I need RA2 first ? Please help or put the good file in link in RA2 downloading page. THanks !!!!
  18. mithrandir


    first of all sorry for my bad english i download ra2 5 min before and when i start the game i get so much lag and freeze i dont know why my system is win10 and pc amd ryzen 2600x cpu gpu 1080ti. i dont know why its freeze what should i do i try to all resulotions but i cant fix that waiting for helps .
  19. MasterMind

    Make red alert 2 a 3D game

    Hi i was thinking about modding red alert 2 to make it a 3d game. I basicaly want to get rid of the classic 2d isometric rigid view of the classic cncs. Basically not changing anything but the view. what i want is an added feature. You may use the classic view but u can change perspective. I just want to know if i ever wanted to do it what would be the process. Is it a thing that even a modding noob like myself could do or is just too complicated.?
  20. hostile

    blackscreen with audio

    Good day. I have downloaded the main exe. for ra2 from xwis, but cannot play properly. From what i've been seeing from youtube, looks like i need some files to transfer in the prog files x86 thing, but that's for those who got the game from "origin" or something. What should i do? Also, can i buy the ultimate collection on amazon or do i absolutely need to buy it from origin to get the origin files?
  21. xmobster5

    CNCNet RA2 & Yuri's files problem

    Keeps saying I'm not using the same files as everybody else but says in the main menu that I'm updated to the current version of 4.24..
  22. it comes up with this error message asking to post here.
  23. MasterMind

    Cant see the game chart after the game?!?

    After the game the screen freezes and doesnt show the chart with the points of the players... i noticed that if i click in the right spot i can leave the game as if i was clicking on the quit button anyone know what may cause this?
  24. Barry2000

    No sound effects RA2/YR

    Hi, Im getting no sound effects while in game of RA2 and YR. Menu sound effects and music still work. Installed from origin. I have tried re installing but no luck, still no in game sound effects (units, buildings, voice over etc). This is on Windows 10. In game sound is not muted in settings. Any help appreciated
  25. Looking for testers for a new release of TS-DDraw. Download: https://github.com/CnCNet/ts-ddraw/releases Should work for Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. For all those who don't know TS-DDraw, this is what it can do: Working windowed mode without having to change windows to 16bit Makes the game running smooth on Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 and wine (Need testers for Vista!) Can fix black screens, invisible menus and other issues ddraw.zip