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Found 21 results

  1. how do I connect to CnCnet instead of XWIS if it's possible or not?!
  2. Hi all, i just downloaded renegade C&C i also downloaded the patch and downloaded the w3d hub..... now the game is imported and i got a option to click "play now" and "single player" but when i click it nothing happens also if i want to choose a server i can also click it but notthing happens? can anyone help me out?
  3. Hey, you banned me the other day ("LickItBeforeStickIt") for no reason. Apparently you thought I was some other guy you banned some weeks ago... Can you please undo the ban? Regards
  4. Banafrit

    Internal Error

    I installed the patches and the launcher to join online servers for Renegade, but everytime I get onto the loading screen to join the server, about 50% of the way through, the game closes and I get this error. Help?
  5. Hi all! I know that this is a terribly old game, and I see that these forums seem to be pretty strict. But I started this thread because I didn't see anything similar that answered my question, and I greatly long to play renegade. I'll start at the beginning. About 120 million years ago I played CNC. Then I play all the following games. When Renegade came out in 02 or somewhere around there, I played it on and off for nigh 20 years. I used to be part of the jelly community before they disappeared for whatever reason. Well now I'd like to play again and I own the original renegade and the first decade dvd but my renegade cd seems to be scratched and I don't know where my first decade dvd is (I suspect is was stolen lol :( .... so here is where and why I come to you, the loyal, intelligent, steadfast cnc community. Does anyone have a solution for me? If I have to buy a cd oline and use my own code I will... I just miss playing renegade in it's prime tbh. It's a fantastic game, and I don't even know if you guys are active or if any rene servers are active, but I long for the good ol days and I wish to enjoy this massively underrated classic. If you guys could help me out with installing it on my new computer I would be ever grateful. long live Kane. ~Gunny
  6. Whenever I try going near a building, or entering it, the mouse moves up, not a hardware problem (Intel HD Graphics (2 GB ?). It's an old game, bound to be glitchy. If there's any fix or configuration tweak, let me know.. I've played it a long time back on Windows XP & don't think I've had this problem, I thought maybe it's the resolution or Config Tool settings, but no difference. I don't want to download Renegade-X as my Harddisk's almost full & I don't intend to play on multiplayer, I just play Multiplayer Practice...
  7. Recently started using the Level Editor, which is pretty basic to use. However, I am trying to modify the player's character in singleplayer missions, but have had no success. Is there a specific way to do this? Because modding the Commando character did not help. Modding the spawn for Commando did not work too.
  8. trunkskgb

    New Maps!

    Call me crazy, but I am still making maps for Renegade! If you want to check them out, visit my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMh8_wvlruY-D3WFgoFP_6w/videos and go to playlists... my maps are Iron City, Backstab, and Halloween 2014. You will find a ton of other videos there as well!
  9. Alright, so jonwil of the Tiberian Technologies team wanted me to spread this around. So! Hi everyone! We're currently actively looking for talented hobby programmers to join our code team! Who are we? Just in case you didn't know already, since 2015, W3D Hub has been the authority on developing game projects for Command & Conquer Renegade's W3D Engine! Building off the back of the now-defunct Bluehell Productions, W3D Hub has served to unite the majority of the fractured W3D Engine modding scene into a single community from where we can continue to assist each other and grow. Over the years we have cultivated a strong infrastructure and knowledge-base that continues to expand and evolve every year. We have built our team with developers who have a large amount of experience creating mods in the W3D game engine; some of whom have been actively developing content ever since Renegade was released back in 2002. The W3D Hub community is welcoming and is home to a plethora of developers and fans from all walks of life. We are a satellite team, so many of us are scattered across the world; despite this though, we do our best to maintain a high level of communication using tools such as Slack, Invision Power Board, Trello, TeamSpeak and Discord. We are a strictly non-profit organisation due to the IP we work with, so we run the community as a hobby. Our mission statement is to preserve the knowledge of how to develop games using the W3D Engine, as well as to create projects that push the envelope in what the engine is capable of. Recently we have been working on a replacement for the game's primary editor, Commando Level Edit. The new editor, "Mammoth", has been written from scratch which allows us a high degree of flexibility when developing new content. What games do we make? Now a lot of you guys already know this, but it's useful to reiterate! We currently house and develop several projects that use Renegade's W3D Engine. These include Red Alert: A Path Beyond, Expansive Civilian Warfare, and Tiberian Sun: Reborn. Red Alert: A Path Beyond (which is based on the original Red Alert) is currently released and receives healthy player counts on our organised game nights. Through our server-side plugins we have been able to tie statistics and achievements into the game which allows players to see how they stack up against each other. Here's a trailer for Red Alert: A Path Beyond Why Renegade? C&C Renegade's W3D Engine is an enigma of sorts. Around the time when the Unreal and Quake engines were popular, Westwood Studios released C&C Renegade, a game with mixed reviews that didn't do too well financially. The singleplayer left a lot to be desired; the multiplayer however, was a completely different story. Two teams attempt to destroy each others bases with infantry and vehicles that are purchased using credits from an RTS-style resource system featuring harvesters and refineries. To this day there has not been a game that has come close to emulating the unique experiences found in C&C Renegade. It's worth pointing out that Renegade X remade and expanded on the core Renegade experience, but our aim takes Renegade in a different direction by experimenting with new gameplay features that require a step away from the Renegade formula a little bit in order to achieve. For the time, Renegade's W3D engine was actually very advanced; featuring very robust vehicle physics, tessellation, flood-fill pathfinding, as well as a robust AI conversation/dialog and action system that allowed for fairly complex AI interactions (for the time). When the game was released, a modding SDK was released that allowed modders an incredible amount of creative freedom. Artists could model, rig and export their own assets into the game and programmers could script custom logic for gameplay objects. Over the years, knowledge of the engine has developed to a point where we have managed to reverse-engineer a significant portion of the code base. This means that the engine itself is more flexible than ever and has allowed us to really push the boundaries in terms of what features we can put into our various games. We still develop on this engine today because it's fun and we have a good amount of flexibility with what we want to accomplish for each game. The engine is also fairly easy to develop for which allows for rapid iteration on a large scale. What are we looking for? We are currently looking for seasoned hobby programmers who are looking for a new challenge, as well as newer programmers that are looking for some experience working on games and mod projects. We are strictly a non-profit organisation, so we don't offer any kind of salary however, our community is a constant base where no work will ever go to waste. Too often, mod and game projects are created that don't see the light of day. By providing a community platform to support the W3D engine and its associated projects, we protect ourselves from ever being in the position where we are forced to abandon our projects, as the theory is that there will always be caretakers around to maintain and curate them. Here's what we are looking for skills-wise: Essential Qualities - All of the following are preferred: Intermediate to High level of C++ programming knowledge. Working knowledge of Visual Studio 2017 for Windows Development. Working knowledge of Git repositories. Good communications skills, being as we are a satellite team. A passion for video games and programming. Desirable Qualities - Any of the following are preferred: An interest in Command & Conquer or Frank Herbert's Dune would be nice, but is not necessary. A friendly attitude and the ability to work well with others. Experience reading existing code (particularly code related to graphics engines) and understanding what it does and looking at what it does, as well as being able to write technical documentation about it. Knowledge of how to profile code to find out where slowdowns are (and identifying how to make code faster or better on memory use, especially math heavy code). Experience with reverse engineering with IDA (x86 assembler and HexRays output). Experience with Direct3D 11 (including HLSL and programmable shaders) as well as other graphics-related features such as anti-aliasing and screen filtering. Good 3D Math skills including boxes, lines, frustums, vectors, matrices, quaternions, collision detection math, curves and splines. Knowledge of physics types and how to create/edit them (e.g. Fixed Wing Aircraft, Walkers/Mecha etc.). Knowledge of the FMOD sound engine. Knowledge of font rendering. Why should you join us? Joining W3D Hub presents a unique opportunity as our mission to unite C&C Renegade mod developers under one banner continues onward, so here's a few reasons why you should consider joining us. If you're a fan of the Command & Conquer series who is looking for some fun projects to work on. if you're looking for a new programming challenge. If you want to have a hobby you can enjoy and put on your résumé/CV at the same time! If you're looking for the unique opportunity to work with Renegade's W3D engine and build upon it's code base. If you're looking for a reliable team that won't fall apart as well as projects where your work won't go to waste. If you're looking for new friends (inside and outside of the games industry) who enjoy developing and playing games together. How to apply! If you wish to join our team, please send an email to jonwil, our lead programmer, at [email protected] and let him know why you're interested in joining us as well as what skills you can offer! Hopefully, with your help, we can further development of C&C Renegade's W3D Engine! Here are a few quick links: W3D Hub Official Website: http://www.w3dhub.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/w3dhub/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/w3dhub?lang=en YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPVori4l3Rq_AkWHEjTKdEQ Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/w3dhub ModDB: https://www.moddb.com/company/w3d-hub If you have made it all the way down here, thank you for your time and thank you for reading!
  10. More info in the scriptof the video guys https://youtu.be/MVdd0cOOBGg Enjoy. \m/
  11. Hello there! Just found out about this whole cncnet.org and downloading my C&C games to relive my nostalgia. However, I have downloaded Renegade and downloaded the RenLauncher.exe. I have my nickname and IP address set up, upon hitting launch it brings me to my EA Origin, if it's not booted up it boots up the Origin but goes no further. If I continue to boot up Renegade it brings me to the standard menu but doesn't allow me to get into any servers or anything. I need help. Thanks!
  12. Alikenss

    first renegade

    I apologize but I need it for the first part of the cac renegade game.........no renegade x Hello, I did not install westwood online when installing the retreat, I can not play online, please where can I register ..... thank you too much
  13. Alikenss

    renegade x online

    Hello, I did not install westwood online when installing the retreat, I can not play online, please where can I register ..... thank you too much
  14. Alikenss

    cac renegade

    Dobrý den, při instalaci odpadlíku x jsem nenainstaloval westwood online, nemohu hrát online, prosim kde mohu registrovat ..... moc moc děkuji
  15. Hi everyone new to this site. I play mpf new maps server. I like to stream and make videos like this https://youtu.be/uMCiM_qwETk https://youtu.be/NxamSsewJns @Iran
  16. I just started not to long ago on how to live stream using obs. A buddy of mine that I play Socom 2 online with set it up because I got a capture card. I use my girl's computer because it' better then mine. I' still learning on how to use it for pc screen cap. I was live streaming me playing renegade earlier and I was messing with the screen. I could not figure out how to set up the screen better or fuller. I got it more centered then it being on one side. Advice would be nice. Here's the video https://youtu.be/UXzaZWgwDec Thanks
  17. Hey there everyone, old player who just found out about CnC net recently and am enjoying Red alert 2 and red alert online thanks to you guys But I can't seem to get Renegade to work with the RenLauncher Renlauncher is 'registered' and I put in the server address, Then I remembered I needed scripts 4.6, so I go do the TT website to try and download it, I do, then I go to open it, and it wont let me click a folder for installation. I try to find the renegade folder, I do, it wont let me click next I try to make a new folder, same thing. I cant click next. I assume this client is what I need to play Renegade online right? Can anyone help me please ? I assume its an easy fix and i'm just being computer illiterate.
  18. So i found another TS:Reborn Server. Where can i get the files to download it and play on it. Because Renlist says "Version Mismatch". Since it tries to load regular renegade. links would be nice. I have it on my w3d hub client but no one ever gets on it.....
  19. Free game download link (using demo, FDS, and public mod tools files) to be available soon. Server: CnCNet Euro Marathon IP+Port: Server type: Marathon SFPS: 100 (with frametime checking code so no weird servers, unlike on other servers) Server location: The Netherlands Server net update rate: 50 (once every 20 milliseconds) (other servers are at 10-30 (100-33 milliseconds), we're the only server running this high) Starting credits: 0 credit tick: 2 credits per second. 1.5 creds per second when Power Plant is down and 0.5 when Refinery is down. Veteran system: yes Commander system yes: Minor base defenses: Enabled randomly on rush maps Pointsmod: off (server runs fix for pointwhoring with snipers) C4 modifcations: per player 6 remote and 6 timed c4 limit. Proxy C4 is fixed so they don't disarm after server leave anymore and Proxy C4 placed just above doors won't trigger anymore. Marathon mods: You can buy one weapon as basic infantry after Barracks/Hand of Nod is down. You can purchase vehicles at increased cost when Airstrip/Weapons Factory is down. There is a wait time for buying vehicles. Sounds: Server has chat sounds Fake beacons are disabled Pedestal beacon is enabled but might get disabled in the future. Rotation (WILL BE UPDATED IN THE FUTURE): Field Volcano Hourglass Complex Under Walls_Flying City_Flying Islands Complex Mesa Canyon Field Glacier_Flying Walls Rules: -No tunnel beacon/ledge beacon. -No b2b, on Islands you need to be PAST (not on it) the second river. -No hillcamping on Hourglass. -Don't go off map or in areas you're not supposed to be in. -No one man wall hop -No teamhampering -No credit farming (where a team mate harms himself and you repair him for credits) -No flaming infantry -Don't spam chat nor C4. -No building hopping (getting on top of buildings) except when normally accessible. Getting on top of Barracks on Canyon is fine. -Don't shoot through Weapons Factory glass. Moderators (feel free to apply for moderator position): -ExEric3 (Owner) -Iran (admin) -MadsMax26 (FULL moderator) -XD_ERROR_XD (FULL moderator) -FurinKazan (FULL moderator)
  20. Whats the public irc channel for te renegade server?
  21. Whats the public irc channel for te renegade server?
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