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Found 40 results

  1. CnCNet Update Changelogs

    CnCNet Client The map browser (left click the map preview) supports now mousewheel scrolling and category selection via mouse button 4/5 Tiberian Sun A bug was fixed that could give players an unfair advantage 2 New hotkeys were added, ChatToAllies (default: Backspace) and global chat is now available via Return (same as F8) Red Alert The limits have been raised, Infantry:500->550, Buildings: 600->650, Aircrafts: 100->150, Units: 500->650, Vessels: 100->150 A bug was fixed that caused the game to glitch (Crash/OOS/Disconnect) when the unit limit was reached, sidebar icons will not gray out anymore when the limit was reached and you don't need to right click to be able to build again 2 New hotkeys were added, ChatToAllies via Backspace and global chat is now available via Return (same as F8)
  2. Skirmish Saves Corrupt?

    Submitted crash reports through the client but essentially, a save from lastnight works but any additional save now crashes the game upon load of said save(s). After approx 10 attempts and crash report per attempt. I wish I had more to provide on the subject, as being a software developer myself I don't condone the notion of filing a bug report of, "It's broken!". But alas I have no debug output, nor a stack trace, nor an exception. Peace
  3. Hep me

    I can't not start New campaign of firestorm It's always say Unable to red scenario! I already download game use Install Components Please help me
  4. Who to be able use Finalsun editor?

    I make my map, and needed fix there many things, who can help me with this? We can together go to the map by game lobby and i will show troubles what i want fix.
  5. Tiberian Sun - Weird Audio Glitch

    Hi there, everyone! I've been experiencing a weird glitch lately with Tiberian Sun and Firestorm. Namely, this: I hear a pretty loud "click" or "pop"-like sound whenever something is said by EVA or CABAL when a structure or unit is in production, or, in general, whenever they say something while the money count goes either up or down. This results in game sounding like this: "Training... CLICK. CLICK Unit ready CLICK". When I go into options menu and turn the in-game sound to 0, while leaving the music and the advisor speech as is, the glitch no longer happens - so it's not an issue with EVA or CABAL, but, as I suspect, it's got something to do with the money sound bugging out everything else for some reason. This behavior has been observed in two different version of Tiberian Sun I have: the one I downloaded from this site (the singleplayer version), and the old pre-Firestorm Spanish CD version, the only difference is that, well, they speak Spanish there, yet the popping sound still remains. I'm running Windows 10 64-bit, graphics patch applied, rendering - IE-ddraw, no additional video options, no additional audio options, single processor affinity ON (doesn't matter, tried changing it). Any ideas what might be causing this issue? It's not unplayable, and if you don't pay much attention to it, you learn to zone out and ignore it completely, but I'd rather not have to deal with it all, if possible. It could be that my hardware is just incompatible with something within the game's audio engine, considering how old it is, but if something can be done, I'd appreciate it. I mean, sure, I could try deleting the money sound effect, but... that's not really a good solution Thank you in advance.
  6. Unable to Execute file

    When trying to open TSMPLauncher.exe an error message pops up and says Create Process failed; code 740. The requested operation requires elevation. What does this mean?
  7. Hey there, well i was modding one mission from GDI and i notice something In the mission 10 - destroy the factory facility on the FINAL SUN shows in the HOUSE tab that your tech level is 10 BUT you canĀ“t build beyond the tech 6 mostly, like Titans only. Dont give to you the high tech center to open the other units and buildings. Now im trying to edit not only the map but that issue, please someone knows what could be done to fix that?
  8. The included tibsun client that comes with cncnet has a horrible UI, this one which also is used for YR should be the default one for tibsun aswell: https://github.com/CnCNet/xna-cncnet-client
  9. Current version: 1.10.6 (2017/09/27 10:15) The project is built on the .Net framework v3.5 Its code is licensed under the WTFPL. Download: Downloads folder Full readme Source code: (C#) Sources folder Full list of supported types / games: WWFont v1: Wargame Construction Set A Nightmare On Elm Street DragonStrike Circuit's Edge WWFont v2: (Note: the save routine for this type is currently set to optimise the size by removing duplicate image data, but I'm not sure if the games support this) BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's Revenge Eye of the Beholder Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon WWFont v3: The Legend of Kyrandia Dune II Lands of Lore The Throne of Chaos The Legend of Kyrandia Hand of Fate The Legend of Kyrandia Malcolm's Revenge The Legend of Kyrandia Malcolm's Revenge Installer Command & Conquer Command & Conquer Installer Command & Conquer Red Alert Command & Conquer Red Alert Installer Lands of Lore Guardians of Destiny Lands of Lore Guardians of Destiny Installer Command & Conquer Sole Survivor Lands of Lore III WWFont v4: Tiberian Sun Tiberian Sun Installer Tiberian Sun Firestorm Tiberian Sun Firestorm Installer Lands of Lore III Installer IGFont (Dune 2000 was made by Intelligent Games, not by Westwood) Dune 2000 Original first post: As I sort of mentioned a while back, I got tired of the lack of font editor for C&C1, and even more tired of Siberian_GRemlin sitting on his (working) version for about 10 years now. So I've decided to make my own in c#. With the help of the RA++ team (Omniblade, CCHyper & Tomsons26, anyway) I figured out the font format itself, and managed to make code to read it and show it as image. Apparently this format is used for quite a bit more than C&C1 and RA1; we used fonts from Legend of Kyrandia as test material as well, and apparently this should support Dune II too. Fonts have no colour palette of their own. They are 4-bit (meaning, 16 colour) images that, much like SHP files, receive colours from the game at the moment they're drawn. So I started off by generating a simple black-to-white fade for the palette, with black as the background color. This version also already moved the character down according to the extra Y-offset in the file. Next step: making an actual editor. I already had a zooming pixel image viewer from a little C&C-N64 project I worked on in the past few weeks, so that part was no problem (as already seen in the previous image). So the next step: drawing an editing grid on it. Well, I say "on it", but actually I needed three extra image layers positioned both behind and in front of the original image to pull it off, lol. Transparency is a strange thing in .Net controls. Next was getting a pixel drawn on that to indicate your editing position. That was easier than expected, really, and now I had a nifty giant pixel following my mouse around. Also note the fancy program icon; Tomsons26 made that I decided, around this time, to switch to a more colourful palette that would let you easily distinguish the different indices when editing. I just basically went over all hue values and made a nice little rainbow. I also coded in some extra behaviour to allow disabling the grid, and the red frame that shows you which part of it is actually editable. Of course, an editor is utterly useless if it can't actually save files, a little detail Siberian_GRemlin seemed to forget when he released a "demo" of his editor... eight years ago now. So after editing worked, I went into the mess of trying to save the image data back to palette. It took a few tries to get it right. But, finally, I managed to get a saved file! No, wait, crap, that's one of the failed ones. Ahem. Anyway. The pic I linked before shows the final successful attempt. There's a little pixel I made transparent, in the middle, to prove it was actually edited. Trust me, it was orange originally Now, there's just one thing still missing from the editor... and that's, well, the actual editing, more or less. I could only change the colour to one specific one with the left mouse button, and to background (transparency) with the right mouse button. So I dug up another nice control I had lying around for one of my older projects, namely a palette-loading colour selector. Took some time to adapt it, since the original was meant for 256 colours, but, I'm happy with the final result! It's starting to look good, no? At this moment, it's still missing some vital features, though; you can't change the size of the images or their Y-offset, and you can't add new character images to a font. These will come later, but at this moment, I do actually have a working editor. It's obviously still beta at the moment, but to anyone who wants to mess around with it, here it is: Westwood Font Editor v0.4 The source code is in the folder too, for those who are interested.
  10. CnC Modding Encyclopedia

    ModEnc isn't exactly a tutorial (though it does contain some of its own), but this is the best place I could find for this. I'm surprised how few people seem to know about this, so I figured I ought to stick it on the forum. As stated on the front page: This is incredibly useful in particular to mappers who want to figure out how to mess with their maps' INI. I would have posted this in the mapping discussion forum, but it didn't seem as appropriate. Hopefully people will be able to find it here.
  11. How many clans are there on CnCNet across all supported games? You can usually tell, people usually put [ClanName]Nickname. How many can you name, or what ones have you seen recently?
  12. Freezing

    I am on an Imac running OSX Sierra. My system requirements are well beyond what is needed to play Tiberian Sun. In skirmish mode against the AI, the game will sometimes, not always completely freeze causing me to do a hard shutdown... Is there a patch I need that I missed? I also have menu issues, I read up on it, but all the posts are at least 2 years old, hoping there's a fix by now?
  13. CNCNet does not connect

    Hi, I was looking forward to battling my sons on Tiberian Sun for a little nostalgia and installed on my PC and two laptops. All are running Windows 10 with Windows Firewall and Antivirus. Worked fine on the PC and Laptop however on the Surface it will not connect. I've searched the forums however this issue only seems to be apparent on VM which the surface is not. All I see is Connecting... (takes up to 1minute). It does not connect On-Line or on LAN however Skirmish is OK. It connects fine to the Yuri's revenge forum on the Red Alert version. I cant seem to perform any commands, the console just says Error: You are not connected. I have tried disabling antivirus and firewall and reinstall but to no avail. Any help appreciated as I cant seem to find any logs generated by cncnet.
  14. Running YR on a Mac

    A believe I saw a post about using the wineskin from Tiberian Sun to run Yuri's Revenge a bit ago. Does anyone have any insight as to how that could be accomplished?
  15. Hi there i have a silly question, its possible using the cheat engine to change the TIMER on some missions? Like this: X mission you have 2 hours to complete, and use the Cheat Engine to make 2 hours become 10 hours for example. Im asking this because im play TS and FS for sun and make awesome big bases, and in some mission i cant do that because of the freaking TIMER XD Someone?
  16. Cncnet 5 no ready button

    i host game,I can see I'm ready button,but if I join a game,I can't see it. How to fix it? OS:windows 10 DPI:default 100%
  17. windows 10 help

    I'm running win 10 and halfway through a online game I get a main exe fault, I have no firewall or anti virus on. Is there a setting or patch I have missed? I downloaded straight from cncnet, Thanks
  18. Hello! I have another question. I have a multiplayer map I'm working on and I'm trying to have a bunch of structures that are Neutral or Special by default, and then any team could capture them. This is what I have set up, I know it's wrong- but I'm trying to determine what else I need in order to make this work. I'm assuming once I create the Trigger/tag, I can apply that same tag to every Neutral/ Special building... Also can special buildings be captured, or is it only Neutral? When I test this with special, it doesn't work. But when I send a unit into a building on Neutral, the game crashes... Also worth noting, I went a head and made events for every team that could enter the building, 50, 51, 52, etc...
  19. Tiberian Sun Singleplayer Menu Issues

    First off I wanted to say, thank you for the work you guys have done bringing these classics into the modern age. Trying to get my copy of The First Decade to work, even using the Unofficial patches, was completely hopeless, but the versions downloaded straight from this site at least worked. More or less. Anyway, I'd just like to report my issues with a few of the games, such as Tiberian Dawn and Tiberian Sun. Tiberian Dawn was the most difficult to get running, and even when I finally had all the settings the right way for it to launch, it crashed in the middle of like, mission 2 as well as had a few interface issues, so I pretty much gave up on it. My real intention was to replay Red Alert and Tiberian Sun. Red Alert by the way, almost flawless. It did crash once but that was after hours of uninterrupted gameplay. Tiberian Sun though is giving me trouble. The Launcher menu itself is glitchy. The background image is tiled, and the menu options are only half, "responsive", as in some become highlighted when the cursor is over them, others not. I'm still capable of starting the Singleplayer. That said the only method of rendering that works is TSddraw. All other options lead to a "Can't set video mode" error, refusing to launch. Once the game has launched, it all seems just dandy at first glance. No visual errors of any kind. But then I noticed there's a serious case of lag whenever a new menu is trying to open or close, with at least a five second delay between menus, such as trying to open Options. Getting into a game is fine, actually playing the game is fine. But then it seems like the game has a huge stroke after creating a Save Game. The Menus vanish and the game is frozen, audio still playing. Alt+Tab-ing out just carries whatever the problem is over to the Desktop and the entire computer starts to lag. Alt+Tab-ing back into TS and it doesn't even display any visuals anymore. What info do you need from me?
  20. Countdown Timer

    I'm hoping I could get some guidance on how to create a count down mission timer. For example: A countdown timer displays 30 minutes at the start at the game. At the end, once it reaches zero, the game ends and you win the game.Would love to know the answer here as I am stumped looking for the correct trigger and how to set this up. Thanks! [edit] I used to make custom maps all the time years ago, so I'm getting back in the swing of things and I'm a little rusty.
  21. Anytime i launch the game online especially YR & MO, the game waits for all players to enter, but the connection bar goes to red slowly (gradual). EDIT: i think i know why i can't play, i tried to open valve's steam client week ago, and after that, i got something shocking, i had a message saying: "An incompatible version of HMIPCore.dll (related to HideMyIP / My Privacy Tools) has been detected inside of the Steam process." "We suggest updating or uninstalling this software if you experience crashes or network shutdowns while running Steam or Individual games.", Maybe this has something to do with CnCNet5 too.
  22. Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions (Work in progress) CnCNet has been blocked by my anti-virus or is showing as a virus Unable to set Video Mode My game is slow, shows a black screen, or gameplay is choppy I just downloaded CnCNet, or updated and my anti-virus flagged it as a virus
  23. Hey Funky! I know you're working hard on everything, but I just wanna bring up this stuff - no rush though. Just wanna see your thoughts on this First, about the new ts-spawn, its been tested many times and had no problems what so ever. Can't wait for it to be uploaded. Second, we have gathered a bunch of voxels and shp files. (I know dkeeton and you talked about it a bit) Worked really hard on them to make them all work and ask permissions. I uploaded all the stuff for if you wanna look at it, (and for other readers to test it out) It might still need some work but that's no problem, im just throwing it out here already Pack includes: - expand11 (containing a few ecache.mix files with all the files) - Accounting excel sheet with all the information - art.ini - a map to test all of the stuff - and the new ts-spawn (use it to test map) Everything can still be modified ofcourse. We have a google drive with all the files, all seperate rules and art ini files for each new voxel/shp. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6M2MyqeyRCzMlQ3UnNPTHFpTWM/view?usp=sharing
  24. Resurrected playing Tiberian Sun - Firestorm in Skirmish mode. Does anyone know how to set the Skirmish AI side to always be Nod? I extracted the rules.ini and ai.ini files from the mix using XCC Utilities, but I couldn't find a parameter that would control the AI side. Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this, so will also try the main Tiberian Sun forum.
  25. Hijacking and Unit "Displacement"

    This is based off a post I made to Project Perfect Mod. View the original thread here. I made an interesting discovery concerning hijackers. Sometimes, the game will "displace" a unit (meaning move it off-center relative to all other units of that type) if it comes off of a repair bay or out of a war factory wrong, or if it's part of a paradrop. If this happens, it seems that hijackers can only enter that unit from the direction towards which it has been displaced. This first bit is completely wrong. Scroll down to see the actual explanation. Here's an example... KEY: In this situation, the hijacker fails to enter the vehicle because it is approaching the subject from the direction away from which it has been displaced. In this situation, the hijacker succeeds in entering the vehicle because it is approaching the subject from the direction towards which it has been displaced. And here's what's really happening: Here's a map I threw together for others who want to experiment with this.