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Found 66 results

  1. hostname error

  2. Minor issue with ultimate collection

    I did originally post this on the EA forum but received no replies, so seeing if you guys can shed some light on the matter. Hello all, running into an issue I have all the games form the ultimate collection up and running however I'm having minor issues... For C&C and RA 1 whenever I exit the game I get a black square in the top left of my desktop and it prevents me from doing anything whatsoever, I have to signout of windows and then sign back in for my desktop to return to normal. only other issue is TS and FS the menu lags, I select campaign and so on fine no issues like the menu buttons not being there and so forth, but then it just takes forever to load a game or go from one menu to another. All games are playable no issues there, I believe it may be resolution related my laptop screen is 1366X768. Im running windows 8.1 any help or advice would be appreciated

    I'm trying to play LAN on both my laptops but this one doesn't create that pop up that allows me to connect to the server. How do I get that to pop up? Or connect to the server.
  4. FinalSun - cant import map

    Hi, i created big nice multiplayer map for c&c tiberian sun in FinalSun editor but there are issues and i cant import it (to test it,...). Those issues are there since i created map and i dont know how to remove them. Please help, i want to play my map so much . Here is screenshot!
  5. FinalSun problem

    Hello, i am making map for c&c tiberian sun in FinalSun editor but i have problem. When i place anything from category overlay & special (concrete wall, goodie crate,...) i cant remove it by using delete objects button? How to delete it?
  6. Hi there, i have maybe a simples question, its possible to use the "art" from the Return of the dawn in the normal campaing ( old concret wall, refinery, gun turret and more)? Make some replacements in the files to make possible, and when the "art" don´t replace some buildings and units, use the regular art? Anyway can help if is possible? http://www.moddb.com/mods/return-of-the-dawn
  7. Country Flag Icon

    My Country Flag is missing from the game. please fix this
  8. C&C Tiberian Sun

    Hello, i am having issue same as this guy (game freezes but still running) https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/6502-tiberian-sun-gameplay-freezes-every-ten-minute/ ... I think that idea (reply) to fix this problem would help me but when i open display settings in c&c Tiberian Sun my game stop working and i must close it... What to do? EDIT: Its not there well, i cant launch cncnet patch. When i launch it, it says there is error and close it... what to do?
  9. Executable not Asnwering Trouble!

    Hi Guys! Here Cabal! I been playing Tiberian Sun for almost two years, but these days i am having a big problem that i cant solve. I already Try Everything. 1) I Re-installed the Cncnet 5; 2) After That i did /reset; 3) Scan virus and malwares; 4) Open the computer and clean memory card and dust from processor; 5) Added TSun in firewall; But all these things didnt work, my game still doesnt open, i can join in any room, the thing is when host press START button to game launch, it doesnt open here in my machine, i will upload some pics for better know the problem, i will be happy if someone can help to fix it. Thanks a lot!
  10. Player Gone Out of Sync

    I am on latest build and on Windows 10. I cannot play Tiberian sun at all now. It basically states player out of sync after about 10 minutes of playing. What is the fix?
  11. Ladder changes: Thanks to @dkeeton Connection fixes (In relation to this) Anti-bailing measures include hiding specific information on pre-load and in game menus Player factions Player names
  12. Lost Data in the Ladder

    The ladder database had to be recovered from a backup from about a week ago. So 7 days of games are gone now. We're working on getting daily backups to prevent a problem like this in the future. Apologies.
  13. Hello all, I've been playing around in FinalSun/Alert and have been messing around with implementing production of teams based on AITriggers. I've seen several topics on the matter however it seems most of them are based around adding additional teams to the global skirmish AI. While I have extracted and had a look at how scripting works for how the AI handles unit production in campaign missions of both RA2 and TS, however my own attempts at implementing this has not been successful. as a step by step I will explain the actions I have done. Note: I have disable global AI Triggers as I do not want the global AI teams to be built 1) I have created a trigger that at 10 seconds after game start it fires off the start AITriggers and Begin Production for the AI side (I am not using a premade house faction) 2) I have created a simple team of 10 conscripts according to how production teams are set up for AI in the campaign missions. 3) I have created the AI trigger specifying that the enemy (Player Faction) possess a soviet barracks Image 4) I have double checked that the AI trigger is indeed present within the maps file Image According to looking through the various campaign map files as well as looking within the AIMD.ini file, it does not seem that the campaign teams and AItriggers are present within the .ini file. While I could get around this issue by simply having a create team on a 60 second loop with a check if the team exists, however I would like to get this working via the AITriggers method. Thanks for any help provided.
  14. cannot find file specified

    When I launch the game, it keeps saying "cannot find file specified". I see that the file cncnet5.exe is missing. Help.
  15. Hey all, In the ladder testers forum we have constant debates regarding map listing, point systems, and other general things. I'd like to just inform everyone of the changes we agreed on for the ladder month of December 2017. 1) Point system is completely re-hauled For December 2017 we have a new point system calculation that will hopefully bring a more competitive environment to the ladder. Most notably: Players will now lose points based on points/rating Players will now win a large percentage of their points based on their ranking and opponents ranking. This part is a very similiar calculation to the old WOL formula. We turned down the percentage of points gained based on rating, making it easier for players to start out. These points can be further seen by the following calculation: winner points = wol + rp + rElo loser points = (negative) wol + rElo rp = (Enemy rating * Ally rating) / 230000 rElo = elo(Enemy rating, Ally rating) wol = 1/(10 ^ (ladder points difference)/600) +1) cap: you can't lose more than 10% of your points in one game. guard: If you lose to someone who has less than 10 games, then wol = wol * (enemy games/10) 2) Did away with the Masters/Contenders league You will no longer see a distinction between these two ladders. We are all one family again. 3) Map list rotated. Check this topic for the Yuri's Revenge map updates here: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7843-december-quick-match-map-pool/. Note that happy trails is now in QM with crates ENABLED. If you are not happy with crates being on, please feel free to veto the map. This was added to add to the spirit of the holidays. 😁 Please feel free to post any observations / criticisms you have. Remember, this ladder is still in trial mode.
  16. All, I downloaded C&C Tiberian Sun to my bootcamped (split HD with 50G devoted to Windows 10) Mac running Sierra. Obviously downloaded to the partition running Windows 10. When I boot up Tiberian Sun Launcher to start a new singe player campaign, the first menu seems fine. I then click single player and it opens the in game menu where I select between TS and TS:Firestorm. This is where my mouse loses accuracy. From here on, where my mouse *appears* to be is below and to the left of where things are actually being highlighted. I.e., to select the exit button on the top left, I have to place my cursor down and to the left. Therefore my cursor appears to be on the TS large icon, but in reality is highlighting the exit button. I hope I explained this well enough. I am not sure how to remedy this issue. I looked around the forums for a similar issue but didn't find anything. I hope this isn't a repeated question. Thanks!
  17. So I recently downloaded and installed the Tiberian Sun single player campaign, and, of course, I had the installer download the included movies. But, the problem is the video volume is nearly mute. If I turn my speakers up enough to hear it, then when EVA or CABAL tell me something during the "Mission select" mouseover part, it blows my eardrums. Any fix for this? Thanks
  18. Recommended Specs to Spin up CnCNet Server

    So me and a group of work friends have been playing a lot of the games through CnCNet recently, I usually host them but I noticed as host I tend to get a bit of delay in game. So I thought maybe I'd look into spinning up a server through DigitalOcean, or an old tower. I did some light searching and found a post from 2016 which stated that the specs were 1 Core, 512 MB RAM, 20 GB HDD. Do these still hold true, and are they the recommended level specs for a cncnet server? Thanks ahead of time!
  19. Hello all, I have installed CnCnet online for Tiberian Sun on my laptop, when I open up single player skirmish and set the game up, hitting launch minimizes the CnCnet launcher for 5 seconds, screen flickers, then CnCnet single player skirmish starts again. Any ideas how to fix? Single player affinity is checked and I have tried launching the game with every single graphics setting, ddwrapper, ddraw, dxwnd etc. Specs: Windows 10 64 bit Core i7-6920HQ 32GB RAM Nvidia Quadro P3000 500GB Main SSD 1TB 5400RPM (where TS is installed)
  20. I didn't know where to post it since it actually works with all classic westwood games (td, ra, ts, ra2, dune 2000). DDrawCompat is a DirectDraw proxy dll just like cnc-ddraw, ts-ddraw, ddwrapper. It improved the performance dramatically for everyone who tested it yet (went over 14000 FPS in ra1 for me!!). It also solves the alt+tab bugs on windows 8/10 (and the menu bugs too). It should work fine on Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. (We had no one to try Vista yet) Even if you don't have any issues with the games, it's still worth a try. It prevents slow downs in big battles online or even in skirmish with AI. Give it a try: https://github.com/narzoul/DDrawCompat/releases Note: use the latest experimental release
  21. I don't know if someone has done this before, but I'm writing on ini profiles for MapTools to convert TS maps into RA2 maps. Now you may convert TS temperate maps into RA temperate maps and TS snow maps into RA2 snow maps, and vice versa. FS crystal stuff will be converted into normal cliffs or grassy terrain and YR ice cliffs also will be transformed into normal cliffs. TS ice tiles should be transformed into water, but this doesn't work. Some things like bridges, some path junctions and rough patches will need fixup: Final Sun/Alert will ask you if you want to repair a map -> press yes. most terrain objects which are not available in the other game (like Fona or street lights)will be transformed into trees. If you use the RA2 terrain expansion, TS monorails will be transformed into train tiles, otherwise to blank. Converting overlay to the other game is not done yet. The only thing is done is deleting the veinhole monster and his tentacles from game. RA2 can read TS overlay (blue tiberium is converted to ore for some reason), but TS cant read RA2 overlay, so you'll have to delete this in your map. Buildings and other man-made objects are not changed, but I think about a file, which converts the civilian city buildings aswell as Nod -> soviet and GDI -> allies. Below that image there are 4 files which you can use for the theater conversion and 4 example maps. Remember that is no I-convert-my-map-and-start-game-instantanous tool, only the basic things are done yet. Here is the preview for the popular TS map "Terraces" converted into RA2: ra2sno2tssno.ini ts_sno2rasno.ini ts_tem2ratem.ini ra2_tem2tstem.ini ra2_coldwar.map ra2_terraces.map ts_lakeblitzen.map ts_anytown.map ts_obj2ra2obj.ini
  22. cant join the lobby

    Hello all, i got an error if i want to join the lobby ( look at the picture): Does anyone have the same problem? BR MTX80 Neues Bild (53).bmp
  23. Tiberian Sun: Total War mod

    Now I've got an interesting question. Does anyone remember the mod for tiberian sun called total war? I found it and installed it but when starting up in gives my an error saying: "failed to initialize. reinstall tiberian sun" I'm using the full version of tiberian sun downloaded from cncnet. Should I try using an older version from the original cd? Any ideas?
  24. hey nod buggy crashes the game on the tezz map. let me know when its fixed here please as typically 1 buggy is integral to some of my strats. thank you for all of your hard work.
  25. Tiberian Sun Warzone mod Question

    Hello ya'll, I installed and tried a mod for Tiberian Sun called "Tiberian Sun WarZone" http://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberian-sun-warzone. It's a graphics mod. I like everything that in changes except for the new tiberian look. How do I remove the new tiberian and replace it with the original look?