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  1. I've noticed that many users are having issues due to not updating the client. Apparently they don't think that it's necessary to update, but it is. So, why not make it mandatory? Woudn't that be better? Why ask them if they want to update or not when they're gonna face problems if they don't? I mean, to be able to use the client properly, see all available rooms, play normally without crashes and avoid getting kicked repeatedly for having different files (not updating) which creates a negative experience (especially for new users), the logical thing would be to just update the client automatically everytime a new update comes out (the next time you start the client), because nobody would want to have problems! It only takes a minute or so, and saves you a lot of time asking here and there, searching for answers, posting, reporting, trying to figure out what's wrong.
  2. A while ago i decided to make a guide detailing all of the relevant tools/tutorials regarding mapping for TS --> YR It is currently hosted publicly on Github (i am planning on keeping it in one place, rather than on 4 forums/locations which i individually have to update) , and includes a list of map tutorials i recommend, a full list and breakdown of every relevant tool I've found that is relevant (complete with authors/a description/links), and guidance on the current options for the editor itself. I have also provided a series of noteworthy projects that show a good example of work While some tools (such as Holland's FS Toolkit) are only really intended and designed for TS or YR, most tools are compatible both ways between TS and YR. Link in case your browser decides it doesn't like the hyperlink above: https://github.com/CatTanker/cnc_map_tool_guide Enjoy!
  3. Hello guys, well im trying to add or import the weather (snow, rain, lighthing, sand storm and ion storm) effects from the TS Warzone MOD by Rivia Of Mircea, to the vanilla Tiberian Sun. I already copied the INI files from the weather, and all the MIX files. The final sun recognize the weather (i can put then on the map) but the game doesnt load. There is some step-by-step tutorial to make it work? i was trying to look each mix to find the SHP files (weather) but without luck =/
  4. Anyone still play Renegade? I used to love it, I was Baz on there or l3az.
  5. Frequently Asked Questions Game Specific Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge My game is slow, shows a black screen, or gameplay is choppy Unable to set Video Mode The updater launcher will not exit .NET Framework 3.5 and 2.0 are required, but windows 10 won't download it. Tiberian Dawn/Red Alert 1/ Tiberian Sun My game is slow, shows a black screen, or gameplay is choppy All games How do I add custom maps? I just downloaded CnCNet, or updated and my anti-virus flagged it as a virus CnCNet has been blocked by my anti-virus or is showing as a virus Your IP address has been listed at DroneBL
  6. These days, the CnCNet client can't use the game's random map generator, but that doesn't mean you can't. Here's how you can go back to the good old fun of randomly generated maps today! First things first, you'll need to download the latest version of MapTool and my script which you put in MapTool's Profiles folder. Edit: I updated my script. For those that already downloaded it before, please download it again. Tiberian Sun & Firestorm As you may or may not know, there is an engine extension for this game called Vinifera which fixes bugs and adds new features to increase the modding capabilities of the game. One of those features is being able to save a randomly generated map as a proper map file which will be useful for this tutorial. Here's a build of Vinifera with this feature: vinifera-preview-e9ef53b.zip Vinifera expects your game to be unpatched. Fortunately, I have a solution for this. Back up Game.exe first, located in your Tiberian Sun install directory, download the vanilla Game.exe and replace your Game.exe with it: Vanilla Game.exe.zip To install Vinifera, extract the files to your TS install directory. You can now launch TS with Vinifera by opening LaunchVinifera.exe Now we can get to saving a randomly generated map! Generate a map and when you click on "OK" the game will ask if you want to save the map. Click on yes, and a new .MAP file will be created in your TS install directory. This is where MapTool comes in. Open MapTool, select the saved randomly generated map(s) you want, select "[Misc] Fix Randomly Generated Map", and click on "Process Maps". Give those maps a name in the map editor and your randomly generated map(s) are now ready to be played! Of course, don't forget to put the maps in Maps -> Custom folder. When you're done, replace Game.exe with your back up. You may keep Vinifera for when you want to save more RMG maps again. Alternate Solution If for whatever reason you can't save RMG maps, then resort to this alternate solution. Create a shortcut of LaunchVinifera.exe, right click on the shortcut, click on "Properties", type -DEVELOPER after the path in the Target text box (like this) Click "OK", and launch Vinifera through this shortcut. You may get a prompt about enabling a debut output window. Answer it as you would. Now, go to keyboard options, click on Developer category, find "Scenario Snapshot" in the Commands panel, and assign a hotkey to it. Generate a map, this time play it, and press the Scenario Snapshot hotkey. If a .MAP file appears in your TS install directory, hurray for you, it works! Yuri's Revenge You'll need Ares for this one as it has a scenario snapshot feature just like Vinifera's. To install Ares, simply extract the files to your Yuri's Revenge install directory. You can now launch YR with Ares by opening RunAres.bat Just like the alternate solution above in the TS/FS section, go to keyboard settings, go to the "Development" category, select "Map Snapshot", and assign a hotkey to it. We're almost there! Create a RMG map, play the map, and press the Map Snapshot hotkey. A .YRM file is created in your YR install directory. Just like in the TS/FS section, open up MapTool, select RMG maps, select "[Misc] Fix Randomly Generated Map", process maps. Name the maps in a map editor, rename the maps' file extension to .map, and they're good to go now! Don't forget to put the maps in Maps -> Custom folder. You may also keep Ares for when you want to save more RMG maps again.
  7. These are my settings. What is the sound for New Game supposed to notify? And why do I get visual chat notifications for Red Alert when I don't even have it installed. But none for TS.
  8. Hi, Hope you can help! I am still new to playing this game (used to play it years ago but wasn't the same as it is now), and when my friend joined, I didn't realise you could create a private game so I kicked the people who joined so it was just us two. I have been kicked out games before as soon as I joined so didn't realise kicking people was against the rules. Shadow777 was my first username and then someone made a comment amount the numbers 777 so I changed my username to visionary. I didn't realise at the time that this was also an offense. Anyway I am now unable to play the game as it says I am banned. Please unban me! This is literally what I look forward to every night after work!
  9. Hello everyone, First and foremost, I am not well versed in the online multiplayer aspect of this launcher. I played Tiberian Sun back in 2000-2001 and I remember playing people and typing acc all in chat. LOL. But, for some reason when i click play online it cannot make a connection. It says: Looking up your hostname Checking ident Couldn't look up your hostname No ident response And then it tries another server or something. Not really sure whats going on, any help would be appreciated. Have a good day Thanks
  10. I just want to be able to play my old and "cracked" version of Tib Sun, not the updated version. I play "Skirmish" as NOD and win every time, but listen to music in the background, and relax. I want the game to be as it was without the update. I want to be able to create "unlimited maps" (the click and redraw trick for more ore) (Infact I used to like the actual redrawing of maps too, since my cpus got faster and faster, from about 40 seconds per mapload down to below 1 second last time i played) Is there any fix for win 10? Standalone from your cncnet? Perhaps any emulator type of sorts? Any idea? I remember I tried some fixes from "majorgeeks" when I updated to win 10, but they didn't work. My game loads to start screen, and music works, but I can't see the menus where to chose "skirmish" and so on. The menu is there, because mouse is visible and I hear the sound of my click, but no new menu loads. Advice?
  11. So I recently downloaded Tiberian Sun from Origin (bought the UC a few years back) and installed the unofficial patch. However, whenever I try to play the game, it launches with the error message "Unable to create Direct Sound object. Preceding with sound disabled". I am using a set of headphones, so the stereo issue doesn't work. the game works fine it seems, just without any sound. I am running on Windows 10, with the CnCNet unofficial patch already installed. Please help.
  12. this pack should translate voice, mission videos, ingame menu and text/briefings to spanish language, the firestorm videos have subtitles i would give credit but dont know the autor, anyway keep in mind this is just fan´s atempt at adapting the spanish vercion language to this client, it was not maded by the tsclient developers and it may not work online, so install at your own risk. INSTALLATION: just uncompres to your ts client folder and oberride when asked. https://www.mediafire.com/file/5fro3j0hjjw9x4a/traduccion_ts-client.rar/file
  13. Hello people I recently found my physical copy of "Command & Conquer the first decade" in the blue box and i would replay all the campaigns and possibly some multiplayer again for Tiberiun sun and up since i already own the C&C remaster on steam Last time i played it must have been 5 years ago and i had to install an unofficial patch to get it to work on Windows 7 So my question is: Is there 1 patch that makes it all work flawlessly (Im on windows 10) or do i have to manually install a patch for each game ? https://cncnet.org/command-and-conquer#download https://cncnet.org/red-alert-2#download And so forth And do theese patches work for singleplayer / skirmish aswell or is it stritcly multiplayer ?? Im kinda confused And seeing as im mostly here for the Red Alert 2 games are there any good mods you guys would recommend before i start playing the campaigns again ? I play alot of Brood War custom campaigns aswell, is there somewhere where i can find a list of all avaivable campaigns I was thinking something in the line of this Brood War spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1l_ink-CKwo92syCxJmivfh7zeMZu4U0p_q5Ra7HTF4U/edit#gid=0 Ty for you time Cheers
  14. Every time I launch the TSInstaller to install the game, an error comes up saying "Out of System Resources" this only happens on the Installer. It will let me continue and install the game, however at the end of the install it says that it can't complete it due to access restricted and then cancels.
  15. I'm having trouble getting the maps to show up in the Tiberian Sun Client. From what I can understand, all I do is simply drop the map in the "custom maps" folder and select the "custom maps" game mode to play them but nothing happens when I do this. Oh and the map is in .map format.
  16. I've played TS for a long time on LAN. Due to sync issues and the game dropping players, we tried Online and it worked great. However, today I tried and no longer have an option to start a new game. I'm wondering if I'm blacklisted or something. Getting the following message : . [08:45 PM] * *** Looking up your hostname [08:45 PM] * *** Checking Ident [08:45 PM] * *** Couldn't look up your hostname [08:45 PM] * *** No ident response [08:45 PM] * Welcome to the GameSurge IRC Network via NFOServers.com, Z Prothid.NY.US.GameSurge.net- Highest connection count: 2 (1 clients) [08:45 PM] -Global- [users] Notice from ThiefMaster, posted 01:47 PM, 04/09/2015: [08:45 PM] -Global- We've just started cloaking the IPs of all users on connect. This should improve your privacy and also lower the risk of being targeted by packet kiddies
  17. Hello guys, I am having issues with the game. I experience an issue with playing the campaign, if I want to play it, it never loads in. The intro movie plays, and the mission starts to load, but I am honestly sitting and waiting for ten minutes but nothing happens. Overall the menu too feels slow, with my mouse appearing like 10 seconds after I press anything for the first time. Can someone please help, I tried the fix suggested in this site, because I thought it is related to my issue, but it didn't helped. I have a win10, i5 8400, gtx 1050 ti, with 16 gb ram
  18. How do you play on a map you created? i used the cncnet launcher to try and play it but all i get is a black square and can't click on it to select the map to play on it.
  19. tiberuim nothing spicy blue version.mpr So i created this map with finalsun i think it was. i just have trouble starting or letting the game pick it up for me to play it. Is there something im missing? is there something else i also need to do in order for it work?
  20. Hello, I'm new at modding, and I'm trying to move units between mods. For example, I'd like to add the vanilla Wolverine to Twisted Insurrection. I know that I have to move the Rules.ini and the Art.ini entries, and how those are linked, but I don't know where the graphics are stored and how they're linked to the ini files I know about. I couldn't find a guide explaining how all the various elements of a unit's definition are linked together, is there a chart or guide out there that explains that? Thank you.
  21. Hello, I will be buying the cnc collection once I get my laptop and before that I was wondering where I could find out how to do this? Hard to navigate on my phone so I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction :)
  22. We removed the macOS downloads since Apple dropped support for 32-bit applications in their latest version of macOS (10.15 Catalina). Downloads might be added again at a later point once there is a solution for supporting the new macOS Catalina. If you're running a older version of macOS: You can still download our old version, but it isn't supported by us anymore and we can't really help you with it if there are issues... http://funkyfr3sh.cnc-comm.com/files/CnCNet.dmg Note: On macOS mojave you'll need to manually give “Accessibility” permissions to CnCNet to be able to play or else you'll end up with a black screen. If you're running the new macOS Catalina 10.15: Use bootcamp: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201468
  23. I recently downloaded Tiberian Sun and Firestorm. I was mostly doing so to play the campaign and skirmish modes. I installed them on my laptop and my wasn't told that there were any issues with the installation of either of them. I clicked to play the main game and my user account control pops up and asks me if I want to let an unknown publisher make changes to my device so I click yes. Instead of the menu popping up after loading for a few seconds, literally nothing happens at all. I then, click on the firestorm launcher and the menu the has singleplayer, skirmish, map editor, about options, etc. pops up, but when I click single player, I get the same user account control message. After clicking yes, literally nothing happens AGAIN! Is there something I didn't install properly or need to add to my computer to make these downloads work? I'm fairly new to playing this game this way(my discs dont work because theyre not compatible with Windows 10 ? ). What possibly could be causing this issue? Any help I receive is greatly appreciated
  24. got a problem. at the end of the summary after nod mission 2 on firestorm expansion, screen goes black, whole computer crashes, and i have to hard restard my laptop. Anyone know a fix for this?
  25. Hello everybody. I haven't been active in the Command & Conquer community for some time, it's nice to see that it is still thriving and that there is plenty of online activity, with that being said, a friend of mine has brought something to my attention that I wanted to query with the current staff. In the Tiberian Sun Client there appear to be some maps that are being used that were maps that I had initially made exclusively for Twisted Insurrection. Some of these maps started off as remakes of maps from other games like Red Alert 2 such as the ones titled Rocky Road, Twinside and Redemption. I am not particularly bothered about these for the reasons stated earlier, despite the fact that they were remade from the ground up, but they are still shamelessly pulled from Twisted Insurrection with minor edits to make them compatible with Tiberian Sun, they even use the same alternative name that I gave them as opposed to the names of the maps they were based on which shows they were directly taken from the mod. My main gripe is that there is also the map Vinifera Valley which has been a Twisted Insurrection exclusive map that I created quite some time ago. It appears that it is in circulation at the moment as part of an official update to the Tiberian Sun Client , yet, no credit is given to myself or to Twisted Insurrection itself for use of the map anywhere as far as I can tell. I have checked with the active members of the Twisted Insurrection team as of the moment and, as far as we know, nobody asked permission to use these maps and no credit has been given. May I ask why this is and what has happened here? Thanks.
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