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Found 135 results

  1. Hi there. I am working on my second Singleplayer Mission for Tiberian Sun but I have hit a snag. It won't load it gets to "involving factions" in the level loading list and an internal error pops up. I thought I had set up the Houses correctly? The layout of the map is done and I have done most of the trigger work finished ready to test but it won't load up. Could anybody help us out. Please? Regards. nodmission2.map
  2. HandlessCacti

    MacOS Tiberian Sun won't start games

    I can get onto Tiberian Sun multiplayer fine but when I press start it logs me out of my computer I then log in and can hear everything happening but everything is as if id just logged on and I can't find it when I press command option escape to see my apps. how can this be fixed so that I can play?
  3. Someone help me how make Ai attack in Final Sun Singleplayer Mission
  4. Hello there! I've been working on a multiplayer map for Tiberian Sun. My goal is to give an AI a base wich 1-X players can destroy together. Something like a coop-thing, you know? Nothing special in my eyes. I tested it with a few buildings. When i give these buildings to an AI it immediately sells everything except a construction yard or buildings the AI is not able to sell. Maybe it's a dumb question, maybe it's already answered by someone (then I'm sorry that I'm unfit to do a correct search...). I was searching for a solution but couldn't find anything about that. Is it even possible to realize this? Can I reject the AI to sell the given buildings? If it's not possible that way, is there another option to realize this project? Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. I'm trying to find and export some units' graphics with XCC Mixer. So far I found only mechs and infantry but nothing like tanks or harvesters. Does anyone know where are they stored? I'm new to modding btw.
  6. hosin

    chatting channel problem

    I was connecting to the TS game lobby through cncnet, and found that i entered the chatting channel of RA. The rooms shown on the left is for TS, but the chat room in the middle isfor RA. Do they share the channel or how can I fix the problem?
  7. Hello all! I downloaded one of the maps here and put the .mpr into my folder ".../TiberianSun/maps/custom". Also tried only /maps. I can choose it neither in skirmish nor in an online lobby. Map list just looks like always. TS is from Origin with CNCnet TSpatch installed. Need help! Ty
  8. tkdjimmy

    Tib Sun from Origin not starting

    Hello! I recently purchased the entire game series from Origin. I tried installing Tib Sun and it started up and the in game menu wouldn't process, for lack of a better word. It just sat there and didn't do anything after I clicked on "New Campaign'' I tried installing Funkyfish's patch from an old forum post I found and that brought up a new launcher that still isn't launching the game. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times with no success. I have Windows10 Please help. Thanks, James
  9. Hi everyone, I'm facing trouble when I'm playing Tiberian Sun on lan together with my friends. After some period of time (something like hour of playing or more), we're just getting a message which says "Connection Error!". Then we can choose an option from the next options: 1. Stop - when we choose that option the game brutally disconnect and quit. 2. Continue - when one of us choose this option, the game continues for the others without him and the other palyers getting a message in the game which says that the user is disconnected and another message whch says "Computer: It's only you and me now!" This is happens to us every time we try to play the game on lan together. We are using the cncnet version of the game and using the lan option which it has inside (== we are using the cncnet's lan irc server). If it is important to mention, we play the lan game while we all use hamachi. The operation systems we play with are Windows 7 & Windows 10. I'll appreciate to get your help with that, we really love this game and can't complete a full lan game. Thank you guys
  10. Dylle

    Wanna play TS without update win 10

    I just want to be able to play my old and "cracked" version of Tib Sun, not the updated version. I play "Skirmish" as NOD and win every time, but listen to music in the background, and relax. I want the game to be as it was without the update. I want to be able to create "unlimited maps" (the click and redraw trick for more ore) (Infact I used to like the actual redrawing of maps too, since my cpus got faster and faster, from about 40 seconds per mapload down to below 1 second last time i played) Is there any fix for win 10? Standalone from your cncnet? Perhaps any emulator type of sorts? Any idea? I remember I tried some fixes from "majorgeeks" when I updated to win 10, but they didn't work. My game loads to start screen, and music works, but I can't see the menus where to chose "skirmish" and so on. The menu is there, because mouse is visible and I hear the sound of my click, but no new menu loads. Advice?
  11. Hi there i have a quick question, its possible to use the laser turret from one mod and add on another mod? im trying to merge some modding buildings to another mod, the 2.05 mod laser turret to the enchanced mod for example.
  12. So I recently reformatted my MacBook Pro. It's a pretty solid machine and I've played TS completely smoothly on it 3 months ago before formatting. Now I can't get smooth gameplay no matter the renderer I pick. It works the best with ddwrapper but it's still not particularly good. Is there anything I can do?
  13. N3cro_Manc3r

    Cannot run Tiberian Sun on windows 10

    Hello, First of all you guys do a great job with keeping these strategy games alive! I always wanted to play Tiberian Sun; when it came out the game was too difficult for me. I bought The First Decade when it came out but here Tiberian Sun was unplayable due to a high number of defects. I thought I give a change again using your website, but as the title implies I cannot get Tiberian Sun to run on Windows 10. I have installed all of your patches, updated my Nvidea 970 Card drivers. The Skirmish mode works. But when I want to start with the campaign it get stuck on the loading screen, saying: ''creating theories on likely enemy plan'' I hope you have some suggestions on how to fix this problem.
  14. GradualyWatermelon

    I'm having troubles modding Tiberian Sun

    for some weird reason, every time I insert a .MIX file with XCC Mix editor, it inserts it as an "xcc lmd" or a DAT file. this makes me unable to modify .MIX files that are within a .MIX file. is there a tool that inserts .MIX files correctly?
  15. Looking for testers for a new release of TS-DDraw. Download: https://github.com/CnCNet/ts-ddraw/releases Should work for Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. For all those who don't know TS-DDraw, this is what it can do: Working windowed mode without having to change windows to 16bit Makes the game running smooth on Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 and wine (Need testers for Vista!) Can fix black screens, invisible menus and other issues ddraw.zip
  16. Jamil


    Hi all, I have installed tiberian sun yesterday and played it well and switched off the laptop. Then after few hours, I switched on the laptop and tried to pay the game again. When I clicked SKIRMISH or PLAY ONLINE, this message comes = THE SYSTEM CAN NOT FIND THE FILE SPECIFIED. ERROR: PLEASE CHECK YOUR PERMISSIONS, ANTI-VIRUS AND FIREWALL SETTINGS. I have attached a screenshot. please help me. (Note: I use AVG antivirus free version)
  17. Jamil

    Black Screen Problem

    Hi, I have been playing Tiberian sun using the CnCNet multiplayer mode for the last few months and it was all perfect. One fine morning I saw that as I click LAUNCH GAME, a black screen appears but I can still hear the sound. After browsing the web, I downloaded a patch and it still did not solve the problem. Kindly help me. Thank you. Jamil
  18. FunkyFr3sh

    CnCNet Update Changelogs

    CnCNet Client The map browser (left click the map preview) supports now mousewheel scrolling and category selection via mouse button 4/5 Tiberian Sun A bug was fixed that could give players an unfair advantage 2 New hotkeys were added, ChatToAllies (default: Backspace) and global chat is now available via Return (same as F8) Red Alert The limits have been raised, Infantry:500->550, Buildings: 600->650, Aircrafts: 100->150, Units: 500->650, Vessels: 100->150 A bug was fixed that caused the game to glitch (Crash/OOS/Disconnect) when the unit limit was reached, sidebar icons will not gray out anymore when the limit was reached and you don't need to right click to be able to build again 2 New hotkeys were added, ChatToAllies via Backspace and global chat is now available via Return (same as F8)
  19. Excalibur

    TS - not showing units

    Hi! I have a problem in displaying units. When I start the game, there are around 20 infantry soldiers that are not being displayed. It is actually hard to find them, you can see it only when you want to deploy a building and then there's that red square showing something is already there. Then when you put your pointer (mouse) there, you can see soldier's health and you are able to click on it and move it. But you cannot see them. It's not working even if you choose a command to select all units. More, when you sell buildings, all the soldiers turn into ''ghosts'' just like some infantry at the start of the game. The problem however is ONLY in light infantry unit, it's not seen even if it's trained and the same goes for enemy light infantry units, they are invisible. Can anyone help me resolve this issue please? Thanks a lot
  20. I have a few questions about basic TS modding that I was hoping someone here could help with. 1) Is it possible to enforce hard tech requirements for units? IE continually check to see if you have the Radar you need for that MLRS? Or the Tech Center you need for that Stealth Tank? 2) Is it possible to build new units with units already starting inside? For example, if I wanted the APC to spawn with 5 rifles inside it? 3) Is there a control that you can set to prevent a unit from being hijackable? Maybe I just don't see it in the rules.ini, but I'm assuming something like that has to be there. 4) Has anyone gotten a multipad airfield to work like in the RA2 and later games? Also, is it possible to enforce a 1 aircraft per helipad limit like with RA2 and beyond? I know Aircraft were limited to 1 an airfield in RA1, so I'm assuming the logic is still there somewhere, I just don't know where to look. 5) Is there a good way to get a handle on how much damage the Devil's Tongue / GS / MMII / Disrupter do? The after damage affect seems really convoluted. I believe the railguns are 150/200 for the GS/MM2 respectively, but the other two are harder to get a fix on.
  21. Hey, I'm trying to install tiberian sun cncnet on Linux/Kubuntu 18.04.11 TLS. The .deb package won't install, it says unable to meet dependencies. I see on the installation video that linux mint seems to resolve the dependencies, perhaps its kubuntu? When I run it in a terminal it forces me to remove PHP (which I am running a server, so I don't want to uninstall php!). How do I install cncnet? I am still new to linux but am loving it so far. Is there any way to install it without removing php? Seems wine requires its removal to install. Why -- anyone know? Perhaps I can install on another account or? Maybe cncnet needs to look into using .AppImages -- they are pretty easy and OpenRA uses them perfectly for RA, TD, and Dune and they work great.
  22. I'm trying to make a super difficult AI to fight. I tried editing the rules.ini section like WarFactoryLimit = 100, or something like that with all the structures. But it doesn't build more than a certain number of structures. How would I make it build say, 10 refineries? I've been searching alot and haven't found any answer. Thanks for your help.
  23. I'd like to explain some of the new units that have been uploaded recently: a package full of (most) fan made voxels and animations (infantry, vehicles, buildings, weapons, terrain), created over the years and years since TS started. Some of you already have seen some maps with these, and so far they're mostly test maps. Any map with the word 'VXLS' or 'Voxel' is a (test) map with some of them. http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=ts&age=0&search=VOXEL http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=ts&age=0&search=VXLS THeyre also in these (copy /map and code into cncnet) : /map e917eed3aa50bef39f6f265c9c690b788cd3de9e  Fortress Tower Forest [4] /map 58b6f72c996c3e80d21d68270f6ab68b3db43576  Fortress Tower Forest 2 /map be2dacfcea0e3d1dd522abc75fe1e31b8f01dfea  King of the Jungle /map 92c384a01632dc2a8de4a94f41a30ef5c1438f1e  TowerDefense Rally RACE! Jungle [V1] /map 4f573c8775f769ec4ec02b83b5af98e2009011b0  Oil Derricks but if you wanna peak at all of them, try this one: /map d77a5b52251353621a58cfa79c8130ae6b858542  Voxel Arena - All new models v1 All you need to do is open the map file (with wordpad) and pick the one you want, and copy it in your map. If you want to do it more efficiently, download XCC Utilities and open XCC Mixer, and browse to \CnCNet\TiberianSun_Online\MIX\expand11.mix, so you can see the unit (VXL or SHP file) and its name, and you simply Use "Image=" on your modded units or structures, or use animlist= for different explosions For Example we want CYBORG to have the image of the zone trooper, then we add this into your map: [CYBORG] Image=ZONE But ofcourse we can add the Zone trooper in our map as a new infantry as well. As for all the other ones. Please look at some modding tutorials on how to do that I will use this topic to explain more about it, but i'm glad i finally started this lol, for now, i will answer any question and will help you getting you the right codes for your mod. Oh and if you are a creator of one of these animations please tell me so we can give you credit, or tell me if you want it removed!

    TS weapon modding

    I'm having trouble modding the primary weapon of the E1 Light Infantry. I changed the Primary=Minigun to Primary=LtRail as a mini experiment of sorts but nothing happened. The Light Infantry are still using the Minigun. I then tried modifying the Minigun damage stat but the Light Infantry still did the same amount of damage. Is this some form of hard coding or is there another category or stat that I need to change?
  25. BenjaTG

    Update fail

    When I want to play online, it appears that I could not update, and I already deactivated the anti virus and the firewall and it stays the same, what do I do?