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  1. I've noticed that many users are having issues due to not updating the client. Apparently they don't think that it's necessary to update, but it is. So, why not make it mandatory? Woudn't that be better? Why ask them if they want to update or not when they're gonna face problems if they don't? I mean, to be able to use the client properly, see all available rooms, play normally without crashes and avoid getting kicked repeatedly for having different files (not updating) which creates a negative experience (especially for new users), the logical thing would be to just update the client automatically everytime a new update comes out (the next time you start the client), because nobody would want to have problems! It only takes a minute or so, and saves you a lot of time asking here and there, searching for answers, posting, reporting, trying to figure out what's wrong.
  2. Hi, Straight to the point... When you leave a room and make your own, game settings get reset to their default, meaning that you don't take the same settings from the previous room, which is good, but the problem is that you do take the "extra player options" settings from it. I talked about this issue long before but it's yet to be fixed. I know it seems minor, but it can be problematic sometimes. The other day I joined a room and the host was noob (to say the least ) and coudn't understand how to disable auto-allying from the extra menu (option was enabled in the room he joined earlier), so he couldn't start the game, he quit and we didn't play, haha. So, some people still don't know about that menu, and if you unknowingly take those settings from other rooms and can't change them (because you're noob), that might prevent you from playing! (until you restart the client). Please fix: Reset the extra options when you host a game after joining another (all disabled by default). Thank you.
  3. A while ago i decided to make a guide detailing all of the relevant tools/tutorials regarding mapping for TS --> YR It is currently hosted publicly on Github (i am planning on keeping it in one place, rather than on 4 forums/locations which i individually have to update) , and includes a list of map tutorials i recommend, a full list and breakdown of every relevant tool I've found that is relevant (complete with authors/a description/links), and guidance on the current options for the editor itself. I have also provided a series of noteworthy projects that show a good example of work While some tools (such as Holland's FS Toolkit) are only really intended and designed for TS or YR, most tools are compatible both ways between TS and YR. Link in case your browser decides it doesn't like the hyperlink above: https://github.com/CatTanker/cnc_map_tool_guide Enjoy!
  4. btw i add new building and the trigger don't accept it i think there is one thing i forgot.. like a official building listed.. because i try a official building like POWER PLANT and the trigger accept it... but the modified building i added is not working but i try in RA2StrEdit and also not working.. anyone know how this thing work..
  5. Hello, first i have to say thanks to the cncnet team at all you did a very great job so far. But with the latest update you changed something many players of us like, even if you had good intentions.. but let me please explain, there are players who like this "delay feeling" but its completly gone with the last update and this make us feel very uncomfortable in this game.. i cant describe it but it is like it isn't playable anymore for us, however i dont think all will understand this, it just feels strange and complete different. So i wanna ask you, is there maybe a way to implement a button to choose the option to play with or without delay? best regards
  6. I own Yuris revenge and placed folder into mod folder but still says files missing? any ideas. thanks luke
  7. Anyone can help? ClientCrashLog_2021_12_03_13_15.txt
  8. furball

    Kanes wrath

    Does anyone know if kanes wrath or tiberium wars will ever be on cnc net?
  9. Is it possible to play the singleplayer game with the improved renderer CNCNet uses for multiplayer? I own the Ultimate Collection from the EA app (the one that used to be Origin) and I wanna get that improved experience for singleplayer too.
  10. Frequently Asked Questions Game Specific Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge My game is slow, shows a black screen, or gameplay is choppy Unable to set Video Mode The updater launcher will not exit .NET Framework 3.5 and 2.0 are required, but windows 10 won't download it. Tiberian Dawn/Red Alert 1/ Tiberian Sun My game is slow, shows a black screen, or gameplay is choppy All games How do I add custom maps? I just downloaded CnCNet, or updated and my anti-virus flagged it as a virus CnCNet has been blocked by my anti-virus or is showing as a virus Your IP address has been listed at DroneBL
  11. these titles will load up and i start selecting my options and it freezes, game music still going i can return to windows and end task but thats itany solutions to this
  12. These days, the CnCNet client can't use the game's random map generator, but that doesn't mean you can't. Here's how you can go back to the good old fun of randomly generated maps today! First things first, you'll need to download the latest version of MapTool and my script which you put in MapTool's Profiles folder. Edit: I updated my script. For those that already downloaded it before, please download it again. Tiberian Sun & Firestorm As you may or may not know, there is an engine extension for this game called Vinifera which fixes bugs and adds new features to increase the modding capabilities of the game. One of those features is being able to save a randomly generated map as a proper map file which will be useful for this tutorial. Here's a build of Vinifera with this feature: vinifera-preview-e9ef53b.zip Vinifera expects your game to be unpatched. Fortunately, I have a solution for this. Back up Game.exe first, located in your Tiberian Sun install directory, download the vanilla Game.exe and replace your Game.exe with it: Vanilla Game.exe.zip To install Vinifera, extract the files to your TS install directory. You can now launch TS with Vinifera by opening LaunchVinifera.exe Now we can get to saving a randomly generated map! Generate a map and when you click on "OK" the game will ask if you want to save the map. Click on yes, and a new .MAP file will be created in your TS install directory. This is where MapTool comes in. Open MapTool, select the saved randomly generated map(s) you want, select "[Misc] Fix Randomly Generated Map", and click on "Process Maps". Give those maps a name in the map editor and your randomly generated map(s) are now ready to be played! Of course, don't forget to put the maps in Maps -> Custom folder. When you're done, replace Game.exe with your back up. You may keep Vinifera for when you want to save more RMG maps again. Alternate Solution If for whatever reason you can't save RMG maps, then resort to this alternate solution. Create a shortcut of LaunchVinifera.exe, right click on the shortcut, click on "Properties", type -DEVELOPER after the path in the Target text box (like this) Click "OK", and launch Vinifera through this shortcut. You may get a prompt about enabling a debut output window. Answer it as you would. Now, go to keyboard options, click on Developer category, find "Scenario Snapshot" in the Commands panel, and assign a hotkey to it. Generate a map, this time play it, and press the Scenario Snapshot hotkey. If a .MAP file appears in your TS install directory, hurray for you, it works! Yuri's Revenge You'll need Ares for this one as it has a scenario snapshot feature just like Vinifera's. To install Ares, simply extract the files to your Yuri's Revenge install directory. You can now launch YR with Ares by opening RunAres.bat Just like the alternate solution above in the TS/FS section, go to keyboard settings, go to the "Development" category, select "Map Snapshot", and assign a hotkey to it. We're almost there! Create a RMG map, play the map, and press the Map Snapshot hotkey. A .YRM file is created in your YR install directory. Just like in the TS/FS section, open up MapTool, select RMG maps, select "[Misc] Fix Randomly Generated Map", process maps. Name the maps in a map editor, rename the maps' file extension to .map, and they're good to go now! Don't forget to put the maps in Maps -> Custom folder. You may also keep Ares for when you want to save more RMG maps again.
  13. hi so i had to reset my windows and reinstall yuris revenge. i had it setup with increased resolution (above 1920x1080) i cant remember exactly which resolution i increased it too and also how i done this previously. appreciate any help at all
  14. installed red red alert 2 then had to buy a cd version of yuris as couldfind a download, installed cncnet installer but getting this error log when trying to start game can anyone help cheers. 19.10. 19:45:37.817 ***Logfile for Yuri's Revenge client*** 19.10. 19:45:37.822 Client version: 19.10. 19:45:37.822 Loading settings. 19.10. 19:45:37.832 Failed to load the translation file. Could not find file 'C:\Users\Richard\Documents\Red Alert 2\Resources\Translation.ini'. 19.10. 19:45:37.841 Initializing updater. 19.10. 19:45:37.915 Update mirror count: 1 19.10. 19:45:37.915 Running from: clientdx.exe 19.10. 19:45:37.917 Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 19.10. 19:45:37.917 Selected OS profile: WIN810 19.10. 19:45:37.917 Current culture: en-GB 19.10. 19:45:37.919 Removing partial custom component downloads. 19.10. 19:45:37.920 Checking for the existence of FinalSun.ini. 19.10. 19:45:37.920 FinalSun.ini doesn't exist - writing default settings. 19.10. 19:45:37.921 An exception occured while checking the existence of FinalSun settings 19.10. 19:45:37.921 Writing installation path to the Windows registry. 19.10. 19:45:37.929 Starting background processing of INI files. 19.10. 19:45:37.929 /INI/Base does not exist, skipping background processing of INI files. 19.10. 19:45:38.264 Initializing GameClass. 19.10. 19:45:38.409 InitGraphicsMode: 5120x1440 19.10. 19:45:38.416 KABOOOOOOM!!! Info: 19.10. 19:45:38.416 Message: HRESULT: [0x80070057], Module: [General], ApiCode: [E_INVALIDARG/Invalid Arguments], Message: The parameter is incorrect. 19.10. 19:45:38.418 Source: SharpDX 19.10. 19:45:38.418 TargetSite.Name: CheckError 19.10. 19:45:38.418 Stacktrace: at SharpDX.Result.CheckError() at SharpDX.DXGI.SwapChain.ResizeBuffers(Int32 bufferCount, Int32 width, Int32 height, Format newFormat, SwapChainFlags swapChainFlags) at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.GraphicsDevice.CreateSizeDependentResources() at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.GraphicsDevice.Reset() at Rampastring.XNAUI.WindowManager.InitGraphicsMode(Int32 iWidth, Int32 iHeight, Boolean bFullScreen) at DTAClient.DXGUI.GameClass.SetGraphicsMode(WindowManager wm) at DTAClient.DXGUI.GameClass.Initialize() at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.DoInitialize() at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.Run(GameRunBehavior runBehavior) at DTAClient.Startup.Execute() at DTAClient.PreStartup.Initialize(StartupParams parameters) at DTAClient.Program.Main(String[] args)
  15. Dear all - after I logged into the quick match login in window a new window normally appears in which you can select your faction. Also, there is a button at the bottom of said window which reads start "start quickmatch (in blue)". Overnight this window has somehow expanded which prevents me to see and select the "start quick match" button. I cannot full screen (alt + enter) the new window. Also trying to drag to expand or minimize it does not work. Can someone please help me out so I can play quick match again? Thanks a million!
  16. Hi, Today I can't play because "ERROR :Closing Link: Name by Burstfire.UK.EU.GameSurge.net (G-lined)" . I'm not sure if it's blocked or not. If l'm blocked, please unblock me. please
  17. Hi guys. I've recently downloaded Red Alert 2 + Yuri's Revenge from Old Games Download. Everything is working brilliantly except the cutscenes. None of them seem to play. I get no error message and the campaign mission simply move on to the next one. When I try to play them directly from the cutscenes menu, the only thing that happens is a slightly flicker of the screen. Does anyone know what might be happening if there is a way to fix this? Below are a few things I've tried already. If need be, I can share files and links. Replaced the video segment of the Ra2.ini file with that from the RA2MD.ini file. Checked for the .mix files. I've found two called MOVIES01.mix and MOVIES02.mix. Might be missing something. Running in compatibility mode for Windows XP (Server Pack 2). Thanks in advance to any fine fellow who can help!
  18. Command and Conquer - Red Alert 2 / Yuri's Revenge Maps Original RA2 Single Player Campaign (Soviet and Allies) Original YR Single Player Campaign (Soviet and Allies) Official RA2 Map Packs (complete 1-12) Official YR Map Packs (complete 1-5) 1137 unsorted RA2 & YR maps More unsorted RA2 & YR maps XWIS maps (as of Oct 14, 2015) 3000+ YR Maps Survival Maps by Dctanxman (for Yuri's Revenge) (alternative link) Alpaca's Survival and VS Maps Collection (direct link) Tools Final Alert 2 - Make your own RA2/YR maps. RA2/TS Map Renderer (latest version) (alternative link) - Convert maps to images (BMP, PNG, GIF...) MapTool (latest version) (alternative link) - Convert TS maps to RA2 and vice-versa, snow to desert, temperate to snow, and other fun conversions) *Want to search for a specific map in CnCNet's Map database? Copy-paste the following into the address bar of your web browser: http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=yr&age=0&search= (map name) For example: http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=yr&age=0&search=Little Big Lake Links to other websites with RA2/YR maps RA2Maps.zzattack.org CnCLabs (tags: red alert 2 maps yuri's revenge maps packs "red alert 2 maps" collection download links cnc map renderer final alert 2 map maker)
  19. Hi, have been unable to register my quick match account after several attempts, I get the same error every time. Bad gateway Error code 502. Please help. Thank you.
  20. Hello! I'm new to this but I've played the game before years ago. I played quick match no problem the other day but today I wanted to play and when I click quick match, the back and blue pop up shows up, I put my email and password and it says connecting to cnc... then it crashes and brings me back to the main menu. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? I tried: Rebooting, Reinstalling, Running as administrator Thank you in advance
  21. Can't host a game of Yuri's Revenge in CnC Net, only i load and I get a Victorious screen.
  22. Hueyyyy


    ClientCrashLog_2022_08_24_23_15.txt ClientCrashLog_2022_08_24_23_18.txt
  23. I'm getting a crash every time I try to run the downloaded program for Yuri's Revenge. Things I have personally tried: - Uninstalling/Reinstalling both RA2 and Yuri's Revenge - Uninstalling/Reinstalling the CnCNET program - Running RA2 and Yuri's Revenge first, before installing and running the program - Running the program first without running the 2 games - Searched forums for a similar post and tried following the answers to said posts - (Made a backup) Edited the RA2MD.INI file to have the "ClientResolutionX=1920" and "ClientResolutionY=1080" - My file has "ScreenWidth=800" and "ScreenHeight=600", so I replaced those 2 lines with the 2 above - Tried the "ClientResolutionX/Y" but equal to the default 800/600 I start with System Specs: CPU: i7-7700k GPU: 1080ti Monitor: Ultrawide 5120x1440 RAM: 32 GBs Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. ClientCrashLog_2022_08_15_02_37.txt
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