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Found 491 results

  1. My brothers and I are trying to start a LAN game together but we don't know how. If there's a way I'm supposed to set it up, I'd like to know. I searched for LAN but couldn't got no results. When I try to start a LAN game, the Client show's that I'm connected to a Loopback IP address ( We were able to play online, but my brother would like to be able to play on LAN because he doesn't have internet at his home.
  2. Hey, I don't receive the verification code. I've tried a couple of time in about 5 days. Thanks in advance!
  3. I'm trying to update Yuris Revenge to 4.08. It downloads and seems to install. Then the windows cmd line screen opens and hangs on "...waiting for launcher to exit" And never closes. I have to force quit. Tried restarting computer and redownloaded. No luck.
  4. Just like last month, our top 4 will compete for the 50 dollar prize this month. I will send out the bracket and streamers by the end of the day hopefully
  5. Why it happening very often after update to version 5.3. Connecting lost with cnc very often. Also game is crashing sometimes.
  6. damast862

    Game will not run

    New to forums. I'm sure some may recognize my nick. Since this newest update, my CNCnet will not run. Right click on the program, click on "run as admin" and it's as if nothing happened. The game doesn't even attempt to run, and it does not give me a message. Tried restarting PC, re-installing the game to no avail. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
  7. Randz

    Skirmish Lag

    game is running extremely slow even at max speed
  8. Hey guys, new guy here trying to smash some people online. I am unable to join the ranked games. I tried, got my verification mail. The verification link leads me to a site that tells me that im not verified and a link to send me new verification mail. I did that and the same thing happened. Feel like im stuck in a loop here. Im using my personal email, no fake or temporary stuff! Can anyone help? Do I just need to wait? Thanks!
  9. Hello guys, so... I been playing a while now. But I have never notice that I can never load in a game. And because it saying "Yuri Revenge has encounter an internal error and is unable to continue normally... Please visit our forums." I been checking if there was any fix to this but I guess not because everyone has seem to have it too.. And if anyone knows how to fix this please state it. And thanks for the replied
  10. Hello, as i perceived it: the streaming to friends actually did work in client version 5.2 but it lost that ability/compability with version 5.3
  11. Tazar

    Problem with update 5.2

    hi guys, after the issues i had yesterday with 5.0, 5.1 made me play with no problem today 5.2 is still giving me error im playing on an old pc with graphics card integrated on mainboard, always played without problem today with 5.2 im having this error i tried to uninstall all .NET, reinstalling .NET 4.5 and then XMA .NET 4.0 tried both the launch option u see under, but nothing works still have this error to come out i seriously dont know what to do, its 1,5 year i play without problem and today i dont find a solution thanks to all who help
  12. Tazar

    Problem with update 5.0

    Hi guys! Just updated to version 5.0, but i have an error after the update and i cant enter the client. It's happening on both my 2 computers; how to fix this? i had to reinstall the client and refuse the update, but seems like few people can see or enter my game lobby Thank you in advance, Tazar
  14. Erlis

    update problem

    HI I am having an issue after the update can someone help me? the dawn of tiberium age is not responding. its very frustating
  15. Hey guys, please I need help with this error whenever I click LAN in yuri's revenge, it was working a few days ago for a while, but suddenly this happened, firewall and antivirus are off... thank you in advance
  16. so... when i join ppls games it s possible that the game runs completely liquid. but when i host myself i m often experiencing lags, even when everyone's ping is around 50ms. do i have to open some ports for the servers on my router?
  17. Hi CNCNET, I,m a cncnet user and use to play yuri,s revenge(r a 2) there.It was running good but since a few days ago,i,m facing a problem.When i play online with anyone,my game becomes slow(not laggy).Seems like it is running on low speed such as 45 fps.But i checked the game speed and it shows full speed.It happens only when i play online.When i play offline(skirmish),there is no problem there.So Kindly help me please because no one wants a slow game in his room so i,m facing a big problem.I have reinstalled the client many times(also reinstalled the windows 2 times).Reinstalled the game too. MY PC INFORMATION: *OS: window 7 64 bit *Processor: i-5 *GPU: AMD radeon HD 7000 (1 gb) Hope i,ll get the solution soon. THANKs
  18. so.... just 5 mins ago i changed the settings from default this to default this by editing the GameOptions.ini . now it says that either the joined player X or me has different files and might be cheating. and that s why ppl tend to leave my game now. please: make it so that you can make your own in-game settings without being accused of cheating Q_Q
  19. Hello everyone I just try to play yuri's revenge after a while that I didn't play. At first I try to play online, I joined a server and after I the game start to loading, It suddenly brought me back to the screen before loading the game (where you choose team,start position etc..) with out any warning. I checked if I can play offline the game, and its work fine. What can possible make that issue?
  20. Hey eveyone, Just had a quick question, how can I add an entire over-head-view/map preview showcasing a built map in my threads so the community can see the map before downloading? I was curious if this is achieved in Final Alert 2 or if a special software is needed. I attempted a print screen, but that was a waste of time. Example of what I am asking is viewed below. (The pic is not my content...just an example) I hope this doesn't seem like a newb question, but it has me boggled lol thanks for all the support and I love the community here. I am planning on uploading more quality maps soon 🙂
  21. So, a few days ago, I was gonna play RA2 Yuri's Revenge with a friend of mine, but when I went to the CnCnet lobby, this happened. (crossed out IP for privacy reasons) This had never happened before. I clicked the link which sent me to dronebl, and requested for them to remove my listing. It's been about a week already, I got banned for something that I didn't do (don't even know what a DDoS is exactly. If you look at the date, it even says it's from 2018, I didn't even know RA2 existed back then), and I don't know what else to do. Could anyone help me?
  22. STORM_


    I need help with this peoblem windows 7 x64 i played it many times but this time i found this problem and couldn't play it again what should I do?
  23. Box


    i download game on xwis and install cncnet client ... game working but i can't join anything room ??? if i trying join game. few minute i lost connect and return room ??? i trying create room and i can't start ... if i start i lost connect and return room ... need someone can help me ... ( i using pc window xp sp1 )
  24. Frequently Asked Questions Game Specific Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge Unable to set Video Mode The updater launcher will not exit .NET Framework 3.5 and 2.0 are required, but windows 10 won't download it. All games How do I add custom maps? I just downloaded CnCNet, or updated and my anti-virus flagged it as a virus CnCNet has been blocked by my anti-virus or is showing as a virus My game is slow, shows a black screen, or gameplay is choppy Your IP address has been listed at DroneBL
  25. Its been already running for 30 minutes. All i can see is "Sending a heartbeat to master server." Does this means admins manually accept incoming new tunnels? Thank you. - Vasha
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