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About Me

  1. As you can see on pic 1 there is a pop up that tells me that there are some settings not right but i have never ever seen this issue before. I reinstalled the game yesterday and the last time i played is a few months ago so there was a new update. Maybe there is something with that?
  2. ClientCrashLog_2022_06_19_20_34.txt
  3. Sharde

    YR Crash

    Hey guys, keep getting this crash when ever I try to use the CnCNet Launcher, the regular YR Launcher works fine. I followed all the steps in the 'Troubleshooting - First Launch' post as well. Any help is really appreciated. ❤️ ClientCrashLog_2022_06_16_19_46.txt
  4. New to cncnet and not able to play online properly as my mouse cursor disappears as soon as I enter options menu in game, for example to ally another player or change speed. Also in the post game score screen my cursor is gone. Hope anyone can help out
  5. So a week ago i downloaded yuris revenge getting it to work on my computer, right now its optimized and everything works except for a very annoying thing. My saves of the game never loads, it always manages to crash no matter what i do, i could see and hear my saved game playing in the background but this always pops up(img above). does anyone know how to fix this? i just want to play where i left of and not create a new one everytime. please help.
  6. I tried to run the installer on Windows XP SP3 It says ‘CnCNet5_YR_Installer.exe is not a valid win32 application’. (also I tried to patch it with XomPie, it didn’t work either) Is there anyway to get it run?
  7. ahmedx

    FATAL error

    every time the host start the game i have this error and i go back to looby , i need a solution
  8. Hello, I used to be able to see the maps preview before but then, right after I update my cncnet client, I am no more able to see them, instead I see a black screen, this happens when I play online or even in skirmish mode. Do you have any solution to this problem? it's difficult to select a map now
  9. Hey guys. Recently wanted to replay YRs campaign but the speed is just so slow (I guess I got used to multiplayer speed), noticed that the speed slider is gone. Also tried -speedcontrol on RA2MD/GAMEMD/YURI shortcuts and it just blackscreens and crashes. Also tried the HEX edit trick and no dice. Are there any other methods to enable the game speed slider on campaign? Thanks!
  10. So, there's a nice option to invite players to join the game you're hosting, but it's only available in the "All Players" list. It would be easier to use if you would make it available with other lists as well, namely: - The list of players on the Right of the CnCNet Lobby (main lobby). - CnCNet Lobby (chat area). - Recent Players. and even better if you would make it possible to invite, without being the host.
  11. The "Extra Player Options" menu is extremely obscure. Most players don't know it exists, and some of those who know about it consider it "hidden". As if it's meant to be a secret menu. Please make it more visible. By the way, options presets do not include the extra options, and if you host a game after being in another, your game will inherit the extra options from the last game that you were in. Of course you could change them, but that's something to fix. Newly hosted game should not automatically remember any settings from the previous one. Another thing; when I load a preset, it applies correctly, but when a player joins the game, settings get reset, so I have to change them again manually or reload the preset every time a player joins, so it's not working properly. PS: They get reset only if I loaded a preset, not if I set them manually. Lastly; This is not a necessary thing, but you may wanna apply it: When a player picks a color, it should be greyed-out for the rest of players.
  12. aequasi

    Can't start cncnet

    ClientCrashLog_2022_05_11_20_16.txt Having a problem launching cncnet with a fresh install. Any advice?
  13. Hello. I need help, I wanted to play Red Alert 2 with friends online. But when I try to run the CnC.net client. I get this error (See below). The game itself without the client runs without any problems. With my friends everything works. Here is the log of my crash. If anything, it says: Failed to load the file or assembly "System.Configuration, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a" or one of their dependencies. The module was expected to contain a build manifest. Thank you for your help. ClientCrashLog_2022_05_09_20_50.txt
  14. So I LOVE what is effectively a port for Yuri's Revenge to Windows 10. The only problem I have ever run into is loading saved games. With this last patch, I did notice that my game on "fastest" is completely insane from where it was before, but I was safely able to resolve this by just dialing it back to "faster" However, I have not been able to complete a skirmish because I get that terrible pop-up that says (basically) "we don't know why, but your game crashed." I could work around this if I could save my game and then load it, but that's never worked with CnC Net. Is there a secret I don't know about?
  15. I can not fix this problem. Please help
  16. I've just recently reinstalled Origin, RA YR and CNCNET. However, while CNCNET opens up fine, as soon as I try to launch a match I get the error posted below. I'm running it as admin but the error persists. Oh, I've also tried disabling my AV. Any ideas?
  17. Hey guys, i've got a question. After the lobby, when the game starts, i'm in the game seeing the map and my vehicles and after 1 second everything freezes and 3 seconds later i'm landing in this screen... Any1 any idea? My mate is getting same problem.
  18. Problem is everytime I try to type something in game like changing name but the game keep stopped working with no reason can someone tell me what wrong with it?
  19. Playing Yuri's Revenge - In the Skirmish menu where you pick the map and options for the game, I used to be able to use the Up / Down arrows on my keyboard to flip through maps - as long as focus was on that control. I just updated to 8.13.1 and this broke. Makes it harder to browse maps without it.
  20. Good day, everybody! 🙂 There's a necessary feature that must be included, which is to link the nickname to the player's ID, so that your friends would still be on your "Friend List" even if they change their nicknames. As of now, that is not the case, so any change to your friends' nicknames would make it seem like they've gone offline, even if their nicks just got an automatic underscore for a short disconnection. So you'd have to re-add every friend whenever they use a different nickname! or else they won't show up as "online" on your list, which makes it useless. You wouldn't even know whether that's your real friend or someone else using the same nick! It's ridiculous to have an imposter on your "Friend List" 😀
  21. abdouelrays


    Can't join the #cncnet chat channel, I am banned how to resolve this false message?
  22. Hola tengo un problema al acceder al juego de red alert yuris revenge , si alguien conoce la solucion le estaria agradecido .
  23. I have some custom YR maps I built in Final Alert that id like to play in skirmish or even privately with friends but CnCnet doesn't seem to even recognize that they are there. I have them in the Custom maps folder and I've tried just renaming them as .map but this isn't working. Is there something specific I need to do to build and mod maps for CnCnet?
  24. Hey all, ran into a an odd glitch on YR/RA2 with the cncnet client. I’m unable to force fire (Ctrl + click) but can do everything else (alt click, Ctrl + number, shift click etc). I’ve scoured online to find if I’ve borked a setting but to no avail. im running on windows 10 if that makes any difference? does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
  25. Been trying to capture some nostalgia by playing some RA2 but having trouble getting the CNCNet client to launch on linux. I can get it to open after initial install, at which point it does an update, but then refuses to start again after restarting. Anyone have any recommendations on what to try or what debugging steps I can take? This is on Ubuntu 21.10 running various versions of Proton and Wine.
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