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Found 428 results

  1. Hi there and happy new year ! I'm a beginner in map editing on Final Alert 2 and I recently stumble upon a strange issue with RA2 YR while play-testing my first map. I found a way to avoid the issue but I'm looking for help to see if it's only on my side or this can affects other people too. If you want to skip the technical stuff and just try it out, you will find the map in the reply below. If you want to help me, here's my issue ; My game come to a hard freeze/crash at random times, sounds and mouse still works but my CPU get maxed out on any core the game is running on. It can happens after 5 min to 30 min approximately. (At first I thought it was my client but I tried every patch, every compatibility mode, and every fix I found out there, each time with a fresh installation... this took about 2 months of my life ) After a very long investigation I found out that this was only occurring with maps using ambiance sounds. Removing all waypoints with ambiance on my map fixed the issue and I did not experience any more crashes ! So my question is, I'm I doing something wrong ? I wish to keep the sound design on my map but I don't know if this will affect other people. I'm looking for experience people to play-test the map and see If it works with the ambiance. [You'll find a version of the map with ambiance and one without below.] Maybe it's one ambiance that's f*cked up, maybe it's how I use them... But I'm running out of idea. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ❤️ Things to note : -There is no lag/slow down before it occur. -This bug seam to also occur on other RA2 YR maps using ambiance but on mine it happen faster/more often. -I use just a bit less than 200 wp, I know there's an alert when you use more than 99 wp but I saw some official YR maps using more than this so I ignored it. -This didn't happen on my older PC that was also running on Windows 10 Pro x64-bit. -I got the game from the ultimate collection on Origin and currently use the Cncnet launcher. My specs : Windows 10 Pro x64-bit CPU : Intel Core i9-7900X @ 3.30GHz RAM : 128 GB GPU : Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 - 4 GB (Don't mind the build, it's was made for heavy medias and post-production workflows.) Thanks for reading and I wish you a lovely day ! Take care 😉 *I'm not a native English speaker so pardon me if I made mistakes.
  2. SnoopBobb

    Issues with launching a game

    Been trying to find a way I can play RA2:YR with some friends online for some time now, all looked promising when I found CNCNET. However I can't seem to launch a game at all. I'm testing it with a skirmish, I click to launch the game, it goes back to my desktop, then a blackscreen as if its launching the match and then that closes and brought back to the client. I've tried a few things, messed around with compatibility and whatnot, but nothing seems to work, help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. JaJaBinks

    Cant see, or join Games

    When going through the options tab. i cant highlight show game rooms for the following games (Yuris Revenge) (its faded out and wont let me click, Also when i click custom match it takes me to the cnc net lobby. I get a view of the users in the lobby, however i cant view the games on the left. and yeah, cant join anything therefore. Hope someone can help. Thanks guys
  4. salahunreal

    Yuri client getting no update

    Hi, I am having this issue with Yuri client failed to get update. The client is running as administrator Windows firewall off Antivirus off Connected to mobile hotspot to roll out any router firewall blocking or so. Still not being able to update no matter what. I see that I have only one server in updater and it is Europe. I can play online with no issues but I would like to sort this issue out is possible. I have read in the forum about this issue but could not find a best answer that would solve it specially I have disabled everything that might block the update. Anything else I am missing or can test? thanks for the help
  5. So I previously had your CnCNet client for Red Alert 2/Yuri's working on my Windows 10 computer. One day, when I would click on the shortcut for the client nothing would happen. I was not even giving an error message or anything, just nothing. I tried rebooting, reinstalling C&CNet, Reinstalling Red Alert 2/Yuri's. The best that would happen is that the game would work one or two times, then back to the client not even starting. I have Red Alert 2/Yuri's on Origin and my operating system is Windows 10. I also did a search on your forums and I wasn't able to find any other posts regarding this issue - if I missed one I apologize. Thanks for the help!
  6. I was wondering how you can edit a map using Final Alert 2 then placing it in Unholy Alliance game type for use? Thanks
  7. So, long ago I modded my own maps. Back in 2002 or something. So I know at least a little of how things go. Or I'd like to think so at least. But i'm lost now. I'm creating a map with FinalAlert 2 Yuri's Revenge and wanted to create some custom lamps for illuminating the map precisely as I wanted. So I thought I would just clone a already existing lamp change its lighting values and add it to the [BuildingTypes] list. So I could use in the editor and have my map look all nice and pretty. But... in FinalAlert it will only show up as a allied powerplant. It has the name in the sidebar of the lamp but when you drag it on the map its a allied power plant. Seemly in working condition too. Since that ive tried to do other things like cloning the allied barracks and only changing the cost and name, and when I in-game build it's invisible and only takes up 1 square, let alone it seems to be a weird hybrid of a prismtower and a barracks... What is going on its driving me nuts! I don't want any special units, I just want lamps. How hard can that be?


    It will be more challenge if you make a tournament in cncnet. because with tournament the players will increase and it will be more fun. I can support the tournament by money . For example, the winner team will get 100 dollars and the second place team will get 50 dollars.After that the cncnet will have budget for every tournament. After the first tournament we can announcement that every player should pay 5 dollar for every tournament. thank you, Best regards.
  9. Looking for some help getting more than 4 players on same home network. Tried to LAN games with 6 people at my house and had issues because the max number of players from one connection was reached. Is there any way around this? Thanks in advance to all who respond. Mega
  10. Jake007

    I need help !

    I’m trying to download the file I need to play yuris revenge. It’ll get to the very end of the file download and fail giving me this message saying the installer failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135) and just tells me to hit ok to terminate. Can anyone help ???
  11. 我该怎么办?怎么找到它?代替它? 因为我的英语水平不好,所以我非常需要你的帮助。我期待你的回复。谢谢。
  12. Pakgamer


    Cncnet Yuri's revenge is not launching but yesterday it launched and I played it but today it is not launching

    Broken QM

    Tried to qm again today....and ofc it still gets errors. One guy would not load over and over when I match him, and it keeps giving him pts. We tried hosting a game and we loaded fine. I've made posts about this before and got no response. Anyone doing anything about this....? Cuz I wont be qming while this continues. FYI The first couple months I qm'd I had no issues. And this seems to happen with lots of people, not just me.
  14. Aegis

    No client sound

    Hey, Since i installed cncnet on win10 i dont have any client sounds, if i mark music on settings it will play but no other sounds at all. And also full screen client doesnt work. In Game is OK. I tried everything. Any help?
  15. Pops2Four

    Found an old Red Alert 2 cd

    So I was cleaning out an old computer desk and found an old CD set with Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2, Yuri's Revenge and Renegade. I purchased these legally, like from a store and everything. It brought back some memories so I thought I would try to play them. To my dismay, my Windows 10 laptop won't install them. That led me to Google which eventually brought me here. So I'm not the brightest dude around, but nothing on any of the other forums seemed to be able to get these to work. That included trying to run them as an admin and in compatibility mode. Eventually I ended up here, and wondered if the CnC net 5 download might be able to help me. However, when I try it, I am told that I need to have Yuri's Revenge installed. So I have an ancient Yuri's Revenge disk, but don't know how to get it to actually install. A rather quick glance through the forums here didn't seem to address my issue, so I thought I would see if anyone had any ideas. I am not really interested in most of the online type of things because I am old and likely terrible, I really just want to play the single player campaigns and if it evolves into something else, then cool. Anyhow, are those disks worth anything in terms of trying to get play these old games? If this has been asked and resolved before, I apologize.
  16. MasterMind

    Make red alert 2 a 3D game

    Hi i was thinking about modding red alert 2 to make it a 3d game. I basicaly want to get rid of the classic 2d isometric rigid view of the classic cncs. Basically not changing anything but the view. what i want is an added feature. You may use the classic view but u can change perspective. I just want to know if i ever wanted to do it what would be the process. Is it a thing that even a modding noob like myself could do or is just too complicated.?
  17. GradualyWatermelon

    How do I make initiates shoot at Airbourne harriers?

    I changed many things and yet I still can't make an initiate shoot at Airbourne harriers. I'll show you the last attempt at making an initiate shoot at Airbourne harriers Projectile: [AAINIT] Shadow=no Ranged=no AA=yes AG=no Inviso=yes Image=none SubjectToCliffs=no SubjectToElevation=no SubjectToWalls=no Inaccurate=no FlakScatter=no Weapon: [PsychicAAJab] Damage=25 ROF=15 Range=4.5 Projectile=AAINIT Speed=100 Warhead=SAFlame Report=InitiateAttack OccupantAnim=UCINIT OpenToppedAnim=GUNFIRE Elite Weapon [PsychicAAJabE] Damage=30 ROF=15 Range=6 Projectile=AAINIT Speed=100 Warhead=SAFlame Report=InitiateAttack OccupantAnim=UCINIT OpenToppedAnim=GUNFIRE
  18. TrainerWroyce


    I bought the game from origin now, but whenever I open it, there will just be a black screen popping up with the menu audio playing. What can I do to fix this? I can also click around and find buttons but I dont know what happened
  19. Well, After Installing CnCNet Online Cilent, The Main Executable file is not working.. I can load a game, start a game and it successfully starts or loads but it shows my desktop screen and I cannot see anything to play the game.. I can do everything, hear sounds of them but cannot see anything.. So I decided to load or create a game with the Cilent... So I started a game in custom map. After getting too far, I saved and quit the game.. But when I loaded it again, I showed me the following error: "Yuri's revenge has encountered an internal error and is unable to continue normally. Please visit our forums at https://forums.cncnet.org/ for the latest updates and technical support." What should I do now?
  20. dp_bcit

    Yuri's Revenge: cannot load saved game

    I can't load my saved game in Yuri's Revenge. The game is in Windows 10, and it was downloaded from Origin. I have already viewed the links below, and I followed as many of the steps outlined there as I could. Perhaps this could be re-tackled one question at a time? https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/4179-ra2-and-yr-run-fine-but-freeze-when-loading-game-origin-version-win-81/ https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/6645-unable-to-load-saved-games-in-skrimish/
  21. guys help i download the application from cncnet at first i can open and play the game with no issue after i leaves and i wants to open it again it sends error message said
  22. MasterMind

    Cant see the game chart after the game?!?

    After the game the screen freezes and doesnt show the chart with the points of the players... i noticed that if i click in the right spot i can leave the game as if i was clicking on the quit button anyone know what may cause this?
  23. Lud0wig

    YR Client ban bug

    You can't join any game if you tried to join a game where you previously got banned. The only way to join games again is to create your own game and then join other games or restart the YR Client https://youtu.be/xb9aXZJVmlY
  24. Barry2000

    No sound effects RA2/YR

    Hi, Im getting no sound effects while in game of RA2 and YR. Menu sound effects and music still work. Installed from origin. I have tried re installing but no luck, still no in game sound effects (units, buildings, voice over etc). This is on Windows 10. In game sound is not muted in settings. Any help appreciated
  25. Looking for testers for a new release of TS-DDraw. Download: https://github.com/CnCNet/ts-ddraw/releases Should work for Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. For all those who don't know TS-DDraw, this is what it can do: Working windowed mode without having to change windows to 16bit Makes the game running smooth on Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 and wine (Need testers for Vista!) Can fix black screens, invisible menus and other issues ddraw.zip