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Found 625 results

  1. Phantom007

    Latest Patch

    After the latest patch, I can join games; however, when the game begins to load I load by myself. As does whomever I am with and the game immediately goes to (VICTORIOUS) No one is ever synced up and loading at the same time. Not only do I have this problem joining other games, I created my own and no one syncs up- loads at the same time. I have changed servers etc. Finally I have a friend I always play with, he has the same issues/ never syncs with others. Even when he has created his own games. We have not been able to play for days as every time it loads- no one loads together and the game immediately shows victorious and puts players back into the game lobby.
  2. Hi, I just downloaded the latest update 7.5 and it caused my display screen to shrink into a small box on the upper right corner. How do I increase the size to fit my monitor? Thanks for your help.
  3. bthncgdr1

    update problem

    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/739246335882035260/739267544107581491/unknown.png what is the solution to it?
  4. So I managed to get my Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge game working fine on my PC with little issue, in the main menu at least. But when I load a game up and open up the in game menu (keep in mind that everything is running as it should, even moving units around), some buttons will not show up and be overlapping. I see Save Game and Delete Game, but when I click on Save Game, It takes me to the Options Menu, and when I click on Delete Game, it takes me to the Abort Game menu. The Resume Game button works just fine. I have done all of the compatibility checks that I needed to do to make the game run and still this problem shows up, even on my Mental Omega mod. My system is running Windows 7 with a Ryzen 5 1500 and a Radeon RX 550 Series with dual DDR4 16 GBytes running at 1197.1 MHz. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Player name "11" doing re connection error every game against yuri
  6. Bisteee

    Re-connecting Error

    I am playing with my friends and this is the outcome it happens about 10-15 mins of the game.
  7. I have Yuri's Revenge CnCNet Client. My PC is a windows 7 laptop with 14 inch screen. From last few versions of the client, I have this issue. As soon as I upgrade the client it wants me to accept the privacy agreement. BUT I CAN'T DO IT!!!!. The reason is that the accept button is not clickable. I have tried a thousand times, but the clicking on the accept button, nothing happens. The result is that I CANNOT PLAY THE GAME. the privacy agreement hides the bottom bar , where I have to press i am ready to play the game etc. The only way I get to play is if I do a windows system restore after the upgrade. Then it doesn't ask for the privacy agreement, but there is still a problem!!!! If I do this, it always give a "player xxx has different files compared to the host, player xxx or host might be cheating........." etc. etc. which is really annoying. And also I can't see nay of the new maps etc. means I either get kicked from the games due to different files, or can't see the map etc. IT IS DAMN ANNOYING THIS STUPID PRIVACY AGREEMENT THING WHICH CANNOT BE ACCEPTED. Please help to solve this issue. Only thing I can think of is the screen space isn't enough for the message, because that button appear at the very bottom and some times doesn't appear AT ALL. Kindly tell me how to solve this!!!!
  8. Hi CNC, My friends and I are having trouble playing a game together. We are with 5: 2 of them live in the same house with shared network on ziggo (ISP from netherlands). Us 3 all are on separate networks. If I play a game with us 3 (on all separate networks) this works like a charm. We can play without closing the lobby and we can play all night. If one of the two people in the same house decides to join we get a vey weird problem. We can load the lobby just fine with minimal ping, tunnel seems OK. But when loading the game the problems start. One player will see himself load very fast, and the others load not at all, or very late. All the other players will see everyone load normally, even this one player. But when the game starts all our credits are stuck at 143. The one player in this case will see us all load very slow even though we are already loaded into the game and stuck at 143 credits. After he loads in, we get up to 10k credits and we try to deploy our MCV. Sometimes this succeeds and the deploying is stuck in a frame. Sometimes it doesn't do anything at all. Very soon after we are thrown into the dc screen where we see this 1 player cannot connect, even though his bar is green (almost full). The very weird thing is, that one player sees us lose connection to him very quickly to the red. Even though we see he still has valid connection (green). After waiting for a while he will dc. Once the player dc's the game goes all of a sudden very smoothly again. Like there are no problems at all. This is one of the 2 players. If I use a VPN and connect to him on a 1v1 basis I can load the game just fine and we can play. The other of the 2 players, I have the same problem even with using VPN. They both can play on LAN just fine, but if they try to play against one another then they will have the same problem listed above. We tried disabling firewalls and disabling anti virus but we just can't figure this problem out. The weirdest is that a few weeks ago we got it working only if we closed the game after each game and then rehosted the lobby again. Otherwise we would have the problem described above. Does any of this ring a bell or do you need more information/logs/video proof? We are at a loss at what to do next and tried a lot of things already. Seeing this game is server oriented I don't see why we should have these problems? This is the only game where these problems occur. some logs I get when I join the game of the failing player.
  9. Gta2_pl

    I need help

    Nothing happens when i click the cncnet launcher client log 16.07. 15:04:48.237 ***Logfile for Yuri's Revenge client*** 16.07. 15:04:48.279 Client version: 16.07. 15:04:48.279 Loading settings. 16.07. 15:04:48.295 Initializing updater. 16.07. 15:04:48.298 Update mirror count: 1 16.07. 15:04:48.298 Running from: clientdx.exe 16.07. 15:04:48.299 Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7600.0 16.07. 15:04:48.299 Selected OS profile: WIN7 16.07. 15:04:48.300 Removing partial custom component downloads. 16.07. 15:04:48.301 Checking for the existence of FinalSun.ini. 16.07. 15:04:48.301 FinalSun.ini doesn't exist - writing default settings. 16.07. 15:04:48.306 An exception occured while checking the existence of FinalSun settings 16.07. 15:04:48.306 Writing installation path to the Windows registry. 16.07. 15:04:48.777 Initializing GameClass. 16.07. 15:04:48.815 AssetLoader.LoadTextureInternal: loading texture checkBoxClear.png failed!
  10. So, I added some Yuri laser statues on the Bay of pigs map (my favorite) but I cannot figure out how to adjust the settings to make them able to be captured. I know you can in single player, but I cannot adjust them to do such in multiplayer. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  11. I got the complete whatchawhatever from Origin and I'm trying to relive the wonderful days of my introduction to RTS, but it seems as if none of the games are functioning. For Tiberian Sun, clicking anything in the menu freezes the whole program. For C&C RA2/YR, the mouse is invisible. And so on. Is it really necessary to download third party patches for games that Origin (Electronic Assholes) are charging money for? You have my thanks and best wishes, Me
  12. Guys anyone know what happened to the "Battle Log" tab??... which was usually found among the list of tabs on the main page of the client.. (on right-hand side of screen) I used to check this tab very often.. to see the history of details of my previous games ... Since an update (I don't remember which).. More than a year has passed and the tab has completely disappeared.. I think it was replaced by the "Forums" tab Is there any way to return this feature back!???
  13. Hello. There was a problem when starting the game RA2/YR via CnCnet 5. When the network game starts, it writes an error: "If you enabled no-CD make sure the files "multimd.mix" and "mapsmd3.mix" are in the game install folder, they're usually located on the CD". But I already have these files in the game. Build the game RA2/YR from RA2.IN. What should I do?
  14. OF_


    Hi. Me and my friends like to play red alert 2 yuris revenge online and we like to play long games. So we were playing it a few days ago. there was no problem. And our games lasts almost 2 hour. But for a few days we started getting reconnection errors and it ends the game. It does not happen beggining of the game. It is happening almost end of the game like 1 hour later. I wanna know your opinions. what might cause this kind of error? Is it a common issue on cncnet or is it just us?
  15. [AM 01:31] ERROR :Closing Link: Elite_Game_ by NuclearFallout.WA.US.GameSurge.net (Excess Flood) please Cncnet admin repair this bug , i can't happy play this game(YRcncnet)
  16. [FG9]


    Hi i need help pls to fix frozen chat and frind list problem. I can see only 17 from 1133 players.
  17. AZOZ


  18. from the version 7.0 onward the yr client doesent launch when i double click it
  19. Hello there, so after many months without playing Yuris Revenge, me and a friend of mine would love to play the game again together. However, we ran into a bad problem. Somehow, i'm having issues with the online feature of CnCNet. When i connect to YR Online, i can't see any game lobbys, nor can i create a new one. When i click the button "Create Game" or "Join Game" nothing happens. Sometimes the player count shows -1, but it's not always like that. Yesterday it was around 1000. Thing is, i read on different sources, that online is currently broken since the latest patch(es). Odd is, my friend doesn't have any issues and can see + join any game lobby. I hope you can help me with this matter. Kind regards, Night2078. client.log
  20. Hey, for 4 weeks already, and latest update, I only see 20 people top, in chat room, while there are 1900 YR online. why? how come? I cannot add people because of this, I don't see their names in the list.... thx
  21. I'm trying to figure out how to set a trigger where whatever house crosses a waypoint will take ownership of a building. I've gotten the waypoints to work for a single house if it crosses the line but I can't figure out how to make a trigger that allows any house to cross and will give ownership of the building to the house that crosses. Any ideas how to link multiple triggers for potential ownership to a building? It seems I can only link 1 house and there should be some capability to add the triggering house gains ownership.
  22. I am having an issue that is effecting my game play in CNCNET Yuri's Revenge. Basically, if I choose Ra2 mode, the in-game play is very smooth and fast. However, if I choose Yuri's revenge mode, the in-game play (cursor, unit control, moving around the map) becomes sluggish and way too "heavy" as compared to Quick Match or RA2 mode. Can anyone please advise on the matter? I am using ASUS I7-7700 HQ CPU @ 2.8 GHZ, 16 GB RAM, 64 Bit Operating system x64-based processor. ( i tried using different renderes and tried uninstalling - neither worked) - the in-game play continues to have a "heavy" feel into it as compared to RA2 mode or even Yuri's QM.
  23. Im trying to start up the client but it freezes up and i decided to look into the Client log file to see if anything is wrong. It spits out this every time. client.log I have checked the files and "battle.ini" is nowhere to be found in my INI folder, i didn't delete it, and the client was running just fine like yesterday. Plus it's spitting out "AssetLoader.LoadSound: Sound not found! MainMenu\button.wav" like 10 or so times, the file it's looking for is in the correct place, at least i think, i have no idea whats happening. My mods aren't afflicting in any way. So whats the deal here, is my client not loading to the mainmenu due to it missing battle.ini or is it failing to load due to some update mishaps or something else? Im really concerned the thing may never work again, i've uninstalled and reinstalled the client, TWICE and the same problem occurs, turned off my machine, it occurs, even a repair-job of the RA2:YR copy on TheFirstDecade made it still happen. Please, i want to play my beloved RTS again and i hope to get this problem fixed!
  24. I played a Qm match was Likelove, I was Derby, and I won, and game ended. Match recorded win for me.. I continue playing on, and I go back to check ladder, and it was changed to a disconnect loss for me? Makes no sense.. What can I do about it? This guy is horrible lagger too.
  25. How can i fix it, Thank you
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