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Found 445 results

  1. When I record games there's always a black bar on the side of my screen, how do I fix this? Here's an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpen4YF5VVA&t My desktop resolution: 1920x1080 in game resolution: 1600x1024 Recorder: OBS Studios
  2. I have Windows 8.1 and uninstalled the KB to allow me to install RA2 and YR. I should have all the EXEs set to Run as Administrator and Windows XP SP3 compatibility. I went into RA2.ini and RA2MD.ini and, following internet instructions, changed the Video settings in both files to this (1920x1080 is the resolution my monitor is set to): [Video] ScreenWidth=1920 ScreenHeight=1080 StretchMovies=no VideoBackBuffer=no When I go into Red Alert 2, the game opens in full screen but the actual game contents are only in about half the screen (centered). To click any of the menu options I have to click off to the side. In other words, the click points aren't on the same resolution as the display. When I go into Yuri's Revenge, the game opens in full screen and actually shows all the game contents in full screen. The menu buttons all click in the right places. When I start a game, everything there is in full screen too. However, I'm not able to scroll all the way to the right nor all the way to the bottom. The cursor simply wont go past a certain point, thus preventing me from clicking on a bunch important game components, like creating units. Is there a maximum resolution RA2 and YR can handle? Or is there some other issue here?
  3. RaptorBoyFresh


    how do I play 1v1 ranked games ?
  4. This is a little topic to point you to some C&C modding tools. Feel free to add more tools to this topic. The XCC Utilities: Essential for any modder. Download HERE. Made by Olaf Van Der Spek. Contains: XCC AV Player, XCC Editor, XCC Mixer (V 1.45), XCC MIX Editor and XCC TMP Editor. XCC TFD Shortcut installer - Handy for TFD users. XCC Radar Color editor XCC AUD writer - This is a plug-in for WinAmp that allows you to create .aud files from .mp3 files. For WinAmp, and MP3 editing, see Sound related tools below. XCC .dll pack - You might need these DLL files to run the XCC utilities. Put them in the same directory as the program you are having trouble running. XCC Utils 1.45 U - with Visual Styles support http://www.vk.cncguild.net/TOOLS/DATA/XCC_Utils_U.zip Mix Protector. Locks your mix files, this program helps to prevent asset theft. http://www.vk.cncguild.net/TOOLS/DATA/MIXProtector.exe INI (.ini) related tools: DCoders AI Editor - A program to help you edit the AI.ini file. If the above link doesn't work, click HERE. Most use notepad for editing the ini files, but some use other notepad-based programs. These are some good programs to edit the .ini files. NoteTab NotePad++ Voxel (.vxl) and HVA (.hva) related tools: Voxel Section Editor III (VXLSE) 1.37 - Another tool created by Banshee and other people from PPM, for creating voxels. Voxels are used mostly as tanks in TS and RA2. Cube Normalizer 1.5 - A program for normalizing voxels. WILL'S Voxel Editor. An alternate voxel editor (as used by Mig Eater). 3DS2VXL - A program for converting .3ds files to.vxl files. Some 3DS2vxl patches OS HVA Builder 2.1 - A program for editing .hva files. OS HVA Builder Quick Patch - Updates OS HVA Builder from V2.0 or above to 2.12. OS Voxel Viewer - A program for viewing .vxl files. OS Voxel Viewer Quick Patch - Updates OSVV from V1.5 or above to V1.75. SHP (.shp) related tools OS SHP Builder - This tool created by Banshee and other people from PPM, is a tool used to create shp files, these files are used as units and buildings in all C&C games from C&C1 to RA2. Download is here. Engie File Converter is a conversion suite created by Nyerguds that supports most of the Westwood image formats (D2 SHP, TD SHP, TS SHP, CPS, WSA). Downloads folder is here. Radar Color Editor Is a program put together by Nyerguds (GUI by IcySon55) which you use to modify the colors of your SHP's on the radar screen, a very handy tool. Music (.aud/.mp3/.wav) related tools For the XCC AUD writer, see the XCC Utilities Section at the top. WinAmp - This program, combined with The XCC AUD writer, can create usable, ready to be inserted into TS, .aud files. Audacity - A program for editing .mp3 and .wav files, which can then be converted to .aud files. Not required, but handy for making many new sounds. 2D Image editing software Not a requirement of TS editing, but many modders use these programs such as PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro and Gimp. 3D Image software Commonly used for creating renders and buildings. Again, not required, but very handy to have. Blender - A free, open source, easy to use 3D modeling program. 3DS MAX - An incredible 3D program. It comes at a price though. For a free trial, follow the link on the main page. See also: 3DS to VXL above. GMAX- A cut down, but free version of 3DS MAX. That site also has tutorials here and there, so make sure you check them out too. Anim8or is a free 3D modeling program which is a favorite out of the free programs. Hex Editing related tools (for editing GAME.exe) Note: These programs are NOT Decompilers/disassemblers. HHD hex editor - A tool for edting the TS game.exe. Note that this is an older version, but it is MUCH better than the new one. Hex Workshop - A more complicated, but more useful Hex editor. PE Explorer - A hex editor and resource viewer in one, with several other useful features. Only recommended for those with experience in exe editing though. Link leads to a download page for a 30 day trial. Language.dll related tools Resource Hacker - A tool for editing the TS Language.dll. Can also be used to edit the GAME.exe to a certain extent. XN Resource Editor - A more powerful, but slightly more complicated resource editor. Can also be used for modifying certain parts of GAME.exe Misc tools TMP Studio - A tool for editing and creating TS and RA2 terrain files. Explosion Generator - Found by Triforce a while ago, this is a nice program that generates random explosions, which can be used in TS.
  5. Could anybody help me? My brother and me want to play along side with each other but there's a message show like this. Don't know how to fix it. It's happened since yesterday. Please, HELP US.
  6. Hey guys, hello and thank you for helping me. I like to play a C & C AR2 since my first gaming days and still reinstall it from time to time for a quick round. But I play it (I think) somewhat different than most. I basically play against easy enemys and use my time to build the ideal basis with absurd defense layers. This whole stage lasts up to 3 hours until I am bored and I start a new game. The best modification to this would be some kind of timer, starting after 2 hours of playing time, when a huge attack starts so I can use my defense. Alternatively, there could also be a very strong opponent, which only attacks after 2 hours. Now the question: Is there is any way to set up such a scenario (mod, trainer, editor)? Thank you for your help
  7. naWb

    QM Frame Rate

    Everytime i play QM on cncnet, the frame rate is horrible, but when i play custom games through lobby its completely fine? any Suggestions?
  8. Hello, So I just updated the client to the latest version, my friend created a LAN game and when I want to press 'ready', it does not work; the button is not doing absolutely nothing apart from highlighting when I put the mouse over. I also tried all keys from the keyboard to actually press on the button, but I was not able to find one.
  9. Hi thought I would get my kits in to C&C and bought two fresh copies from CD Keys. Installed it on two fresh built Win10 boxes. Install via the Original app, then installed the ddrwapper fix then the cncnet front end. Connecting to each other I see "the game host has sent an invalid game options message. this usually means that the game host has a different game version than you" When I launch the LAN game it fires up then I get a Reconnection error. Any thoughts? Pretty IT literate and comfortable editing .cfg s etc. S client.log SYNC_CNCNET0.TXT ddraw.log RA2MD.ini wolinfoMD.ini spawn.ini spawnmap.ini RA2.INI KeyboardMD.ini
  10. Weavel

    how do i play online?

    I just bought the collection on origin and installed the cncnet app and when I start the game and go online im the only one in server. am I missing something? and also I cant set the resolution to make the view much wider so I can see more on the battlefield. want to get back into this game any help plz
  11. Looking for testers for a new release of TS-DDraw. Download: https://github.com/CnCNet/ts-ddraw/releases Should work for Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. For all those who don't know TS-DDraw, this is what it can do: Working windowed mode without having to change windows to 16bit Makes the game running smooth on Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 and wine (Need testers for Vista!) Can fix black screens, invisible menus and other issues ddraw.zip
  12. wondering if someone could give me the qm maps again so that I can load. thanks.
  13. Maps Soviet Allied Yuri Amazons Delta * * Mirror Bull Run * * Mirror Caverns of Siberia * * * City Under Siege * * Mirror Cold War (No Barrels) * * Mirror Coldest Peak * * * Country Swing * * * Deadmans Ridge * * Mirror Death Valley Girl * * Mirror Defcon 6 Mirror Mirror Mirror Depth Charge * * Mirror Desert Island * * Mirror Divide & Conquer * * * Dry Heat * * * Dustbowl * * * Face Down * * Mirror Glowing Waters * * Mirror Golden State Fwy * * * Hail Mary * Mirror * Hammer & Sickle * * Mirror Heartland * * * Heck Freezes Over (No Gems) * * * Heck Without Lamez * * Mirror Hidden Valley * * * Isle of War * * Mirror Jungle Of Vietnam * * Mirror Let there Be Fight * * Mirror Loaded Barrel * * Mirror Meat Grinder * * Mirror Montana DMZ * * Mirror Morningtide * * Mirror New Hieghts * * Mirror North Waves * * Mirror Offense Defense * * Mirror Official Tournament Map B * * Mirror Pacific Hieghts * * Mirror Paris Revisited * * Mirror Poltergiest * * * Proving Grounds * * * Reconcile * * * Sahara Mirage * * Mirror Sea Of Isolation * * Mirror Snow Valley * * Mirror South Pacific * * Mirror Soveriegn Land * * Mirror Stormy Weather * * Mirror The Path More Travelled By * * Mirror Tiger Bay * * Mirror Tour Of Egypt * * Mirror Tsunami * * Mirror Urban Rush * * Mirror Yin-Yang * * Mirror
  14. Hi, Something wrong with CNC lobby last couple days - showing as empty see screenshot. Also affecting others. Is there an issue? Thanks.
  15. I installed CnCnet for command and conquer red alert 2 and yuri's revenge on a 32-bit windows 7 virtual machine executed through virtualbox. I already installed microsoft .net framework 4.0 and the experimental 3D accelerator of the guest installer. This is the error I get when trying to play CnC net.
  16. Hello Gentlemen, After installing the Yuri's Revenge CnCNet update 4.26, I get this error when trying to create a game by LAN: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Yuri's Revenge has crashed. Error message: The requested address is not valid in its context 127.0.01:1233 If the issue is repeatable, contact the YR staff -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I did not have this problem in the past when trying to host a lan server to play with a few friends. Any ideas as how to fix this error please? Error Log: ClientCrashLog_26_1_2019_17_59.txt Thank You Gentlemen, Noddynod443
  17. So, long ago I modded my own maps. Back in 2002 or something. So I know at least a little of how things go. Or I'd like to think so at least. But i'm lost now. I'm creating a map with FinalAlert 2 Yuri's Revenge and wanted to create some custom lamps for illuminating the map precisely as I wanted. So I thought I would just clone a already existing lamp change its lighting values and add it to the [BuildingTypes] list. So I could use in the editor and have my map look all nice and pretty. But... in FinalAlert it will only show up as a allied powerplant. It has the name in the sidebar of the lamp but when you drag it on the map its a allied power plant. Seemly in working condition too. Since that ive tried to do other things like cloning the allied barracks and only changing the cost and name, and when I in-game build it's invisible and only takes up 1 square, let alone it seems to be a weird hybrid of a prismtower and a barracks... What is going on its driving me nuts! I don't want any special units, I just want lamps. How hard can that be?
  18. Hey! I played from this site earlier without any problems even from two computers in my house. - 1 - Adter an update the secondary Computer became Laggy in the games which made lag to the other players aswell, - 2 - Now after some time I havereinstalled it on my main PC and the Yuris Revenge runs CORRECTLY itslef but after I install CnCnet from this site, I can launch the lobby but joining a game will cause me black screen with sound. To set compatibilities to Windows 7 didn't fixed the problem. Windows 7 operational system. Also if it helps you I got KABOOM once. Thank you!
  19. I re installed the game (because of MOmega..) and after fresh install , these happenin: my radar was working but went black after a game and keeps black on games. (YR) Im changing renderer and game freezes half sec every minute. and there is a troll in my host room I cant BLOCK him because I CANT SEE THE ANNOYING TROLL on players list on right side bar my question is: WT actual F?
  20. Jeen

    CnC is keep crashing

    So I keep getting this issue whenever I minimize the client and do something else. Check the attachment for more detail How can I fix this?
  21. Hey guys, I seem to have a bit of a problem. I just made my first map using the editor and saved it as .yrm in the custom map folder of Red Alert 2. I've selected a particular game type but unfortunately it still doesn't show up in the folder. I've tried this multiple times with several maps but I simply can't get them to show up in game. Any reason as to why I'm having this issue? Here's a video of the map, the location of the map inside the RA2 directory and me trying to find it in game: https://youtu.be/KdKa2PZjLrk Thanks in advance.
  22. Greetings, I am so glad to finally have the ability to play Yuris Revenge on my Windows 10 operating system, via CnC.Net. One issue I am having is with the Yuris Revenge expansion pack. The version I am using is the (E.A.) Origin Command and conquer 17 edition. If playing as the Yuri faction, I cannot seem to build the Yuri Tech center and also I cannot build the floating disc ufo's. I have actually tried to edit the configuration settings (Rules ini) to change the prerequisites to where only the Yuri weapons factory was needed. Either way, it seems impossible to build the floating discs. The icon to build them simply never show up in the side bar. They do not exist when running the game. Can someone please help me with this? Everything else seems to work perfectly. Thank you in advance
  23. Hi there and happy new year ! I'm a beginner in map editing on Final Alert 2 and I recently stumble upon a strange issue with RA2 YR while play-testing my first map. I found a way to avoid the issue but I'm looking for help to see if it's only on my side or this can affects other people too. If you want to skip the technical stuff and just try it out, you will find the map in the reply below. If you want to help me, here's my issue ; My game come to a hard freeze/crash at random times, sounds and mouse still works but my CPU get maxed out on any core the game is running on. It can happens after 5 min to 30 min approximately. (At first I thought it was my client but I tried every patch, every compatibility mode, and every fix I found out there, each time with a fresh installation... this took about 2 months of my life ) After a very long investigation I found out that this was only occurring with maps using ambiance sounds. Removing all waypoints with ambiance on my map fixed the issue and I did not experience any more crashes ! So my question is, I'm I doing something wrong ? I wish to keep the sound design on my map but I don't know if this will affect other people. I'm looking for experience people to play-test the map and see If it works with the ambiance. [You'll find a version of the map with ambiance and one without below.] Maybe it's one ambiance that's f*cked up, maybe it's how I use them... But I'm running out of idea. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ❤️ Things to note : -There is no lag/slow down before it occur. -This bug seam to also occur on other RA2 YR maps using ambiance but on mine it happen faster/more often. -I use just a bit less than 200 wp, I know there's an alert when you use more than 99 wp but I saw some official YR maps using more than this so I ignored it. -This didn't happen on my older PC that was also running on Windows 10 Pro x64-bit. -I got the game from the ultimate collection on Origin and currently use the Cncnet launcher. My specs : Windows 10 Pro x64-bit CPU : Intel Core i9-7900X @ 3.30GHz RAM : 128 GB GPU : Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 - 4 GB (Don't mind the build, it's was made for heavy medias and post-production workflows.) Thanks for reading and I wish you a lovely day ! Take care 😉 *I'm not a native English speaker so pardon me if I made mistakes.
  24. When going through the options tab. i cant highlight show game rooms for the following games (Yuris Revenge) (its faded out and wont let me click, Also when i click custom match it takes me to the cnc net lobby. I get a view of the users in the lobby, however i cant view the games on the left. and yeah, cant join anything therefore. Hope someone can help. Thanks guys
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