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Poll for balance changes (Community Balance Patch)

Choose which change(s) you largely disagree with; further feedback/criticism can be posted in the comments below.  

9 members have voted

This poll is closed to new votes
  1. 1. I largely disagree with these changes:

    • Apache: Ammo reduced from 15 to 12
    • APC: Cannot crush infantry anymore
    • Stealth Tank: HP increased from 110 to 125
    • Stealth Tank: Cost reduced from 900 to 700
    • Humvee: Health increased from 150 to 185
    • Artillery: Turn rate increased from 2 to 5 (same as MLRS and SSM Launcher)
    • MLRS (Rocket Launcher): Health increased from 100 to 125
    • MLRS (Rocket Launcher): Tech prerequisite changed from Adv. Communications Center to Communications Center (radar)
    • MLRS (Rocket Launcher): GDI only unit
    • Chem Warrior: Tech prerequisite changed from Temple of Nod to Communications Center (radar)
    • Rocket Soldier: Health increased from 25 to 50
    • Engineer: Health decreased from 25 to 20
    • Engineer: Movement speed decreased from 8 to 7
    • Temple of Nod: Cost reduced from 3000 to 2000
    • Advanced Communications Center: Cost reduced from 2800 to 1850
    • Weapons Factory: Health increased from 400 to 480
    • Construction Yard: Armour type changed from Wood to Light
    • Construction Yard: Sight radius increased from 3 to 6
    • Ion Cannon: Damage increased from 600 to 640
    • Mobile Construction Vehicle: Sight radius increased from 2 to 4

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6 hours ago, mightywindr said:

Dunning Kruger: I know all of you were not even the smartest kids at your school, now a school is a low number of people, and you were not even one there, now think of how may schools their are in your country, and now  across Europe, Asia etc, thats how LOW and AVERAGE you guys are, please GET REAL. You are normal average Joes with low courage low achievement, and weak immoral characters. You dont have some brilliant genetic ability thats the delusional self belief we all have that only some can see past. 

Sadly, i was 3rd best of my whole final school class with around 80 people in it. Sadly, i am faster than light compared to middle class or even pro gamers (Groef). Sadly, i am very handsome, very smart, very big, very anything (xD).



MIKE PENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :D  

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