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Quick match map suggestions


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3 hours ago, Weaponx said:

Not so its easier, but so its fair. There is a difference.

If you change it , it will make it easier, it´s a fact.


3 hours ago, Weaponx said:

Fun fact: You play me on that map, and take that spot ill win 20/20.

Fun fact 2:  Even i got that spot ill beat you 20/20.

And that proves what? Your better than me , i never told i was elite/ very good or even good, am i even decent so you make that statement lol? You even called me newb in this same post you made before editing it lol.

3 hours ago, Weaponx said:

Fun fact 3: Noobs getting crushed due to not being able to expand. So i am doing this for you and rest of the noobs.

Let the newb(me like you said before edting it) and  the "noobs" decide for themselfs.

Edited by mjvd2019
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My point was not if your good bad or terrible, my point was if it was a fair pos as BR, it would  be more of a challenge and it would be more fun to play for both players.

Anyway  i’m done with repeating myself. 


topic is about maps for ladder, not if you like or  approve vet, nor is it about if you like changes to map or not.

It is simple, which preferred maps would you like in the ladder, I’m all in for humbles suggestions with a few more maps like

tiberium Forrest. 

FF with fixed position TRvsBR, TM vs BM. 



Edited by Weaponx
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