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The Best Strategy Games of all time

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Which are the best strategy games of all time for you?

For me:

  1. C&C TS (because it has a better campaign than TD; other than that, they are both equally as good)
  2.  C&C TD
  3. Civilization IV (no multiplayer, other than that, equally as good as C&C)
  4. Age of Empires (I+II+III)
  5.  Hearts of Iron II
  6.  Railroad Tycoon III
  7.  Stronghold Crusader
  8. Empire Earth (I + II)
  9. Cossacks (I+II)
  10. Warcraft III
  11. Port Royale 2
  12. DynastyGeneral
  13. Knights of Honor
  14. Rome and Medieval Total War
  15. Roaler Coaster Tycoon
  16. Zeus: Master of Olympus
  17. C&C "III" Kanes Wrath (Campaign was beautiful and good, although with some parts of it being a bad story and not as good as the old WW games, didnt play MP)
  18. C&C RA I (The Campaign was superb for me as a kid)  
  19. Tropico 2 + 3
  20. Blitzkrieg
  21. Sim City (any TS player knows this game, because anyone, who bunkers, gets called a "Sim City player" xD) 
  22. The Sedlers III (just a nice beautiful calm game for a kid back then)
  23. Anno (1603/1701) (This building simulation was calm and annoying at the same time lol; mostly relaxing and just a great flair :))
  24. Capitalism II (Mike Pence has to love that game ;) )
  25. Die Völker (My first game, i was 4 or 5 years old :D )
  26. Warhammer
  27. Heroes of Might and Magic III (Never played it, but saw it on YT: Great game)


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1 sex

2 raising kids

3 muay thai

4 diet

5 dishes

6 business

7 marriage

8 chess

9 hide and seek

10 dying. Im bad at that


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