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Adding mods with Final Sun (TS Mods Included)

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This topic provides a very simple and fun way for both noob and pro modders to easily insert a mod into your map using Final Sun. Each INI file in this topic is an insertable mod. For the ones who don't know yet: CnCnet has uploaded a pack of the most popular fan made mods. Here you will find a seperate ini file for most of them, and how to add them in your map. Plus other usefull normal mods, like ion storms, reveal map, auto ally, pretty trees, etc.  and the rules in each mod is modified to be already playable after inserting. (SEE BELOW FOR ALL GIFS AND MODS)


There are 46 new units, 27 new buildings, and 21 map mods provided in this topic. Each are explained and shown with a GIF or image. Each have a single download, and a full category download, and DOWNLOAD All of them here >> MODS v1.3.rar  <<<< Extract where ever you think is convenient.

NOTE: The buildings and units in this topic are uploaded on CnCnet only! You can share maps with these mods and play this online on CnCnet. How? because they are uploaded on cncnet, if you want to use them on a different client, you can find them inside the mix and ini folders, (or click here to download them)


How to add the mods using Final Sun

  1. Open Final sun and make or load a map
  2. Make sure Beginners Mode is disabled. Click Option > Beginner mode.
  3. Now you go to Edit > INI Editing. 
  4. You can Insert your desired mod simply by clicking "Insert another INI file content"

947277360_AddingINIs.gif.de78cbdc2f635825eb55c02aed1c9a95.gifIn this Gif i inserted the Big Sam

Ofcourse you might want to edit the rules of a mod, when you can build it and how much it costs, how strong. For your convenience, under all the mods in this topic i added Tutorials on how to do this in FInal Sun (see 5th comment), plus a bunch of other tutorials for certain mods that need more doing. See the 5th comments of this topic

Other Notes: 

  • I did not make any of these images and animations, they're a collection of fan art, publicly released on ppmforums.com. 
  • Some of the mods can also be used for any TS client, they will be marked with: (Works on every TS)
  • I have not made a gif and ini for each of the fan made uploaded units and buildings, please see them all here: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8661-ts-the-new-units-and-buildings-expand11/ or view image:

    1489803292_Allmods.thumb.jpg.79f1803cb584ed7d8589942b9bc2d7bd.jpg (Click to view full image)

All little tutorials are in the 5th comments of this topic

Some more modding tutorials are found here:
Adding a new unit: https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=518
Editing weapons: https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=28056
My own tutorial on modding: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/6277-brand-new-tutorial-for-new-map-makers-create-your-own-mods/

Some mapping tutorials:
Triggers, taskforces, teams, and scripts (***) https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=33824
Tunnel Tutorial https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=44324
LucasSK's Complete Final Sun Tutorial: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/9934-finalsun-complete-tutorial/

Here we go:


(Download vehicle pack: All Vehicles.rar or download individual link)

Big Ion Tank

1888224590_IonTank.gif.a41bdfe559f64fe32f788e3c0322672a.gif Big Ion tank.ini

LKO's Scorpion


LKO's Mechs (just a few of them for now)


Small double canon mech exciter.iniSmall Laser mech Kesselbrut.iniSmall sniper mech Umgi bolver.iniSmall yellow laser mech blackhawk.iniSpalters peewee gun n double laser gun.iniBig Mech Thor.iniBig Mechs DAISHIG and DAISHIN.iniCOLOG deployable heavy artillery nukes.iniFatboy.ini


Tarantula.gif.b7063c94c7f5baa0cb223061daa13f73.gif Tarantula.ini

Redeployable Oblisk

oblisklol.gifredeployable oblisk.ini

Predator Tank

74250047_Predatortank.gif.aa628a89ffafc39311559a1b9722482c.gif Predator tank.ini


Mongoos Mech

Mongoosmechfire.gif.d2db0055a939b801435b13eef1e2827f.gifMongoosmech.gif.606fc521df3f7e504768147023e1e82f.gif Mongoosmech.iniMongoosmechdualproton.ini

Heavy Assault Mech

Heavy assault mech.gif Heavy assault mech canon.ini


818695381_deploystosleepingttripod.gif.cbbaed7f7d7715ba13cb8ad1ec26c247.gifSleeping Tripod.ini


Editing INIs.gif


Edited by Holland
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(Download Infantry pack: All Infantry.rar or download individual link)


There are some more i wanna post, but just these for now

211090986_C4specialist.gif.7a5a7626a60e55f62ab2bbd31df69f7e.gifInfantry C4 specialist.ini

Turn Infantry into viscs (Works on every TS)529810522_ViscSpawner.gif.33f5b1353131f043c94f7b5f5011c640.gifInfantry Oxanna the visc maker.ini1545691153_StormTrooper.gif.e8a5a66b3c48aba2d9974529741c1782.gifInfantry machine gunner Disrupper.ini1508466723_NapalmNader.gif.e71f82753f3f8ea168b27f086be9d733.gifInfantry Napalm grenadier Zone.ini

Some more, did not make a gif for all:

Infantry Flybug.iniInfantry Elite.iniInfantry mortar warrior massn.iniInfantry Laser slavick.iniInfantry Gaspy.ini


Edited by Holland
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(Download building pack: All Buildings.rar or download individual link)


959346535_FortressTowers.gif.836eb00d9764b6c072efca67340109ef.giffortmissiletower.inifortsinglecanon.inifortsonic.inifortdoublecano.inifortmg.inifortartillery.inifortress canon tower WHITE LASER.in

399754394_Flametowerproton.gif.dfe5b93e64153ad1fdf65f390ab3b334.gifSmall flame tower with zap.iniThere is a flame version too, forgot to make gif, but its cooler: Small flame tower with flames.ini




Sam tower.gifBig sam.iniBig sam for capture on map.ini


Saturn Canon.gifBig saturn canon laser.ini


Empire tower.iniA small Ra2 Rapid firing Tower, (no gif yet). its pretty dope.


ion charge collector.iniICC_ingameanim.gif

Place on map, or edit prerequisite, techlevel and ownerposted imageSTRUCTURE Cabal Radar with droppod superweapon.ini


radar has superweapon uplinks.ini radaruplinks.jpg.c24e8c7a2cce4d1d99039d25e8bb4d1b.jpg& droppods: droppods uplink to upgrade center.ini

178889544_Meteorsuperweapon.gif.60dd39a9b3ac867c06f29831990cec8a.gifTurn EMP in Meteorite superweapon with tech.iniThis mod turns EMP into a Meteorite Superweapon (you give up EMP)(Works on every TS)


This turns Hunter seeker into Meteorite superweapon (No GIF) Turn Seeker in Meteorite superweapon.ini(Works on every TS)


 Tower Emp cloned and turned into emp laser for if used meteorites superweapon.ini1540805790_EMPLaser.gif.bfc43f6a131613d6748f656ff53a7eef.gif; Tower Emp cloned and turned into emp laser for if you turned emp into meteorites superweapon,(Works on every TS, just edit railgun laser)



Mech factory for GDI:  GDI Mech factory.iniMech factory for Nod:Nod Mech factory.ini 

Mech Factory for Both GDI and Nod: Mech Fact for both.ini


2032978520_CrystalSilo.gif.68f73435ecfc8f60894a7f6cf526ffb2.gifCrystal Silo.ini





Turn Seeker in Meteorite superweapon.ini GDI Mech factory.ini All Aircrafts.rar

Edited by Holland
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(Download map mods pack: All Map mods.rar  or download individual link)

Map Mods



; After adding this ini into final sun, double click a building that you want to be your oil derrick, then on the bottom of that window, attach a trigger that has the word 'attach' to it. Up to 8 oil derricks. (in this gif i used Ion collector) If too hard for you to use the same building, let me know :)

Auto ally:

Auto Ally 1234v5678.ini

 Change teams by finding AllyBySpawnLocation1 in Edit > INI Editing

Day and Night loop, Standard times and darkness.

day n night loop.ini(Works on every TS)

Make your map have 'Giants of war' Mods (not recommended, just play ww style)  Giants mods.ini(Works on every TS)

Inserts all codes for fona's and big blue tree, so you don't need Firestorm enabled for them:Fonas and blue tib trees.ini

This turns all buildings super speed (Using [GDI]BuildTime=0.1) :Instant build for testing.ini(Works on every TS)

This max queue's (build amount) to 20.; Change the amount of units you can build by finding General in Edit > INI Editing, and changing MaximumQueuedObjects's value
max queue units 20.ini(Works on every TS)

Pretty ra2 treesPretty Trees.ini

prettytrees.jpgAfter adding this file you have to change the trees to pretty ra2 trees, or to add them, see this topic: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8661-ts-the-new-units-and-buildings-expand11/

Get random ion storms!Random Ion Storms.ini(Works on every TS)

Random Meteorites, copied from the map Tiberium Garden. ; Uses waypoints 26 to 39, place them on your map where u want the strikes to happen Random Meteorites place waypoints 26 to 39.ini (Works on every TS)


Start with Hijacker, Start with hijacker.ini Make sure to turn off short game and bases(Works on every TS)

Humble's Veteran patch 2.46 vet patch v246.ini(Works on every TS) 

For if you quickly need to add all Spawn houses in map fileSpawn Houses.ini 

Looping waves from my map Maze Waves, for if you wanna make an AI Wave style map with triggers

LOOPING WAVES.ini(Works on every TS)


Reveals all map on start of gameReveal all map.ini(Works on every TS)



Weed growth, Very fast and double fast (then original)Weed grows double fast.iniWeed grows superspeed.ini(Works on every TS)



Turn Neutral into Enemeny, and make mcv's not deploy (for if u make AI map)(Works on every TS)

Neutral enemy and ai mcvs dont deploy.ini

Alright, last and not least so far:


harbors and boats.ini2023702948_NodBoats.gif.3f6f180b2bcd847dc2ffb19edb7fcdb7.gif293400796_GDIBoats.gif.cbf357aaf3b136d66c7462006dca360a.gif

This will give Nod and GDI a buildable shipyard, 3 buildable boats each.
The only issue that warfactory has to be primary or vehicles can come out of the shipyard.
The patch for that is to use this fix, instead u can build a deployable vehicle that turns into a shipyard and solves the issue: 

Harbors and boats deployable fix.ini
But there is already a fix for it by giving all warfactory units a 2nd House as well, i don't have the mod ready yet. Read how to do it on Http://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=15319

Ini's from TSclient:All TsclientGame Options.rar

No Silos.iniNo Baddy Crates.iniInfinite Tiberium.iniImmune Harvesters.iniHarder AI.iniDisable Visceroids.iniDisable Super Weapons.iniStorms.iniShroud Regrows.iniReveal Shroud.ini


Edited by Holland
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Little Tutorials:


A quick Modding Tutorial:
Normally, modding is done with the use of wordpad, or with Notepad++ (recommended), but in this tutorial we keep things simple and stay in Final Sun, see below under Buildings

How to EDIT mods using Final Sun

First off, a little explanation on How to edit WHEN you can build it, WHO can build it, IF you can build it, and its primary weapon.
For tutorial purposes, we are only concerned here with these 4 lines: Owner=, TechLevel=, Prerequisite= and Primary=
Owner=Nod                              Makes only Nod be able to build, use =Nod,GDI for both factions 
TechLevel=-1                           Minus one (-1) makes this UNable to build, any Tech Level you set here will ofcourse, decide with wich TechLevel you can play this with.
Prerequisite=GACNST            GACNST is the building code for Construction yard. You can do up to three building for example: =PROC,NARADR,NATECH
Primary=LaserFire2                This gives any building or unit Nod's Laser weapon. Again, look in rules.ini to see who uses which 'Primary=' (weapon)

To know all building codes, you can look inside rules.ini (Download rules.ini  or see in this page) (and use 'find function' with 'ctrl+f)



You can Also Click Add, type in an existing tag from rules.ini, like GAGATE_B (gdi gate), find GAGATE_B in the dropdown menu, under keys: press 'Add', type a value like TechLevel=-1 and pres Ok.

To make the prerequisite codes easier for you now, here are some of the most common buildingcodes used for prerequisite:
PROC,GASILO (Tiberium refinery, Tiberium Silo)
NAPOWR,NARADR,NAHPAD,NAWEAP,NATECH,NATMPL  (NOD'S: Powerplant, Radar, Helipad, War factory, Tech center, Temple) 
GAPOWR,GARADR,NAHPAD,GAWEAP,GATECH,GAPLUG  (GDI's: Powerplant, Radar, Helipad, War factory, Tech center, Uplink center)
GACNST,BARRACKS,FACTORY,HELIPAD,TECH (Both faction's: Barracks, War factory, Helipad, tech center)


PLACING WAYPOINTS FOR THE RANDOM METEORITE mod Random Meteorites place waypoints 26 to 39.ini



Make Bridges blow up using c4 Bridges C4able see tutorial.ini


After inserting this mod in your map, you have to do 3 things to each bridge:

  • Attach a trigger to the Bridge huts,
  • Place the trigger's cel underneath bridge
  • Place the corresponding waypoints

Made a little gif tutorial to show you how:


So to clarify what i did in the gif:

  1. Double click repairhut, and select an trigger that contains the word 'ATTACH', use the same trigger for both repair huts
  2. The middle 5 letters i selected are the ones you look for in Trigger Editor, this tag i used was 'SP5E1' ( Disable beginner mode in options, then Edit > Trigger options)
  3. Select the trigger SP5E1BridgeDestroyed, then click 'Place on Map' and place the cell underneath the bridge.
  4. Select the trigger SP5E1BridgeC4, select the tab 'Actions', and see which two waypoints are used, and select "Create waypoint with special ID", and place them right under the end and start of the bridge. 

Thats it, save your map.

Hot to use different images in game

for example you want to make make all light infantry be the girl Umagon, we have to find out the codes for them inside of rules.ini. It is always good to keep rules.ini handy when you're making a map. In this case we turn E1 into UMAGON, simply using Image=UMAGON

Again, in final sun go to Edit > INI Editing (disable beginner mode in options if you dont see it)


This works for all vehicles, aircrafts, infantry and buildings, note that for buildings have attached animations like lights so it might look odd without a proper edit in the art.ini file. And also TurretAnim can be added or changed, find out more about that in this topic

How to be able to build concrete cliffs in Final Sun

CnCnet uploaded the first version of Terrain Expansion (concrete cliffs and such) 

If you havn't updated CnCnet's Final Sun to the latest version,  DOWNLOAD IT HERE, and drag the files to the TS folder as described in pack, that way final sun will read them too.


After doing that, you can find them in final sun at Terrain/Ground


To use/display all mods (all trees, buildings, vehicles etc) in final sun, we have to extract these files into TS folder

,Extract in ts folder.7z <<<<<<< Download

Extract these files in the TS Folder, so Final sun will read them. BUT DELETE or move the rules.ini when playing online!!

The rules.ini in this pack contain all the uploaded mods. Since CnCnet is meant for original TS gameplay, we can't touch the original rules.ini
we have to add the uploaded mods in our maps. 

Also note: When using for example the RATREE's, we have to add the ini 'Pretty trees', same for any mod building/unit used, make sure you insert the mod, 
or add it manually in your map by copy/pasting the code inside this rules.ini to your map file


and once again
DELETE or move this modded rules.ini
rules.ini when playing online!!

(also recommended when testing in skirmisch)

Edited by Holland
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i sincerely thank you for this


you are a god among mere modding mortals

Edited by NOOB2
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You're welcome! :D Let me know if there's something else you'd like to see or want to know or explain better.

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Holland! I must to agree with NOOB2, you did a huge work and making all .ini files so they can be used so easy. Thats not all.
Also I like to quote that you have a nice looking shp file mods of your game that I would like to get more information about. (You don't mind right?)
There was something special I was looking for a white.. I couldn't find any of files, literly nothing and you have it all here. I'm talking about Meteor Shower! Yeah! 
I played on xwis years ago and the 1st time I saw this SuperWeapon I had no clue what it is? It wasn't in Campaign right? Sure not, but I knew It's still there. 
I'll be the 1st one who go thru your new file directory and make some decent downloads

Great Work Holland! 👆

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Holland u r awesome

Those units are awesome


But those aircrafts

If u can show us how powerful they are on structures/units

they dont pretty seem powerful on Ground TBH

Anyways gj  👌👌

  • Haha 1

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18 minutes ago, |Noob| said:

Holland u r awesome

Those units are awesome


But those aircrafts

If u can show us how powerful they are on structures/units

they dont pretty seem powerful on Ground TBH

Anyways gj  👌👌

Yes i was thinking the same, but it seemed better to leave that a mystery so u can find it out for yourself. Also because balancing mods is so difficult, it will make people judge the mods and so not try them out, also.. i will add a tutorial on how to change a weapon's destructiveness under Little Tutorials.

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I noticed the 8 Oil Derricks mod doesn't contain the spawn houses and without them, the game crashes when an oil derrick is captured. Here's the houses needed.











Edited by GradualyWatermelon

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@Holland ok so i downloaded the zip file

Now where do i extract it and how to use it?
I am too lazy to read all that if it is posted somewhere inside that whole bunch of text

Quote selection perhaps?

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Extract it wherever you want, I'd make a folder named Mods,inside the ts directory.

Then in final sun, disable beginner mode under 'options'

Then, Edit>ini editing > 'insert another ini file content'

Then just browse to that folder and select the one u want, thats it. Save ur map


Thanks for telling me about the 'bunch of text' i'll edit it and make it easier to read and understand

Edited by Holland

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Updated visc spawner Oxanna. in this version she spawns full grown visceroids, lmaoo just cuz its so funny:

Infantry Oxanna the ADULT visc maker.iniadultviscspawner.gif.bec38cb7a0b61969d7c4c6a6da9bfde1.gif


Also, a quick disabling of Radars,gates,walls and pavements. No radar gate wall pave.ini


Should have a disabling of everything, anyone wanna help me make some more like this??

Edited by Holland

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Mr popo throws a bag of some of his explosive poop at everybody bro, when you deploy him, him shoots fireballs out of his behind.1300972269_mrpopo.gif.9dadfbd465a90c03f92b67fec08174ed.gifmr popo GOLEM.ini

Found some ini's at twisted insurrection too, gotta go through them cuz someare for twisted insurrection, im too lazy to seperate it rn lmao srry Uncrushable Infantry.inShroud Regrows.iniReveal Shroud.iniNo Silos.iniNo GT Units.iniNo Factory Bonus.iniNo Epics.iniNo Engineers.iniNo Baddie Crates.iniMessage delay 3 min.iniInfinite Tiberium.iniImmune Harvesters.iniHarvester Bounty.iniHarmless Tiberium Lifeforms.iniFree Radar.iniFlybug.ini


I'll add them in the new version of MOD INI's full pack soon, also need oilderricks in there, the oilderricks in the MODS v1.3 needs the spawn, the one in the topic is good now. ill do it later


Base Decals.ini Capturable Defenses.ini Disable Super Weapons.ini Disable Support Powers.ini Storms.ini TPI.ini

Edited by Holland
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All hot air balloons

posted imageHot air balloons.ini

Owner=Special, TechLevel=-1, Prerequisite=GADEPT

Change these if you wanna be able to build them, right now its for city's for a trigger


And here the mod that will insert hot air ballons AND already have them flying across the map :) Just place the waypoints 8,9,10 and 11 after adding this ini file into final sun: Hot air balloons loadable fly to waypoints 8 9 10 11.ini

Hot air balloon 1 starts from waypoint 8 and goes to waypoint 9
Hot air balloon 2 starts from waypoint 10 and goes to waypoint 11

Edited by Holland
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Posted (edited)


This includes 2 triggers for garrisons for only spawn 1 and 2, also included the Vulcan Fortress (weaker then original)

Only need 1 engineer like the oil derricks. I tested a bunch using the only garrison codes TS has: Hospital and armory but they glitch together with this trigger, so just need 1 engineer


Easy stuff; Just double click on the garrison building and add attach the trigger.Also, to this messages I attached the map that has oilderricks and the garrisons, 2peaks, ra2 maps originally. If anyone wants an 8 player one, please let me know i could make it pretty quick.


And also saved this for future use :):

City Buildings light up When its night (When added the day and night loop)

 Attach the 'attach' trigger to city buildings after you added this inside final sun.

DownloadDay and night buildings light up.ini (it includes 2 triggers and adds a glow and power to all CITY buildings)


Here is a little trick on how to quickly attach triggers to all city buildings:

  •  First, attach the trigger to a single City building, save and then open the map file
  • use Ctrl+F to find the tag [Structures] and find the trigger tag u attached
  • copy (ctrl C) the tag, and use Column selection (holding alt) to get as many buildings as u can for the proper paste.



If its easier for you to make all buildings in map have the same trigger, you also select everything under [Structures], press Ctrl+F, click the tab Replace, Select the checkbox "In Selection", paste "0,None,1,0"   and replace with: "0,Triggertag,1,0"  .

Easy peasy




Edited by Holland

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Posted (edited)

Alright i thought it would be good to start the new year ending what i've been wanting to end a few years now lol: Release all my ts modding knowledge and inputs. I might still take me a while cuz it includes making videos on map making and to include this topic and all the new stuff that has been added:

xtx and civ exp.jpg


Most of all of this is all part of XTX - eXtreme Terrain eXpansion!

Its all uploaded now, and you can make maps with these. Bittah has been helping me to hack final sun (with all the latest hacks) to make it where everyone can just use cncnet's final sun and use this. But for now you have to add rules.ini, temperat.ini and all the ecache mix files that are in the expand.mix files inside the MIX folder. I wanna make this very very noob friendly, but for now check this topic.


For simplicity it is most likely gonna be a Standalone final sun to create maps, and i will put that in my upcoming videos too. Stay tuned 

Oh and here are all the new stuff already to add in your map if you already have the ecaches and ini files in the tibsun folder for final sun to read:

xtx Civlians.ini Red tiberium.ini Tiberium sparky crystal.ini xtx civilian buildings.ini xtx new trees and rocks.ini

xtx civilian vehicles.ini

Edited by Holland
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Map makers are gonna be very happy with this one!

I made an INI file with all the triggers needed to create a group of buildings to be captured with only 1 engineer,


So for example you can make a powerplant, when its entered by an engineer, the spawn house will own other buildings that you attached the trigger to!

it works for all spawns, and you use up to 8!  This INI works just like the oil derricks trigger, where u have to attach a trigger with the name "ATTACH"


It works as follow: Attach "Attach power 1" - trigger to the main building, and attach the "Attach canon 1-" trigger to all the corresponding buildings you want to be owned by the spawn entering the main building, just like this: 

(first, enter the INI file from Edit> Ini editing> Insert another INI file content)




I called it "2stealbuildings"  cuz i made it just to capture a building on water for a map, then i realized it could be used for as many buidings as u want.


Edited by Holland

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the FLYBUG now flies, its still buggy, deal with it, just wanted to be able to have a bird  flying over maps lol


Infantry Flybug.ini


Alright, so the following INI file will have 1 (harmless, unbuildable) Flying from waypoint 50 to 51 with random delay, Just place waypoint 50 (bird start) and 51 (where u want him to fly to), just make sure it doesnt start on water:

Flock of birds.ini

Delay is random (50% to 150%) of 900 ts seconds

Edited by Holland

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This will turn Vehicle wolverine into an Infantry wolverine. No changes, and still need warfactory to be able to build it.

benefits are: You can put them in APC, heal them with medic, build them while you build other vehicles.

Wolverine as inf.ini



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    • By Aro
      Hello everybody.
      I haven't been active in the Command & Conquer community for some time, it's nice to see that it is still thriving and that there is plenty of online activity, with that being said, a friend of mine has brought something to my attention that I wanted to query with the current staff. 
      In the Tiberian Sun Client there appear to be some maps that are being used that were maps that I had initially made exclusively for Twisted Insurrection. Some of these maps started off as remakes of maps from other games like Red Alert 2 such as the ones titled Rocky Road, Twinside and Redemption. I am not particularly bothered about these for the reasons stated earlier, despite the fact that they were remade from the ground up, but they are still shamelessly pulled from Twisted Insurrection with minor edits to make them compatible with Tiberian Sun, they even use the same alternative name that I gave them as opposed to the names of the maps they were based on which shows they were directly taken from the mod. 
      My main gripe is that there is also the map Vinifera Valley which has been a Twisted Insurrection exclusive map that I created quite some time ago. It appears that it is in circulation at the moment as part of an official update to the Tiberian Sun Client , yet, no credit is given to myself or to Twisted Insurrection itself for use of the map anywhere as far as I can tell. I have checked with the active members of the Twisted Insurrection team as of the moment and, as far as we know, nobody asked permission to use these maps and no credit has been given. May I ask why this is and what has happened here?

    • By LucasSK
      Welcome mappers, players, modders and other people that are interested in mapping Tiberian Sun. If you want to know how to make your own maps, you are at the right place to do so! I am LucasSK (creator of [TIBERIUM RESURRECTION]) and I am mapping Tiberian Sun for over than a year and a half now.  When I was learning how to do stuff and making my first projects, I encountered many problems with too little answers, so I thought it would be great idea to share my skills, knowledge and summarize FinalSun here. And now, without further ado, lets get into it!
      NOTE: This tutorial is made based on Temperate Theater of the map (not Snow).
      (Download FinalSun here: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/6720-final-sun-complete-fixed/)
      ("left-side" layout)
      Ground - Select ground type you want to use (or use clear for default ground). Everything except water will not affect accessibility. GROUND
      Change owner - Change object's owning house to any you have in your map. This doesn't apply for Ground however. OTHER
      Infantry - Choose any Infantry, that is available in-game (including Civilians and Mutants infantry). OBJECT
      Vehicles - Choose any Vehicle, that is available in-game (including Civilian, Cabal and Mutant vehicles). OBJECT
      Aircraft - Choose any Aircraft, that is available in-game (including Orca Transport). OBJECT
      Buildings - Choose any Building, that is available in-game (including Light Posts, Civilian structures and Crashes). Different buildings require different number of fields, so make sure there is no other object blocking those fields. OBJECT
      Terrain objects - Allows you to place Trees, Fonas and Tiberium trees in your map, or use Paint random trees to paint them randomly from the ones you choose. OBJECT
       (Paint random trees - Select Trees you want to use by moving them from Available to Used by Arrow, then press OK and place them in map)
      Smudges -  Place Craters and Burned remains on the ground. OBJECT
      Special / Overlay - Here you can paint Tiberium, Veins, Bridges, Walls and Erase it. OVERLAY
      Waypoints - Create Waypoints (used in Triggers and Scripts).  OTHER
      Celltags - Create Celltags (used in Triggers).  OTHER
      Base nodes - Lets you create Building "layout" for AI bases = where should AI build / replace which building. Attach this to an existing Building. OTHER
      Tunnels - Lets you create and delete Tunnel paths underground from one Tunnel entry to an another. OTHER
      Player locations - Set player(s) starting point and delete it (represented through Waypoints). OTHER
      ("lower" layout)
      Special & Overlay - This contains all Overlays you can use. Unless you are pro-mapper, I suggest you ignore everything in this category (as it is included in Special / Overlay), except Rocks, Walls and Goodie Crate. OVERLAY
      Terrain / Ground - This contains some additional items you can manipulate with. Lets analyse them. GROUND
      0000 (Clear) - Clears ground (similar to the Clear in Ground section). 
      0009 (Ice Ramps) - Lets you manually create inequalities on terrain or elevations to higher "Height levels". 
      0010 (Cliff Set) - Lets you manually create Cliffs (+4 "Height levels" above ground).            
      (Tiberian Sun has 15 "Height levels")
      0012 (Shore Pieces) - Lets you manually create Shores. 
      0013 (Rough LAT Tile) - Rough ground type (similar to the Ground 2 in Ground section) 
      0015 (Cliff/Water Pieces) - Lets you manually create Cliffs with water around them (+4 "Height levels" above ground). 
      0016 (Bendy Dirt Roads) - Twists and connectors for dirt roads. 
      0017 (Dirt Road Junctions) - Dirt road junctions.                                      
      (Straight road connected to leaning road using connector from Bendy Dirt Roads selection)
      0018 (Straight Dirt Roads) - Straight and leaning dirt roads.
      0019 (Bridges) - Attach this to Cliff. Ends for Big bridges (paint bridges from one end to an another using Bridges section from Special & Overlay).  (+4 "Height levels" above ground). 
      0020 (Paved Roads) - Paved roads and nearly everything you need to build them. 
      0021 (Water) - Water ground type (similar to the Water in Ground section). 
      0023 (Dirt Road Slopes) - Elevation for dirt roads (lets you lead dirt roads to higher "Height levels"). 
      0025 (Slope Set Pieces) - Attach this to Cliff. Lets you create way to get up the Cliff.
      0030 (Waterfalls) - Attach this to Cliff. Lets you create Waterfalls in certain direction. 
      0033 (Sand) - Sand ground type (similar to the Ground 1 in Ground section).
      0035 (Rough Ground) - Lets you create "2D" rough ground. 
      0036 (Paved Road Ends) - Endings for Paved Roads. 
      0037 (Train Bridges) - Attach this to Cliff. Ends for Big track bridges (paint bridges from one end to an another using Bridges section from Special & Overlay).  (+4 "Height levels" above ground). 
      0038 (Pavement) - Lets you create pavement ground + parking lots (great for cities). 
      0040 (Paved Road Bits) - Some details you can add to the middle of Paved Roads. 
      0041 (Green) - Green ground type (similar to the Ground 3 in Ground section).
      0043 (Ramp Edge Fixup) - Lets you create elevations to higher "Height levels". 
      0045 (Water Slopes) - Elevation for water (lets you lead water to higher "Height levels"). 
      0046 (Pavement (Use for LAT)) - Pavement ground type (similar to the Pavement in Ground section).
      0047 (Paved Road Slopes) - Elevation for paved roads (lets you lead paved roads to higher "Height levels"). 
      0048 (Monorail Slopes) - Elevation for rails (lets you lead rails to higher "Height levels").
      0049 (Waterfalls B) - Attach this to Cliff. Lets you create Waterfalls in certain direction.
      0050 (Waterfalls C) - Attach this to Cliff. Lets you create Waterfalls in certain direction. 
      0051 (Waterfalls D) - Attach this to Cliff. Lets you create Waterfalls in certain direction. 
      0053 (Tunnel Floor) - Creates Tunnel ending with Paved roads.
      0054 (Tunnel Side) - Creates "side" for Tunnel endings.
      0055 (Track Tunnel Floor) - Creates Tunnel ending with Paved roads and Tracks.
      0056 (Destroyable Cliffs) - Cliff that can be destroyed and used as entrance. 
      0057 (Water Caves) - Cliff with water caves in it. 
      0070 (Scrin Wreckage) - Scrin wreckage textures (WARNING: HUGE). 
      0072 (Dirt Track Tunnel Floor) - Creates Tunnel ending with Tracks. 
      0073 (Dirt Tunnel Floor) - Creates Tunnel ending. 
      0074 (Crystal LAT Tile) - Crystal LAT ground type (representing Green Tiberium) 
      0076 (Swampy) - Swampy ground type (usable on Water) 
      0078 (Blue Mold) - Blue mold LAT ground type (representing Blue Tiberium) 
      0080 (Crystal Cliff) - Cliff with Crystal LAT on it (+4 "Height levels" above ground).
      0081 (Kodiak Crash) - Kodiak crash textures (WARNING: HUGE). 
      NOTE: Some numbers may differ from the ones you will work with.
      Now, I would split these objects into 3 categories: Objects, Overlay, Ground, Other, so you can understand their features.
      Object - Characteristic / Description: They can be blocked by other Objects, aren't Overlay & Special and most of them are "3D" such as Vehicles, Infantry, Buildings, Trees, etc. Some of them are selectable by double-left-clicking on them and they are draggable by left-click-and-hold. Can be deleted by using Delete objects.
      Overlay - Characteristic / Description: Everything in Overlay & Special, can't be selected, often has weird field position (overlapping or near the edge of one field (not centered)). Can be deleted using Erase overlay.
      Ground - Characteristic / Description: Mostly "2D" items on the ground, on which you can place other Objects or Overlays + Water, Firestorm Defence. Can be deleted using Clear.
      Other - Characteristic / Description: Items you can't see in-game such as Waypoints, Celltags, etc. OTHER

      Vehicles, Aircraft, Infantry and Buildings have their "options" when you double-click on them. They are pretty much self-explanatory.
      ("upper" selection)
      File - Interface with map file(s) (save, open, create your maps through here)
      Edit - This is heart of triggers and programmed actions, that happen throughout map. I will talk about them in a while.
      Terrain - Tools, that help you manipulate with terrain (same as 9 images / symbols below)
      Map tools - Few useful, but dangerous Map tools.
      SunEdit 2k - Link to SunEdit 2k (I personally do not recommend this tool).
      Online - Links to a few (not) important websites.
      Options - Change some settings to personalize FinalSun and turn on / off some mapping tools.
      Help - Tips & Tricks related to mapping.
      Brush size - Change amount of affected tiles by your "brush" (works for OVERLAY and GROUND category).
      Other images / symbols are pretty much self-explanatory, when you aim cursor at them.
      ("Edit" options)
      Undo - Undoes your last action. (works for OVERLAY and GROUND category).
      Redo - Redoes your last action. (works for OVERLAY and GROUND category).
      Copy - Copies part of map, which you select.
      Copy whole map - Copies whole map.
      Paste - Pastes selection.
      Paste centered - Pastes selection in the middle of your map.
      Map - Edit basic map properties.
      Basic - Edit basic map settings.
      Special flags - Edit more map settings.
      Lighting - Change light in the map. You can make darker maps or lighter maps.
      Singleplayer settings - Edit these only and only if making Singleplayer map, but they still lack purpose.
      Houses - Create and edit Houses (sides) for your map.
      Local variables - 1 or 0 "switch". Used in Triggers and Scripts.
      Trigger editor - Tells AI when to execute what kind of action.
      Tag editor - Tags for Triggers. In most cases, you shouldn't edit these.
      Scripts - Tells AI what to do with Taskforce.
      Taskforces - Groups of certain units, that AI would build in order to create "strikeforce".
      Teams - Merges Scripts and Taskforces together and defines some more of their options.
      AI Triggers - Too complicated even for me 😕 
      AI Trigger enabling - Too complicated even for me 😕 
      INI editing - Edit map's .ini file directly.
      Basically: Scripts tells AI WHAT to do, Taskforces tells AI WITH WHOM to do it, Teams MERGE them together and Triggers tells AI WHEN / UNDER WHICH CIRCUMSTANCES to do it. Let's break-down Triggers into detail:
      NOTE: Some triggers may not work in certain situations.
      #0 No Event / This is a null event. There is no need to ever use this in a real trigger.
      #1 Entered by / Triggers when an infantry or vehicle enters the attached object. Typically this trigger is attached to a building or a cell.
      #2 Spied upon / Detects when a spy has entered the attached building.
      #3 Thieved by / Triggers when a thief steals money from the specified house.
      #4 Discovered by player / Detects when the attached object has been discovered by the player. Discovered means reavealed from under the shroud.
      #5 House Discovered / Triggers when the specified house has any of its units or buildings discovered by the player.
      #6 Attacked by any house / Triggers when the attached unit is attacked in some manner. Incidental damage or friendly fire does not count.
      #7 Destroyed by any house / Triggers when the attached object has been destroyed. Destroyed by incidental damage or friendly fire doesn't count.
      #8 Any Event / When used alone it will force the trigger to spring immediately.
      #9 Destroyed Units All / Triggers when all units of the specified house have been destroyed. Typically used for end of game conditions.
      #10 Destroyed Buildings All / Triggers when all buildings of the specified side have been destroyed. Typically used for end of game conditions.
      #11 Destroyed All / Triggers when all objects owned by the specified house have been destroyed. This is the normal (destroy everyone) trigger condition for end of game.
      #12 Credits exceed / Triggers when the house (for this trigger) credit total exceeds this specified amount.
      #13 Elapsed Time / Triggers when the elapsed time has expired. This time is initialized when the trigger is created. Timer is reset whenever trigger is sprung when trigger is 'persistant'.
      #14 Mission Timer Expired / Triggers when the global mission timer (as displayed on the screen) has reached zero.
      #15 Destroyed Buildings / Triggers when the number of buildings owned by the trigger's specified house have been destroyed.
      #16 Destroyed Units / Triggers when the number of units owned by the trigger's specified house have been destroyed.
      #17 No Factories left / Triggers when there are no factories left for the house specified in the trigger.
      #18 Civilians Evacuated / Triggers when civilians have been evacuated (left the map). 
      #19 Build Building Type / When the trigger's house builds the building type specified then this event will spring.
      #20 Build Unit Type / When the trigger's house builds the unit type specified then this event will spring.
      #21 Build Infantry Type / When the trigger's house builds the infantry type specified then this event will spring.
      #22 Build Aircraft Type / When the trigger's house builds the aircraft type specified then this event will spring.
      #23 Leaves map (team) / Triggers when the specified team leaves the map. If the team is destroyed it won't trigger. If all but one member is destroyed and that last member leaves the map it WILL spring.
      #24 Zone Entry by / Triggers when a unit of the specified house enters the same zone that this trigger is located in. This trigger must be located in a cell and only a cell.
      #25 Crosses Horizontal Line / Triggers when a unit of the specified house crosses the horizontal line as indicated by the location of this trigger. This trigger must be placed in a cell.
      #26 Crosses Vertical Line / Triggers when a unit of the specified house crosses the vertical line as indicated by the location of this trigger. This trigger must be placed in a cell.
      #27 Global is set / Triggers when the specifed global (named in Globals.INI) is turned on.
      #28 Global is clear / Triggers when the specified global (named in Globals.INI) is turned off.
      #29 Destroyed by anything [not infiltrate] / Triggers when attached object is destroyed but not if it infiltrates a building/unit.
      #30 Low Power / Triggers when the specified house's power falls below 100% level.
      #31 Bridge destroyed / Triggers when the attached bridge is destroyed. A bridge is considered destroyed when an impassable gap is created in the bridge.
      #32 Building exists / Triggers when the building (owned by the house of this trigger) specified exists on the map. This works for buildings that are preexisting or constructed by deploying.
      #33 Selected by player / Triggers when the unit is selected by the player.  Use in single-player only.
      #34 Comes near waypoint / Triggers when the object comes near the specified waypoint.
      #35 Enemy In Spotlight / Triggers when an enemy unit enters the spotlight cast by the attached building.
      #36 Local is set / Triggers when the specifed local is turned on.
      #37 Local is clear / Triggers when the specified local is turned off.
      #38 First damaged (combat only) / Triggers when first suffering from combat damage from combat damage only.
      #39 Half health (combat only) / Triggers when damaged to half health >from combat damage only.
      #40 Quarter health (combat only) / Triggers when damaged to quarter health >from combat damage only.
      41 First damaged (any source) / Triggers when first suffering from combat damage from any source.
      #42 Half health (any source) / Triggers when damaged to half health >from any source.
      #43 Quarter health (any source) / Triggers when damaged to quarter health from any source.
      #44 Attacked by (house) / When attacked by some unit of specified house.
      #45 Ambient light <= / Triggers when the ambient light drops below a certain level.  Use numbers between 0 and 100.
      #46 Ambient light >= / Triggers when the ambient light rises above a certain level.  Use numbers between 0 and 100.
      #47 Elapsed Scenario Time / When time has elapsed since start of scenario.
      #48 Destroyed by anything / Triggers when destroyed by anything what-so-ever.
      #49 Pickup Crate / When crate is picked up object the trigger is attached to.
      #50 Pickup Crate (any) / When crate is picked up by any unit.
      #51 Random delay / Delays a random time between 50 and 150 percent of time specified.
      #52 Credits below / Triggers when the house (for this trigger) credit total is below this specified amount.
      #53 Player under EMP effect / Specific house is under EMP effect. 
      #0 No Action / This is a null action. It will do nothing and is equivalent to not having an action at all. Why use it?
      #1 Winner is / The winner will be forced to be the house specified. The game will end immediately. Typically the player's house is specified.
      #2 Loser is / The loser will be force to be the house specified. The game will end immediately. Typically the player's house is specified.
      #3 Production Begins / The computer's house (as specified) will begin production of units and structures.
      #4 Create Team / Creates a team of the type specified (owned by the house of this trigger). The team member are NOT automatically created however.
      #5 Destroy Team / Destroys all instances of the team type specified. The units in those existing teams will remain and be available for recruiting into other teams.
      #6 All to Hunt / Forces all units of the house specified into 'hunt' mode. They will seek out and destroy their enemies.
      #7 Reinforcement (team) / Create a reinforcement of the specified team. The members of the team WILL be created magically by this action.
      #8 Drop Zone Flare (waypoint) / Display a drop zone flair at the waypoint specified. The map will also be reaveald around that location.
      #9 Fire Sale / Cause all buildings of the specified house to be sold (for cash and prizes). Typically this is used in the final assault by the computer.
      #10 Play Movie / Displays the specified movie (full screen). The game is paused while this occurs and resumes normally after it completes.
      #11 Text Trigger / Display the text identified by the label in Tutorial.ini.
      #12 Destroy Trigger / Destroy all current instances of the trigger type specified. This does not prevent future instances of that trigger >from being created.
      #13 Autocreate Begins / Initiates autocreate for the house specified. This will cause the computer's house to build autocreate teams as it sees fit.
      #14 Change House / Changes owning house to the one specified for attached objects.
      #15 Allow Win / Removes one 'blockage' from allowing the player to win. The blockage number is equal the number of triggers created that have this action.
      #16 Reveal all map / Reveals the entire map to all players.
      #17 Reveal around waypoint / Reveals a region of the map to the player around the waypoint specified.
      #18 Reveal zone of waypoint / Reveals all cells that share the same zone as the waypoing specified. This yields some wierd results. Use with caution.
      #19 Play sound effect / Plays the sound effect specified.
      #20 Play music theme Plays the music theme specified. Look up the number of the song in Theme.ini then add 1.
      #21 Play speech / Plays the speech sound specified.
      #22 Force Trigger / Force all triggers of this specified type to spring regardless of what it's event flags may indicate.
      #23 Timer Start / Start the global mission timer.
      #24 Timer Stop / Stop the global mission timer.
      #25 Timer Extend / Extend the global mission timer by the time specified.
      #26 Timer Shorten / Short the global mission timer by the time specified. It can never be reduced below 'zero' time.
      #27 Timer Set / Set the global mission timer to the value specified.
      #28 Global Set / Set the global flag. Global flags are named in the file Globals.INI. Global flags can be either 'on/set/true' or 'off/clear/false'. Globals are reset by saved games.
      #29 Global Clear / Clear the global flag. Global flags are named in the file Globals.INI. Global flags can either be 'on/set/true' or 'off/clear/false'. Globals are reset by saved games.
      #30 Auto Base Building / Initialize the computer skirmish mode build control to either 'on' or 'off' state. When 'on' the computer takes over as if it were in skirmish mode. (ps make sure he has a con yard). 
      #31 Grow shroud one 'step' / Increase the shroud darkness by one step (cell).
      #32 Destroy attached building / Destroy any buildings bridges or units that this trigger is attached to.
      #33 Add 1-time special weapon / Add a one-shot special weapon (as indicated) to the trigger's house.
      #34 Add repeating special weapon / Add a permanent special weapon (as indicated) to the trigger's house. 
      #35 Preferred target / Specify what the trigger's house should use as its preferred target when using special weapon attacks.
      #36 All change house / All objects of one house change ownership to specified house.
      #37 Make ally / Cause this trigger's house to ally with the house specified.
      #38 Make enemy / Cause this trigger's house to un-ally (declare war) with the house specified.
      #39 Change Zoom Level / Changes the zoom out level of the player's radar map. Use 1 for normal view 2 for zoomed out. 
      #40 Resize Player View / Changes the player's viewing rectangle into the map. Enter as:   x, y, w, h   where x, y gives the upper left corner and w, h give the width and height.
      #41 Play Anim At / Plays the specified anim in the specified cell. Use numbers from [Animations] and either subtract 2 or 5 (depending on the position in the list). 
      #42 Do Explosion At / Creates an explosion in the specified cell using the specified warhead.
      #43 Meteor Impact At / Sends a meteor at the specified cell.
      #44 Ion Storm start / Starts an ion storm sequence to run for the specified number of game frames. 
      #45 Ion Storm stop / End an Ion storm in progress.
      #46 Lock input / Disables user input.
      #47 Unlock input / Enables user input.
      #48 Center Camera at Waypoint / Moves the tactical view to a specified waypoint at the specified speed. Use 1 through 4 for good results.
      #49 Zoom in / Zooms the tactical map in.
      #50 Zoom out / Zooms the tactical map out. 
      #51 Reshroud Map / Reshrouds the entire map for all players. 
      #52 Change Light Behavior / Changes the way a building spotlight behaves. Attach this trigger to a building that casts a spotlight. 0= no Spotlight - 1= Circle - 2= Rules.ini settings (affected by direction) - 3= Unit in Spotlight. 
      #53 Enable Trigger / Enables the target trigger.
      #54 Disable Trigger / Disables the target trigger.
      #55 Create Radar Event / Creates a radar event at the specified waypoint. 
      #56 Local Set / Set the local flag. Local flags can be either 'on/set/true' or 'off/clear/false'.
      #57 Local Clear / Clear the local flag. Local flags can either be 'on/set/true' or 'off/clear/false'.
      #58 Meteor Shower At / Creates a meteor shower around the specified waypoint.
      #59 Reduce Tiberium At / Reduces Tiberium around the specified waypoint.
      #60 Sell building / Sells the building attached to this trigger.
      #61 Turn off building / Turn off building attached to this trigger.
      #62 Turn on building / Turn on building attached to this trigger.
      #63 Apply 100 damage at / Applies 100 points of HE damage at location.
      #64 Light flash (small) at / Shows a small light flash at location.
      #65 Light flash (medium) at / Shows a medium light flash at location.
      #66 Light flash (large) at / Shows a large light flash at location.
      #67 Announce Win / Announce that player has won.
      #68 Announce Lose /  Announce that player has lost.
      #69 Force end / Force end of scenario.
      #70 Destroy Tag / Destroy tag and all attached triggers.
      #71 Set ambient step / Sets ambient light fade step value.
      #72 Set ambient rate / Sets ambient light fade rate.
      #73 Set ambient light # Fades ambient light to new lighting level. Use numbers between 0 and 100.
      #74 AI triggers begin / Start AI triggers for specified house.
      #75 AI triggers stop / Stop AI triggers for specified house.
      #76 Ratio of AI trigger teams / AI percentage of teams created for AI triggers (100 = all for AI trigger teams 0 = all for regular teams). 
      #77 Ratio of team aircraft / AI percentage of aircraft created for teams (100 = all for teams 0 = all random). 
      #78 Ratio of team infantry / AI percentage of infantry created for teams (100 = all for teams 0 = all random). 
      #79 Ratio of team units / AI percentage of units created for teams (100 = all for teams 0 = all random). 
      #80 Reinforcement (team) [at waypoint] / Create reinforcement team at special waypoint location. The units will appear at this point. Magical-poof style.
      #81 Wakeup self / Breaks out of sleep or harmless mode so as to enter guard mode.
      #82 Wakeup all sleepers / Breaks all units out of sleep mode.
      #83 Wakeup all harmless / Breaks all out of harmless mode.
      #84 Wakeup group / Wakeup all units of specified group.
      #85 Vein growth / Control if veins grow or not.
      #86 Tiberium growth / Control if Tiberium grows or not.
      #87 Ice growth / Control if ice grows or not.
      #88 Particle Anim at / Show particle animation at location.
      #89 Remove Particle Anim at / Delete particle anims at specified location.
      #90 Lightning strike at / A single Ion Storm lightning strike.
      #91 Go Berzerk / Attached object (cyborg) goes berzerk.
      #92 Activate Firestorm Defense / Turns on a house's firestorm defense.
      #93 Deactivate Firestorm Defense / Turns off a house's firestorm defense.
      #94 Ion-cannon strike / Fires Ion-Cannon at waypoint specified.
      #95 Nuke strike / Fires Nuke at waypoint specified from nearest edge.
      #96 Chem-missile strike / Fires Chemical missile at waypoint specified.
      #97 Toggle Train Cargo / Toggles state of cargo train dropping crate. 
      #98 Play Sound Effect (Random) / Plays sound effect at random waypoint. Rules of action 19 apply.
      #99 Play Sound Effect At waypoint / Plays sound effect specified at waypoint specified. Rules of action 19 apply.
      #100 Play Ingame Movie / Displays the specified movie ingame. Player still has control of interface and units.
      #101 Reshroud Map At / Does an anti-map ping at waypoint specified.
      #102 Lightning Storm strike / Lightning storm owned by owner of trigger at waypoint.
      #103 Timer Text / What text label to display with timer (i.e. actual text is in game.str).
      #104 Flash Team / Flashes the specified team for the specified number of frames. 
      #105 Talk Bubble / Displays talk bubble over unit. 
      #106 Give Credits / Give credits to a specific house.
      #107 Enable Short Game / Enables the Short Game option. Will NOT automatically kill players that have no buildings when this is enabled.
      #108 Disable Short Game / Disables the Short Game option.
      If you want to learn more about Triggers, Taskforces, Teams, Scripts,... feel free to check this tutorial: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/1642-how-to-make-or-edit-an-ais-behavior-in-tiberian-sun-and-in-red-alert-2/ or https://www.modenc.renegadeprojects.com/Maps/Section:_Actions or https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSe1fqlsB-g45L-iHP01YevQVbD2DaDOt or contact me through Reply, Private Message or Discord (LucasSK#4124). Also, be sure to check my YouTube Mapping Tutorials! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjjwlzyJni7VrKTFltZ03e-4imT-_xwlD, where I will go through specific mapping situations (How to do certain thing,...).
      - read Manual by pressing F1 while in FinalSun or Tips (Help -> Tip of the day)!
      - while making map, play it once in a while to check if everything is working!
      - turn off Beginner mode (Options -> Beginner mode) to access all features of FinalSun.
      - make terrain as interesting as you can by putting multiple decorations there!
      - make sure things aren't overlapping!
      - test your map occasionally while making it!
      - FinalSun has many bugs, be patient and calm !
      - there are many mapping tutorials available online. Just choose one! https://ppmforums.com/index.php?f=892 or https://forums.cncnet.org/forum/13-mapping-tutorials/ or https://forums.cncnz.com/topic/8683-tsra2-map-tutorial-triggers-taskforces-teams-and-scripts/.
      After reading this, you should have pretty good idea of what is mapping in FinalSun. If you have any other questions, need help with anything, something's missing here, found incorrect statement or something incorrectly explained here, please let me know through Reply, Private Message or Discord (LucasSK#4124). This is my 1st tutorial, so feel free to review it and ask further questions about mapping here😉. At last, I recommend you checking my recent addon which I am still working on - [TIBERIUM RESURRECTION] - https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/9186-wip-tiberium-resurrection/ and YouTube channel, where I am starting Mapping Tutorials series - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjjwlzyJni7VrKTFltZ03e-4imT-_xwlD, where I will go through specific mapping situations (How to do certain thing,...).
      Have a good day.
    • By JaegerCrux
      I just performed a clean install of TS directly from CnCNet. The game starts up, the movies play flawlessly, the menus are totally functional. But upon starting a game, it crashes to the desktop at the load screen before any of the loading texts appear in the "screen." I get the dreaded "TS has encountered an internal error and cannot continue normally" error box, and that's it. I've attached the exception file. I'm running Win10 x64, I installed to the default directory, and my drivers should be up to date. I tried running it at 800x600, 1024x768, and native 1920x1080 resolutions. The TS Patch is installed; the error happened before and after it was installed, no change whatsoever.
      Thanks for the help. It's been years and I'd like to play what I haven't been able to play in a long time.
    • By Holland
      Tutorial on ppmforums: https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=44324
      Tunnel Drawer: https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=37881
      Join us on the Final Sun discord server:  https://discord.gg/KbzvmG6
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