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Multiplayer Desync Errors with custom map

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I was trying to be careful and the map worked in its early versions. The version have now is causing myself and other players to desync about 5 minutes into the game with this custom map. The map is kinda fun and different. Tried to take inspiration from starcrafts style. Its not too radical. But

I think my questions are what makes the red alert 1 (include aftermath) dsync online? Consider its custom map, unit alterations, image changes. Worse case scenario I'll release it as a single player skirmish map. I make use of the spawn file that holds images of c&c dawn units. The RAedit adds triggers. I tried deactivating the triggers and teams hopping that was the mighty fix. Well didn't seem to do it. 

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And hence forth the map was uploaded! Spent stinky time on it to play test and watch it desync.  I see your name on google search often, have preanswered many unrelated questions to red alert 1 to others on cncnet in the past. and your still active. Appretiate the help, and it really helps.

I removed ";" from the trigger and teamtype lines. So triggers active again, not sure they even had to do with the desync.

Map works for skirmish mode just not online multiplayer anymore some reason.


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That seems to be a new type of sync error, haven't seen it before. There are only 2 games where it happened though... I guess you'll have to play a few more games, more logs would help to identify the problem. Maybe it was just bad luck and doesn't happen again.

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I would like to diagnose it. The map itself is heavily modded. I wonder how to get you more logs, those sent automatically from online play? I could do the ugly delete 50% of lines of code, playtest, repeat. Thats the worse case scenario. 

Also the map has been saved back and forth through notepad, RAedit, original map editor, RAedit loves to mess up changes made, making its own.

It might be easier if I find a volunteer who wants to help do a real test, kind of boring, but slowly log and build one unit at a time. till it desyncs. <Maybe this good idea. 

My reward for finding such bug is icons available for civilians in the spawn file right? :) (beggar). Like how ants have one etc.

Btw me and girlfriend have unofficially nicknamed you quack quack. I had to tell her it was important I got back with the admin about the map. Forgot "funkyfresh" at time so told her first thing to mind "Have to talk to quack quack about the map first before bed."

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Yeah the logs are sent automatically, unless you have the log upload disabled in the settings.

There are 2 logs right now and both have a player named "Kevin" inside, so I guess that might be you?

Saturday, 12-Oct-19 22:40:37 UTC
Saturday, 12-Oct-19 23:05:32 UTC


Might be a good idea to just keep the map the way it is right now and just try to generate 4-5 additional logs, it would help a lot (more logs = better).

Yeah we could add some icons for the civilians, not sure if someone already made icons for them though...


-  quack quack

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Girlfriend said likes the name funkyfresh too. adds personality.

Oh I will find those icons. Or make them myself. They will have to be compatible. Will work on that bug first and be patient. Yes Kevin

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I did maybe many playthroughs with someone. There's 2 logs (the next 2) that show the error. Desync happened about on the second badger bomber drop.

Then did maybe 3-6? playthroughs with badr drops disabled and removed forward command centers, (no desync).

The problem with desync is within team and triggers and forward command post. Somewhere. On the logs you posted, its obvious the game ended upon the badr and its troops.

By removing, I mean I used ";" at the beginning of all the lines for teams and trigs. 



and also did this:

except imagine to all 8 players. removed fcom this way. 

The way the game works ingame with these enabled in skirmish , is while the player has forward command post available, (no one destroyed it), the triggers will check every 5-10 minutes, (whatever was set time) and send out reinforcement infantry to their base. If the fcom is destroyed, no reinforcements. Players can't build Fcom , they start with it. 

Generally Fcom has a use, free units, similar to airfield but its automatic. It may just be the triggers though, being the problem. I include both bc thats what I removed to remove desync.


As far as the civilian icons. They exist somewhere on the world wide web. I need to keep looking! Found them once. I beleive they are located on project perfect forums, in a post.

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