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[TX/Ares - Mission] - Westwood's The Avengers

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My second large-scale YR mission, again on a detailed 200x200 map.

The mission itself is finished, but string-tables (ingame mission briefing) are not implemented, so follow the briefing in the readme file.
Play it by starting the soviet campaign. Playthrough time is roundabout 3-4 hrs.

I added some Ares tags. Although this mission works without Ares, but it adds some additional features.

Download link is below the pictures.

Einstein was captured and is now forced to work for the soviets.
We sent a special ops team to free him, but due bad weather the team was dropped at the wrong place. Go out and find your way back.
When you got Einstein, you have to destroy the research he has done for the soviets: Destroy the red tech centre.

There are a few AI bugs I didn't managed yet:

- AI sometimes places buildings somewhere in the map

- AI doesn't repair any newly placed buildings (both bugs apply only to buildings placed from the AutoBaseBuilding trigger action)



Einsteins prison is heavy guarded



Yuri made Boris angry


Soviet helicopter assault





Terrain expansion is not included and has to be downloaded separately, e.g. here: https://www.file-upload.net/download-13780677/expandmd06.mix.html

Without expandmd06.mix placed in your game folder, the missions will crash.

Ares can be downloaded here: https://launchpad.net/ares/2.0/2.0p1

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I have problem to play missions from campaign, if there are copy to play it from skirmish it will be so cool I will record it.  

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It's problematic to play these missions from skirmish, as I would have to reset all houses etc and, if I remember right, cell triggers and NodeCounts don't work too.

Which game version do you use? Did you place the expandmd06.mix in your folder?


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22 hours ago, Messiah said:

cell triggers and NodeCounts don't work too

I find out how Cell tag or triggers work .. I convert a map but it take too much time, I will make video soon how cell triggers work, it's based on what country you choose to play if you choose america and the tag about russia it wont to load the trigger.

I have two version old one and new one.. but after I was try to make game work on win 10 something happened so after I load map I can't see anything of the game, I just hear sound.

22 hours ago, Messiah said:

Did you place the expandmd06.mix in your folder?

No what is that file and what? 
I don't have it on my folder game!

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expandmd06.mix is that file which I have linked above, containing the art files which are used in the terrain expansion, e.g. new terrain surfaces like concrete cliffs in a winter map, etc. If this file is not placed whithin the game folder, my mission will crash upon start.

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