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Red Alert 2 Mission Maps (orginal)

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This file has all Red Alert 2 mission maps. I was thinking that uploading these maps should be useful for map makers to understand basics and complex triggers inside of them and guide them how things were working.

if i am breaking rules just warn me and delete this post. Upload reason is there is no one uploaded these maps on the whole internet ever! (or i couldnt find)



Names of maps (tags)

RA2 Allied Mission 1 ---- All01t.map
RA2 Allied Mission 2 ---- All02s.map
RA2 Allied Mission 3 ---- All03u.map
RA2 Allied Mission 4 ---- All04u.map
RA2 Allied Mission 5 ---- All05s.map
RA2 Allied Mission 6 ---- All06u.map
RA2 Allied Mission 7 ---- All07t.map
RA2 Allied Mission 8 ---- All08u.map
RA2 Allied Mission 9 ---- All09t.map
RA2 Allied Mission 10 ---- All10s.map
RA2 Allied Mission 11 ---- All11t.map
RA2 Allied Mission 12 ---- All12s.map
RA2 Training Mission 1 ---- Trn01t.map
RA2 Training Mission 1 ---- Trn02t.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 1 ---- Sov01t.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 2 ---- Sov02t.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 3 ---- Sov03u.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 4 ---- Sov04s.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 5 ---- Sov05u.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 6 ---- Sov06t.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 7 ---- Sov07s.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 8 ---- Sov08u.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 9 ---- Sov09u.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 10 ---- Sov10t.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 11 ---- Sov11s.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 12 ---- Sov12s.map

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9 hours ago, MapDesigner said:

what about Yuri Maps?

well, you can find them online but somewhere else. 

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