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Can everyone fix this???

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    • By samsimon
      I didn't get exact file name but avast found virus after update the version. and also since then cannot use cncnet, I reinstall but error message always - 

    • By Oustoura
      My connection to CNCNet keeps disconnecting, during any game i get disconnected and attempts to reconnect fail which is frustrating. Also, when i am in lobby and i get disconnected, i cant join any game after that unless i restart the client. this only happens with CNCNet i don't think my internet is disconnecting. it gets really annoying when i'm in a middle of a game and i get disconnected, recently it has become more often almost every game! i need help fixing this issue please so i can play this beautiful game. any suggestions? my internet is really good :/
    • By logos
      I have run my server in my CN2GIA centos server,but it's can't show in mentalomega game.
      I have try stop firewalld,iptables.And request is success.
    • By Elwood
      I have hosted 5 servers for SEA Player with name contain ESAS, but the problem is the Server with port 50001 have good ping but the server with port 50000 is show unknown ping in lobby. How to fix this?
    • By SubTeRnNRosE
      I'm a Tunnel Server Host of V2,Serve RA2&mods  and Called [CN]Bug VS Soon-3 These days Cheaters is getting rampant in Mental Omega with RAM Modify applications How Can I monitor all  IPs using my tunnel server  Then I can catch&forbid them form using my server
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