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Planes and pad fix?

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Im so tired of losing banshee & planes due to map bugs.

Can we make a fix so the plane just spawns next to the pad? Its a gamechanger when you lose 1500 for a banshee, and often when you notice you have lost 6-7 planes,  because it bugs.

Other day, one of my banshee got stuck midair on BM terrace map, i did not notice, and it was suppose to home and charge, so it occupied the pad, I thought i had a free pad to avoid losing banshees, but it wasn't free the plane just didn't return, making it look like it was free, when i noticed the 7 holes in un scouted area, so i lost 7 banshee. 

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Sure if you put up the price on titans, which is OP since its a defence and offensive unit. Honestly the best unit IG, with the ability to Q. (It cant be compaired to ticks, since you need to waste time to deploy them before they even can be considering usefull, and  people just macro around it).



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