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CnCNet reaches 5500 + players online


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Hi guys:

First off i'd like to congratulate all the ppl from this site, especially admins and developers for doing this great job, but also members/players for helping to keep this game alive for so many years.

There is no doubt that Covid19 has been a key factor to have these activity graphics, but, in fact, I've been for years believing that this game was dead and it was a great and beautiful surprise when I installed the CnC client and I found out that there were almost 1200 players conected to Ra2 YR. This is just so marvelous.

I know for a fact that many players have left due to XWiS death and incompatibility problems with latest versions of Windows so finding out this server and community being so active is just great!!

Congratulations for such a great job and for putting all this effort to maintain these great CnC games alive, and keep it on please!! Thank you very much guys!!

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