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Boggle04's Oil in the Center Wet&Wild 2V2V2V2


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Boggle04's Oil in the Center Wet&Wild 2V2V2V2

Money on Map:
2-8 2V2V2V2
Game Types:
Map Size:
70 x 70

Buildings on Map:
Tech Oil Derrick

Special Notes:
Cash Crate Pop-up
Unit Crate Pop-up
Oil Dericks placed for easy defense
Nighthawk Helicopter carries enhanced cargo
Nighthawk Helicopter is a Crate Goodie
Nighthawk Helicopter available to all factions with Tech Build
Amphibious Assault Vehicle is a Crate Goodie
All 3 Hoover craft are Crate Goodies
No MCV in Crates
No Miners in Crates (Allied, Soviet, Yuri)
Removed Tesla Tank, Mirage Tank, Tank Destroyer, Prism Tank, from Crates

Boggle04's Oil in the Center Wet&Wild 2V2V2V2.jpg

Boggle04's Oil in the Center Wet&Wild 2V2V2V2.map

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