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Unable to host CNCNet game and launch (Yuri's Revenge)


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Hello. I play on Yuri's Revenge on version 6.3 of CnCNet and I have an issue. It is that whenever I try to launch a game with my friend (a real player not an AI) by pressing the "LAUNCH GAME" button, the client will freeze then stop responding for a few seconds then have an error pop up in the client saying that "there was an issue connecting to the tunnel server" and that I should change the tunnel server. I have changed the tunnel server, many, many times, different servers, all with the same error. When my friend is the host of the game, he can launch the game just fine and everything is working as it should. I have all my firewalls disabled and by being able to play with my friend only if he is the game host proves I CAN connect to the server, but for some reason I get that error message. I am on Windows 10 Home, 3.40GHZ Processor, 8 GB RAM, 64-Bit OS. Can anyone please help me? This is really strange and I would really appreciate if someone could solve my issue! Thanks. (Also I would like to include a .log file of the incident but don't know what the file path is to the log)

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