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Room for Improvement ?

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Well now I got banned on. 6 man FF cause Im not able to play for the moment.

The guy who tells me he's stefor, NME his name? 

Who the fuck that guys?


Seems like he know some nicknames.

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Ahahahaha, this guy Sexbomb got trolled so easily xD. First we played one of NME's Arnold mod maps with the circulating hunter seeker arnolds, then i playaed 1vs1 on a terr map and placed a ref as shitty as possible and used stealth tanks after xD. Hahahahaha, and he fall for it! What a bad attitude he has, was nice to find out about it.

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4 hours ago, Sexbomb said:

Weapon X = mola?

If ur seriously stefor, I played with Alex0019 nick in the game I mentioned.

"Hater win, TS Loses" I tried to find the screenshot of that. But otherwise, you should know who I am.

Im Nod1lol, S3xXxbomb :D

U cheating fuck :D:D:D 


Well seriously, someone called NME (Didn't remember his mainlog) told me he's stefor :D

Who is he?

And for the moment, I was online yesterday, but didn't have the time to figure out, how to play Tiberian sun on Parallels or 27" iMac Pro.

Blackscreen if I allow tibsun to :D


If you need help go to the discord or PM [n1]xME on the client. I’m sure one of us can sort out your problem.


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6 hours ago, Sexbomb said:

Well this hungry mike guy is fun :D

he's good :D

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-17 um 11.24.20.png

Hate to tell you but he’s basically the worst active player.  Not even close to competitive.

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29 minutes ago, Sexbomb said:

I guessed that :D

Ahahaha, you didnt even know you got trolled? Buhahaha, then the stealth tanks on top xD. I managed to make a spec rage quit! Isnt that something? :D  

1 hour ago, Avesta said:

Hate to tell you but he’s basically the worst active player.  Not even close to competitive.

Completely agreed. The same for the guy, who lost to that noob Mike Pence, when he had only one hand left. He even managed to hijack one's mcv! lol. Oh, i forgot, that was you! Buhahahaha! :D 

Edited by Hungry Mike

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On 6/12/2020 at 2:08 AM, Avesta said:

As far as the 9/10 skill level players go there is only room for improvement In the area of unit control. The strategic meta of the game is at its peak and there is nowhere else for it to go. 

As for the lower skilled players. I see a lot of people that still don’t understand situation awareness and what to do when. For example, your next actions are different if you use 2 disrupters successfully vs unsuccessfully, but many people continue to react the same way regardless. They also have poor pathing for their expansion building placement and for expansion timing in general. Some of that comes down to experience but I’d say 90% of it is simply a knowledge base on that when your main patch is maximum 75-80% dry you need to stop what your doing and get to your next expand.

And then there are many players who have been coached and trained into oblivion, have 20 years of experience, have been told what to do on countless occasions, have speced  hundreds of games. And are simply incapable of executing what they know. Some people will never be able to perform under pressure. You see it in all activities.. In boxing you will see people who have all the skill and talent in the world when they’re inside the gym but when they are in a match it all goes out the window and they lose the fight to someone way worse than them.

The biggest advice I can give to new/struggling players is to practice and develops muscle memory for good habits so that when you are under pressure your panic reaction is to do the correct things. Just practice building out to the expansion patches on maps over and over in the most efficient and effective way possible. So that even when you are being rushed you just automatically put ur buildings down quickly in the correct places. Get a friend and practice disrupted/mk attack/defense. Practice building and engaging infantry rushes. Practice paying attention to the map and only looking at your base when you need to place a building down. Make practice games that are put in reps for all these things and then start playing 1v1s. But in your 1v1s don’t use shitter tactics like fast apc or 1 refing. Do things that are relevant for 2v2+ games like 4-5 ref with big infantry. And get in as many games as you can vs people at or slightly above your skill level eVidya. Don’t waste time playing against people significantly above or below you. The bad players will die easy and you won’t learn anything and the good players are going to troll/meme you and you won’t learn anything. And remember, even if you are losing don’t regress into doing last resort tactics like turtling and going all bombers. Treat it as a practice game where you continue to try and survive, expand, and retake control. 

Train unit control as often as you can with practice games. Even if your building and long game is horrible, somebody with high level disrupter/Titan/Mk/infantry control is going to get very far and be very dangerous. 

Finally. Remember to take your game play seriously. I’m not saying put it above other aspects of your life. But if you are going to spend time playing then put in effort. Especially if you are in a multi-player game with allies who are counting on your performance. Not caring about the game more than other games, friends, family, etc. isn’t an excuse to slack off and play half assed. Always do your best and go for the win.

Thanks this was really helpful.

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