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Qm win flipped to loss/disconnect?

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I played a Qm match was Likelove, I was Derby, and I won, and game ended. Match recorded win for me.. I continue playing on, and I go back to check ladder, and it was changed to a disconnect loss for me? Makes no sense.. What can I do about it? This guy is horrible lagger too. 

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You can join this discord, there some CnC staff memebers that handle this type of things to keep the quickmatch ladder clean/fair.
Report your issue in the qm-report with a link of that game between you 2


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      Hello there,
      so after many months without playing Yuris Revenge, me and a friend of mine would love to play the game again together. However, we ran into a bad problem. Somehow, i'm having issues with the online feature of CnCNet. When i connect to YR Online, i can't see any game lobbys, nor can i create a new one. When i click the button "Create Game" or "Join Game" nothing happens. Sometimes the player count shows -1, but it's not always like that. Yesterday it was around 1000.
      Thing is, i read on different sources, that online is currently broken since the latest patch(es). Odd is, my friend doesn't have any issues and can see + join any game lobby.
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      I am having an issue that is effecting my game play in CNCNET Yuri's Revenge. Basically, if I choose Ra2 mode, the in-game play is very smooth and fast. However, if I choose Yuri's revenge mode, the in-game play (cursor, unit control, moving around the map) becomes sluggish and way too "heavy" as compared to Quick Match or RA2 mode. Can anyone please advise on the matter? I am using ASUS I7-7700 HQ CPU @ 2.8 GHZ, 16 GB RAM, 64 Bit Operating system x64-based processor.   ( i tried using different renderes and tried uninstalling - neither worked) - the in-game play continues to have a "heavy" feel into it as compared to RA2 mode or even Yuri's QM.
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      How can i fix it, Thank you

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      Yo! I been having a lot of issues since the most recent update.
      1. The client tends to kick me out for no reason, the good thing though is I don't lag out of games but I will lag out of the lobby.
      2. When I reconnect to the lobby, my username usually has underscores, don't know if that helps.
      3. There is always missing users on the right hand side. Like right now there is 1499 users online but I only see 30 users all with question marks next to them (from where the game icon is).
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      I tried reinstalling the game client, tried it on my other computer. Same issues. It all started as soon as this new update came out. I'm running windows 10, I actually bought my computer last year so the specs are of course are good. My firewall is off, I've done all types of troubleshooting so is it an issue with the update?
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