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In Skirmish options, what is "units"???

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In the Command and Conquer games, in the skirmish options there is always a "units" option and it goes from like 0-11 or 0-12. I was wondering what exactly that means because, surely it cannot mean the number of say Tanks or Infantry you can make?? Sorry if this question seems "newb" or whatever, I CANNOT find ANYTHING on the internet about it, it's maddening tbh. Certain specific topics cannot be found on the interwebs, thus I need this question answered by a human. Please help, thanks so much!

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Omg that makes sense! Dang it! They should've titled it "Starting Units" then!! Man thanks so much for your help, my good sir!!!! Much appreciated! Have a great day!! :)

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